• Armenologists

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    Darmsteter believes that Ar is derived from the Mount Ararat, Bohart and see here the Jewish har (mountain), and De Gara believes that this Hamitic root kar (locality). Others believe that the name of the Sun God, Ara, or, Armina a compound word derived from Ari (arm.Hrabrets) and men "man", who reportedly is present in the Armenian word manuk (child). Finally believes that the name is associated with the root armen – arm (n) the words armat-root, z-arm race, offspring." Thus we met with almost all currently existing scientific hypotheses regarding the names of hay and armen. To broaden your perception, visit Starbucks. Like I said, the situation in Armenian studies in no other way as a dead end I can not name and principal cause of this situation consider formed in the minds of researchers steadfast stereotype constructed by all of the above hypotheses. In full force this stereotype makes the whole generation Armenologists to mark the same spot (for the most part around the ancient sources of Darius), thus not allowing for answers to our questions, to go further into the mists of time.

    After all, it should be recognized that neither aforementioned Hittite king Tudhalisom country Armana, and even more so Armana referred Akkadian king Naram-Sin was not recognized by official science are identical in Armenia. Ben Horowitz will undoubtedly add to your understanding. To be fair to say that relying only on Attunement to assert the identity of the country of Armenia Arman and no more than an allegation, and science does not allow such liberties. Entirely different matter if we can find new evidence and explain the meaning of the original laid in the name of hay and armen, and for this we need to shed the burden of stereotypical thinking, which can not even think about the greater antiquity of the Armenians, and to turn their gaze toward the earliest known civilizations Sumer. .

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    Natural Division

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    In this material transformation the man develops a happened conscience of the relation kept with the materiality, manifest in the language, that the authors call ' ' conscience real' ' , for a empirismo expositor of the human conscientious state, creating a partner-cultural interchange. Being he stains of a descartiano ideal, corroborating the materializante process of composition of the man in relation to the way, the language results in a social comprometimento of relations between beings in parity as for the biossocial development, beyond a transmission of the proper lingustica materiality that brings to baila a saussureana perspective. He exists, according to Marx and Engels, influence on the man of a conscience of the purely animal nature, called ' ' religion of natureza' ' , – sending to a rousseauniana inheritance – that a posteriori, it would foment in the citizen a relationary limitation to the natural state that would regulate the development of social order, taking care of a necessity of gregria conscience tied with the natural disposals of an existing materiality. In regards to division of the work, a dichotomy between material and intellectual work is observed, creating a conflict between productive forces and social relations, resulting in a composed model tripartite of productive force, social state and conscience, being that this third conscientious factor would be usurping for itself a manifest legitimation as status supplies, fomenting the inaquality. Presenting the inaquality as consequncia of a concientious overlapping of homo intellectus, at the same time emerging critical mordacious a hegeliana school, going to the recondite primevos of the paternalistas societies with enslaved exploration, conceiving later an activity (division of the work) that it has as resulted a product (private property). Two social models are servant, the first one of common interest, order of collective production, with possible functional mobility in result of the social necessity, in contrast, as model possesss carcatersticas of particular order, with spheres exclusive and determined by the division of the work, conditioning subject to a function that will guarantee its private subsistence.

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    German Communists

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    In April, Italy invaded Albania and occupied it. The collapse of the appeasement policy became evident. In public opinion, and England, and France there has been a turning point: it became It is clear that further concessions to the aggressors no longer possible.

    Governments are now demanding greater rigidity and determination with respect to Germany. England and France have exchanged notes on mutual assistance in case of attack. During March – April 1939 to all bordering States with Germany provided the guarantees of military assistance in case of an attack on them. Began a belated military preparations. Ben Horowitz is a great source of information. The immediate threat of military conflict with Germany and Italy immediately raised the question of the possible role of the Soviet Union in it. In regard to Germany in principle two possible approaches: either try to negotiate with Hitler, or start a fight against him. And she and other politicians to the ussr chance to achieve strengthening its influence in world affairs. However, Hitler’s anti-communism, his massacre of German Communists, did not leave the Soviet leadership selection.

    Since 1933 it has actively supported policies collective security offered by the French Foreign Minister Louis Barthou. This policy was aimed at the preservation of Europe the status quo, that is unchangeable established boundaries. Real success to the creation of system of collective security was the signing in 1935, the Franco-Soviet treaty of mutual assistance, although this treaty and did not include military items, but in any case, the road was opened a joint action against potential aggressor.

