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    In fact, according to studies at the University of Iowa neuroscientist Antonio Damasio, emotions are an integral part of the process of human thought, and not a parallel phenomenon.Although the human brain has become more complex during the millions of years of evolution, connections that deal with emotions have not disappeared. Emotions can not be surgically removed intelligence.The emotions if they imported all the time. Ignore her role, ignore the wisdom of the emotions themselves and other people, is to invite failure as a person, as a Manager and as a leader.It is time that managers say things like the time that all us emocionemos or must deal with this problem from an emotional and non-rational point of view. Details can be found by clicking Jonas Samuelson or emailing the administrator. The key to being an emotionally intelligent Manager is to integrate emotional and rational responses. Too much emphasis on one or the other might lead to an improper decisions.

    Be aware, that one good management can support in all the contributions that bequeathed us the emotional intelligence that allows you to intelligently use emotions to improve our quality of life in terms of relationships, initiatives, work, etc.Training in the development of emotional skills allows you to develop the capacity to handle suitable for each action emotions and regulate its manifestation, maintaining emotional balance; transmitting moods to generate attitudes and positive responses; learning to evaluate the emotional cost of situations and actions; developing social skills, forging and managing relations with customers, suppliers, colleagues, etc.; making a plan of implementation on the ground of our sphere of influence business and labour, extending it to the family and social life.In fact, taken into account, that the basic emotional structure can be modified by a decision of conscience and some practice: neurological circuits involved can be altered or strengthened with the repetition of certain habits. There opens a unique opportunity to develop emotional intelligence: childhood and adolescence are two critical moments, but at maturity the most people can educate with advantage their emotions. It’s definitely important to identify how handling emotions, where are the major barriers that prevent achieving it, exploit its potential so as to generate motivational incentives that favor him in the performance of their duties. It is important to take into account the six principles of emotional intelligence son:1. Emotions are a form of information: emotions we are prepared for action, focus our attention and give us strength. Although emotions are not always a source of information, they usually provide information on relationships and people. In other words, the emotions help us sobrevivir.2. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Sonya Reines-Djivanides has to say. Try to ignore the emotions rarely works: when people try to suppress emotions in the name of efficiency, is often recalled less informacion.3.

    People are not very skilled to hide their emotions: organizations only allow the expression of certain emotions such as anger; others, such as enjoyment, are rarely expresadas.4. Effective decision making must take into account the emotions: do not set aside their emotions, incorporate them all into their decisions. Emotions are part of what makes people human, and really form part of our racionalidad.5. Logical patterns represent the expression of emotions: emotions influence in thinking. Positive emotions foster creativity, while negative ones allow us to concentrate on the menores.6 details. Taking into account the universal and specific symbols of emotions: for example, a happy face is recognized worldwide. * Source: Notes, forums of the organizational behavior of the program chair quality management and productivity of Faces. UC.

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    Catalina Valencia

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    Having a presence on the Internet means: build a relationship of trust, creating a direct contact with the visitors of your site, understand what they need from your knowledge or products and send them the information that really added value plan for what you want a web site? Do-you want to have presence in Internet because everyone is on the Internet? Do-you are interested in just being at the forefront of the trends? Do-want to increase sales of your business? Do-you want more people to access the information of your products and services? Do-you want to generate extra income? -When you discover that some people already live Internet, want to do the same! An Internet presence is not created overnight overnight. To start a marathon you have to take the first step, and that first step means get in action. Think before you begin and then writes 1. How you want people to see you, remember that you only have a brief moment to make a good first impression (a user who visits a blog, takes 8 seconds in) fascinated or dissenchanted content). 2 Identify what is what most excites you, what it is that you like talk, whats the topic better dominate. 3 Make a list what you’re doing, because if you have a web site, as well as inform, you have to be to promote your knowledge, a product or a service. 4.

