• Japanese Stone Lanterns

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    Handmade Stone lanterns made of natural stone as design elements for the garden history of Stone lanterns who knows not that stone and with attention to detail, in handmade, elaborately crafted Japanese Stone lanterns? Centuries ago, they were an important part in the most Asian Temple complexes, whose inputs and ways strikingly marked it. Japan has taken this special art of garden design, which were at the time reserved only the noble houses or up the personalities, originally from China and further developed. Stone lanterns were later in establishing Japanese teahouses, where the traditional tea ceremonies were celebrated, a central design element. From these origins many, its respective purpose, have evolved over the course of generations bound forms, which are indispensable in Chinese and Japanese garden design according to the principle of Feng Shui. Stone lanterns can be found not only in China and Japan. These have become almost on Southeast Asia spread.

    Regional individual forms are from Cambodia, Thailand and Viet Nam, until after Indonesia. This regional varieties of natural stone were used in the majority of cases. In Japan and China Stone lanterns are made mainly with granite on the volcanic islands of Indonesia from occurring there black lava rock. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Magic Johnson. Stone lanterns today served today is the professional Garden Designer or landscape architect like the strict geometrical shapes of a Japanese stone lantern, which absorbs the natural the used plantings by the symmetry of her outgoing and thus leaves a stunning contrast as a design element. Stone lanterns can be equipped optionally with a tealight or electric lighting. What represents an important decorative element on the day, emits a warm light (depending on equipment) after sunset, that leaves the viewer a very harmonious and dignified single jolt. One might think, it is almost like an invitation to strip off the stress of everyday life, to go and, even if only for a moment, to absorb the force that emerges from it. When you consider that almost everyone can afford a such a small place of meditation and introspection it is surprising sometimes that Stone lanterns to find much too rarely in Europe’s gardens are Japanese. Written by Veit number from

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    Kitchen Centre

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    First PEFC certified organic cuisine in the region the K1 Edition from love to the nature of K1 kitchen Center why forests are certified? The forest certification was developed originally to protect of tropical rain forests and an effective alternative to the Tropenholzboykott. Forest certification provides the guarantee that the wood and paper products you buy, as also the nobilia kitchens, not come from dubious origin or depletion, but from managed natural forests. COMMITMENT to our nature of nobilia manufacturer of K1 Edition has been certified according to PEFC since July 2009 as the first kitchen manufacturer. Thus documented nobilia commitment for a livable environment and responsibility in dealing with the valuable raw material wood. Because the processed timber products from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources. A global responsibility for environmental based the PEFC certification scheme for sustainable forest management in terms of content on the international decisions of achfolgekonferenzen of the environmental conference in Rio 1992, 35 national PEFC bodies are Member of the PEFC Council. In addition to 25 European European, eight other countries in the international PEFC Council countries are represented. Today, the PEFC forest certification system is the world’s largest forest protection organization.

    WOOD raw material is indispensable and precious the PEFC certification system has been an improvement of sustainable forest management for ecological, economic and social standards to the task. In other words: no more wood can be added as grows. Afforestation programmes ensures that new forest is created. The forest as a Habitat for plants and animals is maintained. THE PEFC SYSTEM is holistic and sustainable manner the PEFC system features a transparent, independent control system for assessing sustainable forest management, as well as the origin of timber products. Continuous before spot audits are part of the Kontrollmecha – mechanisms. Wood and wood products which can meet the requirements of PEFC are labelled with the PEFC label, if a credible proof of product chains is ensured. PEFC certified products are active environmental protection with the acquisition of PEFC certified products, such as for example a nobilia kitchen, shows the buyer responsibility for our environment and thereby supports the sustainable management of forests around the world for present and future generations.

