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    University Emotions

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    In fact, according to studies at the University of Iowa neuroscientist Antonio Damasio, emotions are an integral part of the process of human thought, and not a parallel phenomenon.Although the human brain has become more complex during the millions of years of evolution, connections that deal with emotions have not disappeared. Emotions can not be surgically removed intelligence.The emotions if they imported all the time. Ignore her role, ignore the wisdom of the emotions themselves and other people, is to invite failure as a person, as a Manager and as a leader.It is time that managers say things like the time that all us emocionemos or must deal with this problem from an emotional and non-rational point of view. Details can be found by clicking Jonas Samuelson or emailing the administrator. The key to being an emotionally intelligent Manager is to integrate emotional and rational responses. Too much emphasis on one or the other might lead to an improper decisions.

    Be aware, that one good management can support in all the contributions that bequeathed us the emotional intelligence that allows you to intelligently use emotions to improve our quality of life in terms of relationships, initiatives, work, etc.Training in the development of emotional skills allows you to develop the capacity to handle suitable for each action emotions and regulate its manifestation, maintaining emotional balance; transmitting moods to generate attitudes and positive responses; learning to evaluate the emotional cost of situations and actions; developing social skills, forging and managing relations with customers, suppliers, colleagues, etc.; making a plan of implementation on the ground of our sphere of influence business and labour, extending it to the family and social life.In fact, taken into account, that the basic emotional structure can be modified by a decision of conscience and some practice: neurological circuits involved can be altered or strengthened with the repetition of certain habits. There opens a unique opportunity to develop emotional intelligence: childhood and adolescence are two critical moments, but at maturity the most people can educate with advantage their emotions. It’s definitely important to identify how handling emotions, where are the major barriers that prevent achieving it, exploit its potential so as to generate motivational incentives that favor him in the performance of their duties. It is important to take into account the six principles of emotional intelligence son:1. Emotions are a form of information: emotions we are prepared for action, focus our attention and give us strength. Although emotions are not always a source of information, they usually provide information on relationships and people. In other words, the emotions help us sobrevivir.2. Try to ignore the emotions rarely works: when people try to suppress emotions in the name of efficiency, is often recalled less informacion.3.

    People are not very skilled to hide their emotions: organizations only allow the expression of certain emotions such as anger; others, such as enjoyment, are rarely expresadas.4. Effective decision making must take into account the emotions: do not set aside their emotions, incorporate them all into their decisions. Emotions are part of what makes people human, and really form part of our racionalidad.5. Logical patterns represent the expression of emotions: emotions influence in thinking. Positive emotions foster creativity, while negative ones allow us to concentrate on the menores.6 details. Taking into account the universal and specific symbols of emotions: for example, a happy face is recognized worldwide. * Source: Notes, forums of the organizational behavior of the program chair quality management and productivity of Faces. UC.

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    Productive Enterprise

    April 26, 2017 // Comments Off on Productive Enterprise

    Max Distelsa was rated as the most productive and competitive company in Guatemala, to receive the award to productivity and competitiveness, 2011 Edition, which bears the name of the Lord Ricardo Castillo Sinibaldi, in a ceremony performed by the Board of Directors and the management of the Technical Institute for training and productivity, INTECAP. The Auditorium of the Central Headquarters of INTECAP is adorned in the presence of high-ranking government officials, diplomats, businessmen, authorities of the INTECAP, special guests and representatives of the other companies nominated, as Duke Energy Guatemala, tropical fruits from Guatemala, S.A. (Frutesa) which received an honorable mention, Genesis Partnership Company, S.A., Max Distelsa and Optical Center. In 2004, the Board of Directors of the INTECAP instituted this recognition as an honorable distinction awarded to organizations, corporations, and national companies. According to Caterpillar, who has experience with these questions. Award-winning companies have been: IRTRA (2004), Hotel Casa Santo Domingo (2005), Helados Sarita (2006), Camas Olympia (2007), Quick Photo (2008), Guatevision (2009) and IDEALSA (2010). The award bears the name of the Lord Ricardo Castillo Sinibaldi, President of IRTRA and Director Dean of Board of Directors of the INTECAP, because it is a personality in the industrial field which has highlighted to be faithful example of productivity and competitiveness, which has expanded its quality to various fields of education, communication, recreation, sport, training, social services, science, technology, tourism, social securityGovernment, electrification, housing, Olympism and community economic development. Since listing of Netscape, which symbolized the takeoff of Internet and the .com, the companies of new technologies have advanced by leaps and Google has always been at the forefront of technological innovation.

