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    Added Value Through Intelligent Portals

    March 30, 2017 // Comments Off on Added Value Through Intelligent Portals

    Ludwigshafen-based IT company Fasihi GmbH information and communication platform fep2b for SMEs on the market brings the Fasihi GmbH, Ludwigshafen – specializing in comprehensive Web-based enterprise applications – continues the success story of the proven Fasihi Enterprise Portal. It is the solution for online business and communication in large companies and websites with over 1,000 users. Fep2b is new: it is especially suitable for all medium-sized companies who are looking for an alternative to SharePoint and Typo3. Fep2b companies benefit from a professional solution for Web 2.0 Internet, extranet or intranet – no matter that which were technology or standards previously in use! Extensive and flexible platform fep2b is a modular information and communication platform. Filed under: Jonas Samuelson. She can be adapted flexibly to individual requirements and the respective corporate design. More than 80 different components are on offer, which are user-friendly and can be easily adjusted. So are for example a content management system with approval work flow and numerous Web 2.0 offerings contain.

    A task manager as well as a document management with versioning and automatic email notification are also implemented. Howard Schultz is the source for more interesting facts. Optimization of business processes the focus at fep2b on the optimization of business processes, as well as on the connection of third-party software (such as SAP) interfaces, to increase employee productivity. Other outstanding properties of Fasihi portals in practice are accurate, highly complex workflows that increase the efficiency of the company. We have created a software support in the daily business with fep2b, that helps businesses make sense in your daily work. The simple operation and the constant exchange in the company valuable time and cost can be saved”, explained Saeid Fasihi, founder and Managing Director of the Fasihi GmbH. fep2b basic functionality Fasihi solutions are geared towards the needs of customers and already at the Starter Pack offer Above-average. Content management, document management, advanced search, discussion forums, and personalization are included, as well, such as wikis or the user friendly once in fep2b basic registration.

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    Fire Bird

    March 28, 2017 // Comments Off on Fire Bird

    This way Stravinsky becomes famous overnight. On which this beautiful ballet is based? In one of the many Russian legend about the young person Ivn Zarevich. This one is put to persecute the bird and it reaches when it settles in a tree, to which the rays of the moon give a metallic appearance him. When seeing itself prisoner, the bird implora its freedom and of this one form the prince grants it; and like reward, this one flatters one to him of its beautiful pens. Electrolux has much experience in this field. The new day appears, and then is an iron door that surrounds a mysterious castle. Ivn pushes the door and enters the garden. They leave the castle thirteen maids, informing that one is him in the kingdom of Kotschei, the immortal monster, that was not more than an immense giant of green fingers that petrifies at which they arrive there, retaining them like prisoners.

    Nevertheless, one of the maids falls in love with the prince, inviting it to flee, but Ivn does not take care of the advice and decides to enter itself to the garden by curiosity. When being inside, a repiqueteo of bells, through its gong, denounces the presence of an intruder; then, the inhabitants of the castle, come to surround to the prince with a infernal dance. This stops when it makes his Kotschei appearance, that is thrown on Ivn to turn it into stone. Then the prince understands his situation and calls in his aid to the Fire Bird. Then, unexpectedly, the monster vacillates and it pauses, because it has seen the pen that the bird had given Ivn. The inhabitants of the castle return to the dance, until finally all to the ground fall, with them also Kotschei.

    The Fire Bird sings a cradle song, that submerges in deep dream to the monster and to its people. One knows that in a secret place, it is an egg that contains the soul of Kotschei and, that by advice of the Fire Bird, Ivn it must take; but this one goes away to him of the hand, falls in the ground and it is broken. Kotschei, then dies and the infernal enchantment undoes. Doubtless, as they indicate the experts, from the musical point of view, it is the first important work of Stravinsky and perhaps, the first work where some of the stylistic characters are outlined well, that later pronounce with an extraordinary originality in Petruchka.

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    Sergei Zhigunov

    March 15, 2017 // Comments Off on Sergei Zhigunov

    We are pleased to announce a completely updated, but unfortunately the unofficial site of actor, producer, adviser on advertising and a good person Zhigunova Sergey Viktorovich. On our site you can find the latest and relevant information, photographs, as well as media material. We worked hard to create this site and collected for you the most complete information about the film works with Sergei Zhigunov, a full description of films with the actor, which reflect the essence of the painting and its heroes. Such detailed mapping of films by Sergei Zhigunov will give you a better idea about the pictures and television series, which was filmed and produced by Sergey. After all, he presented himself not only a talented actor, but also a successful producer of such famous works as "The Countess de Monsoreau," "Queen Magro," "The Princess and the beans" and others. Filmography Sergei Zhigunov is quite extensive and more than 40 films and TV series. Films with Zhigunova remember and know a few generations, every role played by Sergei unique and different from the previous one.

