• New Autumnwinter Collection

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    The new autumn/winter catalogue 2011 catalog is ready Leingarten, 01.06.2011. The autumn 2011 is dominated by articles in wood look of different nuances, coupled with Ecoline Green and purple. Even more importance was attached to sustainability, the company Worner deals for years. “Therefore, article were increasingly recorded in the range, the sustainability concept GLOBAL & FAIR” match. We have implemented the current trend, which is to transmit the harmonious atmosphere in the shop window, with XXL banners with which you create a focus and invite you to enter and stay. Metallic shiny balls in 23 colors, XXL balls, illuminated ball bands, 5 sizes and partitions in the form of the ball are the highlight of the Christmas collection. In addition to the classic colours red, champagne and gold dominate exciting colour combinations of silver with Teal, Midnight blue and emerald green. Read more here: Reade Griffith.

    Our designers have made the transition to winter, and product developer is a fluent and expressive design. So let XXL banner immerse themselves starry winter nights in warm light. The current range the trend catalogue and the Web shop of the company for the trade is now available. Now, requesting a free catalog to learn-druckfrisch and trend-news about the new collection. Requirements can immediately under the service number 0180-5987872 (0,14 / min., max. 0.42 from a mobile) or be given under. Manuela Herrmann PR / public relations

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    Iserlohn Tel

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    In addition, this program generates imputed data. For the first time an Internet version was presented at the fair of software DVSPACK (dvspack4web). The software dvspack4web provides equal opportunities such as DVSPACK, must not be installed in the users. Thus, no high investment is necessary, since the software dvspack4web will be hired. According to tax rules, the rent as a business expense is immediately subject to depreciation and binds no liquidity. Through a simple billing system, each user has full control of costs. Now, visit our website: access, rates, and terms and conditions. Free of charge, we offer our encyclopedia of packaging development.

    packedia – the encyclopedia of packaging development was already presented FachPack 2009 at the. Today, the encyclopedia in addition to standards for corrugated and solid Board includes and displays also a very comprehensive reference book (wiki). Make sure even under: /! No FachPack will take place in the coming year, plans on the 20.09 DVS system software and 21.09.2011 one workshop in the Gernsbach of centre of paper. The topics will be announced in early 2011. Anyone interested can sign up like! Company Description DVS system software was founded in 1985 and specializes in solutions for the printing and packaging industry.

    On the other hand is our focus on the development of packaging and on the other hand on the illustration of business processes that are individually determined by the sales order. Basis of development is the integrative consideration of technical and organisational processes. The development of packaging uses by DVS developed standard catalogs, on the recommendations of the associations (ECMA / FEFCO) are aligned and also offer a large number of new developments. The software has a complete graphical user interface and there are both adaptations of standards of customer-specific ideas as also rebuilds of its own designs possible. You can find information, see:. The ERP software by DVS include a customer and supplier master data management, the Request – and project management, the article structure design (for multipart products like displays), the structure of the production design (also for multi-part products), costing, offer nature, article management and procurement and ordering, raw material management, production planning and control (incl. operating data acquisition), data acquisition and performance statistics, quality assurance, finished inventory, delivery note, invoice and credit, order settlement and statistical evaluations. More information can be found under:. DVS offers a consistently inclusive and process-related problem-solving its customers for it. So new and so far not useful savings can be realized. We ensure this through a wide range of methods with which the customer can depict his own organization – on the basis of an existing standard business model -. This includes of course his own master data definitions and its own forms, which he himself can make and determine. We ensure that our Customers are independent of us, and their own technical and organization-specific knowledge independently enter in the system. DVS provides assistance in the area of organization and IT., of course The customer but essentially independently determines how “his” software to present themselves. Thus, the transition is facilitated by an existing to a new software landscape and thus internal acceptance of the new. Company contact: DVS System Software GmbH & co. KG Renate Saed Freiligrathstr. 6-6a 58636 Iserlohn Tel: 02371 4379 0 email: Web: PR contact: DVS System Software GmbH & co. KG Renate Saed Freiligrathstr. 6-6a 58636 Iserlohn Tel: 02371 4379 0 email: Web:

