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    Man – a creature primarily social. For us, characterized by a desire to establish in the society, to communicate, to the recognition of our specialist, to make new acquaintances. And probably most important – the desire to have loyal friends and companions, and also at least occasionally to see his family. The realities of modern life are such that each of us a great deal of time at work, in the continuing negotiations, meetings, the decision of everyday issues. Time for such order of the day flies by very quickly. Sometimes it is not even his closest people that are already talking about communicating with friends and family! But we always lack what it was before: easy communication, absence of grades, orders, directives, communicating with equal human beings. We are increasingly located in power relations chief – Performer (slave), and less often – spend time with friends and family. There are, however, is wonderful time for most people – a birthday, when by tradition the person collects the most people close to him, accepts congratulations, remembers the past, enjoy the present.

    Special case of this holiday – anniversary, which will be discussed in this article. Why do we celebrate the anniversary is wider than your birthday? Why to organize anniversary we spend a lot more effort, time and money? The answer to each of us lies in the family traditions and norms of our mikrosotsiumov and Russian society as a whole. Anniversary – an opportunity to gather together in a feast of many people who play important roles in our lives: relatives, friends, partners and colleagues.

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    Ethnic Culture Religion

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    Holidays – the constant companion of national life. Holidays for us – it is possible to please someone! Holiday – no calendar concept. The holiday takes place where it feels, where he was waiting. Holiday as a Cultural Phenomenon – Day or days of celebration, established in honor or memory of someone or something. Click Kevin Johnson for additional related pages. In the mind of a person associated with the holiday as a "temporary entry into the utopian realm of universality, freedom, equality and abundance." Holiday – antithesis of the realities of ordinary life, a specific short form of human being. The historical roots of the holiday leave in antiquity, they are closely related to magic, ritual, work, worldview, a way of life, value orientation. Since ancient times there was a need for a common human feasts, performs important social functions: the compensatory, aesthetic, moral ennobling.

    The holiday served as a way to spiritual unity, collective self-expression and gaining freedom, liberation, lifting cargo everyday worries and anxieties. No matter how far we have deepened in the history of the peoples of Russia (And not only in Russia), we could not find a time that such a period in which there would be no holidays. Ranging from dancing around a bonfire on the occasion of a successful hunt and ending with Christmas time, Shrovetide, Easter, the Bathing Week and other calendar days of today's festivities. Since the days of prehistoric temples and pagan understanding of nature and its place and role in her nation missed a chance to sing, dance and play. Praised the gods, worshiping idols sought to appease their sacrifices, songs, dances and games. This first principle survived to our days of ceremonies and rituals easily recognizable if you know the history of the formation and development of the nation. Holidays have the ability to group influence, according to stable patterns of behavior, corresponding to the public relations morals and values.

    The holiday is always optimistic life-affirming character; its content side is different, the expression of spiritual orientation. It is palpable enough centuries of continuity of spiritual values. With the development of civilization Holidays becomes a matter of official and with the approval of statehood as a form and controls the human community is also regulated. In the same way was the church. And both church and state is very strict care was taken to the festival of any size and content did not exceed the official limits. This system is still alive today. Special significance in celebrations takes its aesthetic component: sensual and emotional richness of content, expressive, expressiveness, illogic, entertainment, carnival items, theatricality. All these qualities have in common celebration with art, but do not identify with him. Celebration – a kind of border zone between real life and artwork. Holidays typology is diverse: national (national), religious, governmental, professional, family, etc. People holidays inherent natural, organic, samostiynost; public holidays has a high degree of protocol regulating expressed ideological orientation, religious Holidays are a reflection of some form of belief. There is a certain intimacy of folk and religious festivals, as in the Ethnic Culture Religion serves an important form of value orientation. But people's holidays may not be exhausted by religious, because include both elements of secular culture (carnival culture in the Middle Ages). There is a possibility of becoming a future state Holidays in the vernacular.

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    The second "component" gift will be functional things such as bottles, teats and pacifiers. Every dad wants to be sure of something "Pioneer" for his family, so let your help he'll tell his wife about such things as a chain and a box for pacifiers, a container for bottles, etc. A very useful gift will be, oddly enough, diapers: they do simpler life crumbs and, of course, his life moms and dads. And the last mini of gifts will be something for the parents themselves. For more specific information, check out Caterpillar. For example, a shower gel that helps relax after a busy "worker-game" days. You can donate CDs soothing music, or vice versa, with hilarious songs from the cartoons. Any father would be happy to become a "de-jam" for their baby! In addition, if the parents will join the recorder, the child will develop better, faster learn to perceive speech and talk. Fairly common gift is clothing and bedding.

    True, the newly formed pope is unlikely to be interested, along with his wife and her friends to consider small , undershirts and other things for a newborn. Therefore, if you decide to give something stitched or bound, better stop your choice on the esplanade envelope, or a body suit. A linen can become more another addition to the "prefabricated" gift, which we recently discussed. Know more thing: the sheets and diapers may virtually unlimited quantities – they never have enough! A good gift to a young father and his entire family will be "bath set. For parents, you can buy bath towels or robes, for the baby – a towel with a hood and special sponge. Books on how to take care of crumbs, more suitable as a gift my mother, but Collections of games are a great present for my father.

    Of course, the "adult" child will master the game soon, but there are also such that you can play from the first days of life! If you find an "encyclopedia of different ways to spend time Together, you can be sure that with a book or disc donate happiest moments of future marital happiness. The life of a newborn and the life of his parents – is a mosaic, where every day is an unforgettable impressed and gives a new experience. Little man "to cope" with the daunting task to bring to life newly moms-dads and grandparents so much joy, how much will not bring anyone. You know, there is a children's song about that "Daddy can do anything, anything? To give something that will help to emphasize this, you will be "spot on"! And, most importantly, remember: whatever you chose as a gift, you give joy baby and his parents, the joy moments spent together

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