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    Characteristic Elements

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    (Jesus) Children of God He has some days, occurred a meeting that, to it, did not pass of a simple joke: My Father, in one day of pssimo mood, decided to observe the Society Human being, and, perceiving that it was gives to reach the chaos, he decided to give an end the same one. However, my Benevolent and Loving Father, better found to inform the Humanity on its intentions. Thus, he called to Skies three of the most influential people of the Land: George W. Bush, Fidel Castro and Bill Gates. ' ' He is the following one: I go to finish with the World. Please, they inform this to the human beings. they give my Final Message: They forgive me for the Bother? ' '. In return the Land, Bush was to the CNN, and in national net, it announced: ' ' American people and remaining portion of the human people.

    I have two notice. Good and a other bad one. The good one is that we were certain, God in fact exists. The bad one is that It goes to finish with mundo' '. I castrate, coming back Cuba, it convoked its comrades and it make a speeched: ' ' Comrades, I have two notice: bad and an other pssima. The bad one is that we were made a mistake. God exists. Worse E, it goes to finish with the Mundo' '.

    Gates, having access its MSN, sent a global email saying: ' ' There Galera, I have two notice: good and an other still better! The good one is that God considers me ones of the people most illustrious of the world. best, is that we will not need to improve Windows XP! ' '. However, seconds later, Gates received a reply from the Department of Marketing of Microsoft, affirming that in fact they already had improved Windows XP: they were you give to launch the Sight.

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    Look Great

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    Every woman wants to be irresistible. And in order to do this work well, and it does not matter how old you are – Twenty-three or forty-one. In principle, to provide the desired skin care, and confidence in personal irresistible to you is guaranteed. Knowing and wondering what the secret of early aging of skin, the situation is much easier to prevent. Primary opponents in some skin and it makes sense to focus attention on them. Photoaging (skin damage permanent sunlight) – UV radiation is much closer withering skin. By the age of thirty cases, the first pigmentation disorders, wrinkles appear.

    Thirty-five years, the skin may become yellowish. Compete with photoaging can help funds from the sun, but also limit the presence of the sun in the highest amount of solar activity, from noon to four hours evening. Moisture deficit feel your skin all the time. Its dehydration leads to severe dryness, a sense of constriction, the manifestations of wrinkles. You can help moisturizers, water treatment and drinking high-quality fluid – purified water, real juice. Emotional stress more strongly reflected than in the skin. Because of this, shows pallor, dryness, wrinkles.

    Look out for their own emotions, in a difficult situations with a cup of herbal soothing collection. From the effects of toxins on the body suffers the most connective tissue, because the skin loses its elasticity, firmness, becomes flabby, saggy. Sergey Brin pursues this goal as well. Such skin is unable to resist external influence. Here we have to relentlessly monitor the use of drugs, there is a good quality natural food and clean water. The main thing is not to overlook the beginning. With twenty years may experience initial wrinkles and bags under the eyes, wrinkles on the forehead looming and near the mouth. In thirty years, made visible wrinkles between the eyebrows, poor skin tone is noticeable cheeks and chin. In thirty-five clearly see the wrinkles under his eyes, nasolabial folds become more complex. At this age it is desirable to begin to move on makeup for aging skin. At forty-five years wrinkles around the eyes, mouth, clearly marked. Changing shape of the face. The skin needs a strong wetting. In the fifties of the skin color faded, the skin swollen, and all 50 previously existing wrinkles more noticeable. Take care of the skin must be constantly, only must take into account that for each age group has personal problems and recommended solutions. However, certain provisions are similar and the age of twenty, and fifty. It should look carefully for proper nutrition and fluid intake. Food should be fresh, natural, and contain a normal amount of vitamins useful for healthy skin, especially vitamins A, C and E. The purified water is quite significant for a skin. The quality of water immediately affects the skin. Fresh juices such as grape, carrot, and even juice noni, quality help rejuvenate the skin and gives it lightness. These juices are among the most powerful tools in the fight against aging skin. Juices contain all the necessary vitamins to enrich the skin. Attach to the above, high-quality cosmetics and skin care products – masks, creams that can help you always be in the form.

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    The Ministry Of Justice

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    You must also obtain a certificate of approval from the Ministry of Justice. The Ministry checks whether the person or persons establishing the company ever been involved in bankruptcy proceedings or fraud. Taxes You have no right to tax credits for self-employment. Corporate tax has on profits, income tax has to pay directors. If you own more than 5% of a private company with limited liability (BV), you considered the owner of a substantial stake in the company. The new income tax system imposes a substantial share of profits (such as payment of dividends and profits from the sale of shares) in the basket 2 at a rate of 25%. Responsibility Private company with limited liability (BV) is a legal entity.

