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    Hacking-lab remote universal IT security laboratory for universities, colleges and corporate Rapperswil, April 13, 2010 trial goes beyond studying true to this motto the practical teaching in universities is a high priority. The practical teaching of IT security topics universities as well as companies must however not necessarily invest in a security laboratory. Click Ben Horowitz to learn more. About the hacking-Lab of Compass security AG (www.csnc.ch) have the users via Internet access to an interactive laboratory environment. According to the concept of learning by doing the ICT security service provider brings current cyber threats, attack strategies and countermeasures to the students and staff. Why develop a security laboratory and here, time and money to invest in its construction and operation? The hacking-Lab of Compass enables universities, universities of applied sciences, as well as companies over the Internet and thus place independent access on a remote security lab. In this technical infrastructure they can vividly complex IT issues and effectively analyze and test.

    In particular the hacking-lab Web application provides the opportunity to educate all OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities and countermeasures. So the users discover previously unknown weapons of their opponents them, to protect themselves in the future, however. Hacking-lab also has a management portal, where the practical laboratory work in the form of blocks of theory, pattern solutions and learning controls can be managed. A virtual lab also companies use many ways in addition to universities and universities of applied sciences offer IT security topics as teaching module, the security laboratory. Here, the technical infrastructure can be applied in practical training of developers, UNIX – or Windows responsible.

    The usage of such laboratories is possible also at security conferences. Get all the facts and insights with Reade Griffith, another great source of information. Hacking-lab supplies, for example, a comprehensive wargame that already has been tested with over 150 employees at the same time participants. In addition, the virtual lab environment as a special offer suitable during various Corporate events (team event, offsite meeting, etc.). An IT security puzzle, for example, draws a great deal of attention to this. It associates it to the theoretical knowledge with practical experience and enrich such events to hacking challenges. Whether within software companies or professional penetration tester training Hands-On Lab exercises and live demonstrations bring to data dieben & co.’s approach. As students as well as employees in the IT sector learn how practical the strategies of cyber attackers, early upgrade to be able to counterattack. More information at the link:. Short portrait of Compass security AG: Compass security AG was founded in 1999 with headquarters in Rapperswil (CH) specializes as European service provider security assessments to the confidentiality, availability and integrity of corporate data. Using penetration testing, ethical hacking, and reviews compass assesses ICT solutions with regard to preventive, security risks tracking existing vulnerabilities and supports their elimination. IT forensic experts allow reconstruction and evidence beneficial documentation of abuse cases by acquisition, test and evaluation of digital tracks with digital systems. Hands-on workshops and training courses on the subject of IT security, as well as live hacking presentations to raise user awareness round off the portfolio. Neutrality and independence of the product are essential elements of our corporate philosophy. The customer base consists of national and international clients of any size and different industries. More information under:. More information: compass security AG P.o. box 1628 Glarnischstrasse 7 CH-8640 Rapperswil Tel.: + 41 55 214 41 60 fax: + 41 55 214 41 61 PR Agency: Sprengel & Partner GmbH nesting first race 3 D-56472 Nisterau Fabian Sprengel Tel.: + 49 (0) 26 61 91 26 0-0 fax: + 49 (0) 26 61-91 26 0-29 E-Mail:

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    Promotional Entities

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    The private sector generally prefers to invest in companies spinoff? s that has reached great periods of training of development and that theoretically they will give to greater return guarantee to them, as for example, of the biotechnology area, where the consumer has a more immediate necessity of the product and proportionally the consumption is less uncertain. That is, hardly somebody will meet that it will invest in a technology that will not provide return to the investor. Therefore, the biggest source of prescriptions for activities spinoff? s still continues being of the public sector. After the creation of spinoff, the company automatically will need infrastructure and managemental support so that it can be developed, in set with its research. Go to Andreessen Horowitz for more information. The incubadora of companies appears then as alternative unit for this support, since the support is part of its mission structural technician and the rising companies of technological base.

