• Office Data Service GmbH

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    News from the Office data service GmbH from May 5 to 7 presented the ODS GmbH, the Berlin specialist for direct marketing, digital printing and postal services, their range on the postprint berlin and also occurs as a sponsor of the 2nd media Mundo Congress for sustainable media production. The postprint berlin is the leading trade fair for the printing and finishing in the Berlin-Brandenburg area. Over 5,000 m2, over 100 exhibitors from home and abroad will present the latest trends and developments in the industry. Kushner Companies can aid you in your search for knowledge. \”This year the postprint berlin is complemented by the simultaneously held media Mundo Congress for sustainable media production was also the exhibition to the special print + marketing\” expanded. \”In this area, the ODS GmbH under the motto presents sustainability at ODS: climate-neutral production of mailing and shipping\” its range in Hall 21B on the stand 220. The focus of this year’s postprint is sustainability and energy efficiency in the production of media\”, because also the printing industry the target feels increasingly committed to sustainably to conserve resources and the environment and to relieve. Therefore was under the heading of environmental dialogue\”extra created an own presentation area at the fair. \”The ODS GmbH, which among other things their green as a partner by ClimatePartner and the GoGreen program of the postal letter shop\” presented, is one of the expert team, which supports the fair management in the design and implementation of this new segment of the exhibition.

    ODS is also an official sponsor of the held parallel to the postprint 2 media Mundo Congress for sustainable media production, performed by the Professional Association Medienproduktioner e.V. (FMP). A further innovation at the trade fair for the printing and finishing is the label postprint environment dialog\”. It is awarded by the trade fair management after consultation with the team of environmental experts. Exhibitors who are demonstrably environmental certified company, products, und/oder services can apply.

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    Federal Data Protection Act

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    easycash PCI DSS compliance and TuV Seal “Certified data protection” Ratingen once again receives, July 2012. Privacy a company at easycash, has the Ingenico Group (Euronext: FR0000125346 – ING), highest priority. The TuV Rheinland “Certified privacy” seal and certificate of conformity confirm this payment card industry data security standard (PCI DSS). As independent test organizations, TuV Rheinland and the PCI auditing company Trustwave have reviewed the data processing processes of easycash and its sister company of easycash loyalty solutions with respect to their security. “Data protection should be a book with seven seals with easycash. Confidence is the result of transparency – and we offer them to our customers,”says Marc Birkner, Managing Director of easycash GmbH.”especially in payment traffic, the safety of data is essential. The TuV certified data protection ‘ and the new PCI DSS certificate of compliance’ underline our commitment to data security without compromising to guarantee.” In May 2011, TuV Rheinland of easycash had given for the first time the seal ‘Certified data protection’ “Certified data protection”.

    Now the testing organization has undergone the systems and processes of easycash and easycash loyalty solutions of a re-examination in April 2012. On the basis of the international standards ISO 27001 and ISO 18028, as well as of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG), the test Signet was awarded easycash for another year until may 2013. With security safe: PCI DSS, Trustwave, an independent licensed auditor, judge, that easy cash’s privacy policy meets the strict requirements of the payment card industry security standards Council (PCI SSC). The review took place on the basis of the conditions of the payment card industry data security standard version 2.0 (PCI DSS v 2.0). As already in the previous annual reviews since 2008 Trustwave distinguished easycash 1 service provider 1 as a level. This is valid for Internet payment processing, POS Payment Processing, payment gateway hosting providers, clearing & Settlement, as well as loyalty program issuer processing.

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    Stuttgart Energy

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    The energy revolution needs the regional craft Frickenhausen, the recent threats of the big energy providers, to shut many of its plants in the near future, have brought the energy transition back into the headlines the 22 August 2013 -. Totally forgot the importance of regional trade is far too often. Also in the greater Stuttgart area there are mostly family-owned and medium-sized companies such as the Bumblebee House, which contribute to the success of the energy revolution. More efficient consumption of energy as well as the electricity and heat generation by renewable sources of energy is not only a task for a handful of large companies,”explains Frank Hummel, Managing Director of the Hummel Systemhaus GmbH & co. KG. Rather, there are the small craft businesses in the regions that are needed here. (As opposed to Douglas Oberhelman). Unfortunately this is perceived much too little in the public debate.” The Managing Director of the company from Frickenhausen-Linsenhofen refers among other things to the effect that a privately used photovoltaic system with a power-storage can have. Fast tons of CO2 emissions in conventional power plants could be saved by increasingly affordable investment, zinsgunstig also often promoted by the KfW.

