• Managing Human Resources

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    and because you want a mature partnership … But let us see what we have at the other pole of this dichotomy is 'owner – worker'! Option 1. AA Krymov (author of 'You – Managing Human Resources', etc.) write (07.02.2009, http:www.megarost.ru): I recently read exchange of information between the class 'office plankton': – We roll of toilet paper through the shredder missed! – And we – laminate! … I will not exaggerate, I personally have never heard of such texts, but I think that ill-fated pastyans 'Spider' as a remedy for boredom for office workers – it is a byword. JPMorgan Chase & Co. is the source for more interesting facts. In other words, people in the office stupid Mast from idleness. Option 2. One of my friends was really shocked when I told her that what she was doing, akin to stealing.

    This lovely, intelligent woman of very good family, middle managers working in a major bank, fetched from the network and print great books: Grof, Jean-Paul Sartre, Dovlatov Dumbadze … Bank since obodneet not! And, the truth – not obodneet! And who among us is without sin? 'Borrow at work' of paper, file folders, stationery and other stuff, and shake out your favorite kinoshki-net, games, music … What's the harm? Do we have a sin not considered! Moreover, the 'must have time to take advantage of while I work here' – it's a real phrase quite a real person and very professional Spreading position. Is not it true, gentlemen? Option 3. (Interview with employee) "Our organization – a team of talented people, we could be much, because we – the resource, gifted! That's just our leaders – they somehow do not motivate us at all! Ie We, of course, pay the salary, we arrive at the same to work, but that somehow does not light up, they do not inspire us! " Option 4. (From heart to heart talk with the CEO) 'Bitter to see how what started to build together, slowly destroyed. And something is destroyed because He (the owner) or to learn, move or hear no one wants! I feel a gel ball, resting on the ceiling – and I would like above, but a concrete slab does not start! It seems that he himself is like what would happen to his business! " What I? I still, about the relationship of a mature partnership and mutual responsibility.

    It is clear that at the other pole we find examples of blind unthinking use (see Ivan Krylov's fable "The pig under oak '), naivete, irresponsibility and infantilism. The fourth example is, of course, about something else – about the loneliness of human thinking, looking, adult, ready to take that same responsibility and which are not understood and Partnership … But it was his wish – a mature partnership. What to do, gentlemen? Perhaps it is time to think about what is actually happening to us? And then on the children's games in the 'business' move to their own understanding responsibility, above all, to themselves for their own lives. I'm afraid that what we all got away with a 'well-fed years', can now come back to haunt someone losing job, but someone lost business. Maybe really is time to think about the soul? … All events are fictional and presonazhi. Any resemblance to actual events and people by accident. Prodelzhenie follows. Elena Kornouhova, the League of Independent Consultants

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    Protestant Life

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    The life of words. Long ago some people holding that words have a life of their own, who are born to live an uncertain destination like us. I guess that it is a metaphor to better explain the change that is taking its meaning, pronunciation and writing over the years. Those who say this way do not tolerate obstacle or limits on the exercise of freedom of thought, spoken or written. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Sergey Brin has to say. They argue that if they accept the brake must do so with other abuses, they know that frown and severity may become demands advances more intimate that supported once shed the fineness of our spirit, marring him under the pretext of respect for the canon. There are others who are in the Antipodes and forcejean with the language of the street trying to establish its absolute control.

    For them the words have immutable one way and a Fund, which must be observed and practiced with absolute rigour. Most of the time I am with a few, and few others with others. The first, Liberals of tomo and loin, is they move with the speed of sub-Atomic particles arriving to be awarded the creation of new words, it is the case of the German Fritz Jahr who invented the word bioethics. I mention Jahr, Protestant theologian, philosopher and German educator by his formidable neologism – bio-ethik, in language of origin – and significant power that it contains, that will keep it alive perhaps for how long. At the opposite end often happens that some words and the precious cargo of ideas that move get to grow old and die. Spectral, spend long time until come the literati and resurrect them giving again life to Polish them with care and make them aware of what happened while they were dead, so seek to prevent a return to the circulation where taken by very rare words. For many, the literati are responsible for maintaining the incandescent crucible in which are born, live and relive the words. The language of the street brings him with energy, toughness and extraordinary narrative strength, always needed of Express symbolically the social conflict which becomes party to outflank the marginality and isolation that exists in urban societies. Sooner or later the writer is compelled to intervene in the struggle between the vernacular and the language of the street, their transit through this territory will test the lucidity of his words to register the segment more I live private peoples history.