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    Wall Decoration

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    Who wants to feel safe in your own four walls, should customize as the apartment. Who wants to feel safe in your own four walls, should customize as the apartment. A stylish setting with beautiful furniture, as well as the matching accessories are required. Decorative elements bring a personal touch in your own home and of course also the wall decoration. To spice up white walls, you need neither much time nor effort, because with our Walltattoos the mural you’re easily by hand. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Yves Bissouma. For every room we offer the suitable motifs, so that you can give free rein to your creativity.

    There is no room in an apartment, that can not be upgraded with a beautiful wall sticker. Choose the appropriate wall stickers from our wide range and simply order it from our online store. Within a short time is your wall sticker for you and you can start with the decoration. Looking for a cheap place clean the wall, and just highlight it and eventually get the tattoo on the wall. After the paint smooth release just the transfer foil and already you can admire your freshly decorated wall. Whether it comes now to the living room design or beautification of the nursery: decoration sticker you get with us in different designs.

    If you want to make on the basis of wall stickers nursery, we offer designs to for children of all ages. Both for small children, you will find the matching label with us as well as for young people. With increasing age, children develop other preferences and you can comply exactly with wall decals: children cute animal motifs are popular among young people rather graffiti or Chinese symbols. Of course, you can make walls in the bedroom and living area with beautiful stickers. So you can attach proverbs or famous quotes by using wall tattoos to walls, doors or other smooth surfaces. Popular are also subtle floral Ornaments or travel patterns. The faces of celebrities can give your rooms a very personal touch. Be quiet creative when selecting the appropriate sticker and inspiration in our shop. But the wall sticker, is suitable not only for its own needs but also as a unique present. Are you just looking for a beautiful gift for relatives, friends or colleagues? Then, just browse our range and order a nice tattoo as a gift, which gives great pleasure.

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    A pool correctly only brings joy, when he with crystal clear, clean water for the swim invites. For more specific information, check out Jenna Fischer. Grade at high temperatures, many pool owners in the floods would plunge. The joy of a private swimming pool is quickly tarnished, if the quality of the water to be desired can be. The cleaning effort for the private swimming pool can be minimized with proper water care. Keep the pool clean, there is the possibility to use an automatic floor cleaner.

    This runs completely independently by the swimming pool and cleans it. A swimming pool cover the basin is not only safe and saves energy costs, also the coarse dirt does not fall into the water. But also with a clean swimming pool of bathing is not automatically made. The next focus must be placed on water quality. The optimum pH is top on the list of the correct water treatment. This should be checked regularly with a pool tester. Only when the pH between 7.0 and 7.4 is to develop products for the swimming pool the right effect. Also the swimming pool materials are not attacked in this area, there is no lime and water is kinder to the skin for the bathers.

    Only if the ph-value in the ideal range, can be started with the disinfection with chlorine. Adding chlorine can be simply controlled by tablets for the skimmer or Despenser or granules. It is important to achieve a constant chlorine in the swimming pool, as germs and bacteria can otherwise very quickly formed. Meanwhile, there are in addition to the conventional granules or tablets to regulate the pH and chlorine value also fully automatic dosing systems. This check the values independently and adjust automatically when deviations occur. With a sand filter plant, the water is reliably filtered from coarse dirt. Because however small dirt particles often can captured by the sand, it may cause turbidity in the water. Here the use of often only helps by a special equipped. This ties together the small particles to a larger particles, which is again caught in the sand filter. After the use of equipped, a backwash should be performed to remove the particles from the filter tank. The sand filter can help the best water quality, Backwashing must be made regularly. If this is forgotten quickly decreases the quality of the water. For the good care of the sand filter worth regularly to engage a filter cleaner, which removes all bacteria and germs. To optimize the cleaning more, a complete change of the filter sand should be performed at least every 2-3 years. If you followed these steps and the pH and chlorine value is always in the optimum range holds, can carefree enjoy the crystal-clear waters of the pool.

