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    PBX KX

    January 31, 2012 // Comments Off on PBX KX

    Vozozhno, they are simply afraid to monopolize the market with their PBXs, because from the consumer point of view, the price of them then there would be … Nachnchem with the fact that having a division of subscribers to the internal team can not use the full range of certain functions, which, again, in our opinion, simply must be in the stations with ‘Twists’. Subscribers can use the group functions such as call pickup within the group, but sometimes it is not only necessary, but rather the contrary – is unacceptable. ak a subscriber must always be a member of one of the groups situation can happen when subscribers are not eligible to make intra-call pickup, are in one group. Most often this problem arises when using the PBX KX-TD1232, where the same number of internal subscriber groups (there are only eight in both types, and in 816 th, and in 1232 th), the number of internal numbers used (EXT) can exceed 32 (up to 128 when using the ‘doubles’).

    With stations in the KX-TD816 is a problem arises much less frequently, usually maximum number of extensions (32) is quite rare. In using the same groups and there is another pitfall. The fact that the automatic call forwarding (HUNT, UCD) also operate within the same group, and often there are situations when you need to work the same function HUNT is not in the same group, for example, in an automatic redirection to participate only Some group members, and members of other groups.

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    Princess Ukok

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    The locals are very mentally responsible and told us about their rights … 'neighbors', who lived almost across the street from the residence of modern Siberian. We are told how to pass the excavations that led the excavation project of the German scholars and scientists of the Novosibirsk Academy SORAN.Pokazali photos mummy of a woman who lay buried in more than a million years, the same age as the famous mummy of Princess Ukok (Altai) and which is now the "honorable inhabitant 'Chichi. In the two-hour conversation with the locals, we are imbued with momentous historical importance of the 'neighborhood'. On the "Pictures" geophysicists clearly show through the outlines of streets and buildings and much released a "special" part of the proto – the most fortified place, there could head to live in this community – prototsar.

    When the first excavations have found a lot of military items: armor, arrowheads, indicating a constant readiness to repel an attack. In those days, apparently started the movement of peoples from north to south, associated with cooling. Therefore, the Siberians, and there is a need for protection. Protogorod there was about 150-200 years, and conducted an intensive career. We find a very complicated system of centers and form with the following thermal vozdeystviya.Po likely it was foundry. But the discovery of iron in the form of a subject during the rule of bronze and bone, put in a stupor all the scientific minds in Siberia. Likely to have been residents of the possible movement over long distances and the Urals, Altai, Kazakhstan, where they could mine, were trade relations.

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    The Legend Of Port Ghalib

    January 4, 2012 // Comments Off on The Legend Of Port Ghalib

    On the southern Red Sea coast in the region of Marsa Alam is spread new luxury resort of Port Ghalib. Port Ghalib – man-made oasis in the dry and hot desert of Egypt. There is an amazing and beautiful lagoons and endless beaches, and luxury hotels, made in oriental style, which create the perfect atmosphere for holiday luxury. From Port Ghalib is an interesting legend connected that leads us into the long history of Egyptian land. At the dawn of the first Goals young man named Ghalib – son of a poor tailor who became a successful trader spices. By the will of fate, he fell in love with a girl named Budur, the most beautiful girl in Katima.

    The father agreed to give her Budur marry Ghalib, but under one condition: Ghalib to pay a ransom of more than twice what his father had promised the other contender for the hand Budur. Ghalib agreed, and thus he made a mortal enemy – of Salem, who had previously promised Budur hand. After some time, Ghalib has equipped three ships in the city Aidhab – the country's main port on the Red Sea. However, the vengeful Salim arrived earlier and had bribed the governor that he would not let Ghalib enter the port. Ghalib was forced to drop anchor in a small bay north of Aidhaba. According to legend, in this bay is often visited ghost ship of the fleet of the Pharaohs.

    After selling all the spices in the village on the shore of the bay, Ghalib has reduced the usual quest for spices to Mediterranean for nearly a week. After his daring success, other traders were using the bay, that was the reason that Ghalib founded a new port in a small village. Soon, in Port Ghalib was already bustling harbor, and Ghalib have enough money to pay the ransom, and to build for his bride, Budur, a magnificent palace. Salim Razerenny jealous again confused Aidhaba governor and urged him to attack Port Ghalib on military ships. For merchants Port – the situation was grim Ghalib when superior strength of the navy attacked Aidhaba Port Ghalib. But suddenly the mist came a ghost ship. A few moments later came the second, then another, then another ten ships. All the rowers of ancient ships were singing in a language that no one had ever heard. Frightened, the sailors Aidhaba launched their ships and hastened away, never to return. Since then, the last 500 years. Port Ghalib thriving and Legend of Ghalib is living in people's hearts. Today, Port Ghalib – one of the finest Egyptian resorts, combining pristine beauty of nature, luxury and splendor of modern hotels, as well as traditional Asian hospitality. Here you can leave your worries and problems and move into a fairy tale, is embodied in reality.

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