    Make your profile, write 3 lines explaining what they do. An example: I teach people to do business by internent, through their own knowledge, focusing on strengthening its image to be projected and generate revenue. Why do it? Because every day the people much more uses search engines to find a person, a theme, a product or a service.

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    How To Become Rich

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    Every person, being of sound mind wants to be rich. However, we are all different meanings, different meanings in the word. Think …. What images do you imagine drawing at the thought of wealth? The mountains of money? A three-storey mansion? Exclusive car? Diamonds? Think about it, does not appear if you have these thoughts at the feeling that, no matter how long you worked or how much strength to put, anyway you will not be able to earn enough amount of money to satisfy all your desires and needs? So what is it – the wealth? And how to become rich? For me personally, wealth – it's freedom of action, the feeling of owning something, a feeling of fullness. I'm sure that all of us have something, how can I dispose of according to their own desires, and this is the real freedom.

    Accordingly, the word "wealth" is equivalent to the word "freedom." Did anyone of us would want to own desire to give up freedom? Of course not. That's the real reason for the desire to become rich. We are all, without exception, want to live a full life: delicious and satisfying to eat, or what does not refuse, please do not just themselves, but close, and live in harmony with others. Learn more on the subject from Starbucks. And where all the conflicts, quarrels and misunderstanding? All because of the same shortages and shortage of something, than we would have, but do not have such an opportunity when others have it. We can not afford something, we can not translate their ideas into practice, to carry out some projects, we can not publicly declare itself the world can not succeed. Accordingly, to be rich to be free = + + permit to possess. No less important, "permission" – to be meaningful, be valuable. We all want to be respected, appreciated our actions, efforts, our time.

    But this luxury is also not everyone can afford. This again prevents our freedom, and hence our path to riches. Almost all of us is inherent in one more wish – to help. And, no matter whether it is a grandmother that wants to give alms, wet puppy wants to bring home, fed and warm, or friend who asks you advice. So how does all this get? How to become rich? How can we live a full life, to be free in their actions, we can allow ourselves to have all the necessary to gain knowledge, send them to help the world? Sadly, but the conclusion is only one – with the help of money. However, we must understand that in order to become rich enough to have a solid bank account. Money is not wealth. They are merely a means, an assistant on the difficult road to riches. The main thing is not to get into this complicated web of feelings, desires and emotions – if you can figure out how to become really rich.

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    International Trade Students

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    " Meanwhile, the Moscow International Higher Business School MIRBIS, which has over 1,500 students (Except for a small institution of higher education), according to the students, the conditions favorable. "Communication can be maintained with the dean's office directly or through our website mirbislife.ru, – told the students. – It always comes on time all the necessary Information about the study: schedule, mulligans, as the Student Council meetings, and teachers, materials for exam preparation. It also posted the results … sanitary conditions – at the highest level being … active cultural life of the mass of the institute. Often held round table discussions, meetings, inviting important people.

    " But students of another small high school – the Institute of International Trade and Law – reported that they were even help with job placement after graduation. "Referring to personal practice, I can tell you that no one else my appeal was not considered – adds one of the students. – All is solved just once and directly with the dean and rector … Interaction with teachers is always in the form of direct dialogue. " Moreover, all students are small high schools noted for strict control and discipline school attendance. In general, as the results of the survey, while that situation is often better in small high schools.

    For some people this may be the deciding factor when choosing a university. The focus is not clear that is more important for the Russian Ministry of Education – economic considerations create some "Wiki" and yet the interests of the individual. The fact that man has the right to choose, in any university – a large or less – to him to learn, it seems, is not considered. Does not affect whether this habit of our state to solve all the "top", not trusting himself to the population? Meanwhile, young people and their parents themselves are able to weigh the pros and cons training in various institutions of higher education and ultimately make their choice. And because they, as usual, nobody asked … In the end, the controversy is not the so-called "social platform" and in the hallways of high schools and dormitories, but in the pages of the Internet. Position on this issue may be different, but in any case, do not forget what time we live. As the rector of the Izhevsk State Technical University Ivan Abramov: "It is clear that we can talk about some reorganization, where the state's economy stable. But at a time when there is a process of survival (and today, during the period of education reform and the transition to European standards this is true), more than justified the tactics of small Universities as they get closer to the people, closer to their parents. " For example, training in small private universities corny cheaper than at major universities in the commercial department … Hopefully efficiency future reforms in the Russian universities, which should help solve the problem of quality education. Until then, prospective students and parents when choosing a university in the first place should be guided by the opinion of most students of the university, rather than nominal rates of ratings of the Ministry of Education and Science.

