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    Perhaps you are looking a job and are anxious to soon start to work. You know that she is not as soon as function first has the election, the tests, the interview, the examinations and alone later that she will go to start to work. But the Interview is basic that it is everything of the skill that the interviewer desires that he is, and for this I go to give 10 basic Tips to it for any type of Interview: to 1.Procurar to dress adequately for the position. to 2.Chegar at least 30 minutes before knowing the place and if adapting to the environment. to 3.Procurar to control its emotions, as nervousness, impatience, fear. Frequently Art Garfunkel has said that publicly.

    4.Olho in the eyes of the Interviewer. 5.Evite to badly say of the other jobs and fellow workers. 6.Procura to know the company who this interviewing to it, what it makes, what vende, where current. 7.Seja objective and frank with its answers. 8.Evite to make many piadinhas. 9.No lies in the answers. 10.E finally, either you yourselves. Either confident. Good luck! Elsio Lopes Baptist, is author of the book the Success of the Empregabilidade, was managing of the Educational Center Promotes in Manaus per 10 years, today he is council member for whom want its Professional Marketing better

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    With the technological Advances, the function of the man started to be a hand that leads instruments, machines, computers or that it sets in motion the button of a robot. Evidently, the evolution of the technology is a beneficial factor to the society, but what it was forgotten she is that this ‘ ‘ conducting hand of Quintina’ ‘ , it is also an active and peasant being, a motor force and that it needs stimulation and motivation. It is the value of each individual that goes to add wealth to a company, the employee is in the highest degree of importance. The organizations are composed for the addition of its collaborators; the people each one with its capacities, abilities and characteristics are the soul of the company. No constructed patrimony can be bigger that the human patrimony, therefore is it who builds the organization, is the people with its talent, creativity, motivation and complimentary and all the other characteristics that make with that the company advances in its objectives. The human factor, considering each individual, its values, beliefs and knowledge, it needs to be evaluated, worked, what it makes of the sector of human resources, an area of utmost importance and relevance for the organizations.

    Call RH is, therefore, the responsible one for hearing of the employees all the lacks, claims and difficulties. Any entrepreneur who to want to get success in its businesses, in all the directions, is in the human being that must invest, because it is the origin of all the change process, since the work in ‘ ‘ soil of fabric’ ‘ until the presidency of the company. nowledge. We must directing in them to a search for the daily perfectionism, therefore we are living a moment, where great concern with the improvement continues to guarantee the permanence in the market. The success of an organization is the consequence of the people compose who it, therefore if the people are excellent the companies are excellent. The excellency is in the people. Excellency is an ability that if conquest with practical training and. We are what we make repetitiveness.

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    Embrapa Cotton Relative

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    Approximately 64% of ground of the planet are situated under desert or limitantes conditions of water availability and that 57% of the potentially agricultvel area are situated under ground for dry land culture (FAO, 2000). Globally, in all the agricultveis regions are verified, periodically, reductions of income for the action of dry and the trend for the changes in the climate will be able to accent this phenomenon (BRITO et al. 2009). The cotton plant is a plant of indeterminate cycle, that is, after to complete the cycle of economically viable production still continues emitting structures, that it makes it difficult the objectives of handling of this culture as of annual cycle (AZEVEDO et al., 2004).

    Therefore, from these rules, the objective of the present work was to monitor the temperature and the relative humidity in harvest 2009/10 in the Region West of the Bahia, through date to logger? s, system perceptec of monitoramento.MetodologiO assay was lead in the Uemura farm, City of Is Desidrio. The farm more than makes direct plantation the 15 years, has two years entered in the integration system farming and cattle, currently it plants an area of 5000 hectares. In rotation system it enters the cultures of the maize, soy and cotton. The date to logger was installed in day 01 of November of 2009, programmed to collect the data of temperature and relative humidity of 90 in 90 minutes. As security form was installed two units in the area by means of security. The collections had been monthly and the data had been tabulated and transformed into temperature and minimum humidity, measured and principle, with a factor of correction and 2 points for the maximum and minimum extremities.