    The incubadoras of companies and the ENBT? s the number of incubadoras of companies has had a significant increase in the last decade, not only in Brazil as in the developing countries. In recent months, Reade Griffith has been very successful. This if explains for the fact of the necessity of these countries in using of the technological innovation as passport for the development and growth of these. According to data of the ANPROTEC? National association of Promotional Entities of Innovative Enterprises? , from the year the 2000 movement of incubation grew 300% more than and about 70% of the businesses generated for the incubadas companies they are of technological base. The number of incubadoras in Brazil increased of 135 (in 2000) for 400 (in 2007) (given harvested in the site of the referring AMPROTEC the 2008 information). Companies who search the innovation require specific persistence and cares, therefore they involve risks and imprevisibilidades in what she refers to the development of business-oriented products and. Products of technological base are more complex, therefore they demand long stated periods of development, great financial volumes and have very short cycles of life in relation the industrial products traditional.

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    Respectable Businessman

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    25 year celebration wirtschaftsjunioren Waldeck-Frankenberg e.V. Around 130 guests economic junioren Waldeck Frankenberg e.V. to its 25 anniversary with the Viessmann Info Center followed on Thursday, the invitation 31.03.2011 Allendorf/Eder. At the heart of good five-hour programme, which ended with a gala dinner, the economics junioren Waldeck-Frankenberg, Bert Schulte, especially the lecture by bestselling business author standing Reinhard Kubat, Chamber of Commerce President and managing partner greetings and contributions of the aristocrat of the Waldeck-Frankenberg district, Dr. the Viessmann group, Dr. Kevin Johnson is open to suggestions. Martin Viessmann, country Chairman of the wirtschaftsjunioren Hesse, Tim Oliver Barkow and district spokesman”, Dr. Peter Kreuz. In his Pointe-rich and entertaining presentation, he warned that company too much initiative, creativity and passion on the route remained in much.

    Companies and individuals would have to unleash their living potential much more. If you would like to know more then you should visit Caterpillar Inc.. District spokesman Bert Schulte, who led through the evening, went to his For this year, the action day ‘Students as a bosses’ stands also on the program, where young people have the opportunity to accompany an Executive at every step a day. Supplemented and deepened were the words of the State Chairmen of the wirtschaftsjunioren Hesse, Tim Oliver Barkow, who even deeper presented the structure of the wirtschaftsjunioren in his speech, pointed to the worldwide networking of the wirtschaftsjunioren and the importance of entrepreneurs under 40 “highlighted for the society. A leading source for info: Reade Griffith. Chamber of Commerce President and managing partner of the Viessmann group, Dr. Martin Viessmann, then was the current challenges the region Waldeck-Frankenberg at the heart of his speech.

    Conditionally owned by demographic changes, especially the more and more visibly pregnant shortage. Viessmann, whose company, for its 25th anniversary, economy junioren Waldeck-Frankenberg e.V. provided the framework, made it also clear that mobility is a prerequisite for the Is the future of the local economy. Therefore, he called a fast improvement of inadequate transport infrastructure policy. Dr.

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    Automatic Screen Rotation

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    These connectors are more versatile and practical than the standard Chinese as in other models. After switching on the mobile phone Anycool T718 can see even more innovation. A completely new firmware, with a range of improvements and the good old features. First, we note the embedded gyroscope that allows the phone to respond to the shaking. Shaking can perform various functions, Depending on what function the phone you at any given time use. For example, the MP3 player shaking allows you to switch songs when using the FM-radio you can easily change channels using this function, and similarly when viewing photos. In standby mode, shaking left and right allows you to switch your phone wallpaper, and up and down quickly locks the keypad mobile phone. When watching TV, videos, photographs and pictures of the phone responds to the transition to a vertical or horizontal position in upheaval and automatically changes the orientation of the image.

