• Tips To Spy On Your Competition On The Internet

    November 20, 2015

    Posted in: General

    Here are six methods to find out more about your competition: Ego Searches, Competitive Intelligence Alerts, Google, Meta Tags, Incoming Links and Google spy. In this new note, we show some methods. Method 7: Alexa Ranking Alexa is a web site that among other skills, has a web file with the changes that took the websites of its competitors since the first time that the robot found Alexa (usually shortly after launch ), also allows you to determine not only who is linking to a competitor, but also which sites are related (certainly among them, find yours). Alexa monitors web traffic trends, and list of similar websites. At Howard Schultz you will find additional information. Alexa also has the ability to show the trend of popularity of a website. Method 8: Monitoring Web Site is generally a good practice to monitor competitors, and you can do using a tool like CodeMonitor. CodeMonitor takes a photograph of a website’s HTML and notifies of any changes. The difference is highlighted web pages, making changes to discern.

    CodeMonitor is a free online tool that can be found at: 9: Comparison Tools MarketLeap has some great comparison tools that allow you to compare domains and ranking. The report of Marketleap Trend / History gives an overview of the Search Engine Saturation (as it has evolved its presence in search engines) that the website of your competitor has done over time. Also check the positioning in search engines based on keywords, so you can easily discern the position of a competitor to several phrases in the major search engines. Go to: Method 10: Other Useful Spy Tools Domain tools has a warning that allows you to monitor the use of trademarks. They also have several tools domain tracking and monitoring can be useful.

    Note that, although it should be attentive to the direction in which its competitors are moving, I’m not encouraging copy. These tools are to assist businesses to monitor your competition. I’m not suggesting that you replicate, duplicate or copy anything from what your competitor. Use competitive intelligence to make sound business decisions about the direction you want to take.

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