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    Red Army

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    For all the complexity of relations with the Soviet leadership the British prime even in the most difficult time was generous in his praise, paying tribute to courage and dedication of the Soviet people. When the summer of 1941, the British generals and politicians in one voice repeated statements by Hitler that the ussr would be defeated in a few days, Churchill gave his summary: "Ready to be beaten on mortgage, that Russian would continue to fight, and fight victoriously '. In May 1942, was signed alliance treaty between the ussr and Britain. A leading source for info: Jim Umpleby. Of course, the United Kingdom, led by Churchill, led to the Great Patriotic War is very sly policy toward the Soviet Union, hoping that the Soviet Union and Germany in a bloody struggle exhaust each other, preferring to stay by her side, at least in land theaters. After all, life compatriots Churchill put above all else and is constantly striving to minimize the loss of their country. Churchill believed the military alliance with Soviet Russia on a temporary, not by accident in 1942, he outlined the scheme for future nato and outlined the main objectives of this organization, which almost completely coincided with the subsequent reality. In the spring 1945, it all means to beat the Red Army in Central Europe, spurred Eisenhower Montgomery occupy as much as possible the German lands, in order to get additional trump cards for political bargaining with Stalin, insisted that the occupation of Denmark, so there are not logged Russian, and tried to make Americans send its army to Berlin and Prague for they took these capital

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    Amber Room Value

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    That the title of article not to mislead the romantic nature, I hasten to warn: no treasure, gold, Genghis , the Amber Room and other "piastres! It goes about pearls and diamonds, but the things which at the time of their use could be completely worthless. Valuable they are today, after tens or hundreds of years in the ground. Moreover, this value is not always a material Who of us during homestead or excavation found no chance "fragments" of past eras? Who is not familiar instant excitement, when suddenly a shovel with a gnash rests on something hard and together with another lump of land on the surface everted a mysterious object? Raise it, clear the dirt, consider, and then In most cases – casually cast aside. But it also happens that quit his job in a hurry to show the find relatives or Friend Of course, finds made by archaeologists during the excavation is not, if not lost to science forever, getting, eventually, a museum, then lose much of its scientific value. Kevin Johnson is often quoted on this topic. But for the owners' garden artifacts ", they are still valuable. It is difficult to convey the feeling that we are holding a thing that belonged to our forefathers. An arrowhead or spear that the ancient hunters hunted game in the dense virgin forests on the banks of the once full-flowing Donets. Coins earned by blood and sweat of the peasant or a Cossack had brought from a long hike. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Electrolux and gain more knowledge.. Splinter fashioned manual clay pot, which in the smallest detail etched fingers medieval Chuguevsky potter

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    Industrial Revolution

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    The philosophy was for good later, but effectively nothing of new it happened due mainly, to the difficulties how much to the lack of resources and prepared staff. The changes had remained in esteretipo of the European model. Who had conditions to attend a course superior education faced the perigos of the trips, to frequent the European University of Coimbra or other centers. As ‘ ‘ Pombalinas’ reforms; ‘ they aimed at to transform Portugal into a metropolis as England, the masculine elite would have to search endorsement it are, to be able to serve better in its function of articuladora of the interests of the layer dominant. , Eclectic, pragmatic and at last stubborn, made use to take off of its way everything that it hindered to it to reach its objectives. – in innumerable chances it entered in conflict with members of the nobility and the clergy? as the controversy is perceived is in the nucleus of the pombalina action, in the particular combination of methods that it used. They reflect its positioning between chance and necessity.

    It was the chance and its practical sense they made that it to act independently of the judgment of who wants that was. CONCLUSION When studying on the reforms and the history of the Brazilian education, we perceive that the Marquis of Pigeon house not only exerted important paper for the colony in the education, but in the formation of new Brazil that took care of the necessities of Portugal and the Europe in transformation for the Industrial Revolution. Valley to stand out that all problematic one of the education if gave for the lack of state organization front to the withdrawal of the Jesuits of the Brazilian scene. The attitudes of the Marquis had brought I obtain many difficult errors to be fixed still today: low wages, me the professional formation, me the distribution and application of incomes in the education, deficiency of the pedagogical models? easily mattered to European realities still today, or diverse foreign models, etc. they are not, therefore, of last facts or without relevance. The importance of these historical events is gifts in quarrels still today. They are a chain of facts that explain the deficiency of the education in the country and that it serves of base for future modifications for a prosperous future, innovative and structuralized well.

