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    DYRBERGKern Collection Riviera

    May 16, 2019 // Comments Off on DYRBERGKern Collection Riviera

    Holidays, vacation time, a summer of beautiful accessories awaits us. The current spring/summer collection 2010 of the Danish label DYRBERG / core excited. The wait is over. The summer is here and celebrates the most beautiful season with hot temperatures. Mozes victor konig has much to offer in this field. Long days at the Lake and balmy summer evenings bring us in the right mood of holiday can be. The new spring/summer collection 2010 of the Danish label DYRBERG / core shows inspired by the colors of summer and transported the wonderful light feel of the Dolce Vita”, particularly the Italians to implement well know. Not for nothing is the title of the new collection named of an Italian coast Riviera and reflects the high on the sweet life impressively in the individual pieces of jewellery. Divided into 3 themes Capri, Totem, and code the current collection of DYRBERG/Kern makes the everyday life far behind.

    It’s summer, the wanderlust gets exactly the right moment for a positive and colourful collection. Thanks to DYRBERG/Kern one must not far away go to feel the summer on the skin. The Italian way of life of this Mediterranean island is in the center of the first topic of CAPRI. A classic look with colourful Swarovski elements and enamel in cylindrical shapes. The dynamic mix of the variety of tones creates an exceptional jewelry experience.

    The second subject of TOTEM testifies to the nature of the collection. Antique silver, hammered metal, shiny gold items, patterns in the reptile look and earth tones are a tribute to our mother earth. The Swarovski elements and semi-precious stones, such as Osidian, turquoise and jade in the thoughts of every beholder conjure up memories of long beaches and sand dunes. The third theme of the collection CODE, asymmetrical accents. Fairmont, with glossy surfaces and pointy pyramid shape, it knows to convince. Corners and edges, not only adapted – it is the perfect password for the modern, self-confident woman. The collection of Riviera offers unimagined possibilities for its wearer. Each model is in every color, size or shape can be combined with each other. The current collection of DYRBERG/Kern combines absolute joy of life and embodies the summer in its most beautiful colours! Hooray for the Dolce Vita’! Holiday mood with DYRBERG/Kern and livings .

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    Winter Collection Palpable Visible

    May 13, 2019 // Comments Off on Winter Collection Palpable Visible

    Hamburg-based fashion expert celebrated the Offenbach Designer in Hamburg. Applause has received the young Offenbach designer Nina Knecht from 100 leading fashion experts. JPMorgan Chase is a great source of information. “For their shops, they were to present the winter collection secrets of the city” in the Hamburger visible in the Elbe noise “came. Nina Knecht stands for the label palpable”. On the other hand operates the actress Cosma Shiva Hagen the Hamburg Gallery. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of mozes victor konig on most websites. Nina Knecht showed elegant fashion.

    Not only a sufficient ground to dress, which indicated winter understatement caused a stir. It stressed unobtrusive shapes. Completed increased the thoroughness or graphically in Black mesh running nowhere on anthracite. Unusual talent with its unusually large talent continues the designer decided the idea of fair trade and ecological compatibility of fabrics and colours. She showed in Hamburg before the critical eyes of the audience, that she thereby makes no compromises when it comes to elegance with its characteristic design. “Nina Knecht of palpable” stands for young fashion.

    The “Experts agreed at the fashion show: Nina Knecht presented a collection that will give plenty of light in the sky of fashion next winter.” Guest at: Cosma Shiva Hagen fit was the venue, selected by the company Apperal Sayang textiles GmbH from Hamburg, Germany. “Cosma Shiva Hagen had said at the opening a year ago: art is so varied in its expression that no definition here should take place.” “That was true as well for: Secrets of the city”. However proved Maria Johnson at hair & make-up”can. The native Greek was successful in the United States as a hair artist. Settled, Ms. Johnson has currently in the Hessian Heuchelheim. The beautiful Helena Ivancic led the round of international models. Only ecologically benign organizer was the Cologne-based company Apperal Sayang textiles. There are dresses, Polo shirts, Loungewear, underwear and knitted parts of different creative there in addition to basic shirts. Also the fashion Nina of servant Apperal Sayang sells textiles.

