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    University Emotions

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    In fact, according to studies at the University of Iowa neuroscientist Antonio Damasio, emotions are an integral part of the process of human thought, and not a parallel phenomenon.Although the human brain has become more complex during the millions of years of evolution, connections that deal with emotions have not disappeared. Emotions can not be surgically removed intelligence.The emotions if they imported all the time. Ignore her role, ignore the wisdom of the emotions themselves and other people, is to invite failure as a person, as a Manager and as a leader.It is time that managers say things like the time that all us emocionemos or must deal with this problem from an emotional and non-rational point of view. Details can be found by clicking Jonas Samuelson or emailing the administrator. The key to being an emotionally intelligent Manager is to integrate emotional and rational responses. Too much emphasis on one or the other might lead to an improper decisions.

    Be aware, that one good management can support in all the contributions that bequeathed us the emotional intelligence that allows you to intelligently use emotions to improve our quality of life in terms of relationships, initiatives, work, etc.Training in the development of emotional skills allows you to develop the capacity to handle suitable for each action emotions and regulate its manifestation, maintaining emotional balance; transmitting moods to generate attitudes and positive responses; learning to evaluate the emotional cost of situations and actions; developing social skills, forging and managing relations with customers, suppliers, colleagues, etc.; making a plan of implementation on the ground of our sphere of influence business and labour, extending it to the family and social life.In fact, taken into account, that the basic emotional structure can be modified by a decision of conscience and some practice: neurological circuits involved can be altered or strengthened with the repetition of certain habits. There opens a unique opportunity to develop emotional intelligence: childhood and adolescence are two critical moments, but at maturity the most people can educate with advantage their emotions. It’s definitely important to identify how handling emotions, where are the major barriers that prevent achieving it, exploit its potential so as to generate motivational incentives that favor him in the performance of their duties. It is important to take into account the six principles of emotional intelligence son:1. Emotions are a form of information: emotions we are prepared for action, focus our attention and give us strength. Although emotions are not always a source of information, they usually provide information on relationships and people. In other words, the emotions help us sobrevivir.2. Try to ignore the emotions rarely works: when people try to suppress emotions in the name of efficiency, is often recalled less informacion.3.

    People are not very skilled to hide their emotions: organizations only allow the expression of certain emotions such as anger; others, such as enjoyment, are rarely expresadas.4. Effective decision making must take into account the emotions: do not set aside their emotions, incorporate them all into their decisions. Emotions are part of what makes people human, and really form part of our racionalidad.5. Logical patterns represent the expression of emotions: emotions influence in thinking. Positive emotions foster creativity, while negative ones allow us to concentrate on the menores.6 details. Taking into account the universal and specific symbols of emotions: for example, a happy face is recognized worldwide. * Source: Notes, forums of the organizational behavior of the program chair quality management and productivity of Faces. UC.

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    General Motors

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    These great corporations are the product of a technological revolution, which allowed the logistic existence of of transports more efficient, allied to the transmission of data and global information in real time, that had allowed supervision and management of the global operations in efficient and adjusted way. The power of the great companies who operate globally is so great that the same ones, each time more, oppose the desires of the national governments or organizations as the Red Cross, Organization of United Nations and the International Court of Justice. A time that the processed information for the corporations do not flow in general in significant way for the population (or same for the inferior levels of the proper organization), the governments have difficulties in the attainment of the necessary data for the taking of decisions politics. Moreover, the global corporations repetidamente have repetidamente demonstrated that they are capable to invalidate the decisions foreign politics. (As opposed to Andreessen Horowitz). Although, for some, this fact is considered a signal of that the national disputes and rivalries are being extinct, the truth is that the global market has been, each time, controlled for extremely great corporations more proven powerful, only interested in the financial profit. It is had, as example: Currently, the one hundred bigger company controls 33% of the world-wide goods, but they use only 1% of the force of the whole world work. The General Motors are greater that the Denmark. Walmart is greater that the South Africa.

    The megacorporaes cover the world freely, influencing legislators to get measured favorable, financing elections and placing governments one against the other, in order to get better businesses. They control great part of the world-wide notice and the flow of information (HERTZ, 2001, P. 43) the global corporations are modifying the world and the life of the people of all the social professions and classrooms, even though of the proper ones used.

