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    It does not inconvenience to them either that their countries are incompetent productive and technologically to fight itself generally. In a survey in the Argentina in which it was investigated on the subjects that atingen more to the population, the results they indicated that the Argentineans are worried first about the security, later about the health, followed by the inflation and the corruption. If there were a coherent thought, the preoccupations would have the other way around to be. While corruption exists, it cannot have legal, social, economic, nor physical security. The institutionalized corruption is the beginning of the misfortunes. If the governors did not use the money of the town for personal or in favor benefit, and would release the economies so that the states do not take part in the businesses of people, their nations would prosper and all would improve their conditions of life. Argentina is the most pathetic example, because it resorts repeatedly to the same mistaken formula from his first Peronist government.

    Others at least left the caudillismo and recalcitrant Populism. The Latin American dilemma is ethical. Where ethical values do not exist, it cannot have confidence. And where there is no confidence cannot have work is transparent and honest, nor productive development. The error that committed some well-meaning governors, are to have wanted to implement a modern economy in slow societies. In order to have a modern economy he is needed modern societies, not of individuals that live with the anachronistic mentality of years 40, like in Argentina, or the incaica era, like in Bolivia. Ironically, both countries, one that richest, cultured and was advanced of the region, and the other that always was poorest, ignorant and slow, marches towards the abyss under similar principles. It is part of the igualitarias wonders of neoPopulism. The Argentina, that was elbowed of equal to equal with Spain, Italy and France, now has to its equals in Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia. original Author and source of the article.

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    Fire Bird

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    This way Stravinsky becomes famous overnight. On which this beautiful ballet is based? In one of the many Russian legend about the young person Ivn Zarevich. This one is put to persecute the bird and it reaches when it settles in a tree, to which the rays of the moon give a metallic appearance him. When seeing itself prisoner, the bird implora its freedom and of this one form the prince grants it; and like reward, this one flatters one to him of its beautiful pens. Electrolux has much experience in this field. The new day appears, and then is an iron door that surrounds a mysterious castle. Ivn pushes the door and enters the garden. They leave the castle thirteen maids, informing that one is him in the kingdom of Kotschei, the immortal monster, that was not more than an immense giant of green fingers that petrifies at which they arrive there, retaining them like prisoners.

    Nevertheless, one of the maids falls in love with the prince, inviting it to flee, but Ivn does not take care of the advice and decides to enter itself to the garden by curiosity. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Reade Griffith. When being inside, a repiqueteo of bells, through its gong, denounces the presence of an intruder; then, the inhabitants of the castle, come to surround to the prince with a infernal dance. This stops when it makes his Kotschei appearance, that is thrown on Ivn to turn it into stone. Then the prince understands his situation and calls in his aid to the Fire Bird. Then, unexpectedly, the monster vacillates and it pauses, because it has seen the pen that the bird had given Ivn. The inhabitants of the castle return to the dance, until finally all to the ground fall, with them also Kotschei.

    The Fire Bird sings a cradle song, that submerges in deep dream to the monster and to its people. One knows that in a secret place, it is an egg that contains the soul of Kotschei and, that by advice of the Fire Bird, Ivn it must take; but this one goes away to him of the hand, falls in the ground and it is broken. Kotschei, then dies and the infernal enchantment undoes. Doubtless, as they indicate the experts, from the musical point of view, it is the first important work of Stravinsky and perhaps, the first work where some of the stylistic characters are outlined well, that later pronounce with an extraordinary originality in Petruchka.

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    Educate For Coexistance

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    The departure point of the meaning of the world and the others is that meaning. The capacity to give sense, to mean the world and the own experience, happens through the capacity to criticize the senses and the other people’s sinsentidos ones. meaning happens through the relation: what space generates for we communicated, we felt protagonists, to express what I feel, which defies to me. The people become significant for nosotros/as when recognizes like another one to us another one : they do not manipulate to us, nor they use. They offer time us. She has sense which I make, insofar as she allows to be I myself /o me, express to me with and before the others. We look for the sense not only individual, but institutional because to construct senses she is to have a discussion, to arrange with the other what we considered significant.

