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    No sooner said than done))) 4.Bylo and a lot of talks about buying shares, buying land shares and so on. And such was the case. By working with a lot of ordinary people whose consciousness is not burdened with ingenious schemes for profit, remember the following. (1) do not talk about the benefits as if you were in shop – people feel, puganye, so salespeople and networkers do. Even if alternative proposals, they will still _otsenivat torgovatsya_ and, in other words, the price of his stuff. (2) And how then do you want? I would suggest that talk about the needs (what you want? that matters to you in this? why you need it?) and the resulting outcome. That is, you buy a car – and that it give you? The thing is to bring people into a fantasy of the future – that he was not thinking about what he can do with your money, and that he can do with the car, bought for your money.

    5.Pokupka property. About how _pokupat_ can talk for hours. In most cases here I have personally worked well Tactics positive expectations: just promise with three boxes, and then narrow frame. How do you explain …? Suppose you need 100 prostitutes. Each costs 100 rubles.

    You say: "We have 1,000. What is the discount? ". That is, the price of 10.000. Pimp thinking, "Yeah, in this order acquire due to the volume, I can throw down 10% against the usual 1% "- and says:" 9000 rubles.

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    Eastern Europe

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    Youth programs. Work and Travel USA, Work and Study Canada, Internship, etc. Most of them are students and young people, but some are for people who are no longer a student and who was not yet 30 years old. 2. In principle, except for Eastern Europe and Russia can be considered. North, construction different, such as nuclear power plants, etc. There, in general, are paid not less than obtained with our fellow citizens in the United States arranged for unskilled positions. But there are no problems with a visa, a waste of the agency, flights, etc.

    There are firms that specialize in Russia – if need the money, it is also more or less an option. 3. Variants of the developed countries, but the agency is unlikely to help here. There really need to own letters and resumes and employers' sites such as Monster cast. 4. In principle, a variant of the initial amount of earnings to further emigration, or participation in the more expensive the program can come and seasonal work in the Ukrainian yugah – Crimea, Odessa. In the season of the bartenders and waiters are there good earn.

    Alexsasha News from the Field – Czech and Austrian authorities pay for a plane ticket and give a lift, if only foreigner left. In Germany on the verge of firing 56,000 employees retail chain Karstadt, founded in 1881. Ruff in the Czech Republic in the new year is neskolkofaznaya wave of struggle with the unemployed foreigners. The first phase – the voluntary surrender – 500 euro bonus + airplane ticket.

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    News Group

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    However, these machines remove the commission, which usually is within 5% of the payment made by. You can also fill up the electronic bank account. As soon as you put it on the purse of 70 rubles. 35 kopecks. Everything is ready, you can skip this step! STEP 2. Are transferred to 10 rubles. 5 kopecks.

    (5 cop. Removed translation service for transaction) from your electronic purse to 7 of the proposed lower bills Yandex-money. In order to make a transfer, you must click on the link. Then, if you have not yet entered in his name, click on "Login …", which is located at the top of the page and highlighted in red. Then you prompted to enter your login and password that you received during registration. Then click on the left of your account number on the link "Translate." Important! Translation should be implemented at the expense of, rather than e-mail. Important! When you post a quote field "Payment" the following phrase: Please enter me in the list of Yandex-purse (without the quotes). To earn an income, you must send to each of these seven purses for 10 rubles.

    5 kopecks. Or you simply will not be included in the system network moderators Yandex-purses, and not be able to cash income. (10 rubles. 5 kopecks. – That you send to the sum, while the recipient receives only 10 rubles.) So, send it to 10 rubles. 5 kopecks. each of the following accounts: 1. 41001319177726 2. 41001342113267 3. 41001342116849 4. 41001346938268 5. 41001514833612 6. 41001531299962 7. 41001537538269 repeated to earn an income, you must send in each of these seven purses of 10 rub.5 cop. – Otherwise, the network moderators (administrators) Yandex purse, you simply will not be included in the system and not be able to cash income. Now ATTENTION! Once you have completed Step 2, delete from the list of purses first (upper) purse and move second place purse at the 1st, you have erased, third – to place 2nd, 4th – on location third, fifth – in place of the 4th, second – to place on the 5th, 7th – place on the 6th! And on the 7th number, which was empty, enter the number of your wallet! STEP 3. Once you have completed Step 1 and Step 2: Write your such an article, or you can copy my. Put this article (or advertisement, with reference the page that you can easily make one of the free sites, such as, http / / or ucoz.ru) at not less than 200-300 forums and news lines (News Group). REMEMBER the more you place, the higher your income. And this income will DIRECTLY DEPEND ON YOU. Placing the article on 200 forums, even the most obscure, guarantee income 150 000 rub. – A minimum! within two months! MORE ACCOMMODATION – MORE INCOME (in fact exponentially). So, when you reach the first position in the list, you will have thousands Rubles just as the creator LIST !!!!!!! It costs 70 rubles and is not difficult to WORK! IMPORTANT – IT WORKS! AND THIS IS JUST GREAT! Do it now – not putting off ….! TIME – MONEY! But still have to earn. Need to get people interested. To do this you must use the mailing, advertising in specialized sites of search of work, forums, bulletin boards. Good luck! It is really close! Take Action! Poor living ones life just going to live! I would venture to LET! IN FACT ANYTHING BUT NOT TO LOSE 70 rubles!

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    Russians Unlimited

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    Another feature of the Russian character – emotionality motivation. The desire for money and material gain from the Russian people are not rational, as the west, and as emotionally as well as the desire for any other ideal, once seized the mind and feelings of Russians Unlimited room, the collective nature of work and authoritarian rule does not impose strict requirements for "surveying" of land, so long in Russia could emerge ownership. A sense of private property may not be formed and to this day. Interestingly, in the Russian language itself the word "freedom" is comparable to the word "settlement" (breaks, exemption from duty). Western "freedom" – this is no restrictions on activity, the Russian 'freedom' – is the lack of restrictions and constraints to the activities it carries the idleness and sloth. Particular understanding of freedom in the Russian language and manifests itself in the word "will." "Will" – Is the lack of restrictions, but at the same time and overcome them, and this strong desire, desire, while at the same time it is – and self-restraint, and this power over other people and at the same responsibility to them, is power. Thus, success in West is built on private initiative, which is characterized by three components: – methodically follow the written norms (legal, moral, technical, etc.) – to be enterprising, where "not prohibited" – to promote themselves, stand out, look like the original, to show their individuality. This contradicts the nature of Russians, as he must first develop a sense of collectivism.

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