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    May 16, 2017

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    However, this is the purest reality, therefore knowing that the price anchors would function in the main consumers of its product, Apple if benefited of this to create the sensation of ‘ ‘ barato’ ‘ in the mind of the consumer. Caterpillar Inc. will undoubtedly add to your understanding. It behind sees for example the proper launching of iPad years, Apple placed a first price raised in the week of launching of the product. After the first week it reduced the price, to the price that would be the true price of market of iPad, what it made with that the brain of the consumers recorded that initial price, and perceived after that the new price as being cheaper. This made with that the consumer thought of the following form: ‘ ‘ Caramba! iPad is a bargain, soon goes to buy meu’ ‘. However the anchorage is not everything in the explanation of the price of iPad 2, therefore Apple also controlled the release of dopamina in the brain of its consumers, by means of stimulatons to the system of rewards cerebral. The thing all functions thus: to each release of dopamina for the brain, I stimulate in view of it generated for the purchase of one iPad, for example. A bigger effort will be necessary to the same liberate level of dopamina in the brain me the purchase of another one iPad.

    thus goes, until the purchase of iPad liberates each less dopamina time for the purchase of a product. In other words, the dopamina release continues to happen, but the decreasing taxes, that is, the purchase of one iPad 2 will not liberate the same amount of dopamina that the purchase of iPad generated. finally, but not less important. iPad already turned a craze between the consumers. In such a way, as it was a virus, millions of people for the entire world already had been infected and plus some millions are for being. A theory very good to explain that is the effect herd. Where determined groups of consumers they act as if they were a herd, following some influential groups highly in terms of social behavior, as famous, young artists, players rich etc.

    Now think on the consumption of iPad. It is not accurately this that happens? Therefore, expensive reader, iPad 2 cost the same that iPad, and in contrast of what you imagined this not explains for traditional reasons and comumente used by the world of the businesses or the traditional economy. The true reasons that justify this attitude pparently irrational of Steave Jobs, only can be seen for that it knows the NEUROMARKETING as analytical tool.

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