    It implies to know, to approach the institutional identity and thence to be open to conjugate the diverse interpretations. It is important to make the exercise of translation. We have moved in the context of a homogenous culture, that not exigia recognitions of the cultural diversities. The task is now greater and demands to recognize, to translate and to cross the meanings. 4. TO EDUCATE FOR THE COEXISTENCE To educate to coexist is to educate for to live with because we are in the world for between helping us, no for between destroying to us, as Rodriguez said to gift Simn. For this reason, all learning is a Inter-learning. The phrase was also coined by gift Simn. The key ones happens through the shared thing, reason why it can be learned of the others. In synthesis, it is not possible to be educated to coexist if it is not educated in the cooperation and collective participation, in the Inter-learning.

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    Frdric Amiel

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    The best form to accede to the success, of the psychological side in the financial markets is at least losing. The first experience that is needed in order to invest she is the one of the loss, of the failure, the adversity. To count on a good dose of humility, since the markets but will humiliate to us. Very frequently. It does not have nothing else devastating to trader, speculating, that to lose money operating. But there is something is still worse: and he is to win frequently, and for which one begins in markets: starting with one gain.

    Because that will generate an excess of confidence and will tend to diminish the difficulties and necessity of study and experience (that never is sufficient in markets) that they must be incessant in the race of all trader. The writer and Swiss philosopher of century XIX, Henri-Frdric Amiel thought rightly that the destiny has two ways to hurt to us: refusing to our desires and fulfilling them. How good asseveration! This good man he will not have been to trader? The catalyst of the destruction of trader, is very recurrently the ego, according to the TRADING coach Ray Kelly. It makes us feel omnipotent, expert, it allows to lower the guard us and to evaluate except the viability of operations, to evaluate except the risk, the logic; to embriagar itself with the honeys of the ego is the worse experience than as to trader it is possible to be experimented. But the vital thing, is to be psychologically apt, that aptitude that demands all market to operate it successful, that is to say to manage to come off itself the two unique things that take to the glory or the failure when trader: the ambition and the fear. To undress of those emotions: to remove the human t-shirt and to put the mechanics, the one of the logic, in front of the screen.

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    Modifying Our System

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    Many people adopt these negative beliefs they deepen and them in its being and is why the people have problems continuously. One either is not to be hard heart and not to have charity and compassion, are emergent situations in which the aid must be immediate, but the most efficient form to give is to teach to the people its true ones capacities and to impel its desires with supports of development, that is to say all favorable condition so that a person undertakes an idea, that is fabulous, then the people will know that they can obtain majors things in the measurement that set out it and adopt positive beliefs. In the book Modifying Our System of Beliefs to achieve the success of Steve Alpizar is an enormous amount of strategies to obtain that the people understand the characteristics of their own one to be able spiritual and how their beliefs condition totally their lives, when reading this book you you will change the perception of the world, will be on the awares in the light of the truth and will verify all the efficient methodologies by same you. The great challenge of the belief is that always it works with being able, does not matter if she is positive or negative, is its responsibility to install positive ideas in its subconscious mind, although nowadays there is an enormous amount of people who seem to be providing returned in circle without sense looking for solutions throughout, when all the secrets are in they themselves. If you manage to be discovered, then to a great she will always accompany it power and every day she will observe less problems and majors satisfactions, also she will be able to observe things that are only reserved for a few chosen ones, so it is not scared, the life must be a great experience.

