• Little Money

    April 4, 2016 // Comments Off on Little Money

    I want to be a rich man. All the media, but rather the mass brainwashing asserting that the main thing – it is to be rich in spirit, but in my opinion, all this nonsense is complete, at least in our country. Perhaps you do know people who are smart, educated, and know all sorts of different things, but at the same time they are very poor, barely able to make ends meet. So, I want to be rich in the truest sense, that is a lot of money and different things, and not very expensive. For assistance, try visiting Ben Horowitz. Of course, I understand that to be like Abramovich with his football club and the yacht "Pelorus" I can hardly work, but on the other hand, for the good life, so for example, to not have had five days a week to work it is unclear where and to whom, a vast fortune in general, it is not necessary. Why, you ask? And not least because, for a full life, no-frills as a weekly bath of champagne for their mistresses, or Gold finish the bathroom, you need not so much money, such as how much it costs thirty kilograms of gold at the rate of our central bank, may he prosper for ever and ever:) By my rough calculations, so much money, and sometimes more, passes through the hands of the average person in this country for his entire life, or rather, during his working life. Of course there are deviations in the smaller side, do not argue, but in a large, agree, is also not uncommon. .

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    Internet Explorer Mobile

    April 3, 2016 // Comments Off on Internet Explorer Mobile

    This situation has forced Microsoft to do re-browser version of the seventh and left with some modifications (tabs appeared at last, better standards support, speed). Howard Schultz understands that this is vital information. Currently, the speed of testing javascript (The basis of web 2.0), almost an order of magnitude is still worse than in other browsers (tested on the same machine and same OS IE7, Mozilla Firefox 3.0.4 and Google Chrome 1.0. Microsoft, eager remake their browser – preparing 8 version, better meeting the standard and more quickly working. In parallel with these browser wars, appeared in 1996, Opera. The browser has long positioned itself as the fastest browser on Earth! It really was the lightest and start downloading from the Internet and display and pages, depending on the host at the time of the browser market to be compatible with it (or tried to be such). Originally spread Opera for money (shareware). In 2005, the Opera browser was also distributed free of charge. War browsers would be solely a matter of commercial corporations, if the main method of struggle is not the addition of specific, non-standard features.

    The largest differences occurred in the support of JavScript – scripting language conferring interactive documents. As a result, many documents have been “optimized” for a particular browser, and did not read the other. WWW-Consortium takes a lot of careful discussion of standards (Different versions of HTML, JavScript, CSS, etc.), but compliance with these standards falls squarely on the browser developers. Internet Explorer 8 Microsoft first offered to introduce the HTML-comment, which tells the browser to check which versions of the engines to use (DOCTYPE header in this case was to be abolished, as under-utilized), which has outraged supporters of the standards as guidelines for the use of standards is not anticipated. Later it was announced that IE8 will, by default use “Standards mode (standards mode), and not a “compatibility mode” and when it detects a comment using the simulation mode the previous version.

    Here once again demonstrated rejection by Microsoft standards, and openness. In localized versions of operating systems to Microsoft Windows 2008 Browsers were called browsers, browsers network or Web browsers. Given the declining share of IE browser market (almost for the first time the last few years, the share of Microsoft has dropped below 90 percent), Google has decided to ‘help’ improve the browser market competition and released its browser open source – Chrome. Browser version 1.0, ahead of the rate of all known browsers javascript, contains some improvements (insulation failure, dragging tabs mode ‘incognito’, etc.). In the creation of the browser components of Apple WebKit and Mozilla Firefox is now released version for Windows XP and Vista, for other operating systems is possible while only build from source, binary versions of the browser for other operating systems the company will release later.

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    March 21, 2016 // Comments Off on Tactics

    No sooner said than done))) 4.Bylo and a lot of talks about buying shares, buying land shares and so on. And such was the case. By working with a lot of ordinary people whose consciousness is not burdened with ingenious schemes for profit, remember the following. (1) do not talk about the benefits as if you were in shop – people feel, puganye, so salespeople and networkers do. Even if alternative proposals, they will still _otsenivat torgovatsya_ and, in other words, the price of his stuff. (2) And how then do you want? I would suggest that talk about the needs (what you want? that matters to you in this? why you need it?) and the resulting outcome. That is, you buy a car – and that it give you? The thing is to bring people into a fantasy of the future – that he was not thinking about what he can do with your money, and that he can do with the car, bought for your money.

