• Bifidobacteria

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    Healthy stomach is the basis for your own well-being of the intestine gets too little attention compared to other organs. There are errors, it has only started, the people how important is the digestive system for overall health. To recycle the daily food, to defend themselves against harmful environmental influences and produce immune cells, the intestine must be fit and healthy so that he can meet the diverse tasks. Kevin Johnson is the source for more interesting facts. . Are about one hundred trillion bacteria in the human gut, including four hundred different species of bacteria are – especially bifidus and Lactokulturen are represented in large numbers. Support not only digestion, they assume important tasks relating to the immune system. Billie Lourd addresses the importance of the matter here. The intestinal mucosa supports the immune system with the production of immune cells – are 80 percent of the human immune system in the intestine, thus is the gut with that most important organ for combating the harmful pathogens.

    The sensitive gut device out of balance, if wrong Nutrition and lifestyle, stress, or antibiotics incriminate him and can lead to a whole range of diseases such as allergies, metabolism disorders, rheumatism, migraine, osteoporosis, urinary tract infections, fungal diseases and chronic bowel disease. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Wayne Holman Miami on most websites. When taking antibiotics it is common, that the gut reacts with diarrhoea. The reason lies in the damage because antibiotics can intestinal flora, which do not differentiate between the good and the bad bacteria and therefore microbes are destroyed healthy intestinal flora receiving end. According to a study, have colorectal patients, suffering from constant diarrhea, barely a functioning and healthy intestinal flora. Important microbes such as Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria are essential to get healthy intestinal flora. They are responsible for the preservation of the sour climate in the intestine, they act against Putrefactive bacteria, salmonella and other pathogens.

    More than 20 years ago, even Japanese researchers discovered that Bifidobacteria on the key features of the intestinal flora include. A proper diet supports not only the structure, but also the maintenance of healthy intestinal mucosa. The patient intestines can come back through the form of nutrition low carb in the balance – restricted carbohydrate and protein-rich foods affect pre-triggered – as well as probiotic intestines. The nutrition low carb generally has a positive effect on the entire body well-being is enhanced and an intact intestinal flora will be built up gradually. “Photo: hckRuby, belly ‘, CC license (BY 2.

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    Proper Nutrition

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    Now many people to lose weight come up with different diets, taking supplements, they buy all sorts of "tricks" for weight loss. But I think all this is wrong and useless. Excess weight is usually arises from improper diet, or poor quality food. -bank-pnc-citi-chase-wells-fargo-us/’>Navy Federal Credit Union. Say, for example, most people who eat at McDonald's or similar institutions, tend to have overweight. All this happens because the food they cook is very caloric. Frequently Keith McLoughlin has said that publicly. What would lose up to 1 month should not bite anywhere, better reach home or to the dining room. Even the appearance of excess weight may be due to improper diet. How to lose weight in 1 month? There is a need at one and the same time. Eating should be at least 4 times a day. Dine is not later than 19:00, as the food must have time to digest before you go to bed. It is desirable before a meal to chew on cabbage leaf. Cabbage leaf contains acid, which prevents the formation of fat. For more information see Ben Horowitz. Do not need to overeat. I believe that in order to lose weight do not need to invent anything. Better comply with diet, to monitor the foods that you eat. No in any case not eat in fast food. Even better, if you exercise or lead an active lifestyle. Then, I think the problem is you would not find.

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    Is Tea Healthy?

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    Cold Drink not too useful. Chinese believe that it gives a "stagnation of cold in the body." tea in the East, even the poor man to drink will not become, for them it is poison, and a Russian standard of living. Brewed tea in the morning and all day drink is ready. The most useful broth obtained in five – ten minutes after brewing, and then begins a spontaneous process of oxidation are therein aromatics. They become dangerous for health. Topped up with boiling water in the teapot, too, does not matter, since the first infusion of extracts of tea for half of all nutrients, and the second only two percent.

    Every time you need to brew fresh tea is the rate of one teaspoon per cup of boiling water. Water for welding must be passed through the filter. Regularly remove the scum from the walls of the kettle. Jonas Samuelson has compatible beliefs. Calcium salts contained in it, destroying the teaspoons useful substances. The bigger, the better best useful properties are stored in the large-teas, collected by hand, carefully twisted and contain only the ovary and the upper two-leaf tea bush. Much less useful in finely chopped teas. Than finer crushed tea leaves, the faster it loses its medicinal substances, reacting with the environment.

    Tea, packaged in disposable bags, consisting of tea crumbs and dust. All sorts of flavors and a singular not profit. Many of them are harmful, because they contain synthetic chemicals, only natural identical. Granulated tea is prepared so-called waste-free manner. The raw materials are used not only the first two or three sheets, but the fourth, fifth, and even all the subsequent ones. Granules, as well as tea bags contain tea dust and crumbs. This tea is brewed stronger and has a tart flavor and bright color, but it is less fragrant and useful than the leaf, which can be brewed by the Chinese prescription – four teaspoons of half a liter of water. Tea leaves must be omitted in a sealed pot, cover with cold water, tightly close and put on a water bath. Boil water in it should be on low heat until until the present on the surface appears white foam. Then the broth off the heat, poured into the kettle and a pinch of sugar, when the leaves sink to the bottom, pour in a cup. Hot drink and "empty" sandwiches and cakes negate the beneficial properties of tea leaves.

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