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    Catalina Valencia

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    Having a presence on the Internet means: build a relationship of trust, creating a direct contact with the visitors of your site, understand what they need from your knowledge or products and send them the information that really added value plan for what you want a web site? Do-you want to have presence in Internet because everyone is on the Internet? Do-you are interested in just being at the forefront of the trends? Do-want to increase sales of your business? Do-you want more people to access the information of your products and services? Do-you want to generate extra income? -When you discover that some people already live Internet, want to do the same! An Internet presence is not created overnight overnight. To start a marathon you have to take the first step, and that first step means get in action. Think before you begin and then writes 1. How you want people to see you, remember that you only have a brief moment to make a good first impression (a user who visits a blog, takes 8 seconds in) fascinated or dissenchanted content). 2 Identify what is what most excites you, what it is that you like talk, whats the topic better dominate. 3 Make a list what you’re doing, because if you have a web site, as well as inform, you have to be to promote your knowledge, a product or a service. 4.

    Make your profile, write 3 lines explaining what they do. An example: I teach people to do business by internent, through their own knowledge, focusing on strengthening its image to be projected and generate revenue. Why do it? Because every day the people much more uses search engines to find a person, a theme, a product or a service.

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    Business Ideas

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    In the lives of many men and women have the time of adoption of a very interesting solution: "All I'm not going to work for his uncle, going to work – at you!". The source of such decisions – or the dream of prosperity and autonomy, or reason in a sad financial situation, "bad man" superior internal longing for self-realization … A lot can be causes. But the best if not only reason but a dream. It is very easily converted into a goal and purpose – are already some part of the result. And because we really want to achieve the desired result, right? You decide? Congratulations. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Starbucks.

    Let's start slowly. Now it's time to decide – what to do. Small business ideas are everywhere, they are often literally are lying under your feet and hover in the air. You can find the clues: in specialized sites, books, and activities of existing firms. There is a ready-made business solutions: The idea for a business plan for its implementation, a set of documents and technologies, even material resources – everything is simple and inexpensive. But it's much better to look carefully at the sides: what this really need people around you or do you own? What will be needed in the near future? What capabilities bring technological advances, demographic situation, the decision of the authorities, the development of your village? Such questions can ask ourselves a lot – and find the answer in the form of ideas. In addition to exploring the surrounding world, it is important to look at yourself and what you wonder? What do you want to own? And what you know and know how to best? What are you willing to do all day and night, seven days a week with joy and desire to make this thing better and better? Yes, and check your desire to "environmental friendliness": the spread of drug or arms trafficking – profitable business, but what good is a lot of money, if the soul is black, and the conscience does not sleep at night What more should consider? You will be to go it alone or create an organization? It depends on your personal preference.

    But specifically my opinion is that to earn the really big money and make the greatest contribution to society can only team. Many who started out as a specialist in a single area or (IT, medicine, law, psychotherapy, education) eventually came to his small company or even a network of centers. You have made your own list of "Ideas for business "on the basis of clues, the needs of society and its interests. Look again at that list, listen to yourself. Choose what you really like. Now it is time to turn at full capacity head: how much can I earn in a particular case? How many people are willing to pay me? And this will surely be in demand? Bring pen, paper and calculator, cheat, start different versions of the business, gradually passing to the business plan. Please note that organize production more expensive and complicated than services. Be prepared that your first experience and the first organization (or maybe not just one, but the second-third) will remain experience. If you are not yet very strong in leadership and management, not risk too much – start a business from scratch and grow with them. Associated wind you! Andrei Panin 11/28/09

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