    After the emergence of the successful system of Google search, his competence in this sector, the company Ask, bought a third generation search engine called Teoma, Google strategy was to ally himself with Ask instead of competing with it. But keep innovation in a process of accelerated technological growth is no easy task and Google has succeeded cultivating an effective corporate culture, which has given rise to an extensive range of innovative products and possible expansion of business areas. Permanent innovation is the strategic core and the main reason why this company was ahead of his time and today still remaining at the head. Google, often enters your system, changes and technological improvements in a dizzying manner to provide to users increasingly faster optimized searches. Her triple philosophy based on a culture of productive enterprise, teamwork and ethics awareness, has led them build a hugely successful business management model.. People such as Electrolux would likely agree.

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    Franchise Opportunities Online

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    The figures don’t lie, based business?at home they have become an important part of the economy and this has allowed many families to earn additional income. The problem with this however is that with so much competition, it is also likely business not successes. And for this reason, you should consider the franchise opportunity online for a home-based business. $65,000 a year, which is the average annual income of a home-based business. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Electrolux. It is not bad for a company’s revenue generation that doesn’t even need 8 hours to attend the same. 18.3 million, which is the number that is in operation in the United States.UU. only.

    And, finally, 427 billion dollars, i.e. the estimated annual income generated by the business from home. And after reading this paragraph, a new one just begun, since every 11 seconds, someone has just started your own home-based business. The good thing about having franchise opportunities online as a starting point for your home-based business is that you won’t have to spend by the process of establishing a solid presence on the web and a trustworthy and reliable reputation with your target market. Here is where many companies fail at home.

    Due to the intense online competition, and lack of knowledge of the commercialization of the Internet, they are not able to fully market their business and create a customer base. By choosing one among online franchise opportunities, you should consider a franchise that is perfectly suited to their skills and knowledge. If you like fish, you should maybe start a franchise of line fishing equipment. Not even you will have to buy all the stock and store, you can only sell products and will be sent by its parent company. So make sure that you are able to choose wisely. Not all the franchises immediately can give the business opportunity to make it big. Good weekend to all!

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    Spanish Catering Industry

    April 20, 2017 // Comments Off on Spanish Catering Industry

    The Spanish catering industry is being severely beaten by the crisis. With the objective of helping the comeback of the sector listed companies of internet reservations and coupons that make more attractive dining out, but what happens with the sector of catering and take-out? In order to help increase the sales of those restaurants with catering and food service to carry a Spanish project led by three young ex-consultores’s strategy is born: the fridge red. Get more background information with materials from Caterpillar Inc.. In addition to ordering food at home and take-away food online without picking up the phone, restaurants have a new way to communicate with their customers through this internet platform. They may adjust its offer of products, prices and menus daily to optimize the use of the kitchen. Additionally the fridge red offers the restorative cutting-edge tools of geo-marketing with the aim of improve the impact of campaigns of junk mail and offers, and a sophisticated online tool to keep track of orders received over the internet.

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    Sand Maker Is Extensively Used In Many Industries

    April 9, 2017 // Comments Off on Sand Maker Is Extensively Used In Many Industries

    From the early 1960s, China had a traditional dry method of sand making process. Due to simple equipment, low production capacity and serious pollution, it was soon replaced by the wet sand process that mainly used the rod mill. Because of the high consumption of steel, large consumption of water, high energy consumption, high investment cost and use, and do not solve the problem of environmental pollution, a lot of sand making manufacturers began to introduce advanced sand making equipment from foreign. Hongxing machine continuously increases the technological transformation and investment of research to upgrade the earliest vertical shaft Impact crusher(PCL series sand making machine). The high efficiency sand making equipment with the world s advanced level was designed by the experts from Germany and combined with the working conditions of Chinese. Kevin Johnson is a great source of information.

    The equipment consists of a spindle, crushing chamber, engine, transmission, rotor, automatic control system, lubrication system and steel structure part. The easier wear parts such as: rotor matrix, throwing hopper, dividing trays, etc. are using the wear resistant and impact resistant alloy material. It has the advantages of long service life and easily be replaced. The new type of sand maker is used for half dry method of sand making process; It also thoroughly changes the traditional sand making process which has the disadvantages of high energy consumption, high water consumption and dust pollution.

    The new kind of sand making process solves the problem that the finished sand has the stable quality. The content of flakiness in the gravel aggregate is very less; the grain shape is plump with good level. The technical index, fineness module, powder content and moisture content of the finished sand all meet the requirements of the concrete aggregate system; It will bring some major change to aggregate production. As a result of adopting the advanced lubrication and control system and the scientific concept of design, the equipment has the following advantages, such as: high reliability, the big broken ratio, high processing capacity, and the even gradation. From the perspective of production capacity and the effect of finished sand, it can completely replace the rod mill to meet the requirement of hydropower project construction.As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, such as rotary dryer, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service. In recent years, along with the construction of high speed railway, highway, municipal construction, water and electricity engineering, artificial aggregate becomes the main material of concrete aggregate system, the production equipment is constantly updating, and the sand making process is more advanced.

