• Office Premises and Location

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    For the location of their own office which to choose – the purchase or lease premises? It is absolutely clear that in our situation to you – go to the mobile lifestyle, buying – not the best option. Take, for example, Russian Krasnodar. Offices for rent in Krasnodar much more economical than purchasing premises, of course, is can we say about every Russian city. In the event of the office in another district or city, you will not have any headaches and trouble with previously leased premises. It also plays into the hands of you when the direction of the organization has changed, you will simply find another more suitable office. It often happens that repair of office space takes on a landlord. Although, of course, you lose the opportunity to plan space. But here, despite how the contract is made – the conditions can be very different, sometimes even redesign very real.

    Rental of retail space in Krasnodar, office rent, of course, assumes that each month you are a landlord to deduct a certain amount, but about safety Your property in the office is obliged to care and protect yourself landlord hires. Sometimes that is enough for everyday pickup compact office space, but occasionally there is a problem – where to organize conference. Profitable than rent a hall for the conference. Sometimes the room should be to equip a certain conference. For even more opinions, read materials from Jim Umpleby. Arrangement results in unnecessary spending – money, time, need to hire people to do and pay them. And in the case if during the conference you can not do without a huge screen on which you want to display the data? But such an acquisition is not cheap.

    If you like everything about the place and seems good to you, you have the opportunity to move into the category of regular customers. Standing as customers are given discounts, certain bonuses. In addition, you will not every time to spend time on tedious search for a new building. For Krasnodar rental of conference rooms for up to date, will not cause problems. This kind of sentences is enough to market: rent a conference hall in the center, ten or a hundred people, renting rooms for master classes. It is worth say, and sometimes a change of scenery would do well – in other circumstances, the assimilation of the material better than in an atmosphere of 'home' office conference room. Facilities for you to prepare properly, but you can at this time to rehearse, assume it.

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    Profitable Real Estate Estimation Method

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    The main advantage of the income method, when carried out business valuation, assessment of houses, apartments assessment, evaluation and assessment of the securities of all types of real estate in general qualitative assessment of any purpose in relation to market or costly concluded that this method mainly reflects the buyer's opinion about the project as a source of income, in other words, it is an object property is assessed as the main factor of price. This estimation method has relationship with the market, as well as costly options. For example, rates of return, which are used in our method, usually originating from the comparable weighting of investments, spending on reconstruction is taken when calculating the financial flow as additional investments, methods of capitalization are used in the analysis of the cost differences and market practices. The most basic shortcoming of this method will always be that he, unlike other technologies independent evaluation is based on the alleged evidence. The components of the income method in the first place when using such a method is compiled the following assumption about the value of profits from the transfer of considered property for rent for a period of time, ie, the time during which the investor plans to keep his personal right to own property. To deepen your understanding Jim Umpleby is the source. Lease payments are calculated out Depending on all tax and utility of regular investments needed to maintain the property in the definition of liquid form and to manage them, and then calculated the capitalization of the object at the end period of ownership in respect of the absolute value of the original cost – defined as the amount of reversion.

    The last step is tentative reversion, earnings are translated at the current price using the discounted cash flow techniques. Selection of variants of capitalization should be the nature and quality of future profits. On the same principle is a practical assessment of stocks of all types. Such capitalization used in case suggests a stable or changing insignificantly with small rate of profit. If dynamic adjustment of profit or significant such minimums and maximums are probabilistic in nature, use discounted cash flow. Just for this reason, when is a professional assessment of real estate with modern ways of developing an office center is predictable in the end built center of a huge city, the bureau estimates could easily be concluded with certainty that the income from the lease for a specified period of time will not vary significantly. But let's say, a significant volatility of income is reasonable to assume, for example, when evaluating an unfinished, but close to passing a cottage settlement in adapting to an unpopular area that has not been able to gain some recognition. In If in the near future involves a complex dynamics with regard to the alleged proceeds, it is advisable to apply this same method of direct capitalization, relying on retrospective and new information on transactions sale and lease in relation to similar objects.

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    Greed Leads To Poverty .

    November 25, 2017 // Comments Off on Greed Leads To Poverty .