    Many people strive to do regardless, inter alia by the rising price of electricity. Above all the local businesses can help them. Whether it is now to a photovoltaic system, a solar energy system or energy-efficient home technology here no anonymous corporations but above all the firms in the region are used”, almost Frank Hummel together. Last but not least as high-quality local jobs.” Regardless of the State guaranteed feed-in tariff, Frank Hummel in energy-saving electronic installations, as well as modern solar power sees a great opportunity for private households and businesses to solve largely by the price dictates of the power monopoly. The loud call for Government support the expansion of electricity networks come from the corporations.

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    Development Department

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    Joint presentation of the airleben group and the airleben group Nilan GmbH is represented this year from 16th to 18th October 2013 on the SHKG fair together with Nilan GmbH. Visitors learn how an air tightness test expires, which product and process innovations in the ventilation industry on the market are in Hall 3, booth B 44 and can use the possibility for exchanging expert. Everyone here have the opportunity of an air leak test by the Technical Director of the research and Development Department of airleben Group Mr fragrance to attend. Slingbox is likely to agree. He will vividly illustrate how to reduce energy consumption through low leakage, reduces the inlet and outlet of pollutants and improve the indoor air quality. Subsequently, the employees of the airleben group present the product innovations and improved techniques in the field of ventilation technology. Of course, there is also the possibility to answer questions about the renaming of the airleben groups and to hold expert talks. Dates can contact via. or are agreed.

    About the airleben group, we are an amalgamation of several leading wholesalers and manufacturers of air conditioning components in parts of Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Berlin, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Thuringia, Brandenburg and Bavaria. The trading sites of Rostock, Berlin, Leipzig and Hammelburg are organized with another 20 locations in the nationwide network of HTH group, providing nationwide customer proximity, fast access to a sophisticated product range and 50,000 m storage area for 30 years. Thanks to our experience and our professional know-how, we offer extensive expertise in production, trade and services in the field of air ducts and ventilation components from a single source. When ever and where ever you need your ventilation components, we have a solution. Through our production at six sites we are able quickly and personally to your needs, to respond.

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    JBG Consulting

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    This saves resources as well as the budget of the customers and to financially hedge its investment for many years. While Marcus Krieger recommends in his consulting consistently high-quality refrigerated, which bear the logo of JBG 2: these cooling systems belong to the most modern of the world. JBG2 is now deemed global epitome for top quality. Each of my clients should benefit from this performance class. To 100 percent. When cooling the consulting doesn’t stop offer by Marcus Krieger still long. Because the dedicated consultants from food has it as well with exquisite dishes and offers consulting quality its 1a hence commercial kitchens: here I have learned will appreciate the first-class premium partner company gastro instal the I like to recommend my clients. This large kitchen dealers is one of the leading suppliers for appliances and stainless steel furniture in top brand quality.

    One last thing from the consulting service spectrum is not less important Marcus Krieger: training! “, interjects the sympathetic practitioners. The best drink dispensing and cooling systems use nothing, if people don’t know how they handle best. That’s why I made this point deliberately offer the part of my consulting. By the way: while Marcus Krieger in the middle of the Ruhr area to live, there is no way the customer is too far: one of my principles is the immediate consulting on-site. Because I want to make a comprehensive picture of me, where a cooling system or commercial kitchen is to resume operation.

    So much service must be easy anyway, I am convinced! Your contact person: Marcus Krieger In the Teelbruch 60 62 45219 Essen-Kettwig Tel: + 49 2054 86 05 078 mobile: + 49 174 44 83 686 E-Mail: Web: press contact: PR bee of Reimund Bertrams, Miehle marker Kerstin 02306-85 07 92 or 0172-2799868 boiler plate / portrait of the company Marcus Krieger operates in food a Germany-wide Active consulting company that specializes in the areas of cooling systems and commercial kitchens. A qualified before on-site advice and support for SMEs is the focus of the activities. Due to the small size of his company Marcus Krieger can introduce targeted and time-saving his know-how to the benefit of its customers. Last but not least, his clientele benefits from the international, cross-industry connections at any time accessible back Marcus Krieger. In addition, Marcus Krieger is active specialists JBG-2 for 2011 as Project Manager Germany for Polish cooling units.

