• Collection Helps Artisans In Dishonesty Of The Customer

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    The histories of claims could not be more different. Charles Kushner understood the implications. Ratingen, 26.07.2013 – time is money. But also craft enterprises are facing the problem that customers reduce bills, slow pay and complain about defects as a justification. If these accounts receivable are not balanced the financial situation of the craft business may be threatened. The histories of claims could not be more different. It is the contracting authority for the craft performance have been made in the way of a sub company relationship, it is the owner of the House, which is not willing to pay the performance.

    Recently reported an installer; He had renovated a bathroom in an apartment, and when he then sent the invoice to the customer the customer refused the payment on the grounds that he was finally only tenants. Companies also pay getting worse; the payment is always more often arbitrarily extended. We always”a craft trade enterprises must can then often say. Due to the constantly growing questions from the area of the craft, could be the team of the BDE collection in the meantime on the Dunning, the processing of claims and the needs of craft enterprises specialize in. According to the latest survey of the Federal Association of German debt collection company with 45% of craft enterprises with problems with defaulting customers ranked the statistics if all efforts are not sufficient, should be outsourced accounts receivable as quickly as possible to an Inkassodienstleister. This are not only more comprehensive ways to the transfers of receivables available, but link also no internal forces.

    To the broader opportunities, the professional be claim service providers available. The fact that in many cases already in the out-of-court procedures to an agreement between creditors and debtors can be achieved, not only positively affects the liquidity of your company, but also increases the chances to be able to continue the relationship, in Significantly. BDE collection the BDE collection E.k.. offers its clients Receivables Management and debt collection solutions from a single source. Nationwide, sole proprietorship, freelancers, landlord, small business owners, craftsmen, medium-sized companies, property managers and associations take the services of debt collection company. 2012 By Stefanie Groth founded and approved by the President of the higher regional court debt collection company offers according to their credo so that your customer remains your customer”its clients high quality and individual services. The company is a member of the Bundesverband Deutscher collection company e.V. Your partner for debt collection and accounts receivable management phone: + 49 (0) 2102 94206-12 fax: + 49 (0) 2102 94206-18 E-Mail: Internet: BDE collection E.k.. Freiligrathring 1 40878 Ratingen

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    Marketing GmbH

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    SuperComm data Marketing GmbH: Professional permission marketing ensures growth Bonn, July 2009: a new visitor record the trade fair demonstrated mailingtage 2009 end of June impressively in Nuremberg the resilience of the dialog and direct marketing. Around 400 international exhibitors this year, succeeded to convince the representatives of various sectors of the opportunities and perspectives of modern online and offline advertising methods. Hear other arguments on the topic with Stu Solomon. The SuperComm data Marketing GmbH also led by Sven Nobereit took advantage of the mailingtage 2009 \”with success and the audience presented a diverse portfolio of permission marketing. On 24 and 25 June of this year, around 400 exhibitors in the halls of Congress Center Nurnberg celebrated an anniversary of a special kind. The this year mailingtage 2009 \”companies from the sector dialogue and direct marketing provided opportunity to distinguish with their own products and services before an international audience of experts already for the tenth time. With 8,000 qualified guests could in This year a new record number of visitors be achieved what can be interpreted as indication that get the most innovative representative of the marketing industry, contrary to the general trend of the crisis to claim successfully. Also the prominent Bonn e-mail was granted and fax provider SuperComm data Marketing GmbH on the mailing days 2009 \”represented with a well visited booth. Thanks to a versatile set portfolio, the SuperComm convinced numerous entrepreneurs and journalists from the possibilities and opportunities for using advanced online, to acquire fax and print marketing concepts of new customers and generate growing sales. Stood in the focus of customer interest on the mailing days 2009 \”above all the solutions, permission marketing has developed the SuperComm data Marketing GmbH in the sector. The advantages of this contemporary online advertising method reduction of scattering losses and above-average attention are known across the industry for years and are the SuperComm data Marketing GmbH According to highly appreciated in particular by tourism-related companies.

