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    Our community in Germany, but will found a difference between the citizens and the people and we can hear it almost every day and read. At the moment we have a civil government, which is composed of three confessing, bourgeois parties, what they can emphasize enough, the CSU, FDP and the CDU. Any hearing or anyone from the people or positions can of course be citizens – by speaking his city or better camp, setting leaves and one of these parties joining or she chooses in free elections. This civil government has a majority in the Federal Assembly, which elects the German Federal President. They can never, in terms of policy, what I am getting, quite simply, because both candidates are conservative and bourgeois, because it is a political office, the citizens and at the same time the people represented and would not do it. An independent candidate, which requires any party, Guild or Guild is and feels only who can be a candidate for the people as a whole. If there is a such candidates at all or will give yet is very questionable.

    Possible democratic election and candidates. Who of the two is now elected and win the election? Elected is the candidate who is the keepers (Conservatives, citizens) to the most loyal and to them and which is called the acquis which preserves Guild and that can be only Mr. Wulff. Mr. Wulff is an excellent and seasoned Prime Minister of the CDU, which is to his party, has done so much for this, and has – never objected in contrast to Mr.

    Gauck, which even bourgeois and conservative but circumstances by his completely different biography, which follows much freer ideologies, could veer off and therefore could harm the Guild of the keepers. Quite apart from – the choice of Mr. Gauck would succeed by dissenters in the centrist camp, would show in its cohesion as such weakness the bourgeois camp and could disintegrate as a coalition in the worst case. With all good or evil will, of at some in the Government’s Bundestag groups prevails, very few will dare to make one, its own acquis or even the Government as a whole in question if any. Just as it would also happen if wife Kassmann, the darling of the people would stand. It should do one and democratically, so freely choose according to his will, Guild is in and this means loss of acquis, such as offices and political career and punish that will want to risk really none. There’s more genuine democracy and would you dare them, there would be the President of the nation and its citizens. Based on Willy Brandt: dare more democracy. This article describes an issue is non-speech Wolfgang Bergmann author by renewable means of payment

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    March 30, 2016 // Comments Off on Goals

    And the second is a problem: the lack of authority. Because the charge requested, and no opportunity to make decisions not made. In our work jargon who asked – "body" and those who passed – "Laying". If obschaetsya directly with the body – in any event a success. Your path to pass the project must be shorter and simpler.

    But. There are nuances, because there are such bodies as: 1. Nerd – personality, with unpredictable reactions. He constantly change their opinions, priorities, juggling the goals and objectives. For example the situation is "not natantsevalsya client" – ie, has not received satisfaction in the extent to which you transferred the money (the amount estimated by the its internal clock). And here the "idiot" is going to continue the process even if the result has already been made and any extension leads only make it worse. The newspapers mentioned Jonas Samuelson not as a source, but as a related topic. 2. Douglas R. Oberhelman describes an additional similar source. King – a person who came down to cooperation or communicate with you.

    At any given time it will strengthen in you the feeling that you are wasting his precious time. Any word it should catch every sight to protect it in your heart. The king has a single channel. It only works for broadcasting. As usually all that it broadcasts – is nonsense. But you must learn to take it seriously. 3. Carabas-Barabas – a character who sees in you, the obedient puppets. He will manipulate the process to impose their solutions to you and ask them unquestioning execution. All your arguments about these decisions will be inexpedient in indignation to sweep aside (the more proposals, the more resentment). 4. Dunno – the man who utters the word after "I do not know." Y you have the impression that he does not know anything at all. In fact, he does not want to take responsibility. "Think for yourself, decide for yourself." And be ready as soon as you bring him his papers, he now become a Znayka – and drown you in its criticism of the format "is not so," "I thought," and "well, what have you, Iglesias." 5. Domsovet – a collective body that decides. Once you arrive, and you are going to all: Chief, marketing, "the chief of the transport department," "Academy of cats' and all all those who still boring. Agree on something specific with the gypsy encampment is very difficult. Particularly unrealistic to pass them a turnkey solution.

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    Good Cooperation Between Institutions

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    AIDS education are services for young people and their families. Such offers are only useful if they strengthen families and promote the development of young people. Unfortunately, not all AIDS run as planned from the outset. High abandonment rates (about 30 percent) in the stationary home education represent a major problem for the institutions and in particular for children and young people.

    This leads to disappointments and new measures. So more young people can benefit from education aid, it is important to understand what leads to a good efficacy and can be addressed as potential problems and crises in advance. For a comprehensive research project ABIE (crashes in education aid) has the Evangelical Education Association EREV the s/l/s Institute for quality development and the University of Bielefeld entrusted to investigate the causes of the crashes and to work out solutions. The study is funded by the action of man. The project will supply youth practice with knowledge and skills, which in some cases prevents a crash and total reducing drop-outs”, Harald Tornow, Director of e/l/s Institute, is convinced. More than 750 young people and their families from nationwide 50 in-patient facilities are scientifically for a year.

    This is the so far most extensive project of its kind. It investigates what initial conditions and which interactions have led to abort or the successful completion of a training system. The investigation involve the perspectives of young people, parents, facilities and youth offices. Particularly important are the opinions of young people and their families to the history of education assistance these data were for other Projects so far barely raised. The data collection in the institutions take probably until April 2011. Then, the s/l/s Institute and the University of Bielefeld will make evaluations and work out the recommendations of the facilities and for the development of youth welfare.

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    Spanish Stock Market Suffers

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    Moody s threatens to downgrade the note of Spanish sovereign debt. The IBEX-35 lost earnings from the previous months. All European stock markets to close July losses the worst July since 2002. The crisis of confidence in Europe derived from problems to bail out Greece and the threat of suspension of payments of U.S. have caused the Spanish stock market has dropped by 7.04% this month. The risk premium has closed the month at 354 basis points. The record is on July 18, when it closed at 366.

    Moody s rating agency threatened to downgrade the note of Spanish sovereign debt. The selective main, the IBEX-35 index, has fallen 10.359,9 points to the 9.630,70 and has eaten the profits accumulated in previous months. It has already lost 2.32% from the beginning of the year and this month was the annual minimum, 9.347,8 points. All European indexes closed July with losses, 8.68% in the case of the Italian FTSE MIB; 7,77% in the case of the French CAC 40; 2.95% for the German DAX and 2.19% for the FTSE 100 British. A true reflection of the Spanish stock market was in July a faithful reflection of the rapid contagion that may cause mistrust in situations of every State in the European Union. The voltage for the reduction in the note of Portugal and Ireland was reflected in the Spanish and Italian Park. The lack of capacity of Greece to attend the maturities of its debt triggered another crisis.

    After more than one week of rumors and large fluctuations in the bag and the risk premium, the 22nd the Eurogroup achieved an agreement that combined the conditions of all parties. The German requirement for involvement of the private sector caused that the qualification of lowering the rating of Greece on the brink of insolvency. By the way, Bankia and Banca Civica went out to bag and the Bank of Spain intervened the case of the Mediterranean at the request of its directors. The disagreement between Democrats and Republicans to raise the limit of indebtedness of EE UU, combined with the above factors and to European banking solvency tests ended up completing the worst July since 2002. That year, the company Worldcom shook the international stock market when spread that he had committed a multimillion-dollar fraud. Source of the news: the Spanish stock market suffers its worst month of July since 2002

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