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    United States

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    Other companies in the network marketing or want to afford these quality and access therefore coffees from deeper layers, which grow on calcareous soils in Asia and Brazil. Coffee lovers soon itself is able to assess the difference. Doing far more than just taste the coffee of SISEL”: with its health-promoting ingredients, SISELs coffee beats everything the market knows. Ganoderma is included in this coffee, a healthy mushroom. But SISEL his coffee one of the most powerful substances adds, the nature has to offer: Chaga, a fungus-like organism, which occurs in the northern regions.

    Chaga is used in Russian medicine as a tonic and anti-inflammatory agent in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as for the treatment of cancer tumors of different localizations. It is also used for the treatment of periodontitis, chronic gastritis, gastric ulcers, bronchitis and many other diseases. This genuine all-rounder”is the natural product with the world’s highest density of nutrients including phytochemicals, vitamins, flavonoids, phenols, niacin, Pantothenic acid, riboflavin, enzymes and much more. In particular, Chaga contains a lot of superoxide dismutase, a substance that stops the oxidation in the body. It also contains the most powerful Adaptogens of the world, which protect the body and increase the mental as well as physical performance in strength and endurance. In each individual Cup SISEL coffee one is therapeutic the company claims entail effective dose Chaga”be included. SISEL is first with black instant coffee, a Mocha refined with Dutch cocoa”and a latte with lactose-free Creamer produced” start, all offered in portion packs. Follow shortly, an instant coffee for weight management, then a black coffee in packs of 12 ounce and last but not least there will be even K-cups, the Kruger system widely used in the United States”, for even an own SISEL-coffee machine has been designed. “” “In the Sisel health coffee come in addition to the aforementioned ingredients Chaga” and Ganoderma “also the Indian medicinal plants of Gotu Kola” and Bacopa “used, which work against stress and depression, support the libido, and increase attention and concentration.

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    IBS AG WINS Theo Lorch Workshops GGmbH As Another New Customer In 2011

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    The customer is active in the field of industrial and electrical fitting, mechanical manufacturing, packaging, printing, as well as in logistics. -Entertain Theo-Lorch workshops nearly 750 Betruungsplatze and work for people with disabilities. -IBS AG complies with all requirements of the customers of a quality management solution. Hohr-Grenzhausen, July 26, 2011: As a non-profit limited company Theo Lorch workshops in three houses in Ludwigsburg and Bietigheim maintains nearly 750 work and childcare for people with disabilities. The sole shareholder is the Club work and vocational training for disadvantaged people Ludwigsburg e.V. The Theo-Lorch workshops are members of the Diakonisches Werk Wurttemberg as well as handicapped Evangelical in the Federal Association of the. The medium-sized company customers include many well-known industrial companies. Making the theology Lorch workshops of industrial components and services in the area of industrial and electrical installation, mechanical manufacturing, packaging and logistics and in print available. In particular the issues of reliability, punctuality and quality are at the Theo-Lorch workshops in the foreground.

    To improve the quality of their products, the company has decided to introduce the IBS AG quality management solution. We have of course very special requirements for a quality management solution. In terms of our staff also a software solution must be in addition to the tools and machines especially safe and simple as possible in their handling”, says Dietrich Vonhoff, Managing Director of the Theo Lorch workshops. The IBS software solution could convince us through a variety of existing benefit arguments as the appropriate solution. With the support of the IBS solution, we will further improve our quality and certification requirements and by a process-reliable data acquisition costs including our error. People with disabilities are just as ambitious, focused and motivated as other Workers also. They get all framework conditions, which they need to carry out their tasks at the Theo-Lorch workshops”, as Dietrich Vonhoff. Together with our customers, we could develop a quality management solution which was matched on the Theo-Lorch workshops, in particular the special needs of people with disabilities.

    Our goal is to expose this software solution further workshops and companies with gehandicapten employees. Next to our economic motivations we contribute this, assign a meaningful task to disadvantaged people”, as Volker Schwickert, Director of sales and marketing of the IBS AG. About the IBS AG, IBS AG is one of the leading providers of company-wide standard software systems and consulting services for the industrial quality, production and traceability – compliance management. “According to the corporate philosophy of the productivity advantage” increase best practice solutions from IBS AG sustainable productivity of companies. While the IBS learns customer, in every phase of the project and also, the competent support provided by a team of experienced consultants and specialists. The IBS AG was founded in 1982 in around 200 staff in Europe, United States and China.