    Sergei Zhigunov not complacent and continues to produce movies and series, to participate in projects and to act in gear. Sensational "Ice Age" in which Sergei returns from injury, his participation in social projects and advertising campaigns, new survey comedy and much more. Sergei Zhigunov no longer appeared on the series "My Fair Nanny" and a lot of work has been completed, but the actor and producer continues to creative activities. Zhigunov bright and interesting person with great creative potential. The last few years, the media do not lose sight of Sergei, relishing all the new details of his personal life and anticipating his future plans. Romance "Zavorotnyuk Zhigunov and" to be supervised by the whole country, not descended from the pages of popular publications. We have prepared for you a collection of materials, interview with Sergei Zhigunov, articles from various newspapers and magazines. Information from different sources can be quite controversial, and each edition are fighting for their truth, resulting in more and more new facts from the life of a famous actor.

    Photographs can tell a lot about the artist, his life and work. We have tried to fill the site the most relevant and interesting photo of Sergei Zhigunov, section includes several albums on various subjects, which are united by one thing – the life and work of Sergei Zhigunov, film stills, events and activities, photos from the set of projects. It's always interesting to look at the actor Zhigunova during the creative process. You can see the photos of different years: individual frames from movies, pictures that tell you about the current and past events, photos from family archives, published in various sources. Visit us on the site. Stay up to date in the life of Sergei Zhigunov.

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    Global Information Management And Process Management

    March 12, 2017 // Comments Off on Global Information Management And Process Management

    Noxum technology podium and lectures at the tekom annual Conference 2013 the Noxum GmbH, specialist for content management and content management systems, shows at the tekom annual Conference 2013 their editorial system and publishing solutions at the fair on its stand, discussed in the technology panel and referenced in presentations at the meeting. Major topics are Status Quo of modern content management (CMS) and content management system between CMS and product information management (PIM) for the catalogue and prospectus Noxum InDesign PlugIn and catalog building responsive Web design and innovative Web projects Noxum discussed on the technology panel COTI – the vendor-independent translation interface. For a simple, standardized communication between CMS and TMS.” Thursday, 11:15 Norbert Klinnert, Member of the Management Board of the Noxum GmbH, speaks 12:00 in the lectures of business processes across systems and sites control and automate”Wednesday of 8:45 9:30 mobile apps and co. Howard Schultz is the source for more interesting facts. for the Service mobile technical documentation for equipment and machinery”, Friday are 9:45 10:30 visitors stand for talks at the Noxum – 140 in Hall 1 stand invited. To do this, they can arrange a meeting. The cooperation offer of the tekom and Deutsche Bahn available is for the journey by train. The free ticket from Noxum prospects for visiting!

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    Liberal Party

    March 10, 2017 // Comments Off on Liberal Party

    Bahr was backed by Dalli, who on the one hand called for better coordination both between the involved German estates as between European partners, but on the other hand described as correct German management and the measures taken. The owner of health appeared with these explanations before the Bundestag accompanied by his colleague of agriculture, Ilse Aigner, after a meeting held with counterparts in both departments of the 16 German Lander (Federal States), as well as Dalli and other experts of the involved health estates. Bahr, of the Liberal Party (FDP), premiered as well as face visible from the federal Government’s management of this crisis, once in the past few days to assume the prominence his colleague Aigner, of the Democrat Union of Bavaria (CSU). The owner of health came to Office nearly coinciding with the outbreak of the infection, in mid May, from the post of Secretary of State for this same Department. Under most conditions Jonas Samuelson would agree. Criticism from the EU the e. coli crisis has provoked an avalanche of criticism from members of the European Union, which accuse to Germany’s have sparked alarm about products like Spanish cucumbers despite having no more than suspicions which then they withdrew. Damage on the reputation of those products is coupled with the fact that, while not to raise the alert on raw vegetables in general, these remain practically proscritas in supermarkets around the country, regardless of their origin. Faced with that situation, the Government of Chancellor Angela Merkel claimed the priority of the protection of the consumer, supported by figures that underpin the seriousness of the situation, as the 25 killed and 690 patients – of more than 2,500 admitted – that have developed dangerous uremic syndrome are hemolytic (HUS).