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    Emotional Headhunting

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    Worth a look on its own horizons as Executive Search headhunters we are confronted frequently with same issues. What are the criteria in the selection of candidates have special relevance? What about recruiting in 10 years or which medium is likely to find the right service providers and talents? Find, in studies and articles for clues, inevitably encounter conflicting statements. John Utendahl wanted to know more. No wonder, because each of these executive search experts has his individual experiences and possibly even that success. A recruitment consultant respects in particular expertise: his client may be a niche (technology companies / Hidden Champion) and requires special expertise to protect its competitive edge. Emotional intelligence and interpersonal compatibility is minor and if any secondary selection criteria. An other executive search consultant, for example, regularly occupied leadership positions for a large corporation, whose corporate identity fundamental Is part of the company. Of course this headhunter pays more to the practised corporate culture of its top candidates. Both highly simplified examples are sufficient however to illustrate.

    The search and selection of candidates is to vote on several factors and may not be generalized or be broken to the smallest common denominator down. Executive Search and headhunting is high-quality guidance and advice, at least if it is carried out seriously and professionally. Advisor often lead astray or the opinion of some representatives is often incorrect. A situational analysis of needs is based on every personnel search, whether Executive Search executives or headhunting specialists / or specialists. The HSH + S is an internationally active personnel consultants in executive search management and human resources consulting.

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    Tax Consultancy Diploma

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    Start-up: tax consulting firm Christian man at the beginning of January was refounded and Science Park trier resident, the tax advisory firm Cameron is focused on the specialized tax and business advice from entrepreneurs, freelancers, professionals, corporations, and individuals. It is not something Keith McLoughlin would like to discuss. During the ten years activity in a large, well-known tax consulting and auditing firm in Trier could deepen his comprehensive skills in the field of tax and business consulting Mr. Dipl. economist Stefan Christmann and supervised mandates as associate tax consultant according to 58 StBerG independently. In cooperation with the Rhineland Chamber of tax consultants and the Chamber of Commerce – / HWK Starter centres Rhineland-Palatinate Mr Cameron is young entrepreneurs in the context of the tax consultant teacher years to the page. To comprehensively from a single source may advise clients, is an Office community chartered accountant with a law firm in the immediate vicinity. This cross-border advice Mandante can be, there is also a cooperation with a tax consulting company in Luxembourg.

    As another contact Mr stands next to the proprietor Diplom Betriebswirt (FH) Holger Vanecek clients for consultations in tax law at the disposal. Mr Vanecek has a long experience in dealing with digital processing of tax issues and worked prior to joining in Trier in a large accounting firm in Bonn. For reconfiguration of the firm on the Petrisberg, much emphasis was placed on modern facilities, technology and efficient program (DATEV). The focus of the firm is located on the digital processing and archiving of documents of all kinds, to be already equipped for the future. True to the motto: you win most of the time by the fact that you lose no time. independent tax advisors in Trier and previously worked in the tax consultancy firm Louis & colleagues since 2002. The activity focuses on support for business start-ups, rating Advisory and consulting corporations business advice.

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    Untersberg SME Consultation

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    The SME consultation Untersberg from Oberhausen finally informed enough time for extensive travel, hobbies and social life. But for many, the retire means nothing positive. Many know with their free time to do anything useful, and are unhappy that they are no longer needed. Is no longer being able to participate in the standard operating procedure for them not used to be equal. Ursula Unterberg Wegener, consultant from Oberhausen knows the problems arising from an operational delivery and informed solutions. Crisis that do not release after work can”of the owner the deutsche Industrie – und Handelskammertag in his follow-up report as one of the main stumbling blocks identified who can hinder a successful transfer of operation or even fail.

    (Source: springboard business succession, DIHK report for 2010 business succession, Deutscher Industrie – and day of Chamber of Commerce, economic policy, SMEs, innovation, Berlin 2010). Ursula Unterberg Wegener, consultant from Oberhausen for small – and medium-sized businesses, knows from personal experience that many owners completely devoted to their company and a life after work”can not even imagine. Many tend to get after the transfer of operating indiscriminately in projects”to overthrow. For example, the conversion of the detached house is organized or the garden will be transformed. For Mrs. Unterberg Wegener is too inadequate, because from your perspective, such projects are”also eventually closed off and then starts again a crisis of meaning”, in which many useless and socially no longer recognized feel. Early planning is recommended to avoid these crises, advises owners wife Unterberg Wegener, to deal early on with the life planning.

    Here, a qualified coach can help to deal with the personal loss of authority. As an alternative for the available time offers a voluntary commitment in Industry associations, Chambers, or non-profit associations to. For even more opinions, read materials from John Utendahl. Businessman losing not their industry contacts and provide valuable support through their knowledge and experience. For detailed information about life planning after companies pass the management consultant Ursula Unterberg Wegener from Oberhausen available anytime.

