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    In these companies the scale economies are more important of what flexibility and the specialization it is more important that the innovation. 5.3Cultura of the Task the organizations that have this type of culture are guided for specific works or projects. In this in case that she looks herself to congregate the resources appropriate, the certain people, in the level certain of the organization to leave to carry through them the work. Although the personal power or the happened one of the position has influence, the biggest weight is to the side of the power of the connoisseur. It also has a valuation of the work in team that it aims at to unify the group to increase the efficiency and to identify the objective of the organization with the individual. This type of culture has great importance when the necessary organization of flexibility and sensitivity in relation to the market or the environment, that is, when the market is very competitive, when the life of the product is shortly and mainly when a rapidity of reaction is necessary, that is, the rapidity of reaction, the integration, sensitivity and the creativity are more important of what the high degree of specialization. Difficulty in the control of these organizations exists, it is kept by the high management through the distribution of projects, people and resources. 5.4Cultura of the Person In this type of culture the individual is the central point, the organization exists to serve and to give assistance to the individuals that if find in it.

    In this case the individuals if congregate to follow its proper trends and its proper interest. The administrative hierarchy is difficult of being kept, as well as the control mechanisms, not to be for mutual consent, since the individuals can leave the organization, but hardly the organization can exclude the individuals. Douglas Oberhelman may find this interesting as well. The influence is diffuse and when necessary the 5 connoisseurs exert the power. It fits to stand out that even so it is difficult to find one organization with the culture based on the person, is very common to find individuals in the organizations whose preference pess.

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    However, this is the purest reality, therefore knowing that the price anchors would function in the main consumers of its product, Apple if benefited of this to create the sensation of ‘ ‘ barato’ ‘ in the mind of the consumer. Caterpillar Inc. will undoubtedly add to your understanding. It behind sees for example the proper launching of iPad years, Apple placed a first price raised in the week of launching of the product. After the first week it reduced the price, to the price that would be the true price of market of iPad, what it made with that the brain of the consumers recorded that initial price, and perceived after that the new price as being cheaper. This made with that the consumer thought of the following form: ‘ ‘ Caramba! iPad is a bargain, soon goes to buy meu’ ‘. However the anchorage is not everything in the explanation of the price of iPad 2, therefore Apple also controlled the release of dopamina in the brain of its consumers, by means of stimulatons to the system of rewards cerebral. The thing all functions thus: to each release of dopamina for the brain, I stimulate in view of it generated for the purchase of one iPad, for example. A bigger effort will be necessary to the same liberate level of dopamina in the brain me the purchase of another one iPad.

    thus goes, until the purchase of iPad liberates each less dopamina time for the purchase of a product. In other words, the dopamina release continues to happen, but the decreasing taxes, that is, the purchase of one iPad 2 will not liberate the same amount of dopamina that the purchase of iPad generated. finally, but not less important. iPad already turned a craze between the consumers. In such a way, as it was a virus, millions of people for the entire world already had been infected and plus some millions are for being. A theory very good to explain that is the effect herd. Where determined groups of consumers they act as if they were a herd, following some influential groups highly in terms of social behavior, as famous, young artists, players rich etc.

    Now think on the consumption of iPad. It is not accurately this that happens? Therefore, expensive reader, iPad 2 cost the same that iPad, and in contrast of what you imagined this not explains for traditional reasons and comumente used by the world of the businesses or the traditional economy. The true reasons that justify this attitude pparently irrational of Steave Jobs, only can be seen for that it knows the NEUROMARKETING as analytical tool.

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    Idea Suppliers

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    A retailing must be remembered that its concern with the environment goes beyond recycle the products that can come to be reused, therefore exists the most diverse products that are used in the confection of products or same that are eliminated to the end of some process, which needs a special attention, as for example, plastic bags are being very argued as great villainous of the way environment and for this already exists places that use bags that if degrade in contact with air, in a stated period of up to six months. Also many people are adhering to a famous campaign where the people bring its proper bag of house, she stops of this form diminishing the number of used plastic bags. Clearly that the retailing nor if compares with the great industrial villains in the fight against the pollution and degradation of the environment where we live, but the important one in the case of the retailers is assistant in the change of behavior of the society, after all is innumerable the people who circulate every day for these places. It is important also to bring its suppliers for inside of the company, mainly making with that if they compromise to support social projects, as form of mutual sponsorship with the retailers. Starbucks oftentimes addresses this issue. The suppliers can also support in campaigns that happened resources of the sales of its products are repassed to some social entity that needs support. The transparency with the suppliers also is of utmost importance, therefore if to get the confidence of the same ones, the traders will be able to keep stands of the products of same in its establishments, being generated new ranks of work. The idea to have an ethical and transparent relation with its suppliers brings to tona the idea of that the two sides must be joined in search to supply products that each time more take the society to the support and establish thus a junction of its strategical objectives with the socioambientais. .