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    Born Skills

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    Life is not equal for all, often not about money but rather of aptitude and attitude towards various situations we face in the way of life. In common parlance refers to the ability of a person’s ability to adequately perform a task, in psychology encompasses both cognitive and emotional processes and personality characteristics. We must also mention that aptitude is closely related to intelligence and the innate and acquired skills as a result of a learning process. Those with skill, know immediately when you realize there is that making friends with people who are low-life, not to be arrested with them, or involved in professional activity. Those with skill, know immediately get away from vices like marijuana, cocaine, because they know they end up living to enrich a group of traffickers. The vice of the poorer and far from reality, to end up living on the streets as a beggar. Those who have faced life skills to better than those who do not, and almost always end up in the hands of prostitution, drug addiction, underemployment, blackmail, imprisonment, lack of intelligence. Click Keith McLoughlin to learn more. The skills are linked to a wide range of skills competence, all related to the different logical-mathematical skills.

    Logical reasoning. Related to logical-mathematical intelligence. Abstract reasoning. Related to logical-mathematical intelligence. Verbal comprehension and writing. Linguistic intelligence related to the body.

    Spatial reasoning. Spatial intelligence related. Mental concentration. Linked to emotional intelligence. Manual dexterity and eye-hand coordination. Related bodily-kinesthetic intelligence. Memory. Inventiveness, originality, relationship to the environment.

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    Educador Construction

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    The individual and collective activities must walk in agreement and not isolated, therefore in this last condition, risk runs not to reach the waited result. To the director the mission is given to it to co-ordinate the construction of the north of the school, in global way, acting and promoting circumstances basic so that the norms if accomplish and if they become Reals. Still in the moving one of the collective participation in the construction of the planning, also the management to follow the same way. In relation the evaluation, this if processes in spontaneous way so that the professor is capable to notice the capacity of the pupils how much the assimilation of the contents, for the pupils, as well as the effectiveness of its methodology applied in the daily one. Of this form, losing the classificatrio character in: approved and disapproved. We know that exactly with this new vision of evaluation, some professors insist on the old process, however he is considerable to understand that to evaluate is a constant and daily pedagogical process that it searchs to solve errors for the construction of new knowledge. FINAL CONSIDERAES: In this manner the planning is verified, of a side, as act of decision of what will be constructed, of the other, the evaluation as the critical one that it assists in the comment of as the project will be constructed. Therefore, the evaluation crosses planning and executing, contributing throughout the passage of the linear action, in all the directions.

    The evaluation as passage analysis, is basic for the method of construction of the product of the significao, redimensionando the destination of the action. To evaluate is to take care of e, is beyond classifying and to give note to the pupil, therefore from it, the future of the society and the citizens is traced, oportunizando respect, equality of rights and duties, among others aspects.

