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    Today Workers

    July 15, 2013 // Comments Off on Today Workers

    There are those who run to satisfy their egos in search of recognition, give way to their creativity, potentiality. The truth, that already it is not surprising as the role of the family, until reaching divorces, home abandonment, more, when the work is very uncertain has been deteriorating in an as which faces Venezuela in relation to employment, becoming increasingly difficult, given the uncertainty, risks that the current Government has created and has affected companiesmaking many that close, dismissing their workers. Cannot be denied as Monteferrante, he cites that the labour requirements of Today they are increasing, and many employees postponed his personal life for a future that never arrives. The occasions on which workers can reveal openly to their supervisors the frustrations and anxieties that generate their unbalanced lives, only discussed behind the scenes are also scarce. The degree of openness of the employees to express their labor troubles is related with the culture of the majority of the organizations and what is considered socially acceptable.

    Monteferrante, us also adds in his analysis did workers who are really stars?. Those who work long hours and give the feeling of that eat, sleep, live in the company. The successful Executive is the stereotype of an association culturally accepted between achievement and unbalanced life (Dinnocenzo and do they reap, 2004). It is unlikely that employees who leave home at the end of the workday, participate in other non-work activities, and are also productive at work, whether heroes or heroines of the companies. In the best of cases they are considered employees averages; for some organizations (because van at four in the afternoon, time of departure in many companies) are stopped or little committed to the business. We must occasionally surprised how we are acting in relation to the work, if we really stayed trapped in it and we are not enjoying our lives, by is too identified with the need to work, look for the benefits it generates us, and especially at what physical and psychic cost.

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    Winter Tires

    July 1, 2013 // Comments Off on Winter Tires

    It is unlikely that someone with the confidence to answer this question, what tires is better to use in winter. And the spike, and non-studded tires have their own advantages and disadvantages. Non-studded tires are good in that and in the snow and on dry asphalt, they show excellent results. However, this type of tire has a serious flaw – in the ice of their performance to deteriorate in many times, unlike the studded. As for studded tires, then rolled in the snow and bare ice figures they are very nice, but when the car rides on a clean, dry pavement, it is much better when its wheels 'encased' in a non-studded tires. Thorns – this is one important aspect that is worth paying attention when choosing winter tires. The fact that it spikes in the winter are responsible for the safe operation of the car. First of all, the tires are required to provide good traction in the winter.

    This is a simple an explanation. Embedded in the tire spikes was on the ice and snow crust significantly improve the efficiency of driving. Lost control on winter roads can not every driver. After all, you need to have special skills. And the need to brake gently to a change in snow-covered road in icy there was no wheel lockup. And 'gazovat' also need to be able – with a sharp pressure on the gas can rotate the wheel, and the car can just 'slip'.

    On winter roads snow tires is a must – it is easier to start a movement on the snowy road to pick up speed, and braking. At low temperatures, tires retain their elasticity, which is very convenient in the winter time. However, the tires have some drawbacks. Because the spikes are not allow to carry out necessary grip the tire, the braking distance can not be predicted. It therefore, the tire must be removed for the summer, since their use on asphalt is not allowed. And then we have to choose, because it all depends on what kind of winter. It seems like winter is not too many days when the asphalt is really completely covered with ice. However, it may happen that an accident occurs during those days, and it is very dangerous, as non-studded tires virtually uncontrollable on the bare ice. Interesting fact: in countries such as Sweden, Finland and other Scandinavian countries, the winter is forbidden to ride in a car that is running non-studded tires. The most important thing when choosing a tire – is a manufacturer, whose products you prefer to buy. Preferably, of course, choose a tire manufacturer, which is not the first in the market, and won the trust of customers. His name and will guarantee high quality products. Buy a bus in St. Petersburg you can in a variety of specialized garages, which are the official distributors of the world's tire manufacturers, such as tires and yokohama tires Continental

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