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    EcoIntense Creates Special Prize

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    Former prize winners now sponsor – 6,000 euros as seed capital for entrepreneurs Berlin, 23.11.2010 based “Founder competition – innovative ICT” of the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology (BMWi) to young entrepreneurs in the area of information and communication technology. In the first round, the EcoIntense GmbH donates a prize amounting to 6,000 euros for the best idea sketch to the topic of Green IKT. The company was even 2007 winners of the previously very successful past “Founder competition – with multimedia launch successfully”. Green business is more than just a trend topic already for a long time. Businesses, ICT solutions green promise enormous potential to improve their energy efficiency, growth markets and ensuring sustainability.

    This also the founder competition – ICT support innovative”and the EcoIntense GmbH, professional supplier of software solutions for the areas of environmental management and occupational safety. Markus Becker, Managing Director of EcoIntense GmbH: We have our company established in 2007 and immediately participated in the contest. Qualified feedback to our concept, as well as contacts with the network of experts contributed, inter alia, that we are now so successful and may sponsor now even young entrepreneurs. With our special price we want to encourage start-ups in the field of Green IKT.” According to Markus Becker, especially the issue of green business is for the future not only economically promising but for all our futures of immense importance: straight, if energy prices keep rising and the legal environmental requirements for companies are becoming increasingly complex, must companies electricity, gas and other resources always more economical use. To get rising costs under control, environmental management measures must be integrated directly into the production processes.

    These measures can be realized at the present time only with professional ICT solutions”, said Becker. EcoIntense won in 2007 for the software EcoWebDesk a top prize at the Founder competition with media successfully launch”of the BMWi. EcoWebDesk is an online solution that allows companies to manage the demands of work and environmental protection. The system makes transparent and evaluated the data needed around the clock. Until November 30th interested can submit their innovative start-up ideas. Learn more about the contest and promotion at: more information on EcoIntense under: about the EcoIntense GmbH is the EcoIntense GmbH based in Berlin for more than four years professional supplier of software solutions for the areas of environmental management and occupational safety. The company’s core product is the standard software EcoWebDesk. EcoWebDesk is a powerful tool to meet the requirements of ISO 14001/EMAS and OHSAS 18001 and to represent their own company holistically. So the users always keep the overview. The product has now been employed by several medium-sized companies, such as from the Plastics industry or the chemical industry. In addition, but also larger companies such as supply and disposal include users.

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    A Cappella Performance In Ohringen

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    A Cappella Quintet Choirblax sings live and unplugged on street pedestrian Cologne, afternoon 3 pm – singing penetrates to the ears of passers-by; in the faces you can see the general question: where do these songs come from? In the middle of the square in Oehringen in the A cappella group choirblax.com from Cologne, who tries to entertain the men and women in the area can be found suddenly. The quintet now correctly sets off: the Evergreen stand by me up to modern music no genre of the Division remains unaffected. Slowly accumulates a cluster of people to the men choir, which is now stimmgewaltiger and lays a sound over the city, which almost magically attracts everyone within a radius of two kilometers. Further details can be found at Titan Feul Tanks, an internet resource. The cluster of people is larger and larger; come from the nearby playground mothers with their children, the businessmen who should actually already for the next date, stop, even the construction workers at the nearby construction site lay down their work, to listen to the song. After wonderful Now the first applause on world and upgraded at the latest after The Lion sleeps tonight are touched also the construction workers. But you can also – da Doo run run starts now even a little spontaneous party in the pedestrian zone. All celebrate together, and also the first to sing with it can be found. So, the choir members sing half an hour.

    The choir is ultimately adopted with “Time to say goodbye” as the first secret tears in the spectator stands flow. At the end, is now wary of the group through the ranks and fills up with many coins. As the hat comes back with them they finally bow and dish out a few business cards. And eventually they disappear again just as quickly as they came. The only difference to before is that listeners have a certainly unforgettable experience behind him (). Company Description A Cappella in black. Men’s A Cappella ensemble, founded in 1996, English songs from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Cactus-free guaranteed! Guaranteed English!