    5.Pokupka property. About how _pokupat_ can talk for hours. In most cases here I have personally worked well Tactics positive expectations: just promise with three boxes, and then narrow frame. How do you explain …? Suppose you need 100 prostitutes. Each costs 100 rubles.

    You say: "We have 1,000. What is the discount? ". That is, the price of 10.000. Pimp thinking, "Yeah, in this order acquire due to the volume, I can throw down 10% against the usual 1% "- and says:" 9000 rubles.

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    Eastern Europe

    March 20, 2016 // Comments Off on Eastern Europe

    Youth programs. Work and Travel USA, Work and Study Canada, Internship, etc. Most of them are students and young people, but some are for people who are no longer a student and who was not yet 30 years old. 2. In principle, except for Eastern Europe and Russia can be considered. North, construction different, such as nuclear power plants, etc. There, in general, are paid not less than obtained with our fellow citizens in the United States arranged for unskilled positions. But there are no problems with a visa, a waste of the agency, flights, etc.

    There are firms that specialize in Russia – if need the money, it is also more or less an option. 3. Variants of the developed countries, but the agency is unlikely to help here. There really need to own letters and resumes and employers' sites such as Monster cast. 4. In principle, a variant of the initial amount of earnings to further emigration, or participation in the more expensive the program can come and seasonal work in the Ukrainian yugah – Crimea, Odessa. In the season of the bartenders and waiters are there good earn.

    Alexsasha News from the Field – Czech and Austrian authorities pay for a plane ticket and give a lift, if only foreigner left. In Germany on the verge of firing 56,000 employees retail chain Karstadt, founded in 1881. Ruff in the Czech Republic in the new year is neskolkofaznaya wave of struggle with the unemployed foreigners. The first phase – the voluntary surrender – 500 euro bonus + airplane ticket.

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    Seaman And Crewing

    March 14, 2016 // Comments Off on Seaman And Crewing

    The modern sailor and contract – are indivisible. Under contract to a seaman and worked on the ship. Without it, no way. In the old days, the sailor was secured and the work and pensions. The state took care of the sailor. In modern conditions of advanced capitalism, a sailor looking for a job himself. And not the least role in this search firms are for hire or crewing agency (crewing agency). Crewing – a kind of intermediary between shipowners and seafarers.

    Company, obtain a license from the state for a given activity, has been recruiting staff and providing marine interests of the shipowner or shipowners. Search for specialists, visa and passport facilitate the passage of medical examination, insurance, buying plane tickets and shuttle service to and from the airport, the support of seamen during work on a vessel, etc. You may want to visit Douglas R. Oberhelman to increase your knowledge. Everyone is doing crewing. And in theory – for free. That is, if the company honest.

    That is a sailor interested in them as an expert in the first place, rather than as a tool to help the agency director to buy a new Mercedes for the new year. For each agency receives the employed specialist money from the owner. And some very resourceful crewing and demand money from the seamen for employment. In addition to money from the owner. For example, for the surrender of the English test, scanning documents, or for other "services". It grief-manning must get round. Serious crewing company is not engaged in such things. We can not be crewing a ship owner, the court where the company is gathering crews. One company may represent as Turkish and German and Dutch ship owners together. It all depends on the confidence of the shipowner for a specific firm to the intermediary. The higher the confidence – the greater the number of vessels allowed to operate crewing, respectively to recruit more ships crews. And a sailor trust more serious Crewing. And first and foremost a sailor try to get a job with a proven and reliable employer, than in any sharage which will be Mantula on rusty barges and forget as he was called. Recruitment process in crewing the following: the applicant comes in and finds out about vacancies, for example, a sailor. If the work is at present or in the future or company interested in this specialist, the more people invited to fill out a form and check all the sea crust, interview in English and a test of aptitude. With a little luck, and if the agency organize test results, and there is a vacancy, a person offering a particular ship and date of planting. If people agree – is to pass a medical examination and sign a contract. And waiting for a call to the ship. The procedure of one day and more. Then farewell to home – the airport – airplane – airport – meet and welcome onboard the agent for a period specified in the contract. Some company owners open their offices directly, and do not enjoy services of recruitment agencies sailors. But, in general, the principle of the same, ie registration, testing of aptitude, and execution of all necessary documents for work.

