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    Electronic Commerce

    January 27, 2013 // Comments Off on Electronic Commerce

    Everything that has to do with the rise of new technologies and their impact positively on the Spanish economy, be welcome. Talk technologies passes this time, to do e-commerce with the Internet, its use and therefore the volume of business that move such transactions and posed for the Spanish GDP. According to the report published by the Commission of the market of telecommunications (CMT) for the first quarter of 2011, electronic commerce has registered a new record in turnover in Spain. In the first quarter of this year, the sector 2,055 million euros turnover, which translates into a total of 30.2 million transactions. These data show that since 2000, year in which began to post the results of this type of transaction, has been this year which has offered higher billing data. In terms of the areas of activity which is mainly distributed this amount, are by this order, and according to the aforementioned report of the CMT: the travel agencies and tour operators (12.4%), air transportation (12.2%), direct marketing (6.3%), land passenger transport (6.1%), games of chance and betting (4.9%), artistic, sports and recreational performances (4.1%), education (3.7%), garments (3.5%), advertising (3.0%), and computers and computer programs (2.4%).

    Another fact related to this increase of e-commerce in our country is, according to the Europa Press Agency published a few weeks ago that Internet contributes 23,400 million euros to Spanish GDP. And it is that the influence of the network of networks has meant, according to the same source, the creation of employment between those companies that have invested in new technologies. An example: 21% of the surveyed companies stated having increased their templates thanks to its corporate website and 24% of companies with a presence on the Internet declared having achieved growth in total revenue over the past three years. If something can deduce this type of news is that, Spanish companies are increasingly aware of the importance of having a technological infrastructure that enables them to take advantage of its resources; In short they are aware of the need for support and services from companies such as Dacartec, consultants specialized in the implantation of the computer and technological means to be able to carry out transactions across the network, and with them, not only be present in the same but also enjoy great advantages derived from its good use. Highlights – in the first quarter of 2011 the sector turnover was 2,055 million euros – 30.2 million transactions in Spain through e-commerce.

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    Tokyo Waste

    January 12, 2013 // Comments Off on Tokyo Waste

    This has been done for hundreds of years and there is not a thing wrong with it. If you choose to burn raw firewood, it is always best to let it cure for at least one season prior to burning. These thousands of lorries transporting cardboard and plastics, produced lots of pollution and were required much more frequently than the preferred solution with cardboard balers. Mill size Tokyo have to higher premium price because they can be transported more economically. Consider obtaining gently used secondhand products or new products made from recycled materials.

    It is safer to burn these manufactured products as opposed to paper or cardboard itself. STI like a bunch of crack addicts holding to protest against crack makers, when they are the ones who buy the product and keep the makers in business. Actually glass is completely recyclable and making products from recycled glass rather than starting from scratch saves energy resources. As the producer of large amounts of waste, you have the issues of health and safety, pollution control equipment needed to remove the waste, the placement of equipment for ease of use, the cost of complying with state and local regulations and the removal of the waste Ask them to take back and reuse their shipping packages and pallets. Watch closely, folks.

    Both hospital waste and food waste runs the risk that unless it is treated to remove rapidly, the chances of smells, incluso dangerous toxic smoke being released while in normal storage can be remove high. Firewood harvested from naturally downed trees in the wooded areas will provide an inexpensive form of heat for our homes or ambiance in the fire pit outside on the patio. A step in the right direction could be to build recycling plants all over the country. I have seen them pull roll offs when they werent even a quarter full.

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