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    Christmas Packaging

    March 28, 2015 // Comments Off on Christmas Packaging

    What is a Christmas package? Beautiful glossy paper with a bow? Maybe a cardboard box with a ribbon? None. Howard Schultz takes a slightly different approach. New Year's package – it is an integral part of the gift, its logical conclusion. In a beautiful New Year gift packaging begins to "play" and watch more advantageous in comparison with their brothers unpackaged. Tube like a Christmas package brings the mood of the holiday, because of its practical and attractive form Stylish artwork (which can be changed on request) will be evaluated on dostoinstvu.Plastikovye or cardboard-wound tubes are ideal for the most coveted "sweet" gifts. Tuba, in most cases selected for packaging of alcohol. However, at this its possibilities are unlimited.

    Any business souvenir or a postcard with greetings and a symbolic gift ideal. Gift boxes are also not necessary to reset discounted. After all, anyway, but the traditional form and a large amount, always attract customers. All versions of the Christmas packages can be designed with individual design, as well as customer's design. Give you the keys to Rolls-Royce or a chocolate candy, a Christmas package should be a mandatory element of the gift.

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    Qualitative Cargo Vehicles Leased

    March 27, 2015 // Comments Off on Qualitative Cargo Vehicles Leased

    'RTC East' – an excellent distributor of the German trucks 'RTC East' will pick up the necessary for your business, new and used trucks and machinery, the sale (lease, loan), on favorable terms, and guarantees service. Characteristic activity of this company is selling trucks Iveco (Iveco), tractors for sale DAF, Scania, MAN, IVECO, semitrailer Humbaur, Shmitz, KRONE and buses for sale Shuchi. Click Keith McLoughlin for additional related pages. To get acquainted with the variety of models and know their specifications, you can in a special directory: Tractors: DAF, Scania, MAN, IVECO Ling Ye (IVECO) Chinese trucks IVECO Ling Ye Shuchi Bus Chassis Side Loaders FOTON LOVOL Semi: Humbaur, Shmitz, KRONE All sold Chinese trucks and well as on other machines of German, American manufacturing warranty, service and diagnostic capabilities, as well as replacement of components parts. Acquired in the trucks of our organization foreign cars can be delivered by experienced drivers of the company in any region of the Russian Federation, in the shortest possible time. Please visit Andreessen Horowitz if you seek more information. Ground for our organization – the trust of customers, so we focus on the operational and high level of our services.

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    Business Intelligence

    March 23, 2015 // Comments Off on Business Intelligence

    Some interpret this phrase, attributed to Picasso, as a contempt for computers or technology. I do not it seems, nor I believe that that would be in the mood of Pablo Picasso. To my seems me a bright and accurate reflection on computers, which only give answers. Who may seem that little? Our responsibility is to machines pose the right questions, and make the right decisions based on their responses. As the BI professional, reflection seems to me completely relevant. Computers only give responses, and are useless by itself alone. We can have the more expensive and complex to the world BI system, which you can give us a more precise than any other answers make it faster, or have more functionalities but it will be useless as a stone if the man-machine communication is not seamless and bidirectional. I must also say that if we hear the computers we would come either out well stand.

    People are fickle, arbitrary and indecisive. And every thing It is in its own way. We asked ambiguous and contradictory manner, and are full of pijadas. We assume as certain things that never go out of mere conjecture or are directly false. And if we don’t like the results, we manipulate them, ignore them, or change the scale to mold them our prejudices (or our payer). And useless are the computers. Already. In any case, as it doesn’t look that we are going to change, is the responsibility of the technology adapt to human nature (and not vice versa).

    Why insist so much, always, and obsessively, the need for the implementation of Business Intelligence is easy to use and is designed in, by, and for the business user. In the Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence platforms by 2012, Gartner has concluded that organizations continue taking IB as a vital tool to make businesses more efficient, agile and smart. After analyzing the main providers of Business Intelligence software based on criteria such as amplitude his vision and his ability to execute it, Gartner describes leaders as suppliers which are reasonably solid in the breadth and depth of their BI platform capabilities, and can offer enterprise deployments that support a broad BI strategy. Proposal of business leaders has great resonance in buyers, thanks to its viability and operational capability to supply its products worldwide.

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