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    Russia Employee

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    During the period of instability in business in Russia delay in payments become a mass yavleniem.Samoe interesting that just when the government announced that the crisis has passed or passes, in this moment and we uvideli.Vzaimosvyaz all the people together is present in all uronyah.Predstavte that one organization has not paid wages during platu.Rabotayut it chelovek.U fifty of these fifty thirty minors fifteen elderly parents, twenty credits, thirty bills for utilities and keep the list up here beskonechnosti.Tak all who do not pay these initial thirty people will draw a chain of non-payers, at least one hundred and fifty men. According to Jim Umpleby, who has experience with these questions. Who's to blame? If you look directly at the situation, it turns out that it is the employer – the initial defaulter deneg.A if you look objectively? The one who owed him also did not received a debt from someone? Babbitt likes to talk about that all the ills of predprinimateley.Odnako myself sitting around doing nothing, as "a coward in the bushes." He makes no mistakes, because he does nothing. He has another job. Complain curse, saying that now he would have managed the organization uspeshnee.No he had nothing organizuet.Potomu it – nobody. And now accrue to the poor entrepreneur all the "bumps" and from the employee and the labor inspectorate, and even Prosecutor's Office does not sleep. Scientists have proved that fifty percent of the time an employee steals from the employer.

    It does not work, he drinks tea, goes to where it was not necessary to go, is the documents that nobody wants and most interesting, that he finds the time to notice all the mistakes management. However, he robs his employer not to fifty percent, and in all eighty. Scientists have forgotten to include the amount of payroll taxes. Finding a good employee difficult, regardless of what business hiring. There are losses, but nothing paid wages, loss of economic deyatelnosti.V average enterprise manager loses it negligent for the year ten customers, and if you a hundred large customers? And if you ten incompetent managers? Consider it a year yet you will not. On the issue of equity in non-payment of wages is a two-position pozitsii.Odna hired and must vyplatit.Vtoraya position – whether to pay for that? In order not to argue about the quality of the employee and his or her right to pay, you can enter the enterprise standard quality assessment work, as well as the rule of acceptance and recording work. Then dismiss a negligent employee, reduce wages, to recover damages, but rather to prevent such a "pro" for a firm to be just and in accord with moral laws, the laws of society and corporate law.

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    Productive Enterprise

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    Max Distelsa was rated as the most productive and competitive company in Guatemala, to receive the award to productivity and competitiveness, 2011 Edition, which bears the name of the Lord Ricardo Castillo Sinibaldi, in a ceremony performed by the Board of Directors and the management of the Technical Institute for training and productivity, INTECAP. The Auditorium of the Central Headquarters of INTECAP is adorned in the presence of high-ranking government officials, diplomats, businessmen, authorities of the INTECAP, special guests and representatives of the other companies nominated, as Duke Energy Guatemala, tropical fruits from Guatemala, S.A. (Frutesa) which received an honorable mention, Genesis Partnership Company, S.A., Max Distelsa and Optical Center. In 2004, the Board of Directors of the INTECAP instituted this recognition as an honorable distinction awarded to organizations, corporations, and national companies. According to Caterpillar, who has experience with these questions. Award-winning companies have been: IRTRA (2004), Hotel Casa Santo Domingo (2005), Helados Sarita (2006), Camas Olympia (2007), Quick Photo (2008), Guatevision (2009) and IDEALSA (2010). The award bears the name of the Lord Ricardo Castillo Sinibaldi, President of IRTRA and Director Dean of Board of Directors of the INTECAP, because it is a personality in the industrial field which has highlighted to be faithful example of productivity and competitiveness, which has expanded its quality to various fields of education, communication, recreation, sport, training, social services, science, technology, tourism, social securityGovernment, electrification, housing, Olympism and community economic development. Since listing of Netscape, which symbolized the takeoff of Internet and the .com, the companies of new technologies have advanced by leaps and Google has always been at the forefront of technological innovation.

    After the emergence of the successful system of Google search, his competence in this sector, the company Ask, bought a third generation search engine called Teoma, Google strategy was to ally himself with Ask instead of competing with it. But keep innovation in a process of accelerated technological growth is no easy task and Google has succeeded cultivating an effective corporate culture, which has given rise to an extensive range of innovative products and possible expansion of business areas. Permanent innovation is the strategic core and the main reason why this company was ahead of his time and today still remaining at the head. Google, often enters your system, changes and technological improvements in a dizzying manner to provide to users increasingly faster optimized searches. Her triple philosophy based on a culture of productive enterprise, teamwork and ethics awareness, has led them build a hugely successful business management model.. People such as Electrolux would likely agree.