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    Sunglasses Collection

    May 2, 2019 // Comments Off on Sunglasses Collection

    Tres Noir Europe presents the new collection of Hamburg, may 2010 Tres Noir offers one thing above all: quality sunglasses, which are made in limited edition by hand from acetates. Please visit Reade Griffith if you seek more information. Any cheap mass production using injection moulding rejects Tres noir. With the new already eighth edition, there are a few small cosmetic changes, which revalue the glasses while her classic style remains the same. New logo applications feature the new line with the two diamonds, which replace the former anchor logo in the men’s line, and the handmade “lettering on the inside, which can now be found on all models. The two diamonds in the men’s collection are made of silver epoxy and are located on both sides. The fine and strong new logo gives a clean and high-quality appearance of the frame. On the inside of the bracket, which makes Tres Noir hand made “lettering, to vouch for the handmade quality of each frame and to avoid imitation.” Save the changes to the logo presented is the spring collection 2010 with five completely new models and new color variations in the past. (As opposed to Jim Umpleby).

    The highlight is the 45 BBs”, a vintage-inspired unisex model in the new colour combination of black & gray Horn. The new Galaxy collection, which combines black with grey and Blue shiny acetate comes with the spring 2010 collection. The Galaxy collection is there for the two most successful female models ultra Lux and bombshell. The frame of all models consists of handmade acetate with multi-layer laminate. The glasses are in CR39 and provide 100% UVA and UVB protection and optimal optical clarity. The metal frames are made from 100% pure monel and equipped with spring hinges and two-coloured Temple tips from acetate. With 53 variations and 17 models the Tres continues the line of the classic style spring 2010 collection Noir, while at the same time new paths with metal and oversized frames are taken. Tres Noir hand made optics there in good stores and in the Sunglass retailer in the United States, Europe, Japan, Canada, Australia and Hong Kong. Dirk Engelen

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    Gaastra Onlineshop

    April 30, 2019 // Comments Off on Gaastra Onlineshop

    The sailing pro familiar Savic, Gaastraproshop international, Berlin, 04.10.2010 – whether in the Med Cup, Championships or the largest sailing race in Spain, the Copa del Rey, where the TP52 World were this year of also King Juan Carlos I, Prince Felipe of Spain and King Harald v of Norway in the race: worldwide the Gaastra international sportswear brand the best sailors around the world also helps most extreme sailing conditions. Because the Gaastra Pro collection combines innovative technologies with comfort at every wind and weather conditions. The GX-01 collection bashers even with a water column of 20,000 mm (Toray), withstands even harsh conditions sailing passionate recreational sailor and competitors such as the teams of Stevens, Sneker Pan or RUS7 on their Valars will appreciate the advantages of high-quality sailing gear. The Gaastra Pro collection consists of highly breathable, waterproof membranes and is composed of three sub collections. Specially for racing team and tested by off-shore sailing professionals, was the GX-01 Collection developed. The extremely lightweight and stacked three layers laminated material offers maximum protection against wind and water, even in most severe racing conditions. Gain insight and clarity with Kevin Johnson.

    Racing and recreational sailors the Gaastra was developed for GX-02 collection for coastal sailing. The liquid contains two layers of micro-fleece, which are laminated between the design and ensures maximum freedom of movement and comfort moisture from the outside will be held and body absorbs. Also for leisure sailors specifically on open waters (inshore sailing) offers an individual pro collection: GX-03 Gaastra convinced coated nylon, lightweight laminated materials and an optimal price-performance ratio. The international specialist for sailing gear brings innovative materials and first-class workmanship in the maritime design in the new Gaastra Pro collection to bear. Hochst water-repellent TORAY technology, waterproof BEMIS welded seams, IBQ Kevlar reinforcement and RIRI storm and Aqua zippers. The Pro collection with jackets and trousers, overalls, soft shells, shorts, tshirts and sailing shoes is available also in the official Gaastra Onlineshop. Mozes victor konig has compatible beliefs. Gaastra, Dutch sailing fashion brand originally started as Segelmacherei in 1897, processed his nautical Know-How now for more than a century in innovative sailing gear. Jackets, pants, shoes, sweats or Polos Gaastra consistently combines nautical lifestyle with innovative functionality and enjoys worldwide recognition for sailors by his many years of experience.