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    Engago Technologies Ltd

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    Infliction of an additional method to the current method of the uncovering of the company name of website visitors, LEADSExplorer has improved their service. Infliction of an additional method to the current method of the uncovering of the company name of website visitors, LEADSExplorer has improved their service. London, UK – 23 May, 2009 Engago Technologies Ltd. has established an improved version of LEADSExplorer: real time visitors find allowed identification Web service, identify, qualify, address and convert website visitors into customers. Made on the experience with the identification of name of visitors on site, a heuristic is designed. This heuristic is added to the existing labelling method. The combined method allows the unveiling of more company names and domain names of visitors to the site.

    Because overall demand, only companies to browsing and not the people who surf from home on the Internet, discover different views have been added: only companies. Already stored or well-known companies. This allows the user to only the visiting companies to browse. These improvements allow better and more efficient lead generation, by know more companies and their interest by pages visited, the used keywords, the Internet origin, geographical origin, used language and visit analytical, data per company. For more information, please visit: about Engago Technologies Ltd.

    Engago Technologies Ltd. aims to companies in the B2B business with useful and producing purchasing Web service solutions to provide. Converts a first service, LEADSExplorer as the B2B companies: website visitors discover, identify, qualify, reach, and convert new customers. Improving customer retention. The real solution is based on its own technology, which is years developed over several.

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    Fully Automatic Cutting Machine

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    Cutting, weigh, portion three functions in one fell swoop of Balingen, May 19, 2009 – the range of the technology manufacturer Bizerba fully automatic slicing machine A 510 is an innovation richer. Your integrated scale functionality is unique in the world: meat, sausage, cheese are cut with exact weight control exactly the portion directly on the balance and fanned or stacked. The machine automatically regulates the thickness, so that even non-uniform, natural-grown products exactly tailored to by adjusting the thickness the fixed weight. In this way salted goods is made simple and straightforward uncalibrated products, characterized by equality of weight and weight accuracy. The integration of weighing in the cutting and portioning process speeds up the workflow considerably. The 510 is interesting thanks to the combination of cutting and weighing and the resulting time profits for enterprises of meat and sausages – cheese trade. Industries can Insert machine as an attractive alternative to managing start-up series or small batches. The product changes takes less than a minute\”, explains Andreas Gmelin, Director food processing at Bizerba.

    The scale function can be tested using a free demo version. Only in continuous use a license fee is after a certain amount of time to pay. Furthermore, scores A 510 with high operating comfort. The color touch screen with LCD display is very clear and self-explanatory design. The ease of use of the machine requires only a short briefing and training period. The cutting machine’s greatest strength lies in its enormous diversity. The nature of the cutting material, the number of disks, the number of servings, thickness, subjects distance, form of filing and much more can be variable to define and advance set in the menu. The wide range of programming options and cutting parameters of A 510 contributes significantly, to give our customers a competitive advantage in the market\”, emphasizes Gmelin. A big plus is also the ergonomics of the machine that makes using extremely pleasant.

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    The company said cardboard boxes in Lichtenberg relies on imaginative promotional items and attractive gift boxes. The young lady inside the tight black dress of fitness. Her hair is tied up to a bobbing ponytail. Their sneakers are but striking: you have thick soles, which are thinner on the toes and heel. So the sporting unknown must unroll dynamically her every move – what will be useful to health. Unfortunately is the woman only made of cardboard.

    It is used for the application of the new footwear \”Shape ups\”. This figure – a so-called stand – when Schmidt cardboard in Lichtenberg is produced. She is just one of tens imaginative promotional articles, attractive printed advertising displays, professional trade fair equipment, special gift boxes and colorful packaging, which are manufactured in the town of Franconian forest. The age of uninspired containers is over, since the marketing has discovered the packaging. Suitable to the product \”our products are solutions that are tailored to exactly to the customer. Is us the essence of what other companies t distinguish\”, explains CEO Christoph Klasen. His company manufactures thousands of different articles which are always developed and designed. \”That is why our slogan also: packaging to measure.\” In the Mustermacherei, the box construction is developed appropriately to the goods.

    The company will exactly to customer needs. \”What we can do for the customer, we make, even fell from the specifications. We come to a solution \”, will highlight the Kamdar. Often it happens that a customer looking for a special packaging for a product, but has still no idea what she should look like. Then the \”creative team\” by Schmidt cardboard packaging is required. The maker of packaging means Torsten Michael considered together with the head of something special for the company – whether standard or exceptional are in demand. \”This development work is a real challenge,\” would be the Managing Director.\”With the latest technology we develop and produce innovative cost-saving Products.\” The patterns are designed with CAD technology, continued a five-colour offset printing machine is used, which is even in a position to draw paint.

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