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    Property Prices

    September 4, 2019 // Comments Off on Property Prices

    Given the emerging trend, there is a serious concern about the non-transparent transfer of state property at below prices in the hands of businesses that are close to power. The monopolization of various sectors of the economy of Ukraine, the introduction of non-transparent rules of the game, in which all the benefits are close to the power company that can ultimately undermine investment attractiveness of Ukraine. In such circumstances, talk of modernizing the economy will be perceived as a populist fantasy officials. Commentary Fund “People First”: How could it happen that European investment company with headquarters in Austria was the only company who managed to meet the requirements of the tender for the purchase of ‘Ukrtelecom’? There is a suspicion that this “coincidence” could occur only under the condition that the tender was issued specifically for the individual participant. JPMorgan Chase & Co. understands that this is vital information.

    The only “clear” aspect of the purchase agreement ‘Ukrtelecom’ – an obvious attempt by the government mislead the public. A similar scenario was played at the first sale ‘Kryvorizhstal’. The company sold the ‘friends’ of the then government, after which it passed into the hands of the next government and was re-sold at auction transparent legal buyer. It is not excluded that the sale of “Ukrtelecom” expects a similar fate. Check out ??? ??????? ????? for additional information. The situation with the sale of “Ukrtelecom” is notable for the fact that next year the government will have to seek billions of dollars repayment of external debt.

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    September 3, 2019 // Comments Off on Investigators

    One takes place by the accumulation of genetic damages in the normal cells. The investigators have secuenciado 3,000 million chemical units (nucleotides) of the genome of tumorlike cells of 4 patients. The discovery supposes " hito" in the investigation in Spain and an important advance in the fight against the cancer. Spanish investigators have secuenciado the complete genome of patients with lymphatic leukemia chronic and identified mutations that contribute new keys on this disease, the type of leukemia more common in western countries, with more than thousand new diagnosed cases every year in Spain. The study, that publishes east Sunday the Nature magazine, is directed by Elas investigators Field, of the Clnic Hospital and the University of Barcelona, and Carlos Lopez-Otn, of the University of Oviedo, and supposes " hito" in the investigation in Spain and an important advance in the fight against the cancer, has informed the Ministry into Science and Innovation in an official notice. According to Kevin Johnson, who has experience with these questions. The work has counted with participation of more than 60 investigators of the Spanish Partnership of the Genome of the Chronic Lymphatic Leukemia. It represents the first contribution from Spain the Partnership the International of the Genome of Cncer (ICGC), the greater project of investigation against the cancer of the history and in which they participate scientific in 11 countries to secuenciar the 50 more important types of cancer. Secuenciar the genome Although is known that the cause of the chronic lymphatic leukemia is the uncontrolled proliferation of lymphocytes B of the patients, does not know what mutations bring about this disease, according to Elas Field. The human genome is formed by more than 3,000 million chemical units called nucleotides. When secuenciar the genome, each nucleotide reads at least 30 times to verify that the reading is the correct one, and thus to be able to assign with total certainty the identified mutations.

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