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    General Price

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    Those who try to separate politics from morality, not never understand two. English proverb General information and opinions is almost over a year and unfortunately in recent months raised facts that have been decisive in the life economic, political, social, the country which obliges to take measures that give step to programmes, actions that guarantee a behavior can be handled without harming the actions that the Government has proposed in the next year, many of them criticized by expert economists. The interest of the writing is to express some views that are very important to determine that expected next year according to loas informations that are handled there is no doubt the country as outlines it banking and business signature consultant Aristimuno Herrera & partners, today more than ever we depend on oil revenues (94% of total exports) and to begin the stirrings of the fall of the oil prices worldwide, we’re seeing that our income by this concept will go into a tailspin to position themselves to a more rational international price for global consumption. Consequently, a national budget estimating an oil barrel to US $60 is almost impossible in current circumstances and distortions that will force to reduce the public expenditure of the Government and relevant adjustments with a view to rely on the need to get other sources of financing of the budget on base to increase taxes, re-edit the banking debit and go to an expected devaluation will be presented between 25% to 30% on the official current dollar, among other measures. Distinguished Economist, Dr. Maza Zavala contributes us a declaration which should be paid much attention by its scope, so it represents for the country, which if it keeps the price of oil to $48 or one similar for us will be the catastrophe, even at $60 is not sustainable economy, because if the Government there is a readjustment of imports every year import 50 billion dollars, in that price does not cover imports, moreover there is need of servicing external debt that are 10 or 12 billion dollars, said economist Domingo Maza Zavala.

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    Frdric Amiel

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    The best form to accede to the success, of the psychological side in the financial markets is at least losing. The first experience that is needed in order to invest she is the one of the loss, of the failure, the adversity. To count on a good dose of humility, since the markets but will humiliate to us. Very frequently. It does not have nothing else devastating to trader, speculating, that to lose money operating. But there is something is still worse: and he is to win frequently, and for which one begins in markets: starting with one gain.

    Because that will generate an excess of confidence and will tend to diminish the difficulties and necessity of study and experience (that never is sufficient in markets) that they must be incessant in the race of all trader. The writer and Swiss philosopher of century XIX, Henri-Frdric Amiel thought rightly that the destiny has two ways to hurt to us: refusing to our desires and fulfilling them. How good asseveration! This good man he will not have been to trader? The catalyst of the destruction of trader, is very recurrently the ego, according to the TRADING coach Ray Kelly. It makes us feel omnipotent, expert, it allows to lower the guard us and to evaluate except the viability of operations, to evaluate except the risk, the logic; to embriagar itself with the honeys of the ego is the worse experience than as to trader it is possible to be experimented. But the vital thing, is to be psychologically apt, that aptitude that demands all market to operate it successful, that is to say to manage to come off itself the two unique things that take to the glory or the failure when trader: the ambition and the fear. To undress of those emotions: to remove the human t-shirt and to put the mechanics, the one of the logic, in front of the screen.

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