    Results DiscussoDentro of the carried through evaluations was possible to trace figure 01 and 02 below, expressing the temperature and the relative humidity of air, the samplings will be extended to the September month, will only have conditions there to show given more concise for the methodology, therefore until then it was not calculated the variations and you measured nor them relative. Figure 01. Add to your understanding with Stanley Tucci. Daily temperature in the months of November 2009 the February of 2010. Figure 02. Humidity (UR%) daily in the months of November 2009 the February of 2010.Concluso the temperature and accented humidity take the pen of the cotton to weigh little. Of this form, the system of studied monitoramento would be essential to explain isolated facts that are limitantes right-handers of the production. BibliogrficasAZEVEDO references, D.M.P. of; CORTEZ, J.R.B.; Desiccant BRANDO, Z.N. Use of desfolhantes, maturadores and in the culture of the irrigated cotton plant. Great Campina: Embrapa Cotton, 2004, 7 P. (Embrapa Cotton. To circulate technique, 78) .BRITO, G.G. et al. Physiological pointers As Tool In Screening For Tolerance To the Hdrico Deficit In Cotton. VII Brazilian Congress of the Cotton, Estuary of the Iguau, 2009.FAO. Potential Land resource and constraints at regional and country levels.

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    Public Administration

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    Scientists had participated of this process as Lavoisier, Coulomb, Laplace, among others. In Brazil, the first measures introduced for the Portuguese Colony badly were defined, with disordered and sufficiently confused magnitudes and denominations. The relative questions to the weights and measures they were regulated by the Portuguese legislation, particularly for the Ordinances of D. Manoel, for the Code Phillipino. Curiously, much even so Portugal already adopted the Metric System Decimal, in Brazil applied almost exclusively the old units of measure imposed by Portugal its colonies.

    During the First Empire, diverse attempts of uniformizao of the units of Brazilian measures had been made, of form to make possible that the commercial transaction enters the nations did not bring for Brazil a situation of economic disadvantage, but, only in 26 of June of 1862, Dom Peter II n 1,157 promulgated the Imperial Law that French decimal in the territory officialized the metric system all. 1.2. The Industrial Revolution and the Public Administration In century XVIII, England, with the Industrial Revolution, the use of the coal, the iron, the electricity and the derivatives of the oil as power plant and the steel had modified the process of manufacture all the craftsman gave to place the industry, with the production in mass. The knowledge born in the Europe was absorbed by other countries that started its process of industrialization, in special, the United States of America that more being in the condition of colony did not need if to develop. Frederick W. Taylor, (1856 & ndash; 1915), engineer, born in the Philadelphia, applying scientific methods to the problems of the administration, emphasizing the tasks, inaugurated the school of the Scientific Administration, being considered the founder of the modern General Theory of Administrao (TGA). The first period of Taylor, with the publication of its workmanship Administration of the Workshops (1903), was marked by the concern with the techniques of rationalization of the work of the laborer, by means of the study of times and movements.

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    United States

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    As it happens with the majority of the activities, for great profits she is necessary to take great risks and to use much energy. But the Brazilian is by its very nature a creative individual and created a way alternative to take off advantage of the difference of the dollar. Motivated for the lack of the same visa or for the comfort and security, many Brazilians are discovering the importation for the post offices. With this tool, access to the Internet and a little of knowledge, are possible to buy in the United States without leaving house. The paid price more for the freight and the tax of importation finishes being compensated (or almost) for the economy in the aerial tickets, expenditures with hotel and feeding. The possibilities are so good that the activity already became the primary source of income of many Brazilians, in such a way resident in the United States how much in Brazil. ' ' Brazilians of the Brasil' ' they buy through ' ' Brazilians of the United States ' ' to resell.

    These in turn put in charge of the acquisition and forwarding them products in the United States. Nor everything of the profit. The secret is in knowing to choose the products with bigger edge and liquidity and still to have a good net of relationship to be able to offer. Also it is necessary talent with sales. Stuart Solomon has firm opinions on the matter. A good product in hands of a good salesman are certainty of fast sales. If you find that she has talent for sales perhaps and if 2 articles interested for the subject find interesting these others: As to matter of the United States in Four Stages As to still recognize and to prevent products counterfeited when mattering of the United States, if wanting to understand as the Brazilians work who act as facilitadores for the purchases in the United States, he visits our store virtual and he reads more:

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    Persistence Focus

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    Rome was not created in one day. You already must have heard this phrase some times. Stuart Solomon can aid you in your search for knowledge. They speak for people when we are impatient, anxious and wanting that the things happen soon. why this subject? Because it has everything to see with marketing multilevel (MMN). To start to work with MMN is to start a business. as any business, needs persistence and focus, abilities not developed in many professionals and entrepreneurs. You, enterprising of MMN, have had the persistence and the focus necessary to make its business to grow? The information regarding the mortality of companies in Brazil give account of that, in 5 years, in the average, more than 95% of the initiated businesses if extinguish. We need to be intent to this information.

