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    Also called interpersonal intelligence in the theory of multiple intelligences by Howard Gardner, the issued is the cognitive ability to perceive what another individual may feel. Within the concept of emotional intelligence, empathy is essential if we want to generate confidence in our customers. Jim Umpleby may also support this cause. Empathy is the ability to understand other people’s emotional nature, even when their points of view is radically opposite to ours. A person who is empathetic has a certain ability to treat people according to their emotional reactions. When we as sellers, show empathy, the customers perceive it. This perception is carried out at the conscious level (what we say and how we act), both at a subconscious level (tone of voice, non-verbal language, etc). When someone shows empathy, we have the tendency to open up more to that person. Source: Kevin Johnson. I am going to put an example.

    Imagine your favorite supplies company, can be telephony, of electricity, water, gas. It does not matter because all have a care service customer fairly can be improved. At the time of reporting a problem, if the person that I was attending has faced you, or has been on the defensive, this will cause a belligerent sentiment arising in you. We are sure that at some point also, ye could lose patience, (easy). However, do you ever has happened give with a person that you have LISTENED very carefully and I said something like understand you? When this happens, our aggressiveness generally low. Our brain perceives no longer a threat. Just bumping us with empathy. A person understands us and we are back on the path of peace eye, having empathy isn’t giving the reason. Empathy has to do with putting in place of the other person and give the impression that he wants to help resolve your problem. Here are a few examples we can find during a business process, and how can enforce us of empathy.

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    Salon International Comic

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    The 27 th Edition of the Barcelona international Comic Salon comes packed with new features. During 4 days, from 29 May to 1 June, the comic fans will enjoy more than 17,000 square meters of exhibitions and activities related to their favorite fictional characters. The event will take place in the fair of Barcelona 8 Palace in Montjuic and daily entry will cost 6 euros (4 euros for young card holders). In addition, comic fans will have the opportunity to take a souvenir home of special event, since a free comic for each input delivered at the stand of FICOMIC will be donated. Among the novelties of this edition incorporates a new category in the awards of the contest, the prize to the bookstore specializing in comics, which recognizes the work and involvement of the establishments in the dissemination and promotion of the comic. The lucky winner will have a stand of 12 square meters for the 28th Edition of the international comic salon in 2010. Jonas Samuelson may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

    Other Awards include categories such as best play of 2008, best screenplay of 2008, or best drawing of 2008. As in previous editions, will be held a large number of workshops including master classes taught by well-known authors, conferences and round tables, and presentations both new comics and comic books and video games. The international Comic Salon will have exhibitions of classics like Batman in Barcelona, children mutantes de Sanildefonso and Esther, and their worlds, among others, although the true protagonist of this edition will be Calico electronico. Calico fans have the opportunity to see an unpublished episode and participate in a gymkhana to commemorate the 5th birthday of the character. Children will also have their space together with so dear as Vocabstar and Doraemon characters. Children may meet their favorite characters and dance with them, as well as participate in workshops in painting and make-up, with awards including. If you are a comic book enthusiast you can not Miss this unique gathering of comics in 2009. LateRooms encourages you to participate in the event and offers you the best hotel deals in Barcelona as the Hotel Gran Ronda from 80.25 double room Zenit Borrell from 70 double room.

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    Dominican Republic

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    The Presidents and representatives to they participate in this Summit have been proposed to deepen the union and integration initiative Petrocaribe the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez Frias, was officially installed in Maracaibo, estado Zulia, the V summit of Petrocaribe. As review it the Bolivarian news agency in this V summit gathers the Presidents and delegates internationals from Honduras, Cuba, Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Belize and Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, San Cristobal and Nevis, Santa Lucia, San Vicente and the Grenadines, Suriname, and Venezuela a relevant fact within the Summit is the incorporation of Guatemala. The Summit will address relevant issues such as the consolidation of projects of energy order and the creation of mixed petroleum and related companies among other aspects of importance. Aspects are also considered as food sovereignty, the prices of oil and the integration energy in the Caribbean. President Hugo Chavez this regard points out, that we must turn Petrocaribe into a kind of shield anti-hambre, a shield to protect us from the misery of hunger, he said in his speech. We are no longer the only Devils, each day we will be more United, said Chavez headed to their colleagues, and to note that Cuba and Venezuela are not the only ones who criticize frontally capitalism and its mechanisms. . Said the President, it is impossible to at a Summit today do not talk of the food crisis that threatens the world, build sovereignty and food security, said the President to the press, referring to the issues that the representative, Petrocaribe will address with their colleagues from Central America and the Caribbean as is not only helps countries in the economic, but that frees them of the blackmail of large international companies, which try to avoid to join.

