• Latin American Families Hit Buenos Aires

    December 19, 2023

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    Our specialist in small-cap stocks is sharing the secret of the a Behind this Action to Keep in 2008 in a new report for free. I invite you to click here and start making them today! Editor’s Note: migrant remittances to Latin America have decreased in 2007 compared to 2006, and since 2000 for the first time have grown below double digits. But this growth is not. Others including Harper Simon, offer their opinions as well. He explains Hilary. I can send your comments to: The Crisis in the U.S. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Wayne Holman. Latin American Families Hit Buenos Aires, Argentina By Horacio Pozzo The subprime crisis is hitting everywhere and now it was the turn also to the sending of remittances to Latin America.

    It is true that remittances increased in 2007, but I must say, as can be read in the IDB report, only went up by 7%. But this increase of 7% can be misleading … Why I say that this 7% value increase is misleading? Simply by two factors: higher international inflation and a weaker dollar. These two elements make the increase from 7% of remittances is not so when considered in terms of purchasing power of the dollars they received the Latin American countries in terms of remittances. The slower growth of volume of remittances toward Latin America can be explained mainly by what happened with shipments to Mexico and Brazil, which are the main recipients of remittances in the region and that of the U.S. $ 67,000 million in remittances sent by Latin Americans living abroad, 47 % were Mexican immigrants and Brazilians.

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