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    Our community in Germany, but will found a difference between the citizens and the people and we can hear it almost every day and read. At the moment we have a civil government, which is composed of three confessing, bourgeois parties, what they can emphasize enough, the CSU, FDP and the CDU. Any hearing or anyone from the people or positions can of course be citizens – by speaking his city or better camp, setting leaves and one of these parties joining or she chooses in free elections. This civil government has a majority in the Federal Assembly, which elects the German Federal President. They can never, in terms of policy, what I am getting, quite simply, because both candidates are conservative and bourgeois, because it is a political office, the citizens and at the same time the people represented and would not do it. An independent candidate, which requires any party, Guild or Guild is and feels only who can be a candidate for the people as a whole. If there is a such candidates at all or will give yet is very questionable.

    Possible democratic election and candidates. Who of the two is now elected and win the election? Elected is the candidate who is the keepers (Conservatives, citizens) to the most loyal and to them and which is called the acquis which preserves Guild and that can be only Mr. Wulff. Mr. Wulff is an excellent and seasoned Prime Minister of the CDU, which is to his party, has done so much for this, and has – never objected in contrast to Mr.

    Gauck, which even bourgeois and conservative but circumstances by his completely different biography, which follows much freer ideologies, could veer off and therefore could harm the Guild of the keepers. Quite apart from – the choice of Mr. Gauck would succeed by dissenters in the centrist camp, would show in its cohesion as such weakness the bourgeois camp and could disintegrate as a coalition in the worst case. With all good or evil will, of at some in the Government’s Bundestag groups prevails, very few will dare to make one, its own acquis or even the Government as a whole in question if any. Just as it would also happen if wife Kassmann, the darling of the people would stand. It should do one and democratically, so freely choose according to his will, Guild is in and this means loss of acquis, such as offices and political career and punish that will want to risk really none. There’s more genuine democracy and would you dare them, there would be the President of the nation and its citizens. Based on Willy Brandt: dare more democracy. This article describes an issue is non-speech Wolfgang Bergmann author by renewable means of payment

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