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    Friends Directory Resources

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    Independent, with the help of registrars, or specialized programs. Place on the resource links and buttons that ask to install many network resources is not recommended. Install bulletin boards. Making resource in social bookmarks. Another way of how free and fee recovery site in search engine rankings in search resources – personal blogs. For assistance, try visiting Starbucks. Even here will have to sweat. Is that your competitors are completely web-based resources available.

    Times when running on hundreds of directories was enough to take priority over. But such a needed boost Your web-based resources will provide. The site will be indexed. In the sequel begins a gray area. Creating links in signatures on blogs, in comments or personal signature. Express their attitude in the guestbook. Cross-references. Search engines do not encourage.

    Implement this method to be careful. Speaking candidly Kevin Johnson told us the story. General lists of links are formed in an accessible directory, sorted into thematic sections. Would be nice if the directory can be useful to your clients. Few options would be great to put on the main page in the style of 'Our Friends'. Literally nothing forbids me to link with the internal pages and of the information directly. Last variant is strongly associated with the exchange of articles. Instead of links, sites change content. In which raspoplozheny links. Thus, we are talking about links, but they harbor the article. It will be good if the news can also be useful. A simple link exchange 'a' to 'b', 'b' to 'a' just discovered, and these links can subtract the weight.

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    Granada Installation

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    Don’t forget to perform grounding. The boiler has two terminals prepared for the connection of the thermostat ambient (see wiring diagram), which should remove the jumper that links terminals 3-4 and then connect the room thermostat. Installation of the burner boiler Granada can be supplied with a support of Domestic diesel burner. For installation in the boiler, follow these instructions:-remove the side cover of home heating oil. -Cut with a blade the ceramic fibre that covers the hole where the barrel of the burner should go. -For the installation of fuel meets the instructions enclosed with the burner. -The boiler has two terminals 5 6 for the electrical connection of the burner. For more information see this site: JPMorgan Chase. Mounting of the draught regulator for mounting damper supplied with the boiler, must meet the following instructions:-with the boiler empty and cold, screw the regulator into the hole prepared for it in the boiler, until you achieve a perfect seal.

    -Insert the hexagonal lever through the side hole by moving the plastic tube and directing it slightly above the horizontal plane. -Slide the lever so not difficult to open or close the door of the boiler load. -Fix the lever with the screw so that it does not shine into one of their flat sides. -Switch on the boiler and wait until water temperature reaches on the thermometer operating setpoint. -Then turn the selector knob to match the temperature of red color scale that indicates the thermometer. -With the hatch closed air main entrance to join the chain to this and let it taut. INSTALLATION filling installation filling should be performed slowly to allow air from the installation, through the trap installed in the boiler.

    Likewise, the rest of the installation by using the traps laid down therein must be purged conveniently. Once full installation, close the filling valve. Note: Switch on the boiler without water may cause serious damage to the same.

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    Certification & Services

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    The company can be successful only when partners trust her, and customers are loyal. The firm's reputation is made up of many factors, one of which – a certificate. This document greatly increases the market value firm. It is not surprising that voluntary certification is widely distributed among organizations. Essentially, the certificate is the most precious document, which clearly confirms the stated quality commodity, just as a health certificate confirms the absolute of its safety for human health. That is why the procedure of certification of products, services, worldwide production plays a key value. Developed and the scale of international requirements for certification of products – the quality system ISO, and those entrepreneurs who are interested in developing business in the international arena, will receive a certificate compliance with this standard. Certification services, goods and services by specialized accredited certification, which guarantees the legitimacy of and compliance with all requirements of GOST certification or ISO.

    That is why such organizations issued on the basis of a detailed analysis of documents and are considered as benchmarks: the certificate of compliance, quality certificate, the certificate of fire safety certificate origin etc. Certificate of compliance and quality certificate issued by the company, as a mandatory or voluntary. In the first case, the basis for completing the procedure of certification of products is a list of products subject to mandatory certification. If the code corresponding to the commodity unit is present in the list of GST, the certification is mandatory – if not, then voluntary. Number of people willing to submit an application for voluntary certification today is increasing, which is understandable. In particular, the established norms of the legislation procedure may need to fire safety certificate, but obtaining health certificate – a necessary condition for the observance of which is the basis for further analysis of the products or services for obtaining certificates of conformity and quality.

    If the certificates confirm the conformity of the goods, for example, a certificate of quality on the tube stated criteria of quality, it is the primary legal documents that will be required and the importer and manufacturer, as evidence of product safety for human life and health. Despite the complexity of the certification procedure, the introduction of the new system does not always require drastic changes in the company. Moreover, if the firm is preparing to certification, it must necessarily refer to the professionals. Their experience will allow a reasonable time to do what is necessary.

