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    Bahr was backed by Dalli, who on the one hand called for better coordination both between the involved German estates as between European partners, but on the other hand described as correct German management and the measures taken. The owner of health appeared with these explanations before the Bundestag accompanied by his colleague of agriculture, Ilse Aigner, after a meeting held with counterparts in both departments of the 16 German Lander (Federal States), as well as Dalli and other experts of the involved health estates. Bahr, of the Liberal Party (FDP), premiered as well as face visible from the federal Government’s management of this crisis, once in the past few days to assume the prominence his colleague Aigner, of the Democrat Union of Bavaria (CSU). The owner of health came to Office nearly coinciding with the outbreak of the infection, in mid May, from the post of Secretary of State for this same Department. Under most conditions Jonas Samuelson would agree. Criticism from the EU the e. coli crisis has provoked an avalanche of criticism from members of the European Union, which accuse to Germany’s have sparked alarm about products like Spanish cucumbers despite having no more than suspicions which then they withdrew. Damage on the reputation of those products is coupled with the fact that, while not to raise the alert on raw vegetables in general, these remain practically proscritas in supermarkets around the country, regardless of their origin. Faced with that situation, the Government of Chancellor Angela Merkel claimed the priority of the protection of the consumer, supported by figures that underpin the seriousness of the situation, as the 25 killed and 690 patients – of more than 2,500 admitted – that have developed dangerous uremic syndrome are hemolytic (HUS).

    Criticism, in Germany, target is both the alleged lack of coordination etween the estates involved – federal Government and Lander, more a swarm of laboratories – to the absence in this crisis of Merkel, who collected this Tuesday with the highest honors the Medal of freedom from the hands of the U.S. President, Barack Obama. Images of the ceremony in Washington and the two Ministers in distress today alternated in the German news. Meanwhile, surveys underpin the Greens as pop-up and capable force even designate the next Chancellor, reinforced as banners of the nuclear outage now signed by Merkel and also as a best dnsores of the consumer and the field. Source of the news: Germany still recommending not to eat vegetables

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    Spanish Stock Exchange

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    It is the third biggest rise of the year. The Ibex exceeds 8,300 points. It was the biggest rise in European parks. The Spanish stock market gained Thursday 3.63%, the third biggest rise of the year, and recovered the level of 8,300 points, driven by the support given by Germany and France to Greece and for the loan of dollars into the financial system arranged by the European Central Bank (ECB) and other monetary authorities. Rrencia of the bag, the Ibex-35 index gained 292,20 points, 3.63%, up to 8.337,90 points. Losses accumulated since January descend 15,43%. In Europe, with the euro at 1,386 dollars, climbed the main squares: the Euro Stoxx 50 index, 3.47%; Milan, 3.42%; Paris, 3.27%; Frankfurt, 3.15%, and London, 2.11%.

    The Spanish stock market were encouraged at the beginning of the session by the support of Germany and France to Greece, whose future is in the euro area according to the leaders of the first two, after the Presidents of these three countries they talk on the eve on the situation of the country hellene. Impulse in European plazas with the momentum of the European places and the placement of 3.95 billion euros in long-term by the Spanish Treasury debt, the bag comfortably exceeded the level of 8,200 points with an increase greater than 2%. Earnings were maintained with the economic report of the European Commission: maintains forecast of GDP for the eurozone (1.6%) and Spain (0.8%), as well as extensive an improvement in employment and a slight reduction of inflation. Bag rubbed the dimension of 8,300 points while being published that euro inflation in the region stood at 2.5% in August and the Congress approved the extension of the European financial stabilization facility. US data with U.S. data smoothed the bag rise: grew weekly requests from 417,000 to 428.000 unemployment benefits; annual inflation increased two-tenths, to 3.8% in August and worsen industrial activity in New York State.

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