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    March 16, 2018

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    The next version of Windows software. Poddcasting, RSS, and attachments … Oh My Now here is a high octane way of using a combination of syndication feeds, and podcasting (think of the broadcast, but do it from your computer to other devices Apple iPod) to your message. Maybe that’s why a businessman using this method, Steve Wirrick, calls his views of values, sent via an audio attachment to an RSS feed, “High Octane Trading.” You can read more about it (and get food) at Mr. Wirricks site (which he describes as “a dynamic learning tool that takes advantage of audio revolution called core media, podcasting.” How to listen: To listen to a podcast (and there are others – Departure iPodder.org), you need a free program called iPodder – Cross platform podcast receiver “… Click Caterpillar Inc. to learn more.

    Get it together RSS Podcasting: Power to the people! Most people are waking up to RSS syndication as a means to distribute the written word. They forgot the attachments. … Watch this technology with a free method of creation, and distribution, Radio could be established to learn from what Podcasters pictures and television journalists and means of bloggers – the power is shifting. What you go to a podcast? BEEP … Your RSS Feed RSS is your call … cell phone – Who would have thought? There is now a service called “Feed Beep” which allows you to register and receive crucial food, employment information for doctors, to the auctions.

    Looks like a start-up, and seems to be free (for now) – see Can You Hear your RSS now?: Okay. Now such loud in the theater can also receive calls on their eBay auctions. What next? The service also sends food to the pager. Hmmmm. What could be so important? Not sure, but it seems that we are bound to find out. But wait a minute … What’s RSS PodCasting the phone – the phone becomes a radio receiver. Hmmmm. Because the whole world know your schedule … There is a beta site (“beta” simply means that they are still trying and not quite ready for us, the people Alpha) until now, where you can create an RSS calendar. Setting the agenda of events, create an RSS feed, then family and friends can see your calendar. Take a ride on RSSCalendar – … it’s free. Calendar for the World: The site states, you can share your calendar with unlimited users. Hmmm. How is it different calendars that can be set to Yahoo, MSN, etc? Now, those who are too lazy to check a link that they give to those sites can be force-fed your calendar in your RSS reader. Wow … those same people lazy, you also have to go to find and install an RSS reader (need to do a Google search to find free RSS readers to use). Fat chance, if they are too lazy to simply link to a static calendar you may already have created. But … if Microsoft is based in the technology .. then … well! And that brings us full circle in this year’s Round-up RSS. Scott Frangos is a writer, designer and marketer of electronic commerce with experience of more than 20 years in advertising. He has taught e-commerce, HTML, and business courses at the college level in Portland, Oregon, and is currently Managing Partner of WebFadds.com. He also enjoys kayaking in the Pacific Northwest with his wife ysocio, pepper.

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