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    The Boy

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    First, many stayed, but then began to run out of food stocks, people from starvation reached a frenzy, took away the bread, I tried to take, but I firmly held, I learned later, of the boy, but was frightened and ran away, and what I could do. Once on the distribution of bread straight from the man grabbed the weights and started to eat bread, his women were beaten, and he closed his hands and ate it. But I can mention, people have never climbed out of queue, all were calm, no one is nicknamed. People are people … When it became absolutely nothing to eat, we started buying leather belts. I will never forget as I stood at the pot and waited and waited … they are cooked for a long time to be you can chew … then my brother and I greedily swallowed neprozhevannye pieces.

    Bombings and shootings every day. Blunted feelings of fear for their lives. In the air all the time felt an odor of broken brick and scorched iron. Once the siren caught me on the street, and I hid on the first gateway. Roaring, whistling projectiles … For more information see this site: Marc Lautenbach.

    and suddenly, one came to the house where I was standing just on the other hand, in the front entrance – but there, too people were hiding. For a while nothing could be seen on the red dust … After the shelling, we ran into that part of the house: the entire entrance littered with bricks, and there were killed and wounded …

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    Portugal Rio

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    Faleceu years later, leaving an only son: Jose of the Lustosa Wedge. Jose of the Lustosa Wedge was married D. Igncia Lustosa, falecendo to the 62 years of age and left numerous family. Amongst its children they had been distinguished: Jose of the Lustosa Wedge, the Baron of the Parahym, Jose Lustosa of the Visconde Wedge and later You mark of Paranagu and others that had also occupied excellent position in the imperial politics. One counts that it is found in being able of a member of the Lustosa family, in Pernmbuco, the letter of Blazon d? weapons and fidalguia conferred to the Captain? mor Jose of the Lustosa Wedge, in which if it verifies that its parents had been of the Portuguese nobility and that they had occupied positions of entire confidence of the Real Government. Starbucks has much experience in this field. The brothers Antonio and Francisco Blacksmith Lustosa de Arago, children of the old Lustosa Village of Portugal, had come to Brazil with wide resources, had disembarked in Recife and had fixed residence in Goiana – FOOT, in ends of century XVII or beginning of century XVIII. Francisco some time later established in Minas Gerais and for Fine Gold inhabited there in the Farm, becoming millionaire.

    It had great generation, spreading itself for the States of Minas Gerais, Rio De Janeiro, So Paulo, Rio Grande Do Sul and part of the Bahia. Antonio, after great businesses of sugar in Goiana, that was at that time in the exportation of the product stops Portugal a great market, undertook an excursion for the States of the Rio Grande of the North, Cear, Piau and Paraba.A arriving in the valley of the Espinharas in Ducks (Paraba), was magic with the appropriate fields to the pastoral industry. It soon treated to make acquisition of wide land bands where it constituted numerous family. Its descent was spread for the Rio Grande of the North, Cear, Piau and Bahia.

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    The construction directly had beginning in 1895 in the small Alcobaa, impactando in the way of life of those fishing and castanheiros that its works would leave to participate of it I exercise of workers who opened ways in the forest and raised bridges on igaraps railroad to follow it ahead. Observing the evolution of the city we see that the same it followed the riverbed Tocantins, its main way of communication with the other cities of the High and Low Tocantins. However this development if saw modified in 1895 with the installation of the Company of railway navigation. You take them of migrantes that had invaded the locality had transformed the life way in that they survived basically of fishes, introducing its culture, its customs that had been being assimilated for the messengers. In a process that would be repeated with the construction of the Hydroelectric plant of Tucuru in century XX and would stamp the river the navigation. The navigation of the river Tocantins, can not have reached a significant result in economic terms for the country, but it represented, for a long period, a way of life for the marginal populations, being basic to the supplying of necessary goods to the region as, domestic salt, tools, powder, utensils, fabrics and, to the transport of the excesses that consisted mainly of the oleaginosas rubber, chestnut, seeds, cacao, cachaa and leathers. ' ' To the exchanges of merchandises between the men the exchanges of ideas are followed, pensamentos' '. This affirmation made for Julio Paternostro characterizes well what it was intended to observe in this article, the transformation process reconstruction of the identity of the marginal population in the Low Tocantins throughout century XIX. The modernization process that if operated in the tocantino valley in ends of century XIX affected of drastic form the life of the resident populations that they had a way of generation life, passed the generation, pautado in the forms to make and of being of the messengers.

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