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    The Statute

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    A next step is To analyze the information that we observe and we describe. This analysis helping in them to know this family better and to understand the type of existing relation in it. During our analysis we need to remember that ' ' everything what it happens in a family has one meaning. Our actions reflect our ways to think, our feelings, our ambiguities, our possibilities at the moment, ours limitaes' ' (Szymanski, 2007). Therefore, everything what it happens in the family must be taken in consideration when to think about our pedagogical strategies stops to approach them of the school. The Statute of the Child and the Adolescent? ECA, in its article 53 prays: The child and the adolescent have right to the education, aimed at to the full development of its person, preparation for the exercise of the citizenship and qualification for the work, assuring to it: equality of conditions for the access and permanence in the school; right of being respected by its educators. (Interpolated propositions I and II) He is right of the responsible parents or to have science of the pedagogical process, as well as participating of the definition of the educational proposals. (only paragraph) Agreeing to the cited article, we cannot worrying in them in only having children registered the school, but anticipating them in the reasons that hinder its permanence, as the lack it material didactic and uniform because the responsible ones do not have conditions to buy, a pupil that are discouraged because it does not obtain to enxergar right of the picture, or does not obtain is concentrated for being with hunger, always arrives very behind in the lessons for liveing very far. They are aspetos that they need to be led in consideration to guarantee that this child or young gives up the way at the beginning. However, as already we said, we need to know the reality of this pupil to be able to help it and to guide the responsible ones.

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    EJA Education

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    Reason and conscience are endowed with and must act in relation ones to the others with spirit of fraternidade' '. The necessary diligent pupil to believe that the pertaining to school space is not destined only to the scientific severities of them you discipline, but also, that there they are supported by professionals who primam for the dignity human being and, that the relation educator/educating is not a verticalizada action, for the opposite, are an exchange to know scientific, philosophical, religious and of common sense, supported for the affectivity and tolerance, beddings that if perpetuate in the good interpersonal relations. After all, the education would not have felt if its actors did not use to advantage the space of classroom to create bows of friendships. If he is very, or if it is little time for evaluations, are not intensities to be argued at this moment, the fact is that 15 years already had transferred the objectives of adult young the directed educational lines of direction of 1996 to the e, where if they include the diligent pupils registered in the EJA here the level of Basic Education, give signals of failures. It does not have doubts of that the proposal to prepare the citizen for the market of practical work and to social explicit intention in LDB 9394 (1996, Heading I, Paragraph 2)) ' ' The pertaining to school education will have to associate the world to it of the work and to practical social' '. is not reaching the necessities of the diligent pupils of this century, who after all of accounts, for force of the fast transformations stimulated for the globalization, demand new practical a pedagogical one guided without contradictions for them pillars of the education for this century XXI. 2.2 the four pillars of the education for century XXI In the year of 1998, was published the Brazilian edition EDUCATION, a treasure to discover translated by Jose Carlos Eufrzio.

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    Education and Job Search

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    Along with the qualitative breakthrough in the means of transportation and delivery, which became available to the masses of people and increasing numbers of homo sapience, all this was the beginning of a new era in human history. And in this new era, as you know, to be a new system of education, based on qualitatively different principles. Statistics is that every year in the world appear a few dozen new jobs, and information from students on the first training course is becoming obsolete and irrelevant by the the third year. Thus, the challenge of modern education should be learning to work with information (search for necessary and unnecessary exclusion of, correct and easy assimilation) as well as skills (and ability to independently improve them) work in a specific, clearly defined sphere of activity. In other words 21 in the formation of the first century is the century of specialization, but profound, full understanding of the profession. So, my advice to the current students include: bill of exchange is not the time for rote learning of what you really need to know in order to operate effectively. Instead it keep up with the latest developments in the field of their profession. History of antiquity is not necessary chemist and a lawyer to anything higher mathematics.

    Visit the forums and exhibitions, international conferences, catch new trends. As soon as possible, start practice. Since skills are acquired and fixed on practice. And the really useful knowledge, by the way, too. A parrot on the pairs will have you empty weight of the head. Grasp the profession from all sides, in every detail. Grow in depth.

    Be aware of passing directions activity. Then you'll master. Meet with professionals and learn from their experience. For this study to communicate, learn foreign languages. Stay up to date with latest developments in your field. This allows you to always stay ahead by using the latest tools and techniques. Tips over, and I hope you understand the trend. To be successful you must be aware and use the most effective methods. Good luck!

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