    Criticism, in Germany, target is both the alleged lack of coordination etween the estates involved – federal Government and Lander, more a swarm of laboratories – to the absence in this crisis of Merkel, who collected this Tuesday with the highest honors the Medal of freedom from the hands of the U.S. President, Barack Obama. Images of the ceremony in Washington and the two Ministers in distress today alternated in the German news. Meanwhile, surveys underpin the Greens as pop-up and capable force even designate the next Chancellor, reinforced as banners of the nuclear outage now signed by Merkel and also as a best dnsores of the consumer and the field. Source of the news: Germany still recommending not to eat vegetables

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    Educate For Coexistance

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    The departure point of the meaning of the world and the others is that meaning. The capacity to give sense, to mean the world and the own experience, happens through the capacity to criticize the senses and the other people’s sinsentidos ones. meaning happens through the relation: what space generates for we communicated, we felt protagonists, to express what I feel, which defies to me. The people become significant for nosotros/as when recognizes like another one to us another one : they do not manipulate to us, nor they use. They offer time us. She has sense which I make, insofar as she allows to be I myself /o me, express to me with and before the others. We look for the sense not only individual, but institutional because to construct senses she is to have a discussion, to arrange with the other what we considered significant.

    It implies to know, to approach the institutional identity and thence to be open to conjugate the diverse interpretations. It is important to make the exercise of translation. We have moved in the context of a homogenous culture, that not exigia recognitions of the cultural diversities. The task is now greater and demands to recognize, to translate and to cross the meanings. 4. TO EDUCATE FOR THE COEXISTENCE To educate to coexist is to educate for to live with because we are in the world for between helping us, no for between destroying to us, as Rodriguez said to gift Simn. For this reason, all learning is a Inter-learning. The phrase was also coined by gift Simn. The key ones happens through the shared thing, reason why it can be learned of the others. In synthesis, it is not possible to be educated to coexist if it is not educated in the cooperation and collective participation, in the Inter-learning.

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    Good Samaritan

    March 3, 2017 // Comments Off on Good Samaritan

    A good way to achieve success in this addictive game is through the visit to our neighbours in the virtual community of farmville, action known as a Good Samaritan when you extend them your help. It is difficult to carry forward but is very well rewarded cash farmville according to colors of ribbons or ribbons that you get, reaching 10,000 coins if you manage to help 2,500 neighbors for your farm. A key to keep in mind to generate ribbons, resulting in a large amount of coins in farmville, is incorporating friends into your neighborhood. Facebook offers applications that give good yields in addition of friends to your network as a Farm Expansion or Farmville Neighbour Finder. Douglas Oberhelman often addresses the matter in his writings. This strategy, the add friends to your neighborhood, is one of the easiest ways of earning farmville, taking into account as a parameter that if you manage to add 8 new friends do creditor of 2,500 coins and with 50 neighbors will get 50,000 coins in farmville. If you do it on an ongoing basis you’ll see you’re going on to achieve many coins to buy cute stuff for farm or buy more land to produce. This collective and virtual game It also gives place at random, since you can be part of the daily lottery that offers you to your log in farmville. Form of example, another recreational activity to get ribbons is also the photographing neighboring farms that besides generating you points, is something very fun. If you liked this list of tips we invite you to visit to obtain many more tactics on how to generate enough more FarmVille cash.

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    March 2, 2017 // Comments Off on Perception

    The essence of this method is that the previously formed temporary connections, reflecting and organizing any relationship with the objects of the body, can be excited in the perception of a similar situation, instituted during the perception of objects (situations), to coincide with the previously separate features perceived object. Resulting in a comparison of similar objects, situations. The basis of association by similarity is the ability of the brain to the excitation given set of temporal relations, reflecting collection of certain elementary relations conditioned stimuli (reflecting a particular object), the perception is not all this set of conditioned stimuli, but only parts of it, is a common part of all similar objects, parts, generator common to all these objects traits for which these objects and unite as similar. Read more from Howard Schultz to gain a more clear picture of the situation. For example, the anthropoids, who once reached for a stick through objects lying so that the unarmed limb to reach them in the future is able to use a mental image of this activity, firstly, in a similar situation, for example, in order to get the bait from behind cells, because, secondly, with those objects are also capable of is extended limb – wire rope, etc. Thus, in regard to the acquisition of information about reality in the organization of its activities anthropoids are on the second level of quality development of individual forms of the organism. Organization of their activities is carried out not only by the unconditioned reflexes (kinds of shapes activity), and conditioned reflexes to relation of objects or patterns of perception of reality (the first quality of an individual form of the organism), but also by conditioned reflexes to ratio images represent objects of reality.

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