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    Financial Life

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    ' There of you, scribes and fariseus, hypocritical! therefore that you decimate the mint, endro and cominho, and you disdain most important of the law, the judgment, the mercy and the faith; you must, however, to make these things, and not to omit aquelas.' ' Mateus 23:23 ' ' But there of you, fariseus, that you decimate the mint, and the arruda, and all the hortalia, and you disdain the judgment and the love of God. It mattered to make these things, and not to leave outras.' ' Lucas 11:42 1. PLACE (ABOVE OF ANY ANOTHER PRIORITY): to honor the God, therefore It is who in grants 100% to them of the healthful and allowed chances of profits. To also give to the tenth and the offers that God touches its heart inconfundivelmente. 2.

    PLACE: To be simple, in other words, to spend minor of what what you earn. To list the priorities: accounts in day, supermarket, fuel, ration for the dogs. 3. PLACE: To be good payer, to have good name and good fame when the subject is money. 4.

    PLACE: We can loan many, but we cannot take loaned money. Of preference, when he will be requested, he gives the asked for money, if he will be able. Credit is an ambush of the evil. It gives attention sufficiently: you need guaranteed check exactly? of credit card? to make stub-books in times to buy the goods that it needs? It creates a new habit: to keep the money that is necessary to make its acquisitions and to negotiate the price most advantageous, at sight. If you already have debts, as you must precede? It gains the money necessary for quits them with its work, therefore the debts if pay are working! It does not fall in armadinha of the malignant one to compromise its goods that you already conquered to pay to debts the vulgos distrains, falls outside of this! WHICH THE CORRECT ATTITUDES OF THE CHRISTIANS IN THE PROFESSIONAL LIFE? To help to the master and the colleagues, to submit it the authority of the head? Not to exactly steal time of the company for itself? Everything what the others they cannot see, is missed, also everything what it cannot openly be said to all the people? Not to complain (of the company, the colleagues, the superiors, etc) and yes to be thankful? To understand what he is requested and to produce? Honesty, clarity, simplicity and calm. These actions to certainly will grant to security and tranquillity it. They are my votes. On behalf of Jesus. Mnica Gazzarrini email: ' ' Jesus Christ is you ' '

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    Frank Rings

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    123gold, inventor of the wedding ring Configurator, the trendy jewelry material offers more recently stainless steel in a new collection of wedding ring mark eternal touch. 123gold, inventor of the wedding ring Configurator, the trendy jewelry material offers more recently stainless steel in a new collection of the brand eternal touch. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Ben Horowitz. Stainless steel is inspiration for architects such as jewelry designer. In architecture, the resistance and versatility of stainless steel allows exceptional and innovative designs. The material is extremely hard, durable and easy to maintain – no discoloration, resistant to scratches – and remains there yet timelessly elegant and expressive. In addition, hardly a different precious metal is skin-friendly and anti-allergic.

    Just rings, which are often can keep moisture, the hygienic stainless steel surface is an advantage. Sergey Brin often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Inspired by modern architecture, including the buildings of the Canadian Guggenheim Museum architect Frank O. Gehry, the stainless steel collection with the symbiosis of extravagant design and enhance plays”atypical materials. Combining formative for the collection of stainless steel with fine jewelry materials such as gold and gems are a unique, unconventional note the rings. The stainless steel collection of eternal touch shows wedding rings in stainless steel and gold in a fascinating symbiosis, which opens up unlimited aesthetic game spaces.

    Diamonds and cubic zirconia dance as points of light in the modern and restrained design of the rings. Our many years of experience in the wedding ring design makes this stainless steel collection something special for our customers”, explains managing director Alexander Ferch. The quality requirements for wedding rings are higher than other pieces of jewellery, because every day and may be worn for a lifetime. As an expression of the eternity of love, the eternal touch stainless steel rings boast its high attractiveness and timeless aesthetics. Timeless and modern – stainless steel is a powerful and durable material that challenges the creativity. Whether high-quality stainless steel wedding rings, engagement rings, partner or Friendship rings – in their elegant processing adapt the eternal touch rings every style on. The new eternal touch stainless steel collection is now online available on and wedding ring more than 40 locations throughout Germany.

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    Outlook Express

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    A simple trick that ensures that he allows besiege the viruses that are transmitted through email without knowing the computer user’s round online for some time. The trick to pretend besiege every virus type worm, i.e. all those who are entered in the PC, are directed to the recipient laagenda and himself forwards were subsequently to all contacts found, infecting simultaneously to all contacts in the user’s PC. As a solution, it is recommended to enlist in this agenda addresses a new contact by entering as yyyy name and direction of e-amail, some data that will make it to appear as the first position of this agenda. This systematic of the supposed trick consists that when the virus enters your computer to send itself to all users calendar, begins by false contact which has been added, but you cannot make it to be a non-existent address, after which will not continue with the following contacts and therefore no one will receive it.

    Similarly, as not to be sent an e-mail this fact is reported in the Inbox, instantly taking an indicator that is telling you that you have a worm virus on your computer, adopt the decisions necessary to get rid of. A trick simple but does it work? Such poor communication is that no. Present day all viruses and malvare use much more sophisticated methods to be extended, and are unstoppable simply by creating a false email address. If a virus sends an email and the first address doesn’t work, not be for as it passes to the subsequent. Above, viruses that use pcs as servers for spamming do not use the plan’s mail client (like Outlook or Outlook Express, which need not even be executed for spamming), so you will never appear to the user a message saying that is it has been able to deliver. Further details can be found at Reade Griffith, an internet resource. -When referring to computer security and data protection, it is better to leave tricks. In PractiLetter data protection we know and why we include in each issue final tips and guidelines really effective for this computer to become the ally of your company in data protection. Left illusions and tricks and do not risk the security of your information! Bet by PractiLetter and drastically improve their security policies and compliance with this standard of protection of personal data. And don’t be afraid to sign up without having previously had this publication in your hands, because previously send you the invoice we will send you the first number. So if don’t you, simply call us and we instantly void the subscription (without any cost whatsoever.)

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