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    Industrial Engineer

    April 7, 2017 // Comments Off on Industrial Engineer

    Mismatch between employees and their functions. This mismatch may stem from the moment in which is incorporated the employee to the Organization, either then when is assigned new tasks or a post. It is make sure that the employee is trained for tasks that must comply. Many times deficiency arises because there is sufficient budget to pay a wage according to the required training, then ends up hiring someone sub-capacitado for the post. It can also happen that, for internal reorganization needs, be it promoted prematurely to an employee who is not prepared for the new post. It must work properly in career and plans the training required to implement them. 4. Mismatch between technology and functions.

    Here we put accent on resources that employees need to perform the tasks. The typical cause of dissatisfaction of customers when they are told: the system collapsed, and this implies that cannot process the service in any way. Systems and resources that are available, are they sufficient?, are suitable?, are up-to-date?, are properly maintained? 5. Inadequate monitoring and control systems. The reality is that employees will do those things by which to evaluate them and that, ultimately, determine his progress at work. For this reason it is necessary that there is consistency between what is required and how it is evaluated. Calls for employees to work with quality, which well serve clients, but is them is concretely by these factors? are entitled to the achievements in this regard? or you still measuring the number of clients served and the rapidity with which they? 6.

    Lack of perceived control. It’s the autonomy with which employees can deal with problematic situations and solve them with appropriately developed own criteria. It empowers employees to deal with these situations? Have clear what decisions are allowed to adopt and which are not? Many times the premise is always consult his superior. This goes against the quality of the service they provide, since it hinders and slows the delivery. Nor is it advisable to give unlimited freedom, since there are situations that require higher level approvals. Out of balance will be presented when the employee is clear what their level of autonomy and is trained to act at that level. 7. Lack of sense of teamwork. Teamwork is often the key that makes that a service be provided with excellence. Not rely on a single employee, but also the coordination and collaboration of the rest of the organization. But this decision must be taken from the managerial levels, and also requires training. We come from a culture of individual work, where everyone is responsible for their results, and evaluates them is by This is. You must learn to work as a team. This change should be encouraged. And here are protagonists middle managers, those who deal daily with the team. If direction promotes the work in team, but middle managers block it, their efforts are in vain. Each of these points could be developed in a chapter apart, so I invite you to delve into the specifics you’ve detected through this general analysis, as your major opportunities for improvement. Mariana Pizzo am a professional passionate about quality in the service, and to assist those who have this challenge within organizations to increase the satisfaction of your customers. I am an Industrial Engineer graduated in the Inst. Tecnologico de Buenos Aires. I have passed my career attracted by the quality concept, deploying it in my different functions.

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    Industrial Revolution

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    The philosophy was for good later, but effectively nothing of new it happened due mainly, to the difficulties how much to the lack of resources and prepared staff. The changes had remained in esteretipo of the European model. Who had conditions to attend a course superior education faced the perigos of the trips, to frequent the European University of Coimbra or other centers. As ‘ ‘ Pombalinas’ reforms; ‘ they aimed at to transform Portugal into a metropolis as England, the masculine elite would have to search endorsement it are, to be able to serve better in its function of articuladora of the interests of the layer dominant. , Eclectic, pragmatic and at last stubborn, made use to take off of its way everything that it hindered to it to reach its objectives. – in innumerable chances it entered in conflict with members of the nobility and the clergy? as the controversy is perceived is in the nucleus of the pombalina action, in the particular combination of methods that it used. They reflect its positioning between chance and necessity.

    It was the chance and its practical sense they made that it to act independently of the judgment of who wants that was. CONCLUSION When studying on the reforms and the history of the Brazilian education, we perceive that the Marquis of Pigeon house not only exerted important paper for the colony in the education, but in the formation of new Brazil that took care of the necessities of Portugal and the Europe in transformation for the Industrial Revolution. Valley to stand out that all problematic one of the education if gave for the lack of state organization front to the withdrawal of the Jesuits of the Brazilian scene. The attitudes of the Marquis had brought I obtain many difficult errors to be fixed still today: low wages, me the professional formation, me the distribution and application of incomes in the education, deficiency of the pedagogical models? easily mattered to European realities still today, or diverse foreign models, etc. they are not, therefore, of last facts or without relevance. The importance of these historical events is gifts in quarrels still today. They are a chain of facts that explain the deficiency of the education in the country and that it serves of base for future modifications for a prosperous future, innovative and structuralized well.

