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    How much is the world?” After three highly successful years with his perennial snubs!”is the Niederkasseler comedian Christoph brusque limitless. In his new solo program he faces the trials and tribulations of global everyday life namely. “The result is: how much is the world?” Then, enjoy a cabaret exploring the excesses of modern life. For more information see this site: Kevin Johnson. The lively Rhinelander leads you in 100 minutes around the world. Full amazing ideas with brusque BBs of unique mixture of policy Cabaret entertainment music crossover including high local integration.

    Must we fear from the future? We have at the end of the nose, or are we the World Wide depression? After 100 minutes you will be not wiser perhaps but guarantees better mood. Because sudden stand up cabaret with high fun factor. His tools: Word acrobatics Schalk in the mouth, in the neck and peered in the heart. Not to mention his rich voice, which is one of the most distinctive in the industry. What has a Crab Salad with Al Qaeda to do? How to get best through the Indian quarter of poverty? Why is it advantageous to be friends with a Russia German? Brusque will answer it. If demos on the Cayman Islands, controls at the airport, or the new Olympic events in Beijing, brusque spans the range from the hedge fund managers to the towel Ninja. For him no inconvenient truth remains unsaid and no eye dry.

    Must we fear from the future? We have at the end of the nose, or are we the World Wide depression? After 100 minutes you will be not wiser perhaps but guarantees better mood. Because the lively Rhinelander makes stand up cabaret with high fun factor. His tools: Word acrobatics Schalk in the mouth, in the neck and peered in the heart. But what is the world?”is not only eistvolle satire of globalization, but also a wonderful piece of music-cabaret. Garnished with songs and arrangements of the Cologne cult composer Christian Hein, much vaunted voice bringing violent really to shake. And by the way has brusque in his research found paradise on Earth. “Were so excited and enjoy Christoph brusque as a global player in: how much is the world?” Media contact: Cultural Club Eden Koben e.V. Torsten Materna Dr. Franz pastures Reich-Strasse 22 67480 Eden pens Web:

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    Civil Code

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    Article 670 of the LEC) and favoring the mortgagee auction by an amount greater than 50% of the appraised value or, still less, cover, at least, the amount by which the execution is dispensed including the forecast for interest and costs (cf. Article 670.4(, third subparagraph of the LEC). Effectively, these and other reasons account for the lack of competition of bidders to judicial auctions mortgage carries a serious prejudice to the mortgagor, that look like the mortgaged estate is finally adjudicated by the minimum price and based on the patrimonial universal responsibility that informs our Patrimonial law ex Article 1911 of the Civil Code, will be pursued any other good of the mortgagor to respond the amount not covered with the price of the auction. What is the solution to maximize the selling price of the auctioned property obtain? The clerk of the Court, competent official to perform a correct appraisal of the property mortgaged for purposes of auction has a lot to say. Usually occurs the disapplication of the deduction of charges of the auctioned asset valuation, to determine the type of output, constrinendo to that fixed ad hoc in the articles of incorporation of the mortgage, provided for in article 666 of the LEC: real estate will be auctioned by the value that is deducted from your assessment, conducted in accordance with the provisions in articles 637 and following of this Act, the amount of all duties and charges prior to the Lien by which enforcement whose preference resulting from the domain registration certification had been dispatched and charges. This operation is performed by the clerk discounting of the value that has been assessed the property total amount guaranteed resulting from the certification of charges or, where appropriate, which have been entered in the register pursuant to the provisions in paragraph 2 of Article 657. Indeed, one of the innovations introduced by law 1/2000 of Civil procedure in relation to the enforcement of real estate is the deduction of the appraisal of the amount of existing burdens to determine the value by which goods have come to auction; as the explanatory memorandum of the procedural act is expressed: the call of the auction, especially when the case of real estate, is regulated so that is more indicative of the value of the asset. .

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    Avenue Water

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    Water for all. Douglas R. Oberhelman has similar goals. Spends only fair. This is the philosophy that summed up the concern of MARCO ALDANY, responsible of this very scarce resource consumption as squandered. The drought is one of the most common emergencies in our days; Although the average consumption of water per person per day in Europe is 60 liters, in populations of the India or Africa is 2 litres and in addition, we have not been able to technological and socially speaking of facilitating access to water to more than 1.2 billion people who have failed have a source which will give them drinking waterhealthy, safe, explains Carlos Ruiz, Director of Marketing of the brand. Aware of this problem and by adopting some simple technologies, the incorporation of good habits and awareness of staff at Marco Aldany has reduced the consumption of water and energy (electricity, gas, etc). These are just a few examples:-use disposable material. Thus it saves in washes and guarantees maximum cleanliness and hygiene – close of the tap during the application of shampoos and other products.In this way only the proper amount of water is used for rinsing without using never more than necessary – use of grids anti hair in the drain. This contributes to reduce traffic jams and avoid greater contamination of the water.