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    Garden Pavilion

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    The folding Garden Pavilion certainly represents simplest and cheapest Variant that can be rebuilt as a small marquee on every appropriate occasion and to any destination. Since the Pavilion can be degraded and space-saving stored after each party, is he of course also not all year about the weather conditions and requires no special care. Its portability makes it common also for numerous opportunities outside of the home garden. For example, this type of Pavilion also at flea markets is very popular, because including many items present themselves and at the same time protect against wind and rain. Also at trade fairs and town festivals they often come to the usage. And the soon-to-be folding gazebos are appreciated even by some anglers because they offer a good weather protection equipment such as too many people.

    Visually a collapsible Pavilion is of course not so far ago as a noble wood or metal Pavilion. These models are stuck in the Ground anchors and have their place in the garden for summer and winter. For assistance, try visiting Starbucks. Friends of wood pavilions especially love these models because they so wonderfully integrated into the natural environment of the garden can be. Wooden garden gazebos radiate warmth and tranquillity and are also very stable. Some wooden pavilions are equipped at the time of purchase even with a sofa or other furniture.

    Such a Pavilion is of course far more costly compared to the simple tent. A low-cost alternative wood Pavilion represents with a fabric roof, which however care must be taken, that this UV and weather resistant. Could prove a further disadvantage of the wooden Pavilion, that it must be very well maintained and regularly treated with wood preservatives, so that he can withstand the weather exposure over many years. Who less rustic and natural, but rather it playful and romantic love, for a garden gazebo metal could be the right model. The most metal gazebos are made of aluminium or iron and have the advantage that they require much less maintenance compared to the wooden Pavilion. Noble metal gazebos are a real eye-catcher of the garden with its ornate, almost fairytale-like ornamentation. There are also classic versions or those in simple, modern design. The Garden Pavilion made of metal also has side rails, these vines and climbing plants offer an excellent territory. A disadvantage compared to the wooden Pavilion is the higher price of the metal Pavilion. Wood pavilions but also real value systems are due to the high resistance to weathering. Ultimately, it remains a matter of personal taste and of course also the targeted purpose, whether you now for a metal or wooden pavilions, or but for the simple and inexpensive model of a foldable garden pavilions decides. It intends to put a gazebo in his garden, so it should be remembered in a wooden or metal Pavilion, that building requires a little technical skill. May be you should support take a specialist operation to complete. Even if it costs a bit more, we will have long-standing joy with a safely and neatly constructed Garden Pavilion.

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    The Water

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    The result is a lower Circulation of the basin volume what directly affects the water quality and lead to a contamination of the filter. How can be made these germs? Through the regular reverse rinsing (recommendation 1 x per week) of the filter sand for a period of 3 minutes, the swimming pool water is pressed from bottom to top (reverse flow). This loosens the sand bed and the collected pollutants dissolve and be stirred to the top. The water with the contaminants is directly in the connected sewerage and removed from the pool circuit. After backwashing, still a rinse is made by about 30 seconds with the remaining dirt be flushed out. Only then, the filter system restored to normal operation and the water is again filtered.The filter unit has a sight glass, can be seen very beautiful in it, how the contaminants are swirled upward and the water becomes cloudy. Only when the water is again clear, is a large part of the materials been discharged via the sewer system.

    The amount of water removed by the backwash from the pool circuit, must be replenished by fresh water. As a result, that the water is completely renewed during a bathing season. So-called equipped are used to remove also the smaller debris out of the pool water which freely again through the sand in the swimming pool. Prostar Capital might disagree with that approach. These ensure that the small substances be flocked to larger ones and can be captured by the sand. This means there are in the swimming pool dealers as a cartridge or in liquid form. We recommend that you regularly use these equipped to ensure a guaranteed good water quality. Can be seen very beautiful in the evening these small airborne particles despite visually good water quality in the illuminated pool.