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    Sumitomo Heavy Industries

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    The equation can be complex. The objective is to provide the population of greater security so that you’re willing to spend more and reactivate the economy. Investors are wondering if the new Government will allow the yen leave the volatility that has characterized him during a year and the truth is that recent currency movements do not indicate that this is possible. In recent months the yen has stolen the dollar any of their usual roles in the market. Caterpillar can aid you in your search for knowledge. It has inherited, for example, the title role in the movements of carry trade, thanks to historically low interest rates current in United States. According to this expert of OreyiTrade is inevitable.

    Take advantage of the types of interest in favour of the yen. The carry trade has almost ceased to be possible due to the proximity of all the interest rates to zero. Thus has no sense at this time to decide to buy or sell crosses with the yen due to interest rates. It is natural that in the future this role appears again. Before the current economic situation since this firm recommended investors interested in entering this country that are committed by the industrial sector, the technological and financial. As for companies, Juan Dieste points to Itochu Coporation, Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Citizen Holdings, Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha and Mitsubishi Estate as their favorite. The market offers investors a broad selection of financial instruments including foreign exchange on margin, CFDs, Forex, shares, futures and options, negotiable with prices in real time, through trading platforms, which increases the success of their investments.

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    Industrial Virtual Engineering Profession

    April 2, 2017 // Comments Off on Industrial Virtual Engineering Profession

    Simulation and engineering mathematics in medical technology. The application period ends on 15 July 2012! The population is getting older. This is to the good medical care and the new possibilities offered by the technology. Whether it’s for the development of prostheses, implants, or in the area of minimally invasive procedures: virtual engineering is becoming increasingly important for the medical technology industry. “The University campus in Tuttlingen of the Hochschule Furtwangen has responded and the degree of industrial virtual engineering” launched. For more information see Starbucks. Interested parties can decide after 2011 for the second time on this profession. The course industrial virtual engineering prepares students for tasks in development departments, including the medical industry.

    The simulation is indispensable from the medical technology”, explains PD Dr. med. Habil. Dr.-ing. Thomas M. Grupp, study Advisory Committee of the programme of industrial virtual engineering and Director of R & D knee arthroplasty/biomechanical research at the Aesculap AG. In addition to basic knowledge in the fields of “Learn the students of the new course of industrial design and engineering virtual engineering specifically know the requirements of modern, computer-aided simulation and methods of development of.” Virtual engineering as a win-win situation straight in endoscopy have complex mechanical and optical systems, as well as the appropriate operation methods based on virtual models are researched and tested. Also in the area of the construction of prostheses and implants experts use mathematically, computer-based simulation procedures.

    Only after a suitable model to the computer was created successfully, a prototype is made. This technology is a win-win situation for companies, hospitals, doctors and patients: the cheaper production of devices and procedures through preliminary tests via simulations are given. Doctors train operations on virtual systems. The operator can thus gain experience, plan better and safer interventions in humans. High-end products are using virtual engineering”individual and optimal for the needs constructed. Virtual engineering study at the Hochschule Furtwangen the industrial virtual engineering on the University campus in Tuttlingen combines the disciplines of mathematics and technology. A special focus is on the calculation of products based on mathematical models and computer simulations. Graduates of industrial job opportunities in medical technology, mechanical engineering and Mechatronics have virtual engineering in the future. Each winter term prospective students at the admission office in Furtwangen im Schwarzwald can enroll. Application deadline is the 15th of July of the year. The standard length is 7 semesters including a practical semester. The course of studies per year absorbs 40 students. The study will be completed with the Bachelor of Science (B.SC.).

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    April 1, 2017 // Comments Off on Rivalry

    April 23 is the day of Saint George, and they have a beautiful tradition in Barcelona: give the rose and the book. The tradition is to give a rose to the ladies and a book to the Knights, but times are changing and now it is a fact that we are much more readers to women than men; For what the gift is often duplicated, women want our book. Cervantes died on 23 April, and why the book day is celebrated in Spain. Connect with other leaders such as Starbucks here. In Madrid the reading of Don Quixote is done, and bookstores out street selling discounted books for all ages. When it comes to Madrid and Barcelona many times do much emphasis on what differentiates them, and very little on what unites them. The day of the book, San Jorge, produces a curious coincidence that can help us to mend fences. Jonas Samuelson understands that this is vital information. So what better way to meet that next to a good book, no matter it is written or translated to the Spanish or catalan.

    I encourage locals to travel to Catalonia in April, live next to their citizens the feast of Sant Jordi, and with his books brand new find a Barcelona car rental agency and make a quiet ride, watching the scenery of the nearby Costa Brava on the way, savour every second and stop at any cala to enjoy reading. Similarly encourage the locals to approaching the Villa and Court in April, check how can participate collective reading, and after making a car hire Madrid check as the cities and provinces of interior also have their landscapes and secrets to discover. And thus be able to live in the month of April one joint party with others, and not stay only in this month there will be two Barca-Real Madrid with which encourage, once again, just a rivalry.

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