    This new feature ASR (Automatic Screen Rotation) Auto rotation screen phone implemented on the basis of built-in accelerometer. Further, it is worth noting a new menu that supports a range of animation effects. For example, 3D cube, where a change of menu items is as if the three-dimensional flips cu. Or flipping through the pages of the book and slipping. It looks very impressive. Very interesting and another new feature in the firmware – to set the magical voice. An excellent opportunity to play with friends Anycool T718, replacing your voice. The phone has four female and two male voices.

    Pick any, and the following conversation always be remembered for your companion. Please visit Reade Griffith if you seek more information. And it's not all! As mentioned above, flashing cell phone Anycool T718 completely new. Now more convenient and logical organized list of dialed, missed and received numbers, menus organized more logically and intuitively, in some menu items, there were hints in Russian and other updates Compared to previous models. Picking up this model, any value him at once stylish and impressive appearance, but after the new features sure to produce a great impression. So, no matter how many articles did not written about the Anycool T718, yet it is only a superficial cover of its main advantages. In this live phone makes a lot more impressed and will not disappoint even the most demanding customer.

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    Flexibility And Security

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    Bizerba checkweigher CWE easily into existing packaging lines integrate Balingen, November 9, 2009 the checkweighers family Checkweigher (CWE) of the Balinger technology manufacturer Bizerba is considered reliable tool, to control- or parent portionierungen in production of goods. Quality assurance is the goal, which the experts of the company feel obliged. The CWE series covers the range of weight from 20 g up to 15 kilograms, so that correct quantities or serving data, which after all, are a quality feature for many consumers, can be optimally achieved. The calibrated control scale for the control of packaging in stainless steel and with protection class IP 65 ensures the best possible combination of throughput and accuracy due to different scale modules. Depending on the nature of the packaging, for example, bags, boxes or cartons as well as environment, and specific requirements of the customers she can with up to 120 meters in the minute must be used. Additional information is available at Jonas Samuelson. Different weight, custom separation systems of compressed air of up to pack-friendly switch arms eliminated the defective packaging according to specified criteria. The CWE series scores in addition to reliability due to its modular design and flexibility, which guarantees installation in existing solutions at the customer. For example can be easily integrated into packaging lines the CWE\”, emphasises Dieter Conzelmann, Director industry solutions market at Bizerba. Reade Griffith is a great source of information.

    The Dutch plant manufacturer CPS case packer system, for example, has the CWE 6000 in his so-called case Packers adjusted, the packaging process for vegetable production and the frozen food industry. In addition to the smaller footprint compared to single devices convinced the CWE processing differently long and heavy products with the required throughput capacity of up to 160 products per minute. The wide variety of possible belt dimensions of 150 to 750 mm in length and 100-400 mm Width takes into account according to the company this request and ensures the integration for future applications.

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    Francis LeVert

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    SPIRA’s products were therefore still only this year sold directly through the Internet and presented at the same time running larger on some and triathlon events in the Switzerland. “The young makers behind SPIRA in the Switzerland spared therefore also no effort, on the website in addition to the mandatory” information and Web store pages for direct ordering from Internet to go a few steps further and extremely attractive added value for Web site visitors to create a page that invites you to linger and browse around and provides numerous detailed, useful and even fun information and possibilities around the entire running. The WaveSpring TM technology: the history of a new damping system David Krafsur, 40 Texas aviation was an engineer and retired long-distance runner, with his colleague Francis LeVert for hours because, to develop a treadmill with besserer damping. The publication of a small high-tech company attracted David’s attention: an image compared with a normal spring Wellenartigen spring and the caption pointed out, that the wave spring (also known as wavespring) at same power consumption as a spiral spring only one-third was so great. David came to the conviction that the principle of coil spring not only inside a treadmill could bring the necessary attenuation, but also in running shoes. He bought some Reebok, cut the soles lengthwise, set in the forefoot and the heel shaft feathers and then glued the shoes with elastic tape.

