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    Business cards are an important element of corporate identity of the organization. It is now difficult to imagine a large organization, which would not have used business cards. Business cards have specific practical problems. Business card Head is no exception to the rule, and its design must be thought best. Barclays Investment Bank recognizes the significance of this. After all, how competently and efficiently will be selected design business cards, depends not only its efficacy but also the image of company as a whole. Business card manager can be called a reflection of the success and prosperity of the company.

    Business card company managers should not differ significantly from the rank and file cards in your organization. All cards are produced in a single corporate identity. However, some features of this card may have about them we will tell later. Usually, this card has a standard size (4×8 cm or 5h9). Used for its manufacture construction paper with a smooth or textured surface.

    The front side of cards contains contact information about its owner: name, position held, as well as addresses and phone companies. The back of business cards, as usually left blank, so if necessary it can be done by hand writing. Most of these cards are ordered in small batches, as is sometimes necessary to urgently change nekotrye data. Make a business card manager can independently, without wasting time and money on trips to the printing shops. For example, using the editor 'Master Business Card' by AMS Software. This is a handy and easy program for creating business cards and badges professional quality. The utility allows you to quickly and efficiently prepare branded cards for employees, as well as business cards for managers. If necessary, the head of the business card, in addition to contact information, you can put a personal photo, logo or slogan. In addition, to achieve greater effectiveness and underscore the status of such card can be made for more expensive paper and include Additional decorative elements. At the same corporate identity should be preserved. Business card manager – an important tool for business interaction, and from its appearance depends establish the effectiveness of contacts and broaden the base of potential customers. Therefore, in the manufacture of such a business card special attention should be paid to its design and focus on the basic rules of drawing up business cards.

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    Meet Demand

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    Almost any commercial establishment (and not just commercial) are now making sales planning for a month or a year and oversee the implementation of the plan. Quite often, this plan fails. Sometimes due to the fact that is not true that some predicted, the plan itself is sometimes overestimated, sometimes influenced by any force majeure situation, and sometimes simply not enough goods in the warehouse, required for its implementation. This article will give an example of the report that I am at the moment enter in the company. The report will be made once a week for the meeting of the trade.

    One of the issues being considered at the meeting, it is certainly the plan sales. Sometimes, the question of why the plan fails, the managers respond that there is no product in stock. Sometimes they are right and sometimes it's a subjective opinion and is made up of individual cases, the demand for a product that is not top-end and in the presence of it can not be (busy on request). Especially for In order to see the real picture has been developed to this report. First, determine on what products to do it. Make a combined ABC XYZ analysis, if you have not done it. I chose a group AX, AY, AB and BY. And broke the report into two parts.

    Pervan is of AX and AY, second BX, BY. Why? It will be calculated the percentage of stock availability, and when the situation is not good enough group A and group B are completely different on the final impact on total turnover of the company. Reports on these two groups are identical. I probably will not go and talk like that in this report, but just to show you. Screenshots and explanations are on my page: more>> This simple method of detection of whether your balances the expected demand for the product, can greatly assist in inventory management and the enterprise as a whole.

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    Corporate Secretary

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    And in fact, both cases have their attractive sides. With self-administered, the register is always "at hand", and any operation in the registry can be performed directly on the location of the company, the analytical information available to management of the issuer at any time, and the safe in which to store documents that make up the system of keeping the registry, creates a feeling of security and reliability. But, as practice shows, in a separate registry of increasing the likelihood of violations that create the ground for conflict of interests within society, and loss of property rights investors. Still fresh in the memory raider attack, supported by a fake registry, "double" the registry, or simply force the withdrawal of the registry from the most reliable, metal enclosure. For this reason, many stock Society, by law, have the right to register themselves, prefer to use the services of specialists and passed the registry for storing specialized registrar. However, a considerable number of societies, sure of Security of your storage and the skills of their employees, has continued to register yourself at your own risk. The situation changed with the release of the Order of the Federal Financial Markets Service dated December 27, 2007 07-113/pz-n, which establishes the Additional requirements to issuers engaged in self-maintaining a register of holders of securities. In accordance with the order, the responsibility for maintenance and storage of the register is assigned only to the person performing the functions of individual executive body (which usually is the CEO of company), and can not be assigned to other persons or other bodies of the issuer. In other words, if conflict situations, "fault" error in the registry system can not be passed on to the employee (or group of employees) who are in the state of the issuer and which maintains the register. In independent, so-called "manual" of the registry, this work was entrusted to a specially appointed Corporate Secretary, or, more often – legal department (company lawyer), or even when the absence of a state attorney, accountant society.

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    Navruzov Jury

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    Human nature of managerial inefficiency of managers and subordinates Causes of symptoms and methods of eliminating Navruzov Jury, managing partner of consulting firm Netton CG, Professor of Management, MIM-Kyiv What hidden reserves are increasing the value and prospects of organic business growth? Is not this a question that worries everyone, without exception, of owners and managers the most progressive part of the Ukrainian companies! And do not whether or not to think about the answer to this question, before considering options for investment in expanding production and distribution, in the acquisition of new assets, and other forms of inorganic growth? Below – Some recommendations leading to open and use existing reserves management efficiencies. Examples of inefficient decisions and actions consider several examples to illustrate the ineffective solutions managers and, consequently, ineffective action performers in different – the real and simulated – situations. And try to learn the right lessons from them. Cross-functional solutions require coordination action of the major American company that produces natural gas heating equipment, has decided to locate production in China. Terms were limited to the need to have time to seasonal demand growth.

    Chinese engineers accustomed to finding options to reduce costs, switched to lower-quality materials and components, cheap paint, placed controls and maintenance of equipment, not where it is more convenient to the user, and where more technologically cost to build. The fact that rarely see and often can not see The subjects offered to scan luggage at the airport. Moreover, the pre-reported frequency with which may come across dangerous and prohibited items. If you say that in every other bag, the error was about 7%. If – in every one hundred, then the error increases to 30%. It is often blinded by the success of managers and can not make the right decision Quartz mechanism invented by Swiss watchmakers, but dominance at the moment the market has not allowed them to see the prospects for further development of the market hours.

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