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    United States

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    The man is born frees, person in charge and without excuses. Jean Paul Sartre In the measurement that the civilization advances within the time, properly identified in the years and her crises are pronounced that threaten their stability, with their survival, where, some countries that predominate in the direction, management of the world-wide economy as the case of the States United that has generated a crisis that has affected many nations, especially to the developing countries, are pronounced opportunities, when before this threatening reality for example, he takes passage to that new leaders arise, where many deposit his confidence to him, hope of which he can help them to leave her, so the new president of the United States is the case of Barak Obama. Of course, a leader does not only arrive at anything, but he counts on the integration of work parties that reunite the best thing of the best thing and they commit themselves to take step to the transformations that generate the changes that are required to leave ahead, an equipment of integrated work that reunites to the best ones in its specialty, which they contribute his knowledge, commitment, ethics that of passage to programs, action, plans, strategies, innovations that to the public light notice that well they are based and which they can take step to the results that are expected for leaving ahead. Obama, Integra to the History of the United States in a while difficult that this country confronts and where appears a gray panorama product of the bad management of its previous government where it has been demonstrated that the force is not positive before which the reason presents/displays at the moments where it is required of impartiality, respect, intelligence, changes that favor to all. Case that lamentably the United States nontake very into account in his ltimoS years, where it was acted more with the force than with the reason, doing use of the power, without concerning the consequences, until arriving at the crisis that at the moment inherits Barak Obama Obama where its color of race very vilipendiado and has been discriminated in the history of the United States it adds to books like the first black president who has the great opportunity to rescue that image that the Americans, have caused with respect to the black race, has the opportunity to demonstrate what the black power represents, which is able to do for a country that protests of another new management, another leadership that favors to him and collaborates with all those countries that form this globe.

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    10 Minute Exercises

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    Often due to not having time one it neglects its physical state. Here we have exercises for nascent in the subject that just by 10 minutes daily could be burning calories. When running of the days podra to be increased to the amount of repetitions per day or podra it are added weight. For example, when happening the first week podra, according to the time available, to do it 2 times per day or to increase the amounts of repetitions. To exercise arms Of knees and legs crossed Las Palmas supported in the floor and arms estendidos without curving the back, flexionar the arms to lower and lueo to extend them to raise. To repeat 10 times To exercise legs and gluteos Stopped with the separated legs around the hip, to flexionar the knees with the right back, making to go down all the torso. To lower until forms an angle of 90 degrees with the floor.

    Something important is that the knees do not pass the line of the ends of the feet.The being a quite intolerable exercise at the outset, 1 every 2 days would begin with 5 repetitions and Iran being increased. To exercise abdominal Laying in the bed, with the flexionadas legs, to raise the right torso until it is to 45 degrees of the bed and to lower. To repeat 20 times. To exercise Standing up twin with the together legs, to lean in a wall and to raise the heels standing up putting itself in ends. As much the ascending movement as the descendent one must be done slowly since if the exercise will not work. To repeat 20 times. To exercise back Much people do not give importance him to these exercises, but they prevent many pains and the appearance diseases or deviation of the column. Laying in the floor mouth down with the hands in the nape of the neck, will rise all the torso until it is to a height of 45 degrees.

    The head must be always watching downwards. To repeat 15 times. For these exercises a preheating is not necessary, but an elongation when finalizing is necessary. He is recommendable to complement these exercises with cardiovascular exercise like walking 30 minutes, and far better if they are possible to be done trotando.

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    Spanish Prize

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    Amaral devastated in the 2002 with prizes in almost all the musical categories: prize MTV Europe to the best Spanish group, prize Waves to the best song of its new album, Without you I am not nothing ; nomination to the Latin Grammy like better album, Woman prize to the best Spanish group, and platinum and golden records by this last production. In the society posmoderna all the technologies of vanguard: .las biotechnologies, the artificial intelligence, the audio-visual robotics, computer science, means, marketing you publish and it converge in a communication that becomes unique voice. To what extent the immense volume of information that circulates at present is generating of sense for the people? It says M. Horkheimer the atrophy of the imagination and the spontaneity of the present cultural consumer it does not need to be reduced to psychological mechanisms. The same products, beginning by the cinema, following by music paralyze, by their own objective constitution such faculties. Evidently youth, perhaps because one is in that delicate process of formation and experiences that will help them to distinguish or no, they are exposed to a winding deceit that arrives especially through language that dominates the environmental culture of today. Youth today constitutes half of the population of the world; it owns an enormous potential as consuming and is a route to transform the ethical values of the society. All this turns to them into coveted prey by which they try to replace the ethical order by other despersonalizadores values.