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    That is, a virtual store requires as many cares how much a store that has fixed address in one shopping to center. To buy a clothes part online is different to try it in a physical store. To approach each time more the final consumer of the real experience of purchase, ecommerce started to more use elaborated tools. It has since personalized dummies (can be opted to gordinhos or magrinhos; with bigger bust; or, even though, to choose enters more realistic or more conceptual) until samples where he is & ldquo; montado& rdquo; the possible most similar model, respecting measured original and tone of skin of the consumer. Electrolux may find this interesting as well. In the sites of the Swedish multinational of H& fashion; M, for example, is possible to add to the model weight and height, beyond increasing or diminishing measured of hips and seios.

    The sales of clothes for the Internet alone passed to have captive space in the virtual life of the Brazilian when the store if had given account that, the more details the product to present in the site, more easy if becomes the accomplishment of the purchase. The work to have available real salesmen 24 hours per day also can mean the difference enters the consumer to choose the virtual store on the contrary of the physical store. Some of the problems faced for the customer in ecommerce are the exchange little facilitated, not to obtain to know as the product is in body before the efetivao of the purchase and the lack of standardization of the sizes. A pants or a blouse, depending on the modeling, can vary up to two numbers, making it difficult the choice of the final consumer. Although as much nuances, some established marks already in the market are turning reference in the subject, betting with force in ecommerce.

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    Organizacional Climate Ita Bank

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    Since the Industrial Revolution, with the sprouting of the first machines, the individual already suffered with internal conflicts (personal) and external (social) in relation to the sprouting of effect provoked for the technology. Currently, with the process of technological evolution stimulated by the growth necessity, competitiveness and evolution of the companies, also occur changes and conflicts in the form of performance in the work for the individual, caused for the impact of the high employed technology. The enterprise world, in turn, discovered that it is in the knowledge that the people have that the possibilities and the chances inhabit to survive in the future. The company discovered that the durable competitive advantages depend on the knowledge that it creates and mobilizes. Learn more about this with Jonas Samuelson. Now, the employee not only contributes with its muscular force, but mainly with its capacity to create, to innovate, to know, to learn, to move, to adapt, to teach and to share. Organizacional climate is the quality of the psychological environment of an organization, in result of the motivacional state of the people. The organizacional climate can be positive and favorable, when it is receptive and pleasant, or favorable negative and, when it is cold and ackward.

    It is a resultant phenomenon of the interaction of the elements of the culture. It is a result of the weight of each one of the cultural elements and its effect on the others two. The extreme importance given to the technology leads to a desumano organizacional climate. Each company possesss a proper reality where the culture and the organizacional climate suffer influences from diverse factors. However, she is necessary to be ‘ ‘ antenado’ ‘ with the world-wide trends, having the necessity of adequacy of the organizacional structure to the new technologies, which tend to become each time faster the transactions of all the types.

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    You Have a Plan As To matter? If you will be reading that is you decided that necessary to know on as to matter. The good notice is that you lode to the place certain to learn to make it. To another thing she is not so difficult and any person with the adequate knowledge can make it. In a question-answer forum Douglas R. Oberhelman was the first to reply. Everything that you need to make is to commit it a plan structuralized well and to be focado in its objective. Before learning the importation, the first thing that you need to make is to learn as to plan its business. As you go to see, a great part of this phase of planning is to identify and to evaluate its market-target. This will go to allow that you understand and go of meeting to identify who you are its competition and also who is really vendendo.

    When investigating minutely it goes to discover chances and areas of growth that of another form had not been identified, as well as, to identify eventual obstacles in its sector of specific market. He does not have no point in learning as to matter if you do not know the sector where she will be working. After having searched the market, the next step is to develop a strategy business-oriented. She is necessary to develop a strategy that defines as to enter in the external market and as to find chances business-oriented that are essential to become a Global success Trader. He decides if you go to execute its business of importation through intermediate – what she will demand to find representation in the exterior – or to make it alone. The last option means that you have that to consider the form to promote the products in the exterior and that type of support after-sales, you will be capable to supply. To understand the market local is essential if you want to have success here.