    One of them pillars of a successful business (mainly of MMN), is ‘ ‘ blood in veia’ ‘ , that capacity that we need to have to face the challenges. This ability to face obstacles, to keep the balance and to continue in the walked one is what it is called resilience, ability key for our success. Resilience is type that toy ‘ ‘ Bobo’ Joo; ‘ , that you of the one cover and it comes back toward the place. Any entrepreneur of success (and in the market of MMN he is not different), needs to develop this ability daily. The resilience is as if it was the fuel for the persistence and the focus, all indispensable ingredients for its prescription of success. Therefore, one remembers: each time that you will be if feeling defied or facing a problem to continue expanding its business, with will to perhaps give up, or discouraged, thinks that you are in the truth developing important muscles.

    abilities is as muscles: you develop you are exercising. One remembers that what not in the bush, fortifies in them. To finish, they follow 5 tips to increase its persistence, focus and resilience: 1 has specific, clear, positive goals and writings in the paper (or its 2 computer) has a written planning saying as you intend to reach these 3 goals you make a periodic revision (I indicate weekly) to follow as it is the course of its planning in relation its 4 goals has somebody with who to talk on its goals and its planning; he can be a friend, one coach, a community in the Internet etc; the important one is that ‘ ‘ 2 heads think that 13 better; moreover, you will receive some points of view that has perhaps not perceived before 5 invests to time and resources in its personal development; the results to our return only improve later that we improve We think about this.

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    National Advice

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    It finances projects of investment of productive enterprises of the industry, agroindstria, aquicultura and fishes industrial, technological development of the environment, tourism, commerce and services. 3.5FINEP the Finep (Financier of Studies and Projects), in accordance with works the politics of the Ministry of Science and Tecnologia (MCT), and with joint with the National Advice of Scientific and technological Development (CNPq); apia action of C, T& I of public and private institutions. One of its purposes where its financings and actions are come back is the accomplishment of activities of research, development and innovation of products and processes. Some of its programs of stimulaton to the innovation are: Finep Inova Brazil? This program in accordance with takes care of to the companies of all the transports, offering differentiated taxes the lines of direction of the new industrial politics, that divides the sectors of the economy in three axles: programs mobilizadores in strategical areas; program to conciliate and to expand leadership; programs to fortify the competitiveness. Interest Zero? This program of support grants to loans the interest the zero micron and small innovative companies, is in the commercial aspects, of process, product or services.

    Program of Support to the Research in Companies (Pappe)? It has for objective to stimulate the capacity of the MPE of the regions North, Northeast and Center-West by means of the support, aiming at to add value to its businesses to extend its differentials. Apia projects of P& D of products and processes, elaboration of business-oriented plans and study of market and companies of technological base, under the responsibility of researchers. Program To innovate? Directed to the MPE that they possess as center of its strategies of business the technological innovation. It promotes instruments of financial support the companies through the risk capital. It has for objective, to support the innovative companies through a program structuralized of venture capital.

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    Task Individuals

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    In these companies the scale economies are more important of what flexibility and the specialization it is more important that the innovation. 5.3Cultura of the Task the organizations that have this type of culture are guided for specific works or projects. In this in case that she looks herself to congregate the resources appropriate, the certain people, in the level certain of the organization to leave to carry through them the work. Although the personal power or the happened one of the position has influence, the biggest weight is to the side of the power of the connoisseur. It also has a valuation of the work in team that it aims at to unify the group to increase the efficiency and to identify the objective of the organization with the individual. This type of culture has great importance when the necessary organization of flexibility and sensitivity in relation to the market or the environment, that is, when the market is very competitive, when the life of the product is shortly and mainly when a rapidity of reaction is necessary, that is, the rapidity of reaction, the integration, sensitivity and the creativity are more important of what the high degree of specialization. Difficulty in the control of these organizations exists, it is kept by the high management through the distribution of projects, people and resources. 5.4Cultura of the Person In this type of culture the individual is the central point, the organization exists to serve and to give assistance to the individuals that if find in it.