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    Franchise Opportunities Online

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    The figures don’t lie, based business?at home they have become an important part of the economy and this has allowed many families to earn additional income. The problem with this however is that with so much competition, it is also likely business not successes. And for this reason, you should consider the franchise opportunity online for a home-based business. $65,000 a year, which is the average annual income of a home-based business. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Electrolux. It is not bad for a company’s revenue generation that doesn’t even need 8 hours to attend the same. 18.3 million, which is the number that is in operation in the United States.UU. only.

    And, finally, 427 billion dollars, i.e. the estimated annual income generated by the business from home. And after reading this paragraph, a new one just begun, since every 11 seconds, someone has just started your own home-based business. The good thing about having franchise opportunities online as a starting point for your home-based business is that you won’t have to spend by the process of establishing a solid presence on the web and a trustworthy and reliable reputation with your target market. Here is where many companies fail at home.

    Due to the intense online competition, and lack of knowledge of the commercialization of the Internet, they are not able to fully market their business and create a customer base. By choosing one among online franchise opportunities, you should consider a franchise that is perfectly suited to their skills and knowledge. If you like fish, you should maybe start a franchise of line fishing equipment. Not even you will have to buy all the stock and store, you can only sell products and will be sent by its parent company. So make sure that you are able to choose wisely. Not all the franchises immediately can give the business opportunity to make it big. Good weekend to all!

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    Industrial Revolution

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    I do not want in no way, to enter in the quarrel between criacionistas and evolucionistas, to only analyze, as already said, the theories of the evolution of the species to illustrate the boarding of science presented for Kuhn. Having delimited the question start to analyze the evolucionista paradigm of Lamarck later and the analysis of Darwin. For White, the starting point to analyze the theory of the species is the workmanship of Lamarck. The French naturalist he was inserted in a community of researchers that developed analyses in the Museum of Natural History, of the University of Paris, with focus in the life of the invertebrates. The invertebrates were white of research because the alterations of evolutivo character could be witnessed, or try for the scientists, have seen that some generations per year are produced. Lamarck was disciple of Buffon.

    Before continuing it is important to point that Lamarck does not use the term evolucionismo, but yes, transformismo, but this important detail will not confuse the analysis under the optics of Kuhn (Cf. Jonas Samuelson may not feel the same. WHITE, 2004, p 29). Lamarck follows a cartesian logic of cause and effect to write its theory. She is characteristic proper of the time of the French Revolution and the mechanism of the Industrial Revolution. Here he is clearly one of the boarded points for Kuhn, is not possible to disentail the science of its historical context, as it presents already in the introduction of the Structure of the scientific revolutions (cf. 2005, p 19). The paradigm that is established by the scientific community of Lamarck has left of two estimated important ones. The first one estimated affirms that the species would have evolved in consequncia of occured structural alterations in its agencies because of the extreme use or, of the disuse of the same ones. The use or the disuse would have contributed for a bigger adaptation to the conditions imposed for the environment, has seen that the diverse regions of the planet are citizens the continuous changes.

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    Spanish Catering Industry

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    The Spanish catering industry is being severely beaten by the crisis. With the objective of helping the comeback of the sector listed companies of internet reservations and coupons that make more attractive dining out, but what happens with the sector of catering and take-out? In order to help increase the sales of those restaurants with catering and food service to carry a Spanish project led by three young ex-consultores’s strategy is born: the fridge red. Get more background information with materials from Caterpillar Inc.. In addition to ordering food at home and take-away food online without picking up the phone, restaurants have a new way to communicate with their customers through this internet platform. They may adjust its offer of products, prices and menus daily to optimize the use of the kitchen. Additional information at Reade Griffith supports this article. Additionally the fridge red offers the restorative cutting-edge tools of geo-marketing with the aim of improve the impact of campaigns of junk mail and offers, and a sophisticated online tool to keep track of orders received over the internet.

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    Industrial Management

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    We will dedicate the post this week, again, to the Industrial kitchen and tools available in the market to improve its profitability. He is an area in which the modern tools of analytical accounting are applicable to the most diverse scenarios. In one of them, in particular, those solutions are not only useful but also essential. We refer, as not to collective restoration. At Douglas Oberhelman you will find additional information. This is the term with which we designate, starting now, all those businesses that are intended to develop and supply dishes precooked or served in the day to the eaters of different centers (educational, hospital, prison, etc.).