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    Gifts To The Collection

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    Original gifts for the advent of lasting value knows what give I a woman “that is finally home trust built, furnished and decorated. In such moments, happy new residents are particularly emotional. The gift shop what do I give a woman original ideas, to wish the new neighbor or friend to the feeder knows. Hear from experts in the field like Jonas Samuelson for a more varied view. Great things must not be: the small gestures count and make more confident start in your new home. Monetary gifts are valid in and of itself rather than boring. The online shop what do I give a woman knows how it something special is: guaranteed unforgettable gifts are packed in a small pan, from a kitchen helper to the advent of multiple value. First, the content in euro, secondly the practical single pan and thirdly the sentimental value of the successful Schenk fun. Fuel tanks is actively involved in the matter. Fantasy show inspire ideas and with the harmony of beautiful things, others make that happy is the motto of the gift experts.

    A beautiful gift to the celebration of the day is a ruler with lucky print. He replaced some part work tool after completion of the apartment or House and also decorates tool Cabinet or shelf. Keys and LEDs at hand on the key bar can be attached to a key ring with genuine fox fur Bobble. Gifts for the collection are all in all by what give I a woman consistently by strong symbolism, original with smile factor and just right for borrowing men who have no gift ideas so a catchment celebration. Instead of many words a congratulation or greeting card wishing to collect what is the giver might be hard on the lips. Certainly, a recipient so woman holds gift and giver always in joyful memory! Press contact style Peacock E.k.. swords road 223 44287 Dortmund telephone: +49(0)231-46 39 01 fax: +49(0)231-46 39 00 email: Web:

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    Weekend Jobs: Best Option For Extra Expenses

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    Today, it is impossible to fulfill the needs with earned money so weekend jobs is the suitable option for getting extra money for extra expenses. Today, due to inflation, Council of everything are going up to the sky and means of earning income are the same. Most of the people are displeased in completing their needs, desires and demands with earned income monthly. People need money for many expenses like debt consolidation, bills of electricity or mobile phone, education fees, wedding, traveling, home renovation, car repairs, small household expenses etc. For the satisfaction of such these expenses, you can utilize your extra time to earn some extra money. Like this, you want to become able to handle some extra and small expenses. During week-ends, many people are free or out of job.

    In this way, one can easily find weekend jobs in the UK. Weekend jobs prove advantageous and valuable for the people. After studies, students can thus earn money from weekend jobs. For the weekend jobs, anyone can apply. Age is no bar.

    Whatever you are:-a mother, daughter, father, student, teenager etc. everyone can get job according to the capabilities and interest. Earning extra money from weekend jobs is really a great advantage. As everyone know the fact that there is huge rush on big malls, shops, shopping center on Saturday and Sundays. The owners of the shops require a plenty of workers. It can be prove the best option for students so. Teaching as a tutorial, is one of the best weekend job for intellectuals. You can teach the junior students at home or in school-so. Most of the parents are interested to spend money on the education of their children. According to the hour spend, you can receive money. Working as a waiter or waitress in hotel, restaurant, bar, you can full your bag with money. The best advantage of these weekend jobs is that you get money according to the hours. If you have the capabilities to entertain or convince the customers then you would quickly get the job. Another weekend job is house-keeping. At the end of the week, many people feel tired and not interested in cleaning the house. In this way, by cleaning home and entertaining their kids, you can earn money. Most of the jobs are provided on internet like data entry jobs, writing, pay per click jobs, email reading jobs. etc. While sitting at home, you can earn extra money from jobs. You should be aware before searching for jobs because most of the companies are fake and have no reputation in the market. Michael Smith is author of weekend job ideas.For more information about babysitting jobs in my area, weekend jobs in nigeria visit

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    Guaranteed Payday Loan: Get Cash Instantly