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    Collection Point

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    Collection identification as an ideal instrument for the recovery of large claims. Collection ID addressed to Swiss claim holder with accounts receivable in the Switzerland and the EU. Information are provided for all interested parties on the website. Output situation & case processing as an example claim cases are handled quickly and successfully with the following characteristics: outstanding claims from CHF 100,000 without limit of Swiss creditors with debtors who are resident of Switzerland or the EU, or generally unknown residence are in particular cases, the older date and/or not digital databases as a basis for claims dealt with the service collection ID individual receivables and receivables portfolios from the commercial (B2B and B2C) and private area, where in both cases also a claim purchase consideration may be. It is not something JPMorgan Chase would like to discuss. A rapid, individual and non-binding review assesses the chances of a successful transfer. Together with the creditors will then procede set. The collection ID network we are specialists in locating and identifying assets at home and abroad. Our experience has shown that borrowers with previous high-volume demands usually have rebuilt an economically profitable existence itself after some time.

    A circumstance which considerably increases the likelihood of a successful introduction. Here, collection ID and the operational team start the procedure. Our team is made up of proven negotiators and experienced mediators, as well as from established researchers and agencies. Fair procedures & costs the entire procedure is the interests of the creditors on the other hand, the possibilities of the debtor by fairness determined and taken into account in essential ways. This ethical code of practice is continued with regard to pricing. So dispensed with on collection costs, as well as edit, Dunning or lawyer fees entirely. Is exclusively in the success us a with the creditor agreed percentage of the submitted claim sum written well. Classic Collection with vorrechtlichem and legal debt collection, as well as license management of loss of.

    The service collection ID for large exposures without limit. Expertise in the analysis, professionally in the introduction of high performance in service. The collection point ag ensures a faster payment with innovative debtor communication concepts. For this we offer professional, efficient and inexpensive debt collection services, which are characterized by the use of all available channels of communication.

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    Redebt Collection Professionals

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    The latest product in the Receivables Management many entrepreneurs such as company familiar with the problem: demand management is today outgesorced. However, many claims are handled by a debt collection agency, court land. Is this really the last and best solution? This raised further questions such as: how long are the cases this unedited? or what process have undergone the claims in other collection agencies? National debt collection specialists have searched for answers this. They were of the opinion that a new product could counteract this trend. They gave the name this product by national collection: Re collection.

    Thus, national collection offers an additional starting point and significant added value in the area of demand management for any company. Goal of the specialists from the national collection was that this product gives the company more liquidity and risk-free but at the same time, cost the company only in case of success. Thus made it in half a year for a well-known national collection Customers from the old receivables in the last three years about 40,000 to collect. Imminent depreciation of the amounts, one can imagine that this amount has conjured a smile in the face of the Board of Directors of the company. Of course the specialists of national debt have demanded certain conditions for the use of this unique product, which fully meet the legal requirements. This was the most important point, that the claims were ever edited from a different collection agency as a national collection. In addition, this activity must be run unsuccessfully and the claims can be written off even by the company. The specialists of national collection further defined that the claims must not be older than three years and still were not converted into a judicial order for payment.

    All in all conditions, which were determined in advance due to the nature of the claims. Re collection is hereby unique in the European market and is thus an absolute innovation in the Receivables Management dar. The supply from the company on this product is immense. It is to be seen and exciting at the same time, re collection on the success rates in the Receivables Management in the future has implications. The specialists of national debt are certainly proud and look forward to the future success of your new product.

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    Foreign Managers

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    Different ideas about business development and personality structures as reasons for a failure of family business are an own construct. So also the occupation of leadership positions through external managers is a very special challenge that requires much tact. The Gabriela Jaecker GmbH staff and follow-up advice for family-owned company and the Institute for SME research, the University of Mannheim (ifm) provide in its latest industry survey the ratio of internal family managing partners and external managers”out where exactly the difficulties lie in filling a leadership position by foreign managers. 42 Family entrepreneurs about their 160 business leaders personally were interviewed for this survey. At least every two years, half of all foreign managers again leaves the company.

