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    Glossy magazines go on about fashion trends. Others including Ivan Glasenberg, offer their opinions as well. You are called upon to be new, bright, always experimenting with new ways and always buy a dress fancy shapes with bright geometric patterns, or voluminous skirt-Ballon, and maybe a light romantic blouse of fine flowing fabric. and pull the strings of fashionistas in the boutiques and malls for new collections. You, too, succumb to temptation and be sure to buy it Trendy dress today, and not finding anything suitable for him in his closet, go for sandals, bags, bracelet lost relevance, all this will sink to the bottom of your suffering a wardrobe. As a result of the bursting wardrobe plenty of things incompatible with each other, and invariably every morning you sad sigh – again, nothing to wear! Would you like to get rid of unnecessary things, eliminate needlessly buying, stop doubting and finally find his unique style to your wardrobe every thing was successfully combined with all the other How to find your style? You should know that style is not dictated by the mood and appearance of your natural data.

    Start search definitely need a proper foundation – to those of you will have a wardrobe of colors. An important point – your choice of colors may be based on the psychological, emotional mood that is not always ideally suited to face. Then, as your true colors will be, in harmony with your natural color, seeded with skill. A well-chosen color to represent the exterior of the best side, stress the fresh color persons, youth and grooming, level defects. Natural color or shade of skin tsvetotip determined, as well as hair color, eye brows and eyes.

    Shared by four types, which are named according to the seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. It is known that in different seasons in nature, dominated by different shades: colors of earth and sky, water and vegetation are different from each other. This forms the basis of division. Tsvetotipy divided into warm and cold: two of them are warm – it’s “Spring and Autumn, two cold – it’s” summer “and” winter “. In warm tsvetotipov basic skin tones, eye and hair color are characteristic of “warm” reflux. In cold contrast – the color of the skin, eyes, eyebrows and hair is “Cold” in nature.

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    Business Idea

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    Scarves to order you can buy almost any shape. And the function he may be different. Bind scarf can be very different ways. For example, you can tie a scarf like bandana. Click here may not feel the same. Or wear it as a sarong.

    If you intend to business meeting or a formal reception, a silk scarf best simply wrapped around the neck in a classic style, or the wind kind of an interesting site. And if you're going on a date or to meet friends, where assumed to be free and friendly atmosphere, the silk scarf can easily tie around your waist. Silk scarf, after all, you can even use a blanket. Custom scarves are perfect for every outfit, because you themselves can choose the color scheme of scarf, so it is ideally suited to your wardrobe. And what's more, you can choose the picture that will revitalize even the seemingly insignificant detail.

    As described above, the form of scarves can be varied. Howard Schultz contains valuable tech resources. Scarves to order may be square, and rectangular and triangular shapes. Our gallery shows a batik look like silk scarves. You probably will see, they look just like a painting batik. And the kinds of silk, from which scarves are made to order, can also be different. If you intend to light, literally air style, the silk scarf can be made of chiffon or crepe de chine. And if you want to decorate your wardrobe with a bright and obviously expensive thing, the scarf can be made of satin. Possibilities of using silk scarf large quantity. Look, look, wear!

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    Kate Moss Fashion

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    It does not matter whether you consider yourself fashion setter or a fan of the eternal classic styles – your bag will say it for you. If you share a taste of one of the most famous women of fashion, find out which bag preference for this star, and make your choice! If creating your image, you get inspiration in the image of celebrities like Gwen Stefani and Kate Moss, then you will also appreciate and bags that they choose for themselves – bright and glamorous. Such as those leopard bag envelope otRoberto Cavalli and graceful sumochkiFendi. Each girl will agree that to have a small elegant handbag on the short arm is absolutely necessary. Simple, classic, elegant, they will not go out of fashion for years. These handbags are frequent companions of Reese Witherspoon and Gwyneth Paltrow.

    These star choose plump quilted black leather handbag from Marc Jacobs and glittering golden Clare evening bag from Jimmy Choo. Cameron Diaz and Angelina Jolie are not sitting still, and travel the world in charitable purposes. It turns out that the bags and they need appropriate to their jet-setterskomu lifestyle, practical and roomy. For example, the funny, as if from the red patches sewn, Patchwork leather Bayswater bag from Mulberry and cozy knitted Arran Novak bag, created by Alexander MCQueen. Chloe Sevigny and Sienna Miller not afraid to seem extravagant and strange. They seek out interesting and unusual vintage model. And find – something like, Gina evening bag from the tenderest flesh-colored skin from Chloe and Skorpios fringed leather bag from Michael Kors with a cowboy suede fringe. Any party girl needs a bag that will be with her all the dinners, cocktails and dancing on tables. Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan's like when the paparazzi imprint them in an embrace it with such instances. Such is the established Bottega Veneta Limited Edition Snakeskin Bag of multicolored snakeskin and Quilted box style bag with a flirty bow on the handle-chain from Luella.

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