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    Jimenez Professionals

    April 24, 2013 // Comments Off on Jimenez Professionals

    Solidarity for those affected by the earthquake in Haiti takes on Leon white coat of pharmacist. And is that the pharmacy La Palomera is raising from a week ago and until next January 31 donations for that country. We could not close our eyes to what was happening in Haiti and wanted to contribute our grain of sand, explains Felix Jimenez, owner of the pharmacy. So we decided to start an awareness campaign among our customers. The idea is that 3% of all purchases of parapharmacy products will become a donation for them.

    And is that while prescription drugs have very small margins, the products of pharmacy make it possible that the money raised is greater. An action that from MEDIFORMPLUS, the advice of management and Strategic Marketing that works with this Office, applaud since how express alvaro Murillo, its director of Marketing, is born from a private initiative which once again manifest the solidarity of the Pharmacy professionals and that surely will contribute an amount of money that will help to alleviate all the suffering that a people are already suffering if punished by poverty. So things, after January 31, the pharmacy will make delivery of a check with all proceeds to the Spanish Red Cross. Since the response from our customers is still very good, we are sure that the collected amount will be very good, ends Jimenez. ABOUT MEDIFORMPLUS is the company that more actively works with 450 of pharmacies most dynamic of Spain, advising on strategic aspects of their business (internal organization, marketing and sales, purchasing and stock management).All this to achieve differentiated pharmacies and prepare them to work effectively to a future of great changes. They are integrated by professionals with extensive experience in the sector, with extensive knowledge of management tools that the pharmacy today needs.

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    April 21, 2013 // Comments Off on Supervision

    After investing time in select, hire and train an advisor you would not be very smart to not give proper supervision.E l concept of oversight is the art of make sure I teach trained East continue it in all the areas that should work. No matter that so is the Adviser and well-trained that both creates in their own abilities, must keep it on its way. Developing every day tasks that allow you to become a true professional in the right direction at the right time, using the ability to motivate him based on the expectations that he has proposed. Consistency is one of the areas that we neglect.We monitor today and tomorrow, then we let loose to the Adviser, left only for long periods of time.Some think that supervision is to ask the advisory meetings how it goes in the work.That is not oversight.Or in a regular interview with the prospectus.In addition to this be dangerous the concept of monitoring is quite wrong. The supervision as all acts that we do – and this is the most important of a director successful should be well planned, well coordinated and well thought out, take in a permanent and constant. After going through all the work of recruitment there should be no excuses to not continue the supervision in all areas. The evaluation of the weekly report, which is the x-ray of the activity.Training visits to assess the presentation of the programme.And the permanent request to the Advisor to present the program to its director to address it. Monitoring must therefore be consistent, objective and productive. Original author and source of the article

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    April 16, 2013 // Comments Off on SmartPhone

    At least with firmware 4.0.1, the quality of reception does not drop so easily. Apple has a program of free shipping for Bumpers (covers) to users who request it. The Bumper completely covers the antenna on the side and avoids touching the active part of the antennas, especially in the area where the 3 G and Wifi antennas meet. Another way to attack the problem of the antenna, which in practice we have not been able to reproduce in a systematic manner during the tests, is using the fantastic headset that came with the device. In fact, iPhone invites to use it both as a media player, such as Smartphone as a phone. And respond or make a call using the hands libes is an extremely comfortable experience, comparing with the fact of being holding the terminal with one hand stuck to the ear. The sound quality is also high.

    Another difficulty that makes the iPhone at a disadvantage to other mobile solutions rente is the lack of integration between the applications installed and the resources of the terminal. An example is Facebook: after installing the application, if a photo is made from the camera of the terminal, a direct option does not appear to share that image on social networks like Facebook. If the shipping option to Mobilime, or mail, but not to other networks that they had integrated through applications of third parties available on the App Store. RIM, without going any further, is far ahead in this section, with an exceptional integration of applications with the operating system and terminal hardware resources. In another order of things, it is also curious that Aplle removed not an iPhone 4 model with 64 GB instead of 32 GB or 16 GB, which are the capabilities available at the time of the launch. And the model in white will still have to wait. And no, requesting that a model that iPhone with physical keyboard has Qwerty in the future. The possibility of connecting Bluetooth wireless keyboards compensates for this deficiency in a certain way, but a physical keyboard has no rival when typing texts and emails long.

    What you can expect from IPhone 4 Tal and as it is, iPhone 4 with iOS4, is a product mainly round. It is a SmartPhone where the telephony side is only one of its many facets. As a media player is exceptional, with a quality for audio, video and images hardly matched by other competing products. It is also a winning product, with an almost incredible processing power as a minicomputer. Edit video from the terminal is only an example. It is expected to improve interoperability between third party applications and the terminal, to the height of other solutions as the RIM (Blackberry). And also that Mobilime will continue to evolve in their integration with the iPhone terminals from the point of view of the cloud. Above all, that there is some free mode offered in all terminals, even then if modalities Premium. It is logical that improvements in subsequent updates of the operating system enter, and already is spoken even releases of new handsets for next year, both a new iPhone as a smaller iPad. Since then, the trend is the make of Smartphones devices connected and installed in one way or another in the cloud. Apple is investing. An own search (spotlight?), the advertisement iAds, or Mobilime-related online services platform are possibly tangible projects. Since then, iPhone 4 is an excellent hardware to implement any technology deployment for mobility.

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