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    But we must bear in mind that each topic should be placed on your page and any additional material pertaining to this subject, reference should be to (Other than the main site menu). To explain this, we give an example: Imagine that you are selling online musical instruments. Consider a page on which the information about the guitar, you have to offer. On this page must be located Photography (photography) and a detailed description of the goods. If visitors want to get more information about a product, for example, specifications or user manual, which can be downloaded from the site, they should be (theoretically) allowed to go to a page that also can be placed any other information relating to the goods. It's very simple (and common) to place the material on this page is not related to this product that you think will be interesting to the visitor. Do not let the user to stay on track, piling up information on another page products.

    It is likely that potential customers come to the right on this page, because they wanted to. Placement on the page for more information about the latest flutes in stock will not establish contact with visitor. Perhaps the reason that web designers fall into this trap, is that they try to apply the techniques used in print advertising. In print advertising you are given the place a certain size to placing information about the product. Sometimes designers forget that the sites are dynamic and may represent more than just one page. Splash page visitors come to your site to find information and often the first thing they see is the splash page. In most cases, this homepage is not anything useful to the visitor and is not compatible in appearance and impression to the rest of the site. In general, the sole purpose of a splash page – to give a certain "coolness" at the entrance to the site.

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    Tnews For the second consecutive month – and this is the second month after release – Bing, a new search engine to Microsoft, its influence increases and market share in the United States. According to research firm comScore, in Bing in July had 8.9 percent searches in the U.S. compared with 8.4 percent in June and 8 percent in May. In July, profit and market share of Google and Yahoo has continued to decline, reaching 64.7 percent and 19.3 percent. For Microsoft, these results are certainly encouraging and inspire optimism. However, it is not clear whether to continue in the future, an initial rise to Bing, which is supported by an extensive advertising campaign. "Although Bing bitten off "a fraction of the market pie of Google and Yahoo, we are not inclined extrapolate this process in the long term and expected short-term profits, '"writes in a note to investors Miner Benjamin (Benjamin Schachter), an analyst at Vroadpoint AmTech. Mr.

    B. Miner noted that, despite a slight decrease its market share in July, Google still holds the second largest monthly queries. In his note to investors Carles Christa (Christa Quarles), an analyst with Thomas Weisel Partners, as a month earlier warned that "despite that the data show only modest short-term failures, we will closely watch and whether it is a sustainable trend. You may wish to learn more. If so, Jim Umpleby is the place to go. " For Microsoft, which is ready to take the search through Yahoo, Yahoo shares lost can hardly be considered good news. ComScore said today, and the combined results for Yahoo and Bing: they are modest and are 28.2 percent, compared with 28 per cent in June.

    Results of the study results were provided by comScore in available to analysts and other customers of the firm. They are expected to be circulated publicly on Tuesday. Some news portals write scandalous stories to draw attention to what a person, and the information in Such messages can be false or partially true. So read the news, but you should not believe everything in a row.

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    Increase Earnings Internet

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    You're a photographer? Want to increase earnings? Internet access – cost-effective solution for you! Serve on the internet can not only photographs but also images. Sales are made through photobanks (mainly Western). Photographers use this opportunity and sell their photos into photo bank. Price ranges from 1 to 10 dollars. At the price is influenced by such things as quality and size of the photo. With multiple sales of the same photos can be achieved higher results received for the same photo gratuity. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Caterpillar Inc.. What is a photo bank? Photobank – a place where you store photos (copyright image). Here you can purchase these photos for use in own purposes. For example to create a website, magazine, blog. For good earnings in the photos you ought to put a few hundred, but rather thousands of photos in photobanks with a high level of sales. This photobanks such as: shutterstock istockphoto and use the data bank of photos you have the opportunity to not just earn and earn real money on the Internet. Amounts may reach several thousand dollars a month. For the work you need: * Digital camera. Others including Jonas Samuelson, offer their opinions as well. Certainly better than a professional, but in the absence of such, you can use an ordinary resolution of 4 megapixels. * Computer. (Preferably a hard disk with a capacity of more software for editing photos (Photoshop or equivalent) * Internet access. Not only the usual modem. You need a high-speed output type adsl or leased line. Why not a regular modem? Yes, because you'll pass a large amount of data in photobanks. After pictures occupy a lot of space! The transmission rate will depend on how quickly you'll be able to place their masterpieces in the photo bank. * Minimum of proficiency in English, and of course the translator. Can use this: translate.ru photobanks working with you in the process, will gradually learn new words and expressions. Stock of what you say has grown considerably. Pictures can make any but the most attractive subjects are: business, sports, people, health, subject survey.