    In this case the individuals if congregate to follow its proper trends and its proper interest. The administrative hierarchy is difficult of being kept, as well as the control mechanisms, not to be for mutual consent, since the individuals can leave the organization, but hardly the organization can exclude the individuals. Douglas Oberhelman may find this interesting as well. The influence is diffuse and when necessary the 5 connoisseurs exert the power. It fits to stand out that even so it is difficult to find one organization with the culture based on the person, is very common to find individuals in the organizations whose preference pess.

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    However, this is the purest reality, therefore knowing that the price anchors would function in the main consumers of its product, Apple if benefited of this to create the sensation of ‘ ‘ barato’ ‘ in the mind of the consumer. Caterpillar Inc. will undoubtedly add to your understanding. It behind sees for example the proper launching of iPad years, Apple placed a first price raised in the week of launching of the product. After the first week it reduced the price, to the price that would be the true price of market of iPad, what it made with that the brain of the consumers recorded that initial price, and perceived after that the new price as being cheaper. This made with that the consumer thought of the following form: ‘ ‘ Caramba! iPad is a bargain, soon goes to buy meu’ ‘. However the anchorage is not everything in the explanation of the price of iPad 2, therefore Apple also controlled the release of dopamina in the brain of its consumers, by means of stimulatons to the system of rewards cerebral. The thing all functions thus: to each release of dopamina for the brain, I stimulate in view of it generated for the purchase of one iPad, for example. A bigger effort will be necessary to the same liberate level of dopamina in the brain me the purchase of another one iPad.

    thus goes, until the purchase of iPad liberates each less dopamina time for the purchase of a product. In other words, the dopamina release continues to happen, but the decreasing taxes, that is, the purchase of one iPad 2 will not liberate the same amount of dopamina that the purchase of iPad generated. finally, but not less important. iPad already turned a craze between the consumers. In such a way, as it was a virus, millions of people for the entire world already had been infected and plus some millions are for being. A theory very good to explain that is the effect herd. Where determined groups of consumers they act as if they were a herd, following some influential groups highly in terms of social behavior, as famous, young artists, players rich etc.

    Now think on the consumption of iPad. It is not accurately this that happens? Therefore, expensive reader, iPad 2 cost the same that iPad, and in contrast of what you imagined this not explains for traditional reasons and comumente used by the world of the businesses or the traditional economy. The true reasons that justify this attitude pparently irrational of Steave Jobs, only can be seen for that it knows the NEUROMARKETING as analytical tool.

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    Idea Suppliers

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    A retailing must be remembered that its concern with the environment goes beyond recycle the products that can come to be reused, therefore exists the most diverse products that are used in the confection of products or same that are eliminated to the end of some process, which needs a special attention, as for example, plastic bags are being very argued as great villainous of the way environment and for this already exists places that use bags that if degrade in contact with air, in a stated period of up to six months. Also many people are adhering to a famous campaign where the people bring its proper bag of house, she stops of this form diminishing the number of used plastic bags. Clearly that the retailing nor if compares with the great industrial villains in the fight against the pollution and degradation of the environment where we live, but the important one in the case of the retailers is assistant in the change of behavior of the society, after all is innumerable the people who circulate every day for these places. It is important also to bring its suppliers for inside of the company, mainly making with that if they compromise to support social projects, as form of mutual sponsorship with the retailers. Starbucks oftentimes addresses this issue. The suppliers can also support in campaigns that happened resources of the sales of its products are repassed to some social entity that needs support. The transparency with the suppliers also is of utmost importance, therefore if to get the confidence of the same ones, the traders will be able to keep stands of the products of same in its establishments, being generated new ranks of work. The idea to have an ethical and transparent relation with its suppliers brings to tona the idea of that the two sides must be joined in search to supply products that each time more take the society to the support and establish thus a junction of its strategical objectives with the socioambientais. .

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