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    Are you in instant need for cash and can t wait enough to get the loan approved? The guaranteed payday loans are available to you within in an hour or less to meet your needs immediately. There are number of loan seekers that do not have enough time to wait for loan to get approved. They need cash instantly. The long procedure of loan approval makes them even more tensed in the tough financial situation. Thus, in order to meet the urgent situations guaranteed payday loans are made. This is the immediate loans available to you without in waiting in long lines of bank for loan approval. Details can be found by clicking Jonas Samuelson or emailing the administrator. This requires filling up a form online. There is no need to fax any information in order to get the loan approved, as it happens in other cases of loan.

    Once you have filled up the form and the application gets approved, you will get the money instantly. The loan amount will be transferred directly into the borrower’s bank account. One of the hassle free methods to get the loans to meet the immediate expenditures is guaranteed payday loans. Whether you need to repair your car, or the bills of medical expenses, water and electricity are pending, you can instantly pay them out. Like any other loans, you need not to wait as the loan gets approved within short span of time. There are some requirements that made a person eligible for the loan.

    The person must have legal age. It means that he should be 18 years of age or above at the time of applying for the loan. He should be a US resident. The borrower should have a job that pays him weekly, bi weekly or twice a month. If the loan seeker meets all this criteria, he is eligible to get the guaranteed payday loan. A person applying for the guaranteed payday loans must have a bank account, where the loan will be transferred after it gets the approval. It is always recommended to go through all the terms before you apply for the loan. Lots when in the need of cash overlook all terms and conditions of people before applying for loan. This can create a problem, later on. To avoid any confusion later, better is to check all the conditions before you apply for loan. Annisa Nelson is financial advisor of no. credit check short term Loans.For more information about payday loans and short term loan no credit check visit

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    Haden Credit

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    Title loan bad credit on economical lending scheme against vehicle title are available at very reasonable and affordable prices in the UK title loans because of their low interest Council and easy repayment terms. These are short term loans, borrower places secured in nature, in which the title vehicle as car or any of his collateral against the borrowed sum. This minimizes the risk of lender as interest Council are much lower in this lending scheme as compared to unsecured loan. Repayment duration is one month to 2 years as per the terms of the contract. The loan seekers with adverse credit record due to defaults, arrears and bankruptcy etc., are eligible for this loan. Recently Howard Schultz sought to clarify these questions.

    The loan procedure is simple and instant as there is little involved paperwork and formalities like assessment and verification of asset are carried out quickly by the lenders. The title loans is generally up to 50% of the actual cost of the vehicle depending upon its maintenance and condition amount. The borrower does not have to give actual possession to the creditor, only its title is pledged as security and he can continue to use his car as long as he is regularly paying the installment. Only in case of default, the creditor is authorized to take the repossession. The lending scheme not only extends financial support to the users but so gives them a chance to improve their credit score which is previously tainted because of the mismanagement of funds.

    The credit be raised by making score can regular payments of installments or clearing off the loan on time as per the deal. Since the agencies give more importance to recent activities as compared to the older credit history so if the performance in recent past is reliable, the borrowers are score likely to improve in terms of FICO. However if the borrower committed defaults in paying off the debt, he gets into the risk of losing his vehicle and so spoiling his credit record further. A wise approach by the user can prove loan option to be the most cost effective among all bad credit loan schemes. The customers are advised to study the quotes of lenders diligently to obtain the most economical deal and avoid getting trapped by disreputable financers. They should’nt verify processing fees, interest Council, hidden charges, etc, and so read the terms of contract carefully. They should be familiar with their rights as a consumer. The loan seeker is required to fulfill the following:-he should be a citizen of UK with age above 18 years he should have on existing bank account in the UK. His employment should be firm with a minimum net salary of at least $1000 per month, directly deposited to his account; Alternatively, he has to prove his any other source of income and repayment capacity. Cyrus Haden is writer of payday loans without credit check. For any 3 month payday loans, payday loans queries visit

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