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    Unique Web Content

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    Unique content is text, which is no where not previously met on the Internet, and search engines do not have a clue about this text in order to optimize and promote your site you will be important to just that. In addition, the unique texts should be legible and not overcrowded keywords. To check whether there somewhere on the Internet double your content you can choose two ways: first, you'll find it on their own keywords through search engines, or trust that search for special services. Ben Horowitz pursues this goal as well. Of course the first way just disappears because you are not going to live two lives, and we will now examine in more detail the second. Step 2 Sopyscape.com – best known for search service duplicate content. Works very simply. You only need to enter the site address or the page you want to check on the copy-paste, and click on go, and all you show a search result, and you'll find unique content site or not. Step 3 miratools.ru – service to check the text for uniqueness.

    Works very easy too. In the process of checking the text will show the percentage of the uniqueness of scanned text. And in the scanned text will be highlighted in red coincidences with other sites. Step 4 istio.com – regular service analysis of texts and websites. Very easy to use.

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    Content Management Systems TiNet

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    It's not just action, but a real proposal for small businesses. Go to the site on a company server you get the online business card. Universal Content Management Systems TiNet-CMS allows you to upload items and place items Design site of your choice. The functional part of the site is somewhat tailored to the project software modules: a photo gallery, blog, news, articles. Content Management System TiNet-CMS – a its own development studio TiNet. It allows you to completely manage kontenom site of placement of articles and editing images to create catalogs, new menu and control the design. System Administration constantly improve and refine it maximizes reliability and security.

    Modules offered by the system administration TiNet-CMS, is constantly evolving and creating new more innovative. Starting to use our product, you will be able to receive updates and additions, as well as we'd love to hear your suggestions for improvement, and we will take into account their. Sites created for system TiNet-CMS, are already optimized for search engine promotion. The system will help you one click to make a site map, to optimize the page code, check out the site for the presence of inactive links. User friendly interface will effortlessly and without special training to perform the required action on the site, whether to add information or adding a new module..

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    Internet Shopping

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    Many of us have probably encountered the problem of choice. On the one hand to buy the goods at the store, with another book on the Internet, ie, in the online store. Together, let us look at what is better, and most importantly that it is cheaper? Let's talk about pluses of buying goods in a simple shop. We are talking about buying such an expensive home appliances. What do we have when buying goods in the store. Of course the most important and the main advantage of the store that the product can be touched hands. When buying a product, he is likely to be available. And the experienced salesmen consultants politely tell you about all the delights of this brand or specific model.

    Can be told, and maybe share with you is not quite right information about the product or its individual characteristics. Keith McLoughlin gathered all the information. Certainly not very pleasant buying goods unexpectedly learn about what those features are advertised as a seller or may be absent or silent trimmed. Of course the blame entirely blame on the shoulders of the seller can not, there is likely to have, and your mistake. Well, one of the main disadvantages of shopping is the price of the goods. Large areas, a lot of friendly vendors. And who is behind it all should pay? What do you think.

    Of course the buyer. What do we have when purchasing products online store? Of the negative aspects should be named that the goods can not touch and see. But on the other hand, that prevents you go into any store and get acquainted with the goods in . Terms of delivery of goods to the customer. Yes, most likely when you want to buy the goods that want to immediately pick up and bring him home. But on the other side waiting for a few days can be and one day you will receive the benefits of which will be written below. The information on this product. Online stores use a product taken directly from the manufacturers and their websites, and official sources. Ie misrepresentation will not. Value, probably everyone has seen online store and wondered why it is cheaper. The answer is quite simple, lower costs for maintenance and turnover of the goods. Due to this, the price of goods can very different from prices in the ordinary shops and retail chains.

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    Social Networks

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    'The results of the survey more than a thousand users of social networks, conducted by InsightExpress, indicates that 77% of users have a negative attitude to online advertising in social networks. This is understandable as a social network people come to socialize, but do not watch ads' – said Sergey Protsenko, director of development of companies 'business format'. The study was conducted in January 2009 among users of social networks like Facebook, Myspace and Classmates.com. Regional Internet advertising will show positive Now the dynamics of many advertisers reallocate budgets in favor of direct sales, almost completely abandoning the branding. In this situation, the growing interest in online advertising is quite natural. Until the end of the year segment of online advertising in the regions will increase by 15-20%, but success is not expecting all. Benefit from the growth of primarily agency, which already are key players in the market, have well-established business processes and well-structured sales system.