    In principle, creditors can make claims to the property only private company with limited liability (BV), but not on the property Director (Directors) or shareholder (s). Shareholders' liability is limited to amount invested. 7. Stock company Stock company – a legal entity without members, which is formed with a certain amount of capital to achieve the objective set out in the Charter of the company. Fund companies tend to be idealistic setting or social objectives. Stock companies are allowed to make a profit, but there are restrictions on how this profit can be placed. Therefore, fund companies and associations are not the ideal legal form for starting a business. Taxes if the stock company is the entrepreneurial activity, it must pay corporate income tax.

    The question of whether to pay value added tax (BTW) or not, can be quite complex. In principle, the responsibility, the director of stock companies are not liable for the obligations. However, if a stock company conducts business, the directors may be liable under certain circumstances. 8. Association Association in the Netherlands – is a partnership between two or more people (members) who want to achieve a certain goal. Association is allowed to make a profit, but profits should be used for a common goal. The aim must not violate law and order or to challenge public morality. Profit can not be divided among the members. There are two types of associations: the Association full rights under the law: the association is established with Charter, drawn up by a notary in civil cases. The association shall be the commercial register zaregistrirovanav Netherlands Chamber of Commerce. Association sogranichennymi rights in accordance with the law: The association nesostavlyaetsya notary. Association may be registered in torgovomreestre, but it is not mandatory. Tax Association, which conducts business pays corporation tax on their profits. The question of whether to pay value added tax (BTW) or not, can be quite complex. As soon as the association of responsibility with full rights registered in the commercial register, the leaders and members shall not be liable for the obligations. Once the association with limited rights registered in the Commercial Register, executives and association are jointly liable for contracts signed leaders. If the association is not registered, managers are jointly and severally liable.

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    ITESOFT Marketing Director

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    ITESOFT allows directly from the Smartphone from document view and review Hamburg. ITESOFT, European provider of solutions for the automated collection, processing and management of documents, has announced the availability of ITESOFT.Posted everywhere. This is a catalog of mobile versions for the software solutions ITESOFT.FreeMind and ITESOFT.Share. They allow decision makers, by traveling from critical business processes to support and promote. ITESOFT solutions are an integral part of business processes, companies consider customer files and others generally critical, such as E.g. the confirmation of orders, payments, invoices, For these processes, it is often necessary to make consultation with decision makers who are traveling. ITESOFT.Everywhere is easy to use and helps to shorten response times. On your Smartphone, users have instant access to functionalities for required permits, to the Looking for notifications and for document review, namely around the clock and location independent.

    There are many cases where ITESOFT.Is the answer to actual business needs of customers everywhere. For example if a / Customer Service Manager/in a Smartphone between two meetings can use to confirm an important customer order, a / head of the financial Department a sensitive customer payment verified, a / CFO can release a payment instruction, while a / COO redistribute from the distant resources in the Department of post input can absorb unexpected spikes in the load, etc. \”, explains Magali Michel, ITESOFT Marketing Director. Use ITESOFT.Everywhere possible quick reactions constitute a key factor for continuous service and comprehensive operational management. It provides streamlined and accelerated business processes for our customers,\”she continues.

    ITESOFT.Everywhere was presented on November 16, 2009. Currently, iPhone, RIM are Apple Supports BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Symbian and Android. Our new ITESOFT.Everywhere offers is the result of our product development strategy to continuously search for new benefits for our customers. New solutions is value creation potential at the disposal, which boosts the competitiveness of customers \”, says Philippe Lijour, ITESOFT CEO.

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    Successful Presentation

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    Pure Australian styles the premium label in the trendy boot market successfully presented its 2011 boat collection on the ISPO in Munich, CPD Dusseldorf and Supreme Dusseldorf. The crowd was great and the new styles were convinced the customers. Others who may share this opinion include JPMorgan Chase. So we won for the first time customers from Norway, Finland and the United States of America. Stylish design, fine leather and best workmanship characterize the premium label pure Australian styles. The trend of the Australian boat was again developed in the new collection, the Standart design is no longer what the customer requires high-quality Italian leather, Cavalino, snakeskin (Python) or the finest fox fur show collection the trend in 2011. “Show me your shoes and I tell you who you are!” Today’s trend-conscious woman demands exclusive fashion solutions with highest comfort and many combinations for different occasions.