    A youth thus is very manipulable. And of there the danger of the text of this song we remember that the song has been awarded widely according to the appointment underneath the fragment of the song. We put the hope in which not only it has been by the letter, although this one (the semantic content) arrives better at our mental system that music (contained fonolgico) Lasch (1983) this neoindividualism does not represent a fortification of I but a strategy of survival before the economic and political social crises.

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    The Peninsular Northwest

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    I have always said that Salamanca is way of no part. One is not about a contemptuous reference, but a simple geographic verification: people come because yes or she does not come. For that reason, if we joined many that we are at the end of the route, we finish for being forced destiny of the way. That one is the sense of the macroregion that is going to form Castile and Leon, Galicia and the north of Portugal. Peculiarly, less homogenous of that conglomerate of 9.2 million inhabitants more than many countries of Europe we are Castilian and from Leon ones. For example: what have to do with Salamanca the of Burgos, next to the Basque Country or Cantabria that? If they worry to me, we shared more history, more culture and more interests with Viseu or Cceres that with the north of our own region.

    But what wants that it says to them: who we have certain age we remembered the geographic remiendos that was to be made during the Transition to invent independent communities that justified therefore the fact differential of Euskadi and of Catalonia, where really was the mother of the lamb. In the case that now occupies to us, our union with Galicia and the north of Portugal provide a strength to us of market and structures that each of its members would not have separately. It will allow, reason why they tell us, to present/display joint projects to the EU with which to obtain European bottoms of cohesion which we would not obtain of another way. Modest the five areas of joint promotion culture, university, environment, use and automotion show clear the deficiencies and the economic weakness of the new macroregion well. The other evidence is the necessity of more and better communications with Portugal, from the tourist ones, like the old train of the Fregeneda from the Source of San Esteban, to the functional ones, like the posponed TAB between Salamanca and Aveiro. But with the crisis, clearly, the projects return to the drawer of the forgetfulness. The unique consolation of the happy crisis, nevertheless, is that it forces to us to be more imaginative and audacious: the new macroregion in march is the best one possible example of it. Original author and source of the article.

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    HTML Site

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    10 Reasons To have a Page Professional Web Many companies choose to order to the development of their page Web to some well-known that has basic knowledge of design Web, instead of to go to a professional. Next we set out 10 reasons to him for which it must have us for the development of his page Web: A Web site is its representative in Internet Its Web site acts like its business card in Internet, as if a direct representative of his business it was. If its site does not have a professional image, is losing potential clients. The first impression is very important; if contract to a professional will not move away to its clients the first one secondly. Professionalism When contract to a developer professional Web not only has a Web site of pleasant appearance, but also that it will give an image him that is the correct one for its company and trains. An effective Web site must be unique, pleasant in view, to have a clean and easy navigation, to load quickly and to work suitably in the majority of the navigators.

    Saving of Time When contracting a professional instead of to make the Web site by his account, it will save great amount of time, energy and frustration. There is a great curve of learning to make Web sites effective and exist many aspects in the development Web that go beyond learning HTML, which does a work full-time. A developer professional Web is enabled and updated in several areas like: Marketing, CATHEDRAL (Optimization for Finders), Communication, HTML, CSS, Optimization of images, Javascript, Accessibility, Usabilidad, programming in languages like PHP and ASP, design and database management, administration of servants, etc. To surpass to the Competition As you know well, the competition is hard in the real world and Internet.

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