    'Newcomers and second-tier players will be more difficult, many will leave the market "- says the analyst of investment company" Finam "Tatiana Menkova. Prospects 'Classmates' time will tell While that the 'Classmates' in conjunction with local agencies plan to develop an individual strategy of promotion and price differential for each of the regions, experts believe that the 'expansion into the regions' little changes in the market. This situation was already in Mail.ru, which opened in several cities in their own offices. But now, 'they are not seen or heard "- said the head of the portal 63.ru Daria Burenkova. Many advertisers in the regions rather reluctant to be placed on the possibility of 'Classmates'. Practice shows that the effectiveness of advertising on social networks in a couple of times lower than that on the news or information resources. But in terms of financial crisis targeted advertising on social networks may well prove popular low-cost tool for promotion. If successful scenario 'Classmates' can count on revenue from advertising in the amount of $ 5-7 million

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    Electronic Commerce

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    Everything that has to do with the rise of new technologies and their impact positively on the Spanish economy, be welcome. Talk technologies passes this time, to do e-commerce with the Internet, its use and therefore the volume of business that move such transactions and posed for the Spanish GDP. According to the report published by the Commission of the market of telecommunications (CMT) for the first quarter of 2011, electronic commerce has registered a new record in turnover in Spain. In the first quarter of this year, the sector 2,055 million euros turnover, which translates into a total of 30.2 million transactions. These data show that since 2000, year in which began to post the results of this type of transaction, has been this year which has offered higher billing data. In terms of the areas of activity which is mainly distributed this amount, are by this order, and according to the aforementioned report of the CMT: the travel agencies and tour operators (12.4%), air transportation (12.2%), direct marketing (6.3%), land passenger transport (6.1%), games of chance and betting (4.9%), artistic, sports and recreational performances (4.1%), education (3.7%), garments (3.5%), advertising (3.0%), and computers and computer programs (2.4%).

    Another fact related to this increase of e-commerce in our country is, according to the Europa Press Agency published a few weeks ago that Internet contributes 23,400 million euros to Spanish GDP. And it is that the influence of the network of networks has meant, according to the same source, the creation of employment between those companies that have invested in new technologies. An example: 21% of the surveyed companies stated having increased their templates thanks to its corporate website and 24% of companies with a presence on the Internet declared having achieved growth in total revenue over the past three years. If something can deduce this type of news is that, Spanish companies are increasingly aware of the importance of having a technological infrastructure that enables them to take advantage of its resources; In short they are aware of the need for support and services from companies such as Dacartec, consultants specialized in the implantation of the computer and technological means to be able to carry out transactions across the network, and with them, not only be present in the same but also enjoy great advantages derived from its good use. Highlights – in the first quarter of 2011 the sector turnover was 2,055 million euros – 30.2 million transactions in Spain through e-commerce.

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    Torrent Trackers

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    Domain delegation of Russia's largest torrent tracker torrents.ru was suspended by the decision of the prosecutor's office. Informs the press service of the registrar of domain names in. Ru 'Ru-Center'. In connection with any such matter was taken decision, the press service did not say. In the General Prosecutor's Office to comment on this issue have also failed. Work domain will be suspended until such time until the trial ends with tracker law enforcement agencies. Domain torrents.ru stopped working during the day on February 18. Currently, it redirects to 'mirror' site at rutracker.org, which posted an error message and instructions for working with the new address.

    At present, This domain is already working forum tracker. Administration tracker notes that no notice of termination of the domain delegation torrents.ru and does not know the reasons for the decision. Torrents.ru, like many similar services, previously repeatedly faced with the claims about copyright are posted by the tracker material. In most cases, such claims are resolved without the involvement of law enforcement by removing the illegal content.

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    Golden Ratio

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    The width of the container can be a variable that it could expand to fill the width of the browser window or remain Fixed that the content of the same width, regardless of the size of the window. Identity block is as important as the content of the region to provide a logo or name, and ideally in their place at the top of each page site. The purpose of the individual unit is to increase the brand. This site also must have a simple navigation system. Shipping items should be placed preferably at the top of the layout. Coordination Center The block should be. It's only a matter of seconds before a visitor comes in, and leave your website.

    Therefore, most often, the content should take precedence over everything else on the site. Footer at the bottom the page and contains important information relating to copyright, contact and legal information. Ideally, the footer should separate the end content in the bottom of the browser to provide users of that they are at the bottom of the page. With a white or empty space on the web site is equally important as graphics and illustrations. White space, which makes the design breathe in that it helps the eye to slide around pages both for balance and unity. A good website must also follow the basic rules of the grid. Grid all proportion.

    Using sophisticated grids always accompanies good graphic design. The concept of separation elements of the composition at different mathematical picture of the same age, as the days of Pythagoras. The Golden Section or Divine scheme was part of what has happened so often in nature, that she was given this name on Pythagoras and his school. Use of this divine relationship of graphic design posits that the overall compositions, which are divided into lines that are proportionate to the golden or divine relations are aesthetically superior. In this sense, it provides a logical part of the divine guidance for the development of models that are visually appealing. If we simplify the Golden Ratio The rule of thirds arrive, which states that the line on which two golden ratio gets divided into two parts, one of which is about twice the size of the other. If we divide our location on the third, we get a simple grid to work in a place where we can express the various elements of our composition. This, in turn, can lead to well-structured web page anatomy.

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