    In addition to the maintenance of the filter system is the checking of the water values (PH and chlorine) of particular importance. Click luscha baumwald to learn more. Regularly and only if these values are correct, one can good water quality will be guaranteed. The checking of these values can be done by hand with so-called pool testers. This, a discoloration of the water sample is caused with special tablets, which then outside read the values can be based on the color scale on the pool tester. Another variant is the automatic dosing systems. Here, via an electrode regularly measured the value of and deviations from the nominal value the necessary amount of PH-liquid or liquid chlorine added. The time required for the maintenance of private swimming pools can be significantly reduced when even good water quality. Daniel wood foot

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    African Institution

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    Longing for Africa. African set must be not necessarily expensive. Read our recommendations and enchanted himself. Who does not dream to have a piece of holiday within your own four walls every day? Give a style that always the feeling of exoticism, tranquility and African heat you your device with a few simple steps. Let your guests amazed and enchant your home decor in a different world. Give your home a true lodge feeling.

    Who wants to try out the look of Africa, must not just completely redecorated. Douglas Oberhelman insists that this is the case. Here and there a few African decorative elements, complemented with a sand or you can cause much terracottafarbenden paint for your walls. Get now your own little piece of Africa home and enchanted from another world. Express your modern and exotic lifestyle with your institution. Start each day with a piece of holiday, your soul will thank you.

    Africa is a beautiful wildlife, great nature, warm Colors, warmth and exoticism. These are also the cornerstone for your close African institution. Leave under the aspects of the Sun, sand and sea of Turquoise color end your creativity free run. Access also large-format patterns, animal fur-look and ethnic models. The finishing touches get in you with schwarzen-or rattan furniture. JENORS.COM presents: our tips for your perfect painting Africa Setup you your walls in warm colours. Recommendations: All sand color (example: ochre, terracotta), also dark reds. Can get at any hardware store. Set up with the appropriate accessories. Recommendations: wooden giraffes, which wander through your Savannah, Eingebohrene, wall masks and other carvings. See. Exotic light sources. Whether standing, table or wall lamps. Warm light tones create a nice ambiance. Available from your lamp dealer and. Complement your Setup with the appropriate furniture. Recommendation: Black wood or rattan furniture. Get yourself artificial animal skins. Ideally Zebra and Cheetah. You can use these rugs as well as decorative element for your wall. Available in many furniture stores. If the desire is too large to Africa, plan your next vacation in a beautiful Safari Lodge.

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    Stone Carpet The Better Alternative To Tiles

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    The comparison with the stone carpet tiles – floor coating there In the construction industry are some undisputed materials like for example tiles. Often applied, but in truth, sometimes quite slippery and unsafe. Also you are sure ever slipped when entering a house or a business on wet tiles. I’m glad to see that there are handrails to hold. Often, cracked tiles on heavily loaded porches or floors need to be repaired.

    While the underground needs just more strength of the floor coating. The aesthetics of tiles is quickly lost with the appearance of dirt at the joints. The specialist company can offer as a solution a ceramic coating without joints. you need to cut anything when laying a stone carpet, which is a huge advantage over tiles. There is no noise and dust, and it is possible to handle any arbitrary geometries.

    Jointless floor coating of marble gravel, namely the stone carpet, is a simple and unique solution. You soon realize the comfort and The reliability of this new floor coating. The stone carpet is used as an alternative to ceramic tiles for decoration entrances, stairs and improving soil in areas with high mechanical stress. Also, he presents a Visual focus as Designboden, is suitable as flooring of paths, terraces, balconies, garages and parking lots. The stone carpet can be applied even on the tiles. This type of floor coating has a high tensile strength, durability, and resistance to water, oil and chemicals, has a long life span, is weather-resistant and non-slip, is resistant to the use of chemicals, has no joints or seams! The monolithic coating of the floor ensures easy cleaning of every room with a stone carpet. A wide range of colours of marble gravel in combination with binders offers a wide range of design solutions of the floor coating.