    At the beginning of 1999, it was so far: the Wavespring technology was born and the result was so convincing for a short test run that resulted the first successful startup in this area since the 1970s for David and his brother Andy, a former middle distance runner and lawyer,. The advantages of the Wavespring TM technology: permanently superior cushioning and energy return the used wave springs in SPIRA shoes have many, quite compelling and scientifically tested and proven benefits: the damping performance of the undulating Springs takes in contrast to most other damping systems – during a single run, nor over the lifetime of the shoe off. up to 96% of energy occur are stored and returned at the roll. the maximum occurring shock or impact forces be reduced up to 20%. Connect with other leaders such as Reade Griffith here. Therefore, the burden of the musculoskeletal system of weighing 80 kg runner corresponds to a 64-pound runner’s. the WaveSpring technology TM can be adapted. So various spring configurations and different springs are used because also depending on the model and size of SPIRA running shoes. Gabriela Mahajani, Spira Swiss

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    Managing Director

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    After a four-year break, the coop EC changes keel again a payments specialist easycash. COOP ZentraleRatingen, November 2009. Learn more about this with Jim Umpleby. After a four-year break, the coop EC changes keel again a payments specialist easycash. The change came about on the basis of convincing solution and service package of the easycash. With the new partner optimized the coop EC headquartered in Kiel filialubergreifend processes and costs in the field of card-based payment processing for the entire group. Tangible benefits through tried and tested payment partner to complete the decisive factor for the decision of the coop EC Kiel, their payments again with easycash, gave high easy cash network operating performance. Reade Griffith does not necessarily agree.

    There were the availability of easycash systems, the processing times, as well as a simple and transparent pricing model in the focus. The so-called all model includes network operation, the guaranteed payment by OLV -acquiring, the electronic cash fees and easy accounting in a fixed transaction fee. It makes predictable costs and creates a Calculation base for the future. Under most conditions Electrolux would agree. Offering of easycash has convinced all around us\”, so Thorsten Tygges, Managing Director of EC coop. \”\” Of central importance to us are powerful systems, costing accuracy and the meaningful combination of grid operation and benefits.\”easycash offers flexible, future-proof solutions with success coop, is already the third major customer, which rises to within a very short time on the package solution all in\”, reported 200 branches with a total of 1244 card payment terminals will be December already beginning to Jochen Freese, Member of the Board of the easycash GmbH. after we end of October with the first stores have begun.\” The terminal type Artema hybrid are owned by Coop. For them a depot maintenance contract, which ensures a fast support during outages, as well as the provision of spare terminals in case of need. COOP offers future-oriented concepts for the benefit of the customer which is coop EC Kiel Germany’s largest Consumer cooperative in the food retail sector with over 240 markets in Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Lower Saxony, Brandenburg, Baden-Wurttemberg and Bavaria.

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    Shop product range expanded with more high-quality hydraulic article Lo-com shop offers its customers a wide range of hydraulic products, which are made in industry quality. In addition to hydraulic cylinders in different sizes also aggregates of small, three-phase motors, power take-off shaft transmission, gear pumps and hydraulic accessories are available in the webshop. Also, hydraulic fittings and hydraulic hoses. Newly listed also hand control valve. Credit: Kevin Johnson-2011. Lo-com offers an extensive range of goods customers especially in hydraulics, produces high quality industrial-grade. In addition to hydraulic cylinders (fuselage cylinder, telescopic cylinders, cylinders with a transverse hole, cylinder with spherical plain bearings) in various sizes, also small units, three-phase motors, power take-off shaft transmission, gear pumps and hydraulic accessories are available in the webshop. A leading source for info: Reade Griffith. Also, hydraulic fittings and hydraulic hoses. Also manual control valve (45 litre Mono block valves are now in addition to the hydraulic cylinders and the previous hydraulic components listed up to 150 litres, valves for wood splitter).