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    Collection Point

    March 30, 2019 // Comments Off on Collection Point

    Collection identification as an ideal instrument for the recovery of large claims. Collection ID addressed to Swiss claim holder with accounts receivable in the Switzerland and the EU. Information are provided for all interested parties on the website. Output situation & case processing as an example claim cases are handled quickly and successfully with the following characteristics: outstanding claims from CHF 100,000 without limit of Swiss creditors with debtors who are resident of Switzerland or the EU, or generally unknown residence are in particular cases, the older date and/or not digital databases as a basis for claims dealt with the service collection ID individual receivables and receivables portfolios from the commercial (B2B and B2C) and private area, where in both cases also a claim purchase consideration may be. It is not something JPMorgan Chase would like to discuss. A rapid, individual and non-binding review assesses the chances of a successful transfer. Together with the creditors will then procede set. The collection ID network we are specialists in locating and identifying assets at home and abroad. Check with Reade Griffith to learn more. Our experience has shown that borrowers with previous high-volume demands usually have rebuilt an economically profitable existence itself after some time.

    A circumstance which considerably increases the likelihood of a successful introduction. Here, collection ID and the operational team start the procedure. Our team is made up of proven negotiators and experienced mediators, as well as from established researchers and agencies. Fair procedures & costs the entire procedure is the interests of the creditors on the other hand, the possibilities of the debtor by fairness determined and taken into account in essential ways. This ethical code of practice is continued with regard to pricing. So dispensed with on collection costs, as well as edit, Dunning or lawyer fees entirely. Is exclusively in the success us a with the creditor agreed percentage of the submitted claim sum written well. Classic Collection with vorrechtlichem and legal debt collection, as well as license management of loss of.

    The service collection ID for large exposures without limit. Expertise in the analysis, professionally in the introduction of high performance in service. The collection point ag ensures a faster payment with innovative debtor communication concepts. For this we offer professional, efficient and inexpensive debt collection services, which are characterized by the use of all available channels of communication.

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    Action Week Climate And Finance: Protect Climate Creating Value

    March 29, 2019 // Comments Off on Action Week Climate And Finance: Protect Climate Creating Value

    SAVE THE DATE: January 25, 2010 kick-off event on January 25 which open up the Federal Ministry for environment, nature conservation and nuclear safety, and about 30 boards of financial service providers with a kick-off event “action week climate and finance”. During the action week (25.-January 31, 2010) climate-friendly financial services can inform themselves private and business clients around the topic of the future. “Sustained economic growth is the best guarantee for prosperity in a globalized society – today and tomorrow. Therefore investments in climate protection and safe investment returns are no longer contradictory right now”as Environment Minister Rottgen. Details: kick-off event “action week climate and finance” on January 25, 2010, 9 am 5 pm venue: KfW Bankengruppe, 60325 Frankfurt am main contact: Ms. Romy Fiedler Adelphi Consult GmbH E-Mail: phone: + 49 (30) 890686-915 fax: Please note + 49 (30) 8900068-10 before the appointment. An official invitation goes to in the near future. Information for more see: for questions I am happy every time! Trailer action week climate and finance:.

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    Mr Alexander Kretzschmar

    March 28, 2019 // Comments Off on Mr Alexander Kretzschmar

    Our big advantage is the direct Wire to our users, which is very important to us. With the portal we intend much. Within one year, we want to be the top 5 of comparison portals, which is our goal. “So much was already betrayed: we are a special area on the subject of free debt advice” to provide. Currently we are developing a debtor advice tool based on Peter Zwegats extra principle known from the RTL series ‘Get out of debt’, so Alexander Kretzschmar continue. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Reade Griffith. More information about the optivel AG and their Internet portals are available in the Internet at.