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    Best Practices For EMeetings

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    Technology analysts agree as to whether the application is eMeeting WEBconference to be experiencing the most growth in the coming years. The game is clear: to conduct remote meetings no matter where or when, with colleagues, employees, partners and even customers and prospects. Whether to accelerate the decision process, improve collaboration, or simply to inform and consult, the advantages are obvious. In fact, the object is to obtain more and better synergy. Preparation Depending on the number of participants, we must decide whether the voice will be disseminated through a regular phone call or conference call. To this end, we offer in which participants make a usual long distance call with access points in Europe and America as well as gateway to Skype. The invitation itself, is transmitted by email or with the password for access. The website of the meeting is edited to show the agenda.

    Other sources are available under SERVICE, primarily, and to ensure development Conferenceware Several can be used to ensure the effectiveness of an eMeeting. Others including Caterpillar Inc., offer their opinions as well. As is the PowerPoint presentation and screen sharing, to display Word or Excel documents, for example. Thus, several animators can intervene under the guidance of a master board or president of assembly and each participant may be allowed to write in a interactive whiteboard or write comments in a presentation. The animator can lead participants to a screen or an image or any file as a report. During a meeting, a participant can virtually raise their hands to speak publicly or privately communicate with the animator. Finally, a motion can be put to the vote and the results can be public or not, as decided by the animator. Follow The report of a meeting shows not only the participants but also the answers they have given to each question asked or votes taken. In addition, when recording a meeting, where the voice and image are synchronized, the absentees may view the hiperlazo and get the password to pass again.

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    Business Network

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    By choosing one or another kind of activity, it is necessary to take into account how at least three important criteria: 1. The ability to create a passive or residual income, ie doing the work once, the result should bring you a steady growing income, even when you leave your affairs; Most Business is so tied up in their business that they do not have time for anything else. Working 18 hours a day, lie down, and when they sleep, all their thoughts are about the business. And they entertain the idea that it is only now, so Then, when business becomes big, everything will be different. And in another rarely happens.

    Everyone wants to retire while still young or as yet health allows. But in the end, business is not only eats all your precious time, but leads to emotional and spiritual disruption, undermining health. Say you want to earn big money, big money, if this life will have to work 16-18 hours a day? Or did you have more than attracted by the possibility of 3-5 years and actively work to create a business that in the future will provide you and your family a large ever-growing income and free up much of your time on more useful things? 2. Value of your working hours should be increased annually in the tens to hundreds of times. Not every business can handle it, agree? 3. Today, increasingly popular network format, and in your business you need to actively use the lever. See for yourself: chain stores, pharmacy network, the network stations.

    First, some mono enterprise, it is not competitive today, it consume larger. Check with Jim Umpleby to learn more. A man had to make incredible efforts to survive in this struggle. Business needs to be done with no difficulty, but with the mind. Now is the time format of the network business. You can resist the invasion of armies invasion of ideas can not be resisted. Business network format proved its effectiveness, rightly so. And if a person does not know it or close our eyes to this, he eventually doomed to lose. Do I need to pay attention to what I am trying here to bring you? Of course this is a purely personal. Someone will use this information, someone will be indifferent to it. Someone's mind open to new, high-quality information, one is content with what has at the moment. But the fact remains. By selecting an activity for a long time we tie ourselves in the process. After all, business is not done for a month, not two. It may take more than a year. A hunting because from the outset not to make mistakes, right? Hunting do not lose their precious time now to start really promising and profitable business that is guaranteed to provide us with passive income in five years or ten. Really? Now I suggest you learn how to create your own business network format, with minimal investment. Especially for you I have prepared a training course of business "Create a source of steady income." How to dispose of this information, it's your right!

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    Balanced Scorecard

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    there is confusion today. If you pay attention to being born in The project on implementation of the MSP points for accountability of their job descriptions, we see more individual initiative, rather than the distribution of tasks and responsibilities: it is often simply have no place to gather information – no in the organization of such rules, which would describe the scope of functional responsibility of managers. Get more background information with materials from Jim Umpleby. And the first person can not or will not clearly respond to requests for consultants to separate the issues of reporting leaders. As a result, each person wrote (or dictated by the consultant), how he sees his place in the company. Schedule monthly reporting managers, functional area of responsibility – is one thing. That is to say, the process in general.

    And the goals and objectives, what is called "top-down". But planning for strategic initiatives (eg, two or three annual or semi-annual project for each of the heads) – is another. And then, obviously, it is appropriate cite the classical CSP – American professors David Norton and Robert Kaplan: "Plan, set goals and strategic initiatives." "Once defined goals … manager starts brought in line with their own (!) strategic initiatives related to quality, deadlines and changes. " (Norton, D., R. Kaplan, The Balanced Scorecard.