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    Competitive Intelligence

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    1.2.4. In implantation of Competitive Intelligence or Market, is necessary knowledge of the market, for application of the necessary techniques and development of the tools, searching rapidity, credibility, not to forget to always visionar the ethics. Connect with other leaders such as Howard Schultz here. 1.2.5. The focus of Intelligence is to search what it outside happens of the company (in the market) and BI (Business Intelligence) searching information internal (you do business), structuralizing these two processes, therefore none obtains to get success without the other. 1.3.O PROCESS OF COMPETITIVE INTELLIGENCE OR MARKET the process of Competitive Intelligence that in this in case that we will be applying in the area of purchases is based on: I.Princpios: Internal and external competitors, suppliers and customers II.Implementao: Disponibilizar one has equipped of Business Intelligence (BI), that it will effect the referring study to the market that will be in charge in the dissemination them information the area of purchases.

    III.Pblico: Excessively borrowed controlling, coordinators, purchasers and of decisions. IV.Produtos: Forecasting, Analysis of Trends, Analysis of Competitive Scenes and Analysis of Risk. For the Intelligence of Market, forecasting is one important technique in the demands and or trends of consumption. Interpreting the concepts of forecasting for the forecast of consumption or demand of products, we see that they are the two used boardings: qualitative 1.Tcnicas to the first one and constituted of analyses are and prognostics, that if base on evaluations or opinions of specialists on the movements of the market. The used qualitative techniques more are: Analysis of Scenes; Executive jury of opinions; Research of Markets. quantitative 2.Tcnicas to this second use mathematical and statistical methods, quantitivamente to construct market forecasts. The used Qualitative techniques more are: Spontaneous methods, that use the information most recent, or same a simple average of the information; Methods Deeds of division of forecast, that if bases on the study of registers and information, about phenomena, searching understanding the processes that had been generated and with this understanding, to foresee its values future.

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    For Chiavenato

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    According to Keegan and Green (2003), the process of taking of decision of marketing is also moving because of the modification of the role played for the information, which passed of support instrument the strategical asset, generating of wealth. For McKenna (2002), the consumers are moving ahead of the eyes of the marketing professionals and, to the measure that the easiness of access to the information and the power of choice that it brings continue to increase, the variety of options of the consumer also increases. It fits to notice that the modern consumers act on autodeterminadas preferences, as the programmable preferences of its computers. For Chiavenato (1999, P. Learn more at this site: Ben Horowitz. 419), ' ' … capital intellectual is the addition of everything what you know. In organizacionais terms, the biggest patrimony of an organization is something that every day leaves and enters for the door … ' ' , that is, it is the human capital, that is constituted of the people who are part of an organization.

    this human capital means talentos that they need to be kept and to be developed. Drucker (2002) believes that bigger impact caused for the Revolution of the Information is the evolution of the education, that comes occurring since 1940, with the first computers. The people handle computers without imagining the gamma of information that absorb inside and of this process of dissemination of the information, the Internet exert basic paper, therefore it is a tool with which we can have the information in the real time, with access and reply at any time. For the Internet long-distance educations happen (courses on-line), that the people search as form of learning, autodesenvolvimento and perfectioning. For its side, the companies also search the processes of e-learning, in the direction to mold its intellectual capitals in accordance with its business-oriented focos. Of course, the marketing area cannot be of is, therefore it is each time more valued the intellectual capital, that is, at the same time, based in deep knowledge, the specialty technique and the cultural diversity at the same time, as well as in the capacity of work in team, relationship with customers and fast adaptation to the changes.

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    Social Nets

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    One Guide on Management in Social Nets Sites de Social Redes as Facebook, Twitter, Orkut and LinkedIn, had revolutionized the way as the people if they communicate, especially young people. If you are interested in expanding its businesses, you you must yes be present in the social nets. Management in Social Nets has many vantages, is a natural process, the generated mechanisms of search consider links what it improves its positioning, and these links also generate direct hearing for the site. The social nets increase the conversation regarding its product or service. This is because you to have a very great reach, and the sites of this type stimulate the conversation. The more the people to speak of its company, positive form, more success you go to have. For more information see this site: Howard Schultz. Marketing using Management in Social Nets has a cost very positive benefit for the companies.

