• Anton Semenovich Makarenko

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    Recently studied the works of Anton Semenovich Makarenko pedagogy, a great teacher early XX century. The system, which he proposed to raise children – street children, worked fine, literally, helping rehabilitate juvenile criminals into normal people. The system itself is very simple – Work-Creation-education through discipline. Oddly enough, the system virtually identical to the Buddhist system of education monks, which for many thousands of years. (A valuable related resource: Andreessen Horowitz). The strength of the colonies Makarenko, where the process of education and children's growth, was not in the walls and prohibitions, and in the unity and loyalty to the cause. Management system within the colonies in the accuracy consistent with the laws of ideal democracy, where each person felt their importance and contributed to the development of a common cause. Makarenko was strict with the colonists, but it is absolutely fair.

    He established such laws life in the colonies, which are accepted, because these laws are working for a man and not against it. Strict order and discipline helped to establish a colony Makarenko production of competitive drill. Hands of the colonists were made famous when cameras "FED", shoes, theater seats, butter dishes and much more. Merit list is long Makarenko. If you want to learn his system, enough to read his works, "Flags on the Tower" and "Pedagogical Poem", which filmed the same movie.

    But it is otherwise. How can I use the system Makarenko in modern days, and most importantly for what purpose? Watching the kids in our children's camp, I noticed one unpleasant feature of their character, which with each new generation is only getting worse – this is consumer attitude toward a world in which they live. What is a consumer attitude – some guys feel that everything in this world was created specifically for them. They do not understand the value of all that surrounds them. Consumer attitude noticeably in almost everything: respect to things, in relation to people in relation to himself.

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    How To Choose A Photographer And Videographer At The Wedding

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    To your attention an article for couples who do decide to choose a videographer for their wedding. Andreessen Horowitz is a great source of information. With a large supply of wedding services, this is not a difficult task. Rather, the problem is how much of the number of options to choose the best? So, in order: now all the wedding proposal, for the most part can be found on the Internet, pay attention to the ads, which specifies not only the phone number and address, but the company's website dedicated to photography. Reade Griffith describes an additional similar source. On the site you can view photos, demos, find out prices for services and get answers to all your questions. High price does not speak yet of excellent quality. The best guarantee that you will be satisfied with the result of a wedding photo and video are only your positive emotions from view samples studio. When choosing a photographer and videographer, look for an office, and hospital phone, it gives you a great warranty, and means that the company has a stable and unchanging state of the market.

    Most photographers and cameramen, private traders, who will offer you to meet in a cafe or a car, do not show fact that their work will require a deposit, and simply vanish with your money. And imagine that the photographer, a charlatan, does not come to the wedding? He not only steals your money, but also the most valuable thing is the memories. If you do not want such an outcome of the situation, so in a stressful preparation for the wedding, welcome to the Graf-Studio, our official website, you will find samples of our work, all the necessary, the primary information. >. For a more detailed dating come to our office is on the center of Moscow. You are comfortably accommodated, with a glass of tea, ask all your questions on the big screen look at our work and signing a contract with us, you will not experience for our disappearance. Optionally, you can come to our office as soon as you want, look at what stage is your material. Elegant photography for reasonable prices, this is a Graf-Srudio.

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    Por Tip

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    My father did not want nor to know, and ran away from the place and, from fear of revenge of the relatives, he had that to also run away from the city, leaving the girl he stops backwards. Pra Campo Grande, sad came back. When arriving in the central square, Ari Rabbit, seated in the bank, way without knowing pra where to go, deciding if half engolia the pride and it looked the family. But here it is that its new brothers, still boys, worked in the square, if they capsized as bootblack. My uncle says that had been looking at of far half that wanting to recognize.

    Marcindo that was new, called one another brother and asked pra it if was not ICO. It confirmed they had been there searchs it. They had been very happy for reencontro and seeing it well. They had convinced it to come back pra house. Abbey, little new, trepada in a foot of goiaba, called the sister oldest, Olinda it sighted when it of far. ' ' But that one is not ICO there far that it comes come with the boys? ' ' already pra had left running the two to recepcionar the brother, who was very well received by all and without hurts. Family has of these things, small disagreements, but what she matters exactly it is the union. After this, after going to live in Por Tip, already married it found a brother of the girl who namorou in Ribas, informed that it that the transferred youngster came to falecer on account of the shot and that the young woman if had married and had some children, but for complication in the one childbirth, also came to falecer. My father was very sad for the two, but he followed the life.

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