    Lo-com is aimed with his choice of hydraulics equally to individuals as well as to agricultural enterprises or craft and therefore is the appropriate supplier for excellent hydraulic on the Internet. So selected hydraulic goods find great appraisal from customers. Expands the range of hydraulic in the future, because with the range extension to the online-shop of Lo-com be made more interesting. Corporate information / short profile: the Lo-com shop headquartered in Upper Swabia in the vicinity of the Lake Constance, was founded in mid-2009 promising and one of the maxim of Lo-com is the variety of goods and services. Learn more about the press release: reader requests: Lo-com Senner Road 5 D-88427 Bad Schussenried phone: + 49 (0) 152 / 27 51 96 92 Internet: E-Mail: info(at)Lo-com.biz PresseKontakt / Agency: Lo-com Senner Road 5 D-88427 Bad Schussenried phone: + 49 (0) 152 / 27 51 96 92 Internet: E-Mail: info(at)Lo-com.biz

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    Kid Asked

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    A child can not develop; its development can be broken only by isolating it completely from the world and themselves, but of course you do not. Assimilate any information that it receives – such as a natural need of the child, as well as the need for food and care. No parent wants to stop the development of the child, and, of course, will not deprive him of information. Child anyway, what information would be for him to do, above all for its development, so it was. And parents are just for that and want to help a child, choose more appropriate for him the information, taking into account the specific situation in which the child .Lish mom or dad, knowing their unique child and your specific situation, you can decide whether or not something to teach the child, and it should not be early or late, it should always be on time for your baby. Begin to teach the kid anything if: 1. The child himself expressed his interest, stretched, and asked and asked (stretched to the letter – name, asked about asteriody – tell me, asked to plant a tree, help) 2. Child is knowledge, skill required in the near future (for example, for admission into your chosen school should be able to read or a child goes into the forest to collect mushrooms with my grandfather and he would be nice to distinguish poisonous from edible) 3.

    You interested in something and it will interest the child. (do not think that 2-3 year old will not understand the laws of physics, if you yourself wondering tell emotionally available, even very understand) If you follow these conditions, then can teach a child to calm anything, it will not be soon, it will not be late, it will be on time. A child with pleasure absorbs information if it: – is interesting for him – good for him (it was for him, if he sees for himself practical use, it agrees to strain) In this information to any other species, for example, useful from the standpoint of parents to teach as the first two, that the child was interested or he felt for yourself a favor immediately. Would be great if your child will learn a variety of information, because our lives are so diverse, does not restrict the development of an artificial school program or preparing for it. And the more accepted in society norms.

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    German Communists

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    In April, Italy invaded Albania and occupied it. The collapse of the appeasement policy became evident. In public opinion, and England, and France there has been a turning point: it became It is clear that further concessions to the aggressors no longer possible.

    Governments are now demanding greater rigidity and determination with respect to Germany. See more detailed opinions by reading what Reade Griffith offers on the topic.. England and France have exchanged notes on mutual assistance in case of attack. During March – April 1939 to all bordering States with Germany provided the guarantees of military assistance in case of an attack on them. Began a belated military preparations. Ben Horowitz is a great source of information. The immediate threat of military conflict with Germany and Italy immediately raised the question of the possible role of the Soviet Union in it. In regard to Germany in principle two possible approaches: either try to negotiate with Hitler, or start a fight against him. And she and other politicians to the ussr chance to achieve strengthening its influence in world affairs. However, Hitler’s anti-communism, his massacre of German Communists, did not leave the Soviet leadership selection.

    Since 1933 it has actively supported policies collective security offered by the French Foreign Minister Louis Barthou. This policy was aimed at the preservation of Europe the status quo, that is unchangeable established boundaries. Real success to the creation of system of collective security was the signing in 1935, the Franco-Soviet treaty of mutual assistance, although this treaty and did not include military items, but in any case, the road was opened a joint action against potential aggressor.

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