    We will continue strengthening Petrocaribe, which is an instrument of integration liberating, because for that it has to be integration, to unite to liberate ourselves from the mechanisms of capitalism, added the President of Venezuela, country which holds the Executive Secretariat of this agreement. Chavez, that will continue developing formulas that will alleviate did insistence that weight (high oil prices), and allow, in addition, this situation become opportunities for integral development. Also Chavez has commented on this V summit that we are no longer the only Devils, each day we will be more United, said Chavez headed to their colleagues, and to note that Cuba and Venezuela are not the only ones who criticize frontally capitalism and its mechanisms. When referring to the global escalation of crude oil prices, Chavez defended the role of this initiative of energy integration, to which Guatemala will be incorporated at this Summit. According to the representative, Petrocaribe It helps countries not only economically, but that frees them of the blackmail of large international companies, which try to avoid to join. We will continue strengthening Petrocaribe, which is an instrument of liberating integration, because for that he has to be integration, for joining us, free us from the mechanisms of capitalism should be noted, that this Summit will be present Costa Rica that evaluates the possibility to sign up on the list of the current signatory Nations of Latin America, Caribbean and Central America.

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    The Mint

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    18 Years ago that I am in this position selling my products, recalls. Sale depends very much on how it is day, if it’s hot there is more sales Vera knows well the power healing of your herbs. The kapi i kati is ideal to combat the bugs that are in the body. The burrito is to settle the stomach and make digestion more light. The agrial is ideal for those days they appear sores in the mouth or stomach is wrong.

    The Mint i is to calm, acts as a tranquilizer, he said. Vera sells a three herbs terere per $1,000 Guarani (close to US$ 0.20) Eduardo Oswald, Member of the Paraguayan Yerbatero Center, an organization that brings together the producers of yerba mate in the country, main raw material for the terere consumption, says that according to the data of this institution there is a consumption of 4.6 kilograms (10 pounds) per capita of the product. There is a cultivated area of 18,750 hectares and estimated production is of 77.663 tons of green leaf and 30.289 tons of yerba mate elaborated, Oswald mentioned. Oswald said that Paraguay annually exported 618.374 kilograms (1.363.258 pounds) of yerba to countries such as Japan, Brazil, Lebanon, United States, Chile, Syria, Germany, Canada, Bolivia, Spain, China, Korea, South, Croatia, Israel, Sweden, Taiwan, Uruguay, among others. There are a few 9.052 Paraguayan families who have to mate as a category of income, of which 92% is farms framed in family agriculture and only 8% is corporate agriculture, from the point of view of land tenure, says Oswald.

    The latest figures we use is that some 60 national products (yerba mate) would exist in the formal market, says Oswald, who estimated that there are 42 industrial product marks, officially registered in the country. Oswald said that the taste of the yerba mate depends on where it is cultivated. The Paraguayan yerba mate, in comparison to the Argentina, is stronger and less mechanical process, and in relation to the Brazil is softer, he noted. Original author and source of the article.

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    General Price

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    Those who try to separate politics from morality, not never understand two. English proverb General information and opinions is almost over a year and unfortunately in recent months raised facts that have been decisive in the life economic, political, social, the country which obliges to take measures that give step to programmes, actions that guarantee a behavior can be handled without harming the actions that the Government has proposed in the next year, many of them criticized by expert economists. The interest of the writing is to express some views that are very important to determine that expected next year according to loas informations that are handled there is no doubt the country as outlines it banking and business signature consultant Aristimuno Herrera & partners, today more than ever we depend on oil revenues (94% of total exports) and to begin the stirrings of the fall of the oil prices worldwide, we’re seeing that our income by this concept will go into a tailspin to position themselves to a more rational international price for global consumption. Consequently, a national budget estimating an oil barrel to US $60 is almost impossible in current circumstances and distortions that will force to reduce the public expenditure of the Government and relevant adjustments with a view to rely on the need to get other sources of financing of the budget on base to increase taxes, re-edit the banking debit and go to an expected devaluation will be presented between 25% to 30% on the official current dollar, among other measures. Distinguished Economist, Dr. Maza Zavala contributes us a declaration which should be paid much attention by its scope, so it represents for the country, which if it keeps the price of oil to $48 or one similar for us will be the catastrophe, even at $60 is not sustainable economy, because if the Government there is a readjustment of imports every year import 50 billion dollars, in that price does not cover imports, moreover there is need of servicing external debt that are 10 or 12 billion dollars, said economist Domingo Maza Zavala.