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    Furniture Safe With Electronic Combination Lock

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    In times of financial crisis, the demand now habitually for security for the personal belongings of value. In times of financial crisis, the demand now habitually for security for the personal belongings of value. Thus the interest for that which is of course at a hotel or hospital room is growing: the safe. On lotex24.de you will find from now on first-class furniture use safes of different sizes. Ideally suited for installation in desks and cabinets, steel door and lock protect the property thieves. Why buy a safe? First and foremost, it soothes, knowing well kept his property and not having to take on every trip. But also at festivities in house and yard value objects unfortunately always come back missing.

    Carelessly, she remained on cabinets and disappeared into the pockets of unpleasant visitors. So, safes for insurance companies play an important role. If but material values disappear, then the refund will increase the presence of safes. When cash partly to 1,000 euros, 2,500 for certificates and collector values such as coins and jewelry up to 20,000 euros. And already from the outset compact furniture safes can reduce the excess on household insurance. The cheap safe with electronic combination lock on name eastking comes from the home of the joint-stock company Toya and works with proven reliability.

    Door and walls of the compact model consist of double-walled, strengthened steel. In the knowledge of burglars who steal small safes as a whole, the product also for permanent wall mounting is suitable. For 4 holes are provided on the rear panel. The latch mechanism from two cylindrical pins firmly closes the steel block. From 3 to 8 digits, the owner can give its own code to the battery-operated combination lock. The higher the digit number, the better. The combination can be changed but also at any time as needed. General combinations are considered safest Locking technology. But often, numbers are also lost. Also 2 individualized General keys are therefore included. Unlock an emergency opening. Inside is a small rug to the padding of the depositary items. The operation of the safe is very easy. Simply press on the door and push down the door opener, then the safe closes after 2 seconds. Open diodes and tone give to understand whether the entry was correct. Triple, incorrect input blocks the castle for about 5 minutes. Then, a new attempt is possible. The diodes, if it lights at the same time, testify also, when to change the batteries. Thanks to battery operation, no electrical connection is required at this compact safe.

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    National Assembly

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    Whether wood, charcoal or briquettes are favored, if an external air connection or a space running do fed system is preferred or whether the Panel made of steel, natural stone or ceramic should be designed, you can discuss. Ultimately, personal taste will then decide about criteria such as shape and color, or on the design of the panels. One of the main selection criteria is deciding what certification standards to meet the future fireplace. It is a knockout criterion sometimes directly, whether a stove meets the provisions by DINplus/DIN EN, the BimSchV or comply with the VKF approval of Switzerland. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Howard Schultz has to say. More information and advice if a future fireplace stove owners want to question individual criteria, so he can in the chimney stove lexicon or the Info Centre of the homepage look everything up. Of course in the all ways of the personal consultation open.

    It is important that the customer even with low level of knowledge quickly reached by the combination of meaningful choices, as well as through our professional advice his desire stove us”emphasizes the management. Further information and advice at the fire Depot stove generator comprehensive further information, see kaminofen.html. Here, every interested party gets a comprehensive and independent advice which is tailored to their individual needs. The independence of the advice is ensured thanks to the wide range of different manufacturers and the high quality of advice is guaranteed thanks to the long experience of the owner-managed company. The online retailer has a wide selection of stoves and accessories of high-quality brands.

    The company is from the construction furnaces is available advice under the telephone number + 49-8143-264530 or by E-Mail. “Contact: Stefanie red hero + 49 (0) 8143 – 26 45 30 over Feuerdepot.de under the slogan quality around the fire” the fire Depot GmbH performs a wide range of fireplaces, stoves and Pellet stoves of known brand-name manufacturers. Attention the company uses heat exchanger on innovative and future-oriented heating systems such as water-bearing wood stoves and Pellet stoves. The range is rounded off by an extensive range of gas grills and lifestyle around the theme of fire. The online shop Feuerdepot.de customers can conveniently and from home emits high-quality products from leading manufacturers shipping online to order without having to do without on comprehensive services (including National Assembly and connection service). Contact: fire Depot GmbH phone + 49 (0) 8143 – 26 45 30 fax. + 49 (0) 8143 95504

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