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    News Group

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    However, these machines remove the commission, which usually is within 5% of the payment made by. You can also fill up the electronic bank account. As soon as you put it on the purse of 70 rubles. 35 kopecks. Everything is ready, you can skip this step! STEP 2. Are transferred to 10 rubles. 5 kopecks.

    (5 cop. Removed translation service for transaction) from your electronic purse to 7 of the proposed lower bills Yandex-money. In order to make a transfer, you must click on the link. Then, if you have not yet entered in his name, click on "Login …", which is located at the top of the page and highlighted in red. Then you prompted to enter your login and password that you received during registration. Then click on the left of your account number on the link "Translate." Important! Translation should be implemented at the expense of, rather than e-mail. Important! When you post a quote field "Payment" the following phrase: Please enter me in the list of Yandex-purse (without the quotes). To earn an income, you must send to each of these seven purses for 10 rubles.

    5 kopecks. Or you simply will not be included in the system network moderators Yandex-purses, and not be able to cash income. (10 rubles. 5 kopecks. – That you send to the sum, while the recipient receives only 10 rubles.) So, send it to 10 rubles. 5 kopecks. each of the following accounts: 1. 41001319177726 2. 41001342113267 3. 41001342116849 4. 41001346938268 5. 41001514833612 6. 41001531299962 7. 41001537538269 repeated to earn an income, you must send in each of these seven purses of 10 rub.5 cop. – Otherwise, the network moderators (administrators) Yandex purse, you simply will not be included in the system and not be able to cash income. Now ATTENTION! Once you have completed Step 2, delete from the list of purses first (upper) purse and move second place purse at the 1st, you have erased, third – to place 2nd, 4th – on location third, fifth – in place of the 4th, second – to place on the 5th, 7th – place on the 6th! And on the 7th number, which was empty, enter the number of your wallet! STEP 3. Once you have completed Step 1 and Step 2: Write your such an article, or you can copy my. Put this article (or advertisement, with reference the page that you can easily make one of the free sites, such as, http / / or ucoz.ru) at not less than 200-300 forums and news lines (News Group). REMEMBER the more you place, the higher your income. And this income will DIRECTLY DEPEND ON YOU. Placing the article on 200 forums, even the most obscure, guarantee income 150 000 rub. – A minimum! within two months! MORE ACCOMMODATION – MORE INCOME (in fact exponentially). So, when you reach the first position in the list, you will have thousands Rubles just as the creator LIST !!!!!!! It costs 70 rubles and is not difficult to WORK! IMPORTANT – IT WORKS! AND THIS IS JUST GREAT! Do it now – not putting off ….! TIME – MONEY! But still have to earn. Need to get people interested. To do this you must use the mailing, advertising in specialized sites of search of work, forums, bulletin boards. Good luck! It is really close! Take Action! Poor living ones life just going to live! I would venture to LET! IN FACT ANYTHING BUT NOT TO LOSE 70 rubles!

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    Russians Unlimited

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    Another feature of the Russian character – emotionality motivation. The desire for money and material gain from the Russian people are not rational, as the west, and as emotionally as well as the desire for any other ideal, once seized the mind and feelings of Russians Unlimited room, the collective nature of work and authoritarian rule does not impose strict requirements for "surveying" of land, so long in Russia could emerge ownership. A sense of private property may not be formed and to this day. Interestingly, in the Russian language itself the word "freedom" is comparable to the word "settlement" (breaks, exemption from duty). Western "freedom" – this is no restrictions on activity, the Russian 'freedom' – is the lack of restrictions and constraints to the activities it carries the idleness and sloth. Particular understanding of freedom in the Russian language and manifests itself in the word "will." "Will" – Is the lack of restrictions, but at the same time and overcome them, and this strong desire, desire, while at the same time it is – and self-restraint, and this power over other people and at the same responsibility to them, is power. Thus, success in West is built on private initiative, which is characterized by three components: – methodically follow the written norms (legal, moral, technical, etc.) – to be enterprising, where "not prohibited" – to promote themselves, stand out, look like the original, to show their individuality. This contradicts the nature of Russians, as he must first develop a sense of collectivism.