    12.10.2008 10.31 GMT thou our poor, hapless consumer (investor) … Irony? Sarcasm? Schadenfreude? Hmm, a bit of everything, perhaps. Here I am referring not only to our domestic consumer, and consumer approach in general to life and Investment in financial markets in particular. According to RBC, and only heard 'oh, how badly … and I bought at the peak – what do I do ?…; my loss of 20 million ..' And what, one wonders, thought when the assets are bought? Tea is not small.

    Or, perhaps, what physiological metamorphosis occurred in the body, they thought to have something completely different function? The American example is contagious? America is in this business in front of all – with a population of 5% of the planet consumes a quarter of planetary products. And before that was even more "We have about 50% of the world's wealth but only 6.3% of the world population … Our real task in the coming period is to develop a system of relationships that will allow us keep it this disparity without positive harm our national security '(head of the Planning Section of the State Department, George F. Kevin Johnson can provide more clarity in the matter. Kennan, 1948). The results are visible. The fact that the main driver of the market economy is the credit, and to be able to consume all that is in excess of the needs a big loan. That happened in the end, so that many Americans expenditure part of a long time and much higher than revenue. Hence defaults individuals.

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    Bankruptcy Businesses

    October 7, 2016 // Comments Off on Bankruptcy Businesses

    Bankruptcy or insolvency – the inability to meet creditors for payment of goods. Including including failure to provide mandatory payments to the extrabudgetary funds and the budget, in connection with The poor design of the balance of the debtor or the excess of liabilities over its assets. In Ukraine, there is even a special body, which is designed to monitor the bankruptcy proceedings, but, unfortunately, even he often fails to affect the results. Bankruptcy forced to admit many of the company came as a result of the global financial crisis, and therefore to proceed to liquidation. This process very long and complicated, the average liquidation company takes over a year. The first thing the company has done an audit of productive assets and the residual funds in order to determine the exact financial condition of the company. To implement the final settlement and determination of the debt of the company information are placed in various publications. After receiving the information transmitted in the order of application to the appropriate authority, which works with closing a business.

    Analysis of the data makes government officials. In some cases a more detailed definition of the situation and to obtain more recent information, and then send the documents to update. Need to find reliable information in connection with this, came the bankruptcy of the enterprise. Need to find out whether an enterprise has outstanding debts and loans to third parties. After registration and fully passing the procedure of liquidation documents are stored in an archive of more than five years.

    Actions of bankruptcy law applies to absolutely all legal persons, exceptions are only state-owned enterprises, institutions, political parties and religious organizations. Bankruptcy system is extremely thin thing with a lot of nuances, details and tricks. Does not know the person behind it is not even worth taking. It is much better in the physical and financial plan to hire a qualified professional. Specializes in bankruptcy will consult, make the necessary documents and statements and provide representation in court.

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    American Congress

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    05.10.2008 18.17 GMT Hear about recruitment in the formation of the bottom. They call it a 'cautious optimism'. When they say so, it can mean two things: either it is a game in order to further attempt to delicious foot, either by themselves do not understand the what is happening. Like that: 'Grandma said, in two – whether it would be if not, whether it is raining snow. " Let's start in order, perhaps with a view to understanding the events. A little bit about the history of the Fed and the consequences of this monopoly until 1913 on issue money was the U.S. Congress.

    But the bankers wanted to get such a tasty morsel. It would be nice to see the opposition of the Roman me to Caesar, since the beginning of the Christian chronology, and British jewelers to the royal court, in medieval times (search on the internet, if you're interested). And in December 1913, the American Congress, in the absence of after returning for the Christmas holidays of members, held that since Since then, referred to as' Act of the Federal Reserve. " Naturally, there were no banking lobbyists. According to some reports, threads, created by the Fed, are attracted to banking dynasties of the Rockefellers, Rothschilds and Morgans. Incidentally, Wills Rothschild has such lines: '… categorically and unequivocally prohibit any inventory of my estate, any judicial intervention and disclosure of my state …'. In short, this Act authorized the establishment of Corporation of the Federal Reserve under the control of the Board.

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