    -Use of taps at the sink with Barber, thus allowing a more precise control of the flow and temperature of the water, its easy opening and closing. -Hubs of Jet, which reduce the dissemination area concentrating on one point and avoiding its wastage. With this type of actions carried out in more than 400 classrooms that make up this network of franchises 17,97 billion litres of water have been saved. It is our grain of sand, that this year we hope to achieve and exceed again, emphasizes the steering. Note to journalists: for interviews, expansion of information or images request do not hesitate to contact Nuria Coronado Mirian Lopez Tfno: 91 657 42 81 / 667 022 566 Avenue of industry, 13.

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    Many Women

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    There are many things you can do to win back your ex boyfriend. Many people you could flood of tips and tell you to better your image and you do more attractive. Not only that, other tips revolve around the idea of forget your ex and move on with your life, this will make your ex you want to again. But what are the tips that work? The answer lies in your own hands. You only know the way of being of your ex-boyfriend. You know his personality. You know what you don’t like and what if you like.

    Therefore only you can fix the situation. However, here are a few tips that can help you to recover your ex boyfriend: 1.-discovers that it is what you really like your ex boyfriend. If you already know it, incorporate it into your plan to retrieve it. 2 Find out if your ex boyfriend is dating another woman. This is important because if he is dating another woman you have to modify your plan according to the situation. 3 Transform into the type of woman that attracts your ex, and show him that you are the ideal woman for him. To achieve this you have to make sure by least remain as friends.

    So you will have the chance to be able to show you that your are your perfect partner. Only a mature woman. Not men like women that love to fight or cry for any situation, so insignificant as it will. Not supliques you to your ex that you return with you, that did not work. What works is to continue with your life, accept things as they are for now and proving that you’re the woman that he desired. There is a strategy that has been proven to win back your ex-boyfriend without all the drama. Please Click here to make your ex boyfriend want to return with you.

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    Promoting A Business Online

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    Exit in the top positions of Google is possible for any company be present in the main search engines (Google, Yahoo, Msn) is a synonym of new contacts, and therefore new customers. Many companies have invested their efforts in creating a web page, but few to make profitable their investment, i.e., in getting the web serve to increase business. For example: the fictitious company La Masia, dedicated to the accommodation in the Pyrenees, has a web page, but not taken into account the promotion of this website, so doing a Google search only appears with the words La Masia, lamasia.com i. A client interested in spending a few days in a farmhouse in the Pyrenees, if you search for information on the Internet, makes searches with words like: cottage, accommodation in the Pyrenees, rural, rural accommodation in the Pyrenees, etc. Therefore the La Masia website to not be positioned for these words, It will be invisible to most users, who eventually first finding the sites of the competition. There are different ways of promoting the website of a company on the internet, two of the most effective are: Natural positioning consists in applying the techniques necessary to increase the value of the web search engines. This way we managed to improve its position in the natural results of search for some relevant words for the company (keywords).

    A natural positioning of a web project is a very effective work, but their results are not immediate, in many cases not begins to notice the improvement until after 4/6 months. We must bear in mind that the search engines change their of indexing very often, i that there are technical standards penalized that may pose to disappear from the list of results. Ads in Internet consists of web advertising, including ads in search engines IO in other websites. A campaign in a search engine such as Google, makes it possible to appear among the first search results, for the words that we decided, in a matter of minutes. Also you can insert into web pages with content related to the company, text ads, image ads, ads in video this type of advertising is the most effective and profitable there, since the advertiser only pays for results, i.e. only pay if a user clicks on your ad, regardless of the times to see the announcement.

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    The Peninsular Northwest

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    I have always said that Salamanca is way of no part. One is not about a contemptuous reference, but a simple geographic verification: people come because yes or she does not come. For that reason, if we joined many that we are at the end of the route, we finish for being forced destiny of the way. That one is the sense of the macroregion that is going to form Castile and Leon, Galicia and the north of Portugal. Peculiarly, less homogenous of that conglomerate of 9.2 million inhabitants more than many countries of Europe we are Castilian and from Leon ones. For example: what have to do with Salamanca the of Burgos, next to the Basque Country or Cantabria that? If they worry to me, we shared more history, more culture and more interests with Viseu or Cceres that with the north of our own region.

    But what wants that it says to them: who we have certain age we remembered the geographic remiendos that was to be made during the Transition to invent independent communities that justified therefore the fact differential of Euskadi and of Catalonia, where really was the mother of the lamb. In the case that now occupies to us, our union with Galicia and the north of Portugal provide a strength to us of market and structures that each of its members would not have separately. It will allow, reason why they tell us, to present/display joint projects to the EU with which to obtain European bottoms of cohesion which we would not obtain of another way. Modest the five areas of joint promotion culture, university, environment, use and automotion show clear the deficiencies and the economic weakness of the new macroregion well. The other evidence is the necessity of more and better communications with Portugal, from the tourist ones, like the old train of the Fregeneda from the Source of San Esteban, to the functional ones, like the posponed TAB between Salamanca and Aveiro. But with the crisis, clearly, the projects return to the drawer of the forgetfulness. The unique consolation of the happy crisis, nevertheless, is that it forces to us to be more imaginative and audacious: the new macroregion in march is the best one possible example of it. Original author and source of the article.

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