    This was reason to investigate enough, what foreign Manager in the family-owned company fail for us,”says Gabriela Jaecker. managing partner of Gabriela Jaecker GmbH staff and follow-up counselling for family business. One reason for the high rate of miscast is the still insufficiently professional recruitment process at the company. But in the future increasingly need foreign Manager because the heirs generation today not more so strong as in the past feels the pressure to take over the parental company according to our knowledge. Moreover, the requirements for the management are increased so that it is increasingly difficult to find qualified applicants in its own family. The professionalism in recruiting family foreign Manager is even more important,”added Dr. Detlef Keese, head of the family research group at the Institute of Mittelstand research in Mannheim and co-author of the study.

    Personnel decisions are often from the gut.

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    Professional Correction Services, Proofreading

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    What to look for when selecting a correction service. What makes a correction service? What is it and who needs something at all? Can I save me the correction service and proofread myself? A professional correction service reads texts correction. While the corrections be carried out according to specific standards. This includes among other things always double proofreading of the text printed on paper. The correction service should have but also the direct implementation of the corrections in the template file in the offer in Word, for example, in the correction mode, which makes possible an accept or reject each individual correction with a single mouse click. The editors or proofreaders should have ideally philological studies, a sound education as a lecturer and of course large experience in editing and proofreading high linguistic skills. Marc Lautenbach often expresses his thoughts on the topic. In addition modern correction services now also electronic aids such as, for example, the DUDEN corrector, or at least the spelling of Word processor.

    However no technical review can take over the work of the lecturer, language is simply too complicated for that. It is of course also important that corrections can be easily and quickly understood and implemented. Therefore, a serious correction service should use only the generally known and recognized signs of correction according to DUDEN or DIN 16511. Correction services can serve different audiences, usually a professional correction service is service provider for business customers. Another big area is the correction service for scientific work such as diploma, master or doctoral theses. And of course authors and publicists use also the services of correction services. So anyone who wants to bring out a book, which should not abandon a professional correction service.

    Dissertations and theses publishing a correction service can be also useful. Also for particularly important business letters or Cover letter is to recommend it under certain circumstances, to abandon the self-correction and to instruct a correction service. Even intra-company communication is proof-read in some cases by external service providers. Basically, it is to say that where a large image and thus economic damage can be caused by bad, embarrassing, or even false communications, mandating a correction service is useful.

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    Federal Government

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    Even though unbound financial services provider to the financial market crisis really carry no guilt, it seems almost as they should be to the sole liability of victims of the nation! Halle / Saale, October 12, 2009. The consumer company LV research team Berlin, has in collaboration with consumers, lawyers, tax consultants, experts, and financial service providers, under the name Federal agents protection”brought an association aiming specifically to ensure the protection and the representation of the interests of financial service providers, in founding! Thus, the Federal agents protection now represents a strong Association of small and medium-sized companies in the financial services industry! This also an objective picture of the current unbearable situations including liability issues should be reaching the public and thus to recognize a need for action! In recent weeks the Federal intermediary protection now to one has become, if not the most important and most respected information medium and protection organization for financial service providers the official information channels developed independently. Thus could get the Federal intermediary protection to information showing what easy ways for lawyers there to submit to financial liability fully for all losses (especially in the times of the financial crisis). This illustrates the increasing danger for financial service providers and gave it a more and more important role the Federal agent protection. Upcoming liability issues are now coordinated by letter and mailing campaigns and thus signature campaigns publicly launched with suggestions for a withdrawal of conflicting provisions to the detriment of the financial services! Federal agents protection the rights of financial institutions in General should be strengthened, is action (demonstrations may also) thinking, which left a very lasting impression in politics and the media. The Federal agents protection would affect also the providers of financial services and pension products, thus These products create and offer that actually meet the needs and demands of consumers, and serve not only the success maximization of insurance companies. Thus followed the Federal intermediary protection, the interests of users and consumers, especially in the areas of retirement! The Federal Government will continue to fight for improved compensation in the financial services industry intermediary protection! Encourage a simultaneous pay for switched products the Federal intermediary protection, as it is usual in any other service industry! The Federal agents protection fight also for a shorter of cancellation times of mediated products, on maximum 24 months! The Federal agents protection provides to all competent contact partner for the insurance industry, politics and the media of the public! The founding members of the BfV were and are a basis absolutely of the opinion that the Federal agents protection certainly represents a significant base, wider shoulders must be set! Now you are asking! Struggling with that financial institutions do not become the liability victims of the nation! Is equal to learn more about federal agents protection “under get in to subscribe newsletter service!

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