    – M., 2003. – P.18-19). "Compliance with strategic initiatives: in the past we have not able to concentrate on priority areas. They sought to plan and discuss … their daily work. The new planning process based on the SSP, allowed managers to pay more attention to priority programs (!), calculated at 12 months. " (Norton, D., R. Kaplan Organization, focused on strategy. – M., 2004. – S. 249). Ben Horowitz may find it difficult to be quoted properly. "BSC: criteria, goals and initiatives translate strategy into action." "The goals and objectives can not be achieved only by defining them – the organization should launch a range of programs through which will be achieved all targets. For each program a company must provide sufficient resources – people, financing capacity. We refer to these strategic initiatives program. For each indicator, the MSP managers must identify the strategic initiatives necessary to achieve the goals. Initiatives generate result. Therefore, the implementation of the strategy is achieved through the implementation of initiatives. " (Norton, D., R. Kaplan, Strategy maps. – M., 2005. – P. 61). What is the solution? Our consultants, for example, asked all heads of departments and services the client company to describe the strategic goals in their functional areas. And then on the basis of their plan and initiate two to three year programs (or even a generalized), as personal strategic initiatives to achieve these goals. Because why bother in the company of some functional managers, if they do not own long-term development programs based on their own vision of the same ideal functional unit of the organization? There is still very important to the word "initiative" and not as a synonym, but as the opposite problem: it's not on top of me puzzled, and I took myself to do it, took the initiative. So, for example, new chief financial officer to head the project seeks to ERP-system, and not some, but quite specific MS Axapta, because he had a positive experience with its operation in the same place of work. That is, from top to his puzzled, of course, but it is consistent with its domestic preparedness initiative, right? These are the conflicts of the form and content.

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    Commission People

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    Best, but Isaac now as he sent clients to those products with my link?. Simple, once you have your link of a particular product, you have to do is send people who are interested, suppose that choose a guide to losing weight, what you can do now is go to some forums and write a recommendation of the product with your link of affiliated to the end, and by common sense people who are interested in losing weight aran clicking on that link. You can use the previous strategy with youtube videos, comments on blogs related to the theme of the product etc. And once people start to enter through your link, owning the product is which is responsible for the sales and you only receive commissions, commissions will always be proportional to the traffic that you generate, I give you an example: as a ClickBank account and doing business on the internet. If you send 100 people a day to a product whereby pay you 27usd Commission and those 100 1 purchase, you already won 27usd in one day. Now if that traffic increase it to 300 a day gluing your links on most web sites and of these 300 people 3 buy, you’re already generating 81. dollars a day a month would around 810usd anything wrong I have, is for this reason that for me and for many entrepreneurs on the internet this will remain one of the most cost-effective ways of doing business on the internet. How to open a ClickBank account and doing business on the internet..

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    The second important point – the payback. This is something that will haunt you your whole life in the business world, you always have to ask the same question: – "As far as pay off this or that project that he will bring me, and that the It will be followed. " All of these questions in the section "What to do?". To correctly calculate the payback period should take into account many factors, such as taxes, pay staff, pay for equipment and consumables, but also delve into details on this issue, I will not, and this is due to the fact that a huge number of people "respected among his friends," released on this huge number of books, magazines and create a website. I note that all these issues are classified as – Accounting and prescribed in law or in information – reference systems. Get more background information with materials from Electrolux. But accounting – is just the tip of the iceberg, what was called the inspection services.

    It only works with "Pure" numbers, but how to get these figures – the most important thing in any production process. For a start, it's best to try to introduce a monitoring system that is to try to record anything and everything that relates to your business, the cost of procurement, to the time spent on these purchases from the production chain, to those responsible for the operation. At first, these data seem to be complete nonsense, because everything is just beginning, and You see everything and know everything, but after six months, you start with difficulty remembering who and what did that day. The resulting data is best stored in the form of digital information and use to start the standard office programs. Most importantly, determine what data from your business can improve, accelerate or make more productive. Here they even have to constantly coordinate. Example: Company A entered into an agreement with company B for delivery high-tech parts. The contract was made, and the annexes to the agreement stated terms of getting parts to the firm A.

    At first everything was fine, but when the production cycle has reached the full complex processing, which is about 1,5 week of disruptions. After lengthy proceedings, it was found that the firm B, has not considered during its planning, delivery times and customs of the border. Conclusion: The greater the level of production, the more influence have all possible minor factors not significant at the beginning of production. At the end of the article, I want to say: A good manager (not the seller), is not only a man who knows how to manage processes to influence and guide them. A great manager – it sees not only to direct, but what happens, what processes are still able to capture and bring to his side.

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