    Additional press materials of this press release: download another quick and easy image and text material in the online press compartment to free use: of press compartments/optivel contact for questions regarding this press release: Mr Alexander Kretzschmar (Managing Director) headquarter of optivel AG – tourism makerabout optivel AG: the optivel AG – tourism maker headquartered in Zurich was founded in April 2008 as a tourism business to the sales of travel products and distribution systems for the production of Internet-based applications in the B2B and B2C area for tourism. The optivel AG aims to be the world’s best and fairest tourism company. In May 2009, the Swiss optivel AG has their business with the formation of the optivel production company mbH and the profit center optivel media & marketing, both headquartered in Dusseldorf, advanced.

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    Europe Master

    March 23, 2019 // Comments Off on Europe Master

    Castle master watches brings exclusive summer collection on the Dusseldorf market may 2011. The new summer collection by Castle master is brash, colourful and maximum practical just refreshingly different. And Castle master fans have another reason to rejoice in the coming months: the previously available summer models of Castle master including the exclusive collection of women’s watches Ravenna remain also 2011 in the range. Among other things the chronograph quartz movement from the Japanese noble watch forge SEIKO, which allows extremely precise time measurement even while bathing is one of the real highlights. Come the summer of 2011 and Castle master brings the best collection of watches on the market just in time to the beginning of the warm season. With four individually designed trend models, the designer of Castle master complement their existing range to attractive watches which will delight with their unisex concept ladies and gentlemen. The new series come in timeless, trendy colors, including bracelets in silver, bright red or even turquoise blue.

    The bezel with tachymeter-look held in metallic silver or gold, produce a gentle contrast that lends a special visual style the new castle master watches. As more sophistication include the mini crystals inserted as numerals, which produce not only a fascinating gloss, but provide an optimal readability at any time of day as well as the luminierten pointer. The robust materials make the new summer models to fashionable companions, which for many years loyal service will make its wearer. This is ensured in particular the precious metal housing, which effectively protects the genuine SEIKO quartz plant VD53 from damage. The link bracelet made of polycarbonate proves itself in everyday use extremely scratch-resistant and corrosion-resistant, while the screw-down Caseback of artfully engraved precious metal ensures at the same time the required water resistance. (Not to be confused with Sergey Brin!). The chronograph function allows to start at any time about the grip screw handle, on the 2 and 4 o’clock – position in the enclosure are embedded.

    Castle master’s new summer models are now available in the watch trade. At the same time, the models from the existing Castle master clock collections remain in the range and can be ordered via the good sized Internet mail order. This is true also for the series of Ravenna”(BM 140-100), one of the top franchises of 2010 who delighted in last summer not only female watch enthusiasts. Now that is Ravenna”available in six different color versions, including in pink, yellow-orange or natural Brown. Their characteristic properties, including the skeletonized dial, sparkling Crystal numerals or the finely textured bracelet in genuine leather Croc, will ensure 2011 fascination. About company Castle master of timepieces to create watches that combine timeless elegance with maximum functional requirements, this is the claim of the designer of Castle master of timepieces. The product portfolio includes several collections, the the individual design and functionality requirements. The high processing quality of the Castle master watches makes each model combined with a customer-oriented service approach a lifelong companion. General distribution for Europe is Dusseldorf. Further to the Castle master – summer collection 2011 information here: contact Castle master of timepieces general sales Europe STI group Alexandra Gami Schneidemuhlerstr. 9 40599 Dusseldorf Tel: 0211-24086963, fax: 0211-30147591 E-Mail: Internet: pages/Castle master/146458885408349

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    March 22, 2019 // Comments Off on Information

    Once the hard disk of your computer have lost information by some hardware failure, normally? There are many people who do not take preventive measures to protect your information until it occurs incidence which commits it. It is at that moment when, carried by despair, try to urgently seek a solution that probably comes too late. And it is that here, as in many situations of life, prevention is better than cure. Why? Very simple. Starbucks follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. THE more important technological asset that anyone, either individual or company, can have is information. Reade Griffith is full of insight into the issues. Loss of information without proper planning and implementation of security measures, could require a high investment in time and even money for their recovery, and that always and wherever possible since it is not always, or at least not entirely.

