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    Name Information

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    Capital letters, bold, and the intervals will help to allocate the same type of information, but do not get involved in different fonts, frames and other decorative elements. The font size must be at least 10 points, so as not to obstruct the reading. Some contend that JPMorgan shows great expertise in this. One of the important characteristics of a summary – objectivity. When describing your experience, skills and personal achievements to be as objective as possible, because in the interview you will have to justify everything that was stated in the text summary. Upon request to the executive summary can be attach a photo, but it should be remembered that it will be part of an official document, so the choice of shot should be taken with special care. We now turn to the structure of a resume. As the first item must necessarily include your contact information: Name, Surname, age, complete address, home and mobile and email address.

    It is desirable that the name of your electronic box was neutral and correct. In spite of your right to freedom of expression, the employer is unlikely deems appropriate, if the position of manager to work with clients claiming killer, monster, or love-mashine. The summary should not become anti-advertising, so in this case way out is to create a new mailbox with the more neutral name. The following paragraph summary – the desired position, or purpose. In this section contains information about how to position you are applying for. If you send a summary of already well-known position known, the goal can be omitted and replaced it with the name or code of the vacancy.

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