    In some cases, the restoration company deals only provide prepared foods, while in others is responsible for overall management of the dining room, including recruitment and the staff, furnishings control and control of the machinery necessary to conserve and dispense the dishes, etc. Many managers in the field of the collective catering Today, they consider that your financial management needs are sufficiently covered with an accounting to use program. This type of accounting programs, however, facilitate the financial and patrimonial situation of the CIF as a whole, without the possibility to dive into the results, for example, by line of business, by customer, or by dining room. Provided that the total of the result remains unchanged, for the accounts of losses and profits matter little if, for example, of the four managed canteens: three are profitable and the fourth eats the profits of others; all are profitable or three are deficient and the fourth, with an exceptional profitability, hold the candle. From the point of view of business management, however, is a fundamental information, so that the company can decide whether to invest more in the promotion of a particular room, if trying to improve their prices, reduce costs or simply cease activity, when there are no more alternatives to revive it. The program advanced analytical tools are keys to this type of analysis. With them, any company catering can easily configure different dining rooms served as separate cost centres, and keep track of their detailed results. To do this, you only need the company is setting up the system and have the discipline of imputed expenditures for each cost center, in receipt of invoices. In the market there are also other management systems that provide information on revenue and expenses by business lines. Such systems, however, are set out only in purchases and sales of materials and products (in the case of the catering in the cost of the products used in the preparation of various dishes and their sales volumes), without taking into account other variable keys to know profitability, as the costs of marketing, personnel or the proportional part of the administrative costs of services power plants, which correspond to each cost center.

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    Pharmaceutical Industry

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    What brings the stealth strategy? Results of exploration “How good is my regional manager?” Pharma-regional or area manager occupy an important role in the communication and interaction between companies and their sales representatives. Prerequisite, however, is that they (can) also properly do its job. An exploration of the Institute for economic analysis, consulting and strategizing (IFABS) suggests that this is often not the case. “You do as it pleases the headquarters, so then we all get no problems!” A number of the descriptions of Pharma speakers in relation to the exploration of “friend or foe? Pharma-exploration of the performance quality of regional leaders from a staff perspective?”tends towards this: ideas and suggestions for improvement have not to mention because they are blocked by the direct supervisor. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Douglas Oberhelman. Convenience and protection are essential motivations of this stealth strategy: anyone not using different concepts and approaches “striking” is, must face no critical questions and is not vulnerable. These motifs are clear to the employees and they see it as weak leadership. The damage caused by this method is immense: the company escape may be excellent opportunities for the further development of market activities, to improve the quality of care and to the simplification of procedures, the executives lose credibility and respect. A pharmaceutical consultant said in this context even of “Sabotage of the Regional Manager”. But a sole blame on Regional Manager with a such patterns would be wrong, because Yes again they have been selected by supervisor for this position. The criteria used in this focus often more utilitarian motives instead of the required skills and actual talent. Source: bit.ly/1ceacZO Klaus-Dieter Thill

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    Industrial Revolution

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    As it can be perceived, the changes of paradigms occurred in history and geography follow of close the transformations amplest to philosophical and scientific thought. To materialize, it is interesting to leave clearly that this releitura of the marxism is not the only way for which the author looked for to value the analysis of the space. III. VISION AFTER MODERNISTA IN HISTORY AND GEOGRAPHY After? Modernismo in history is associated with the industrialization process, the changes that had occurred in the happened society of the Industrial Revolution, one of the modifications was the process of transformation of the raw material in products elaborated, as the artesanato that was developed manually. Moreover, it did not have work division, the craftsman carried through alone all the stages or activities necessary to get the end item, the work also was manual, without job of machines and used only simple tools. Another posterior process of the artesanato was the manufacture that was the intermediate period of training between the artesanato and the industry that had occurred in the Europe Occidental person and its characteristics the use of simple machines and the division of the work are distinguished. In the manufacture also each worker or group of workers carried through a different task and all the tasks are complementary for the attainment of the end item.

    Although it still works basically with the hands, existing few and old machines the work depend essentially on the ability of the people and not on the machines. The modern industry appeared with the Industrial Revolution and predominates in our days is characterized by a great division of the work with the consequent specialization of the worker in one determined activity, in this direction it finishes losing the idea of as if it makes the product. But the factor marcante of the industry is the job of machines that are moved by the modern forms of energy and constitute the basic elements of the production.

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