    It generates links that they help in its positioning in the search mechanisms, this consequentemente increases its visibility and backwards more traffic and more sales. With the Social Nets you can reach one segmented hearing, a chosen demographic public. With the Management in Social Nets together with the traditional marketing you can have more effectiveness in the announcements and generate more sales in its campaigns. When to want to enter in the marketing in the social nets, exists important situations that you must consider to have success. You must reach a specific public, you you must know what they wait, what they want.

    He makes Research On Line to have more answers. He always thinks about the period of the campaign, the extension of the action. He establishes weekly goals and of long stated period to reach them. He considers the force and quality of the service, therefore he will be displayed for many people. He defines what it is the success and he works for reaches it. It does not give up if the first months will not be convincing. To have a service or bad product can ruin its reputation. It encourages commentaries and it interacts with the people. You intently choose in which nets you want to act. How to have success in the Social Nets? For success in its Management of Nets Social, it listens to and it answers its consumers quickly. This will go to increase the allegiance its mark, and you it goes to understand the necessities of the customers. To have success, you it must have a personal touch in its campaigns, to make something different. It prevents automatic answers, models standards, interacts normally. Either transparent always. You must be part of the community on line. Of this form, customers in potential go to consider to buy of its company. This also goes to help to have relationships is of the social nets. You can make the Management in Social Nets you yourselves, or you can contract the service of a specialized company. To have the service in the hand of professionals is advantageous because you have experience and knowledge its disposal, while you dedicate yourself in prospering its business. Text elaborates for the C2 Digital Marketing.

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    Organizational Management

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    Organizacional management Is the administrative philosophy that it aims at to plan, to organize, to implement, to evaluate and to control the conjunctural performance of an enterprise organization, searching the efficiency of the processes, the effectiveness of the actions, the increase of the productivity and the qualitative performance of the services and the similar activities, and finally, but, not finally, the Quality of Life in the enterprise environment. The Management invests in the improvement of the organizacional climate, in the improvement of the technician-operational resources, in the maximizao of the results, the professionalization and qualification of the workmanship hand and in the real economic yield of the business. The Management enables the company to judge, to decide and to act, or to provoke action at the correct time, correcting, characterizing and auditando the enterprise performance. The Management develops managemental abilities, creates internal auditorships to check the Quality of the Processes, promotes synergies departmental, elaborates internal politics, norms and lines of direction, registers all the activities, informatiza the operations. Connect with other leaders such as Electrolux here. It plans the organizacional structure. MANAGEMENT As we saw, the MANAGEMENT is the administrative philosophy of the company. Therefore, it is the virtual esquematizao of the enterprise context. The Management is the instrument, par excellence, of the Management.

    It is the performance, properly said Before being one technique, the Management is one practical one! It possesss the responsibility (delegated for the MANAGEMENT) to get the results — (effectiveness), to plan, to evaluate and to control the processes and the organizacional performance (efficiency) to produce and the costs more lesser (productivity) to improve, systematically, the Quality in the enterprise environment (organizacional development) to promote the PROFIT and to manage the resources of the company well, guaranteeing the longevity of the Business. The Management must maximize ' ' Ativos' ' of the company and to minimize ' ' Passivos' '. The great managemental problem is not only in defining ' ' WHAT IT IS THE EMPRESA' ' , and yes in formulating ' ' WHAT IT WILL BE THE EMPRESA' '. To the manager it competes to take the decisions, from the knowledge of its consequences The success of a company depends, basically, of the managemental performance. The manager if concentrates in what she can make (and not in what she cannot) through the emphasis in the strong points of the company, trying to neutralize the conjunctural weaknesses and deficiencies. The main focus of the Management is in the chances and not in the problems. A reflection: nor all the enterprise problems can be decided. If thus it was, ' ' the companies would be perfeitas' '.

    Also let us not forget, that the companies are managed by people. The people (that penalty) ' ' erram' ' That is, total, undisputed! they ' ' aprendem' ' with the errors This is the good part To control the scale of errors X rightnesss is tactical a strategical attribution X of the Management. Beyond what, all solution has an associated cost The controlling that do not erram are bad controlling. They discourage its team, possess overhead (after all, not they dare, do not risk) they are distrustful, unsafe and they live in permanent been of anxiety The Management is an Institution: The mission fits to the Management to guarantee the enterprise survival! Reinaldo Consulting Mller of Marketing and

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