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    Silicon Valley Staff

    February 27, 2016 // Comments Off on Silicon Valley Staff

    Vladimir Gerchikov destroyed faith HR-managers in the money as a means of solving all the problems of Western theorists of motivation suggest that the staff – the angels, who by nature love to work. But Russian experts assert otherwise: the lion's share of your staff – and the lumpen proletariat can work only under duress. Several years ago, Hewlett-Packard bought for $ 1.7 million old garage in Palo Alto. For even more analysis, hear from Ben Horowitz. Ruin the road was a memory: it was in this garage, William Hewlett and David Packard have collected the first sound oscillator, setting off not only HP, but the entire Silicon Valley. And for the Russian group of companies 'SET-holding' in this iconic building is likely to be a rustic barn. Not long ago, 'SET-holding' bought several farms in the Orel region, but the joy of buying marred low productivity workers.

    The new owners have decided that people are not stimulated, and only need to raise salaries. But first, holding managers compared the effectiveness of all their 'collective' and came across a strange fact. To the surprise of executives 'SET-holding', among the leaders in performance Labour was the company which worked on the very old and worn-out equipment. To increase the diligence of its staff director of each month posted on the shed next to the studio payroll. Periodically, this statement of his wife looked workers, and if the 'feats' husbands turned out to be more modest than his colleagues, dissatisfied wife arranged his thrashing. Thus, the director was working on did not wish to earn (the motif achievement), and the fear of being worse than others, then there is a motive of avoidance.

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    Earning Money Online

    February 14, 2016 // Comments Off on Earning Money Online

    To date, the make money online thousands of network users, for some it is just extra income, and other regular income. As an example I can give the young millionaires who have earned their blogodarya state of the Internet: A list of Internet Millionaires make money Species on the Internet is really a great set of: – writing and the development of codes and scripts for web browsers and – creation of web sites razrabotkaa design, website promotion – keeping your blog or network of blogs and websites with further monetization – to provide freelance services – make money on affiliate programs – the creation of an information Product (el.knigi, video recording, etc.) – trade in the currency markets on sredstavm electronic terminals, etc. This is not a complete list of all kinds and ways to make money online. Currently, the most popular form of earnings on the Internet among young (and not only) users is keeping his blog and his subsequent monetization. This kind of earnings is based on creating your own blog, which is not so difficult in the presence of today's engines for blogs, its maintenance (filling all sorts of content) and monetization (finding advertisers). With his own blog, you can earn on the exchange of links VNA registering such stock exchange, you can completely automate the entire process of earning.

    Is also relevant to today this way of monetizing your blog as a sale of guards. The guard – a reference to the site advertiser, which is located directly in the body of the post (Become your blog). The beauty of this method that such a link does not prevent users and not 'corn' 'eyes' to search engines. Teaser ads on the blog also takes place. Usually this kind of earnings used in the presence of a very large amount of traffic to your blog or website so that it clicks as possible. Species to make money on your own blog, so as much as all types of online earnings.

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    Project HrNskRu

    January 7, 2015 // Comments Off on Project HrNskRu

    HR-nsk.ru service is a resource for employers and job seekers job-oriented, primarily in Novosibirsk and Novosibirsk region. Extensive, hourly updated database of job boards allows you to our customers get a positive result in finding a new decent jobs or employees in the shortest possible time. It is promoted and additional services, some of which – their own development team HR-nsk.ru. Information about new job is automatically sent to the candidates posted their resumes at the same position. Specialists working on the project have extensive experience in recruitment. Knowledge and experience of our employees can quickly and effectively to the needs of site visitors and ensure the operation of this project. The emphasis is placed on an individual approach to each customer as Jobseeker and Employer. Therefore, before any work is required to be registered.

    This does not take much of your time and make you more comfortable and efficient. Base job boards manually processes the moderator. This prevents the repeated placement of ads, job vacancies questionable content as well as information containing profanity, offensive statements. To eliminate the possibility of removing your ad read, with publishing rules in force at the site. Employers and job seekers are able to fully control the processes of recruitment and job searching a special service – personal study.

    Every employer who register on the website, contact our consultants – specify the data provided by the company and help to understand the current issues. If the Applicants do not have time to visit the site, you can always subscribe to a search by e-mail. The number of lists and their parameters are chosen by the user, depending on your needs. You are now able to add your resume or job. Good luck!

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