• History Xenon

    March 8, 2013

    Posted in: General

    More recently, it was hard to think that xenon will enjoy great popularity among motorists and will provide an important basis for the automotive optics. Basically a huge success xenon lies in its properties, such as: efficiency, brightness, versatility, durability, and more. Currently, xenon is used in many devices for lighting. But he has achieved the greatest popularity in the automotive category. Automotive xenon has a very great popularity around the world. This can be explained by the fact that xenon is much brighter than conventional halogen lamps, thereby increasing range of lighting, and hence the review. Once Xenon was considered a rare, exclusive and expensive commodity to be installed only on expensive cars.

    To date, xenon became accessible to every owner of any car. You can buy it at almost any auto parts store. At the moment there is a wide range of xenon equipment, from which we can identify the following leading companies: Hella, mtf, Sho-me, Everest, etc. The most famous and demand xenon is Hella, because Germany is a country that has begun production of xenon equipment. Currently, producers of xenon biksenona and accessories is South Korea.

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