    With the boots from pure Australian styles, a trendy product was further developed, from which a successful solution Design and functionality allows for many variations. The design applications add sophisticated accents. So, the classic sheep skin boot with finest nappa or Cavallino are sourced and receive a new value. Through the use of Cavalinofell the Zebra and Leo almost not from the original are indistinguishable. The model starlet, made from a piece of finest Fox Fur, rounds out the collection. Every few boots processes finest Sheepskin in pure manual work, providing a luxurious comfort. The production is placed particular emphasis on the raw material. Particularly stylish features only the best accessories be used with spike studs, buckles and large crystals, ensuring longevity.

    Our products meet the highest quality standards in material and workmanship, this resulted in the first tests in the area of the newly developed sole. The fashion label pure Australian styles already shows its 3 collection and luxurious Sheepskin specializes in the design and manufacturing boots. As Pure, his shoes not like most vendors in China but one which produced a few Sheepskin boots Designer in Europe. Pure is 2011 represented at the following fairs: Micam Milano, GDS Dusseldorf, MOC Munich, Moda made in Italy Munich.

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    Garbage Collection

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    Without speaking in the bad odors that if spread for all the roundness. (THE COLLECTION OF THE GARBAGE, 1990) 2.2. I fill with earth bathroom Consists of great lands where the garbage is deposited, compressed and spread for separate in layers tractors, one of the others for a certain amount of land. This process facilitates its decomposition and minimizes the ambient damages, even so does not arrive to eliminate them total. For most constructed that is, the sanitary aterros they do not leave to exhale bad odors, being attracted animal and transmitting insects of illnesses. Moreover, the penetration of the water of rain finishes for contaminating next freticos sheets. (IBGE, 2002) the extensive areas that they occupy, as well as the ambient impacts whom they provoke extremely become problematic the legalization of the sanitary aterros inside of the cities.

    They always tend to be object of controversy and dispute between the public power, the land inhabitants and proprietors that suffer an intense depreciation due to this bothering neighborhood. Everything this makes with that the aterros are far from being the ideal solutions for the problems of the processing and destination of the urban solid residues, although to be today the half one more used for this. (IBGE, 2002) 2,3 Classification of the residues domiciliary originated in the day the day in the residences originated COMMERCIAL GARBAGE in the commercial establishments of service. It has a component fort of plastic paper, diverse packings materials as paper towel and hygienical paper. (CEMPRE, 2001) originated GARBAGE PLBLICO of the services of urban public cleanness, including the residues of the public ways, beach cleanness, of galleries, streams and strips of land. Consisting HOSPITAL GARBAGE of the septic residues that potentially can contain pathogenic embryos. This garbage is constituted of needles, syringes, gauzes, bandages, cottons, agencies and fabric organic removed, half of sewing, used animals in tests, coagulado blood, among others.

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    Monaco Grand Prix 2013 F1 Fashion By McGregor: Race Collection To The 71st Edition

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    A highlight for all formula 1 fans and luxurious fashion – collector’s item at the same time: the McGregor GP Monaco 2013 polo shirt limited edition number 000 is for Prince Albert IInd Monaco. Berlin, 23.04.2013 – as an official supplier of the Automobile Club de Monaco (ACM) presented McGregor fashion currently his latest Grand Prix de Monaco 2013 collection. The exclusive F1 fashion to the 71st edition of the Monte Carlo race at the legendary Circuit de Monaco has been developed in collaboration with the prestigious Motorsport Club and reverses in the formula 1 season 2013 in two sporty style lines. Learn more about this with Caterpillar Inc.. The McGregor main collection comprises elegant GP Monaco Polo shirts from falling in soft cotton Pique as in the trendy colours of the season of cobalt blue and Mint green for men as well as blue and coral for women, blouses and shirts in fine stripe patterns, sporting GP Monaco fitted jackets for men, as well as the must-have on the race, the GP of Monaco Cap 2013 all with original ACM emblems, embroidery and exclusive prints. A highlight for all Formula 1 fans and luxurious fashion – collector’s item at the same time: the McGregor GP Monaco 2013 limited edition polo shirt. For Prince Albert II of Monaco. 000 number is reserved for the ACM President 001. Gold member badge with serial number provided, the Edition to 350 pieces is limited.