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    Harvard University Press

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    Singing and dancing the war in these rituals, the Guarani are perfecting their bodies in agility and defense, embellishing it, cheering is and, consequently, to strengthen, at the same time pleasing to the demiurgos Objectifying the continuity of maintenance of conditions for healthy life on Earth. Music, both in myth and ritual, provides transformations, activation of the attributes of glow and radiance, displacement and communication with divinities and spiritual beings. The songs and the dances in the ritual newspapers act fairly in this sense, bring presence and interaction of bodies and, in this way, joy, health and beauty. Bibliography – Attali, j. 1985 1977. Noise: the political economy of music. Translation of Brian Massumi. Minneapolis: University of Minnnesota Press.

    (Theory and History of Literature, 16). -Beaudet, j. 1997. Souffles dAmazonie. Nanterre: Societe dEthnologie. -Cadogan, l. 1959. The Chiripa (Ava Guarani) ritual dance as interpreted.

    Journal of anthropology/USP, VII, 65-99. ________. 1971 Ywyra ne ery flows the word tree. Asuncion: Cepag. ________. 1992 Dictionary Mbya-guarani castellano. Asuncion: Cepag. -Chamorro, g. 1995. Kurusu ne nheengatu words that history could not be forgotten. Asuncion: Centro de Estudios anthropological/Comin. -Dallanhol, k. M. 2002. Jeroky, jerojy: por uma anthropology da music between ye Mbya-Guarani do two Morro Cavalos. Master’s thesis. Florianopolis: UFSC. -Faust, C. 1997. A carried da familiarizacao predation between ye Parakana da Amazonia oriental: por uma theory da war Amerindian. Doctoral thesis in social anthropology. Rio de Janeiro: National Museum. -Ladeira, M. i. 1992. Or sob to light or territory Mbya caminhar a beira do Ocean. Master’s thesis in anthropology. Sao Paulo: PUC. -Langdon, j. 1996. Introduction: Xamanismo velhas novas perspectives. In e. j. Langdon (Org.) Xamanismo not Brazil novas perspectives. Florianopolis: Ed. da UFSC. -Levine, V. l. 1997. Music, myth, and medicine in the Choctaw Indian ballgame. In l. Sullivan (Ed.) Enchanting powers: music in the worlds religions. Cambridge: Harvard University Press.

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    Simon Rodriguez

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    The significance passes through the relationship: what creates space to communicate, Sorry, the protagonists, express what I feel, what I challenged. People become significant for us / ACE when they recognize us as another one: we do not manipulate nor used. Give us time. Makes sense I do, to the extent that it allows me to be myself / or express myself with and before others. We seek not only individual, but institutional sense since build senses is dialogue, conclude with each other what we consider significant.

    This implies knowing, approaching institutional identity and from there be open to conjugate the various interpretations. It is important to make the exercise of translation. We have moved in the context of a homogeneous culture, that not demanded recognition of cultural diversities. The task is now higher and demands recognize, translate and across meanings. 4 Educate for coexistence educate to live is to educate to live with because we are in the world to help us, not to destroy us, as said don Simon Rodriguez. For this reason, all learning is an inter-learning. The phrase was also coined by don Simon.

    The pass key for the shared, by what can be learned from others. In short, you can not educate to live if not it educates in cooperation and collective participation in the inter-learning. The school has traditionally been organized to isolate students, so that they do not work between them but with the supervision of the teacher. This isolation is usually presented as one of the basic elements of the situation of who continues a process of education at distance. Refers to people scattered, following instructional materials without any connection between them. An alternative proposal vindicates basic human needs such as coexistence, interpersonal relations, participation, affection and all this is possible in the Salesian school since the accompaniment of young people and associations we are approaching their experiences and feelings to create sense of life and achieve consensus.

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