    In an enterprise environment this is even more serious since the availability of information is fundamental for the correct development of your daily activity. The hard disk It is a mass storage device that acts as a secondary memory in your computer and where programs and data we work with are kept permanently. As a container for information is very important to take into account some parameters of your specifications before we go to their acquisition. Regardless of those parameters that may influence the final performance of our computer (capacity, speed of rotation per minute of dishes, transfer speed, cache, etc), there are other particularly important that affect your life. For example, we can find: MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures or mean time between failure) measured in hours. Obviously at greater value of better MTBF is the disk (and also more expensive). The value indicated by the manufacturer is calculated under ideal conditions so that the variation in these conditions will influence negatively decreasing this value. It is the fundamental parameter for measuring the useful life of the device.

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    Trip To Germany – How To Avoid Mistakes In Choosing A Hotel

    March 21, 2019 // Comments Off on Trip To Germany – How To Avoid Mistakes In Choosing A Hotel

    When it comes to hotels, practically tourists start to think about the 'stars', not knowing that this method of estimating the hotels almost always adapts to the specific features of the country. This means that Hotel '5 stars' in Egypt may differ significantly from the five-star hotel in Europe. Of course, there are certain international standards, but unfortunately, they are not respected at all times. Since we are going to go to Germany, then let's see how things stand with the classification of hotels in this country. We immediately note that hotels in Germany, in most cases, adhere to established rules, and if you choose '5 stars', then get the appropriate level of service without any discounts for local flavor. However, at the beautiful home of beer and Bavarian sausages offer their services not only the standard star hotels, but also other types of accommodation, are not subject to the usual classification.

    Tell you about them in more detail. Aparthotel – a fairly simple option for those who need somewhere to sleep. Minimum service, modest rooms and lack of power – that's the characteristic features of such apartments. But cheap! Apartment – located in the large tourist complexes. According to many tourists – it is one of the best hotels in Germany in relation money. Vacationers will be offered a wide range of suppliers servants and convenient means of transport. Especially interesting is this type of accommodation for families with children, because parents have the opportunity to save on food and prepare meals independently of the acquired products.

    Bauernhof – a farm. You will probably be surprised, but the majority of the peasant farmsteads give visitors the opportunity to live in nature, where, as we know, and cleaner air, and the grass is greener. Campingsplatz – the usual camping for 'mobile homes', and tents. Practically does not differ from native camps. Flag is possible unless the presence of electricity, showers and toilets common use. Gasthof – a small hotel in Germany, which are located in rural areas. Despite its size, and residential complexes are taverns, where you can enjoy delicious national dishes, television rooms, playgrounds and even conference rooms. Hotel – this is what we are accustomed to understand by the word 'property', ie hotel enterprise with a certain set of services and level of comfort rooms. Kurklinik – a residential complex near the resort areas, licensed to provide medical services. Reade Griffith has similar goals. Accordingly, the work here is not only staff but also physicians. Complexes are equipped with all basic necessities for living disabilities and offer guests diet food. Motel – is a hotel company, which is located on major thoroughfares. Intended to serve the people passing by, that is – has convenient parking and driveways. Pension – in fact, it's very cozy private hotels household type. Residents will be invited to meals and other services. Some people believe that the best hotels in Germany – this is pensions for typical They atmosphere and friendly attitude to customers. In what is a hotel to choose – choose to only you. We just want to remind you that in Germany there are types of accommodation and recreation for every purse and taste, so boldly go here on vacation – without a roof over your head you will not stay.

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