    Including noble gift box a unique gift for formula one fans. The complete McGregor Grand Prix de Monaco 2013 collection for men, women and boys can be ordered online at the official McGregor online shop for Germany. The second style-line of the new McGregor collection celebrates this year for the Grand Prix of Monaco 2013, which will be held from 23 to 26 May, in vintage race style premiere. Decorated luxurious, casual and with a special archive prints and emblems, accelerate retro Polo shirts, chambray shirts and sporting vintage jackets the adrenaline of all Motorsport fans and pay his tribute discharged since 1929 in the Principality of Monaco Grand Prix.

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    Italian Magda

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    The premium label Henry & Magda is characterized by stylish design, fine leather and best workmanship. The new collection is reflected in high-quality, Italian nappa leather, snakes, Leo and Zebra optics in velour or stylish toned. Show me your shoes, and I tell you who you are! Today’s trend-conscious woman demands exclusive fashion solutions with highest comfort and many combinations for different occasions. The distinguishing feature of the buttery sneakers by Henry & Magda, from the House of Nanou shoes & GmbH from train, style is the Golden embroidered spring heel and the ultra light and very flexible sole of pimples. For even more opinions, read materials from JPMorgan Chase. Italian nappa leather, full leather lining and removable foot bed slightly elevated, provide convenience and comfort.

    The fashion label Henry & Magda already shows its 4 collection and specializes in the design and the manufacture of luxury sneaker for ladies, men and children. Henry & Magda is 2011 represented at the following fairs: Micam Milano, GDS MOC Munich, Dusseldorf, Moda made in Italy Munich. nanou shoes & style Ltd..

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    Unisex Watch

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    Hugo by Eyck watches Spring collection 2011 Dusseldorf in January 2011. The Hugo von Eyck watches Spring collection 2011 provides for every occasion, the perfect accessory. Just watch lovers in Hugo von Eyck especially at their own expense. The Hugo von Eyck Spring collection 2011 distinguished especially, providing the perfect accessory for every customer and every occasion. Highly attractive models with a wide range of designs, technical refinements, and optical details make this so special. Specifically, the combination of attractiveness and functionality makes this brand so special. Sketch of the designer to create their designs and work so long on their ideas until a coherent overall concept. With State of the art software, these ideas be transformed into technical drawings, which then lead to a pattern making.

    Until now, the individual components of the watches are produced and assembled in elaborate handmade by the watchmakers. The finished result goes through even a complex Quality control, before it enters the trade. Hugo by Eyck watches have already well established in the market and are outfitted with beauty, technology and fancy designs. By the quartz watch, about the chronograph to the mechanical automatic watch, watch friends at Hugo von Eyck will find it. Whether women’s or men’s watch the attention to detail is visible in each model. Special interest is the bestselling Syrius customers”(limited edition). A gorgeous Unisex Watch – for men and women equally suitable (36 mm diameter), gold plated or in stainless steel. Case, dial and bracelet are filled with sparkling white and blue crystals.

    A very impressive sight. The glass is specially tempered mineral glass and the clock closes with a jewelry clasp. Hugo by Eyck clock makers must make sure that they leave a lasting impression on the viewer at any time with this watch. The top seller in the men’s is the sculptor’s model”, which are especially stylish in its design.

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    Lacoste Collection

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    Is well known by all that large firms addressed a more select audience and with high age range such as Lacoste, Fred Perry oBurberry, lately they are betting on approaching sectors more youth with models that are attractive to the youth-based less classic cuts, more spring colors and designs that depart from what until now had been doing and have not changed (that it could be defined as vintage(, but some doesn’t even that) to give way to much more enriching outfits. And Fred Perry is a good example of this without a doubt. With a collection of Poles that could well pass for the Prada for this spring-summer 2011, signature has wanted to innovate in their mythical pique polos with items such as zippers closing, leaving behind the triple breasted characterized them although no bottlenecks, notes of color in secondary tones that are mixed with geometric prints although they maintain the own signature straight and classic cutas well as the laurels in its format original (recall that special collections or collaborations with Raf Simmons bet by some thicker and larger). Inspiration sport designs, as happened with the poles of Le Coq Sportif that we showed in his spring-summer 2011 collection reminding leotards of cyclists on some of his designs, hence, belong to the special collection this season cycling. Pockets on the back, breathable cotton definitely a collection oriented to dress as well as to practice sport. Daring and above all faithful reflection of what are the General guidelines of the firm for the future collections with what can get an idea of what we can find in a not too distant future.See more original author and source of the article.

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