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    The method of the learning to the maximum. When we wished to capture contents of some scholastic matter, language or simply data, we thought in like doing it but the fast thing and with the greater possible depth. We begin to look for to memorise the data and main phrases, later to get to infer the other data from the learned data, other people, however, try to visually memorise each leaf of the notebook and its content; but all that can be in the forgetfulness if You use Superaprendizaje. What is Superaprendizaje? Superaprendizaje is a learning system that provides learnings with quality as much qualitative as quantitatively and with an amazing speed. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Electric cars. Speed and amount of learnings have been described to several works of investigation indicating; one delos first taken experiments a end is described here: In the middle of the decade of 1960, one mentioned 15 professionals of elite, in a room of the Institute of Sugestologia de Sofia (Capital of Bulgaria), were among them Judges, architects, teachers (professors), a doctor and other professionals.

    The professor leader arrived from the experiment, while a doctor went to the architect who was his side: Of this we are not going to remove nothing; We would have to leave it already. It is to lose the time. They did not declare others By his side the leader was very convinced either of the success of the experiment and work cost to reject the idea to him that they had asked to him to do the impossible thing. (A valuable related resource: deborah geels). Of all ways, already they were there and they began, although with little motivation to arrive at some result. The students reviewed their text leaves and the professor began to read French phrases with different intonations. Basic, a majestic concert of classic music began to be listened to. The students complied in their seats, closed the eyes and they began to acquire the Hipermnesia, or in other words, Supermemoria. Mozes konig has firm opinions on the matter.

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    Mother Earth

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    This that I have explained is a legend, but it does not clear that the moment has arrived for returning to connect with the Mother Earth and all inhabitants, without underestimating any species. Bobby blands opinions are not widely known. The intention of a Communicator Animal is that all the species coexist in a greater balance, being able to appreciate and to learn of others a harmony of all the life in the planet. The company animal enter our lives to help us in our growth. The communication between species teaches to us to learn to listen and to feel how the animal see the life. Also they help us to come off to us great part of ours load.

    And, although he will be something that we will not remember very that is happening, we will be able to perceive important very subtle changes, especially when we are in natural means. On the other hand, to be able to maintain this dialogue is helpful for the animal. Of this form it will be able to understand for example why his caretaker, when it is not possible to be occupied more of him sells, it or gives another caretaker. It is a dialogue that will be also very useful when there are disagreements between animal in the same home, or when lost or has escaped, or when there is a rejection to the training, or in dog support deasistencia When the end approaches, by means of the dialogue we can know if an animal wants to die in house or if it does not matter to him that veterinario.HISTORIAS TIERNASUna sleeps in a center mare of 13 years injured a back leg they transferred when it to a competition within the tow. It was the first time that was going to compete with its new owner, a girl of its same age. It was a very expensive mare and the parents of the girl were prepared to that he gained many prizes.

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    French Learning

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    The professor did not stop to recite, sometimes in practical tone and imperative or functional, as who orders to make a task to a student, soon its tone was smooth and whispering; suddenly the tone is hard and imperative, still entered afternoon, the professor followed, repeating French words, without repeating, with a special rate, done phrases, translations. Finally she stopped speaking for a moment. But not yet they had finished since it lacked the Evaluation. To this height the students were but calm since during the session they had calmed his anxieties and fears, all had the secret hope to pass with acceptable qualification the examination. Finally the professor gives the results of the experiment: The average of the advantage of the class is of the ninety percent! They learned thousand words in a day! To learn that amount of words in a day is equivalent that is to say half of the practical vocabulary of a language in only few hours; and without the smaller effort.

    All left happy of the experience and thinking that they had grown a meter, to the salary attended a transcendental encounter and to have met beings extradimensional who were they themselves. With this, investigator Georgi Lozanov, discoverer and student of the superlearning techniques, he could demonstrate that the capacity to learn and to remember that he owns the human mind, she is almost limitless and this is to take advantage of the reserves the mind the people have experienced who it say that she does the sensation to them of which they have inherited a great inheritance. They are seen themselves of a different way better and. This type of fast learning is useful to assimilate any type of practical information: it is learning of the hemisphere left but always accompanied and harmonized with the right hemisphere and the corporal capacity of the person. All lend mutuum support in arranged form.

    This is the essence of the holistic system of learning. This system also serves so much as to emphasize in some round of businesses, like excelling in the field of any it deports. Also it can be used to develop to the chess and other games of hall. For majors precisions and data You can go to. ! He completes hour: You love to obtain major information about this way of this revolutionary form to learn? will be sent to them, free, informative a weekly, register in the mail Keywords: evaluation, techniques of, method, motivation, to learn original Author and source of the article.

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