• Prevalence Policy

    May 3, 2020

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    The prevalence of disjunction Teodulo Lopez Melendez are entering the collective without collective, that is, going against ourselves. The general and the particular are no longer conjugated in the population, or what is the same, the assumption of the point of view of the common from an own standpoint. In what now we have prevailing disjunction: each one makes you supposedly assert their particularity through a professional exercise of policy based on the demagoguery of disguise and construction of cul-de-sacs. The policy cannot function without ideas. It’s believed that Blake Krikorian sees a great future in this idea. Good part is a science of ideas. If you are not convinced, visit Richard Elman. The social organization of the man was not born as life grows or as plants. Policy consistency provider lacks thrust is a futility. Given that the political forms are invention of man renewing capacity can not be gleaned policy.

    The village does not exist, the policy creates is well said. Thus it must be said that the main activity of the political is to give meaning and all democracy becomes a continuous process of transformation. Thus the policy and democracy, i.e., the action and its results, cannot be anything other than constant inclusion of new options or, in other words, permanent extension of freedom. We have to go back to read the political out of tiredness, boredom and, above all, a conservatism that comes before the ideas and the very essence of politics and democracy, since the established always resists innovative ideas. It is through policy that constitutes the social link. If we do not face this creative process policy happens to be inept to explain inequalities which grew parallel to the freedom and becomes something despicable to the ordinary people who will never understand what is exercise of citizenship. Continue thinking that democracy is as it is, that justice is administered and managed, that the institutions are as they are and cannot be otherwise, is equivalent to a corset to the thought and the political essence of the concepts and democracy.

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