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    Por Tip

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    My father did not want nor to know, and ran away from the place and, from fear of revenge of the relatives, he had that to also run away from the city, leaving the girl he stops backwards. Pra Campo Grande, sad came back. When arriving in the central square, Ari Rabbit, seated in the bank, way without knowing pra where to go, deciding if half engolia the pride and it looked the family. But here it is that its new brothers, still boys, worked in the square, if they capsized as bootblack. My uncle says that had been looking at of far half that wanting to recognize.

    Marcindo that was new, called one another brother and asked pra it if was not ICO. It confirmed they had been there searchs it. They had been very happy for reencontro and seeing it well. They had convinced it to come back pra house. Abbey, little new, trepada in a foot of goiaba, called the sister oldest, Olinda it sighted when it of far. ' ' But that one is not ICO there far that it comes come with the boys? ' ' already pra had left running the two to recepcionar the brother, who was very well received by all and without hurts. Family has of these things, small disagreements, but what she matters exactly it is the union. After this, after going to live in Por Tip, already married it found a brother of the girl who namorou in Ribas, informed that it that the transferred youngster came to falecer on account of the shot and that the young woman if had married and had some children, but for complication in the one childbirth, also came to falecer. My father was very sad for the two, but he followed the life.

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    Jose Ignacio Branches

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    As of 2011 the objective is to restore completely the celebration of the bulls doing seasons of sixteen run each, between the months of May, June, July and August, and thus during a series of years ” until consolidating a liking that always has shown interest by ” the Fiesta” , it demonstrates as it pursuit that does of the same through mass media, especially televisin” , it added the bullfigther. As far as the development than it will be the bullfighting spectacle, the bullfights of bulls will be ” identical that in Espaa” , that is to say, with third of twigs, banderillas and luck to kill, fleeing from the style of Portuguese bullfighting, where the punishment to the animal does not exist, and in that same sense also of the bloodless ones of the Fertile valleys, that as much controversy have risen. ” She is without a doubt one devises very pretty and very interesting. Fodder that we are going to do a great work because at the moment the Chinese government has shown a very great interest, but in addition wants to make it most perfect possible, nearest and faithful to Spain, to respect the bullfights of bulls in all their esencia” , it stressed Sanchez. JPMorgan Chase may also support this cause. China wants to respect the bullfights of bulls in all their essence the unique difference with respect to the bullfights of bulls in Spain is that instead of to kill six bulls by in excess with a short list of killing, the initial planning they will be them hand by hand between two bullfigthers, estoqueando only four bull ones.

    This initiative to give bulls in China is not the first time that is carried out, since in two year 2004 they were celebrated in excess in Shanghai, first in the history of that one country, in each one of as fought three bulls, complementing itself each day with a flamenco spectacle. The organizer of those celebrations was killing of bulls and the Spanish industralist Gabriel of the House, that took a team of 27 professionals between killing of bulls, banderilleros, horsebreakers, young men of swords and even monowise. In both celebrations the matadors acted Jose Ignacio Branches, Guillermo Albn and Ivn the Garci’as, who fought Mexican bulls of ” The Soledad”. Since then there were no more bulls in that one Eastern country, although two years ago Enrique occurred to a new attempt in charge of the bullfighting Spanish Martin Arranz who, nevertheless, did not fructify by the bureaucratic problems and the extreme sanitary and veterinary exigencies of the Chinese administration.

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    Inertia People

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    It says the popular dictated one that the worse blind person is that one who does not want to see. There I have my doubts how much to this. I find it has that it two distinct classrooms of blind people, although to be so bad ones how much the others: it has the blind people that they do not want to see and the blind people who dissimulate not to see. Both finish for finishing the same in ackward process of the inertia that corrupts our lives. The changes are there for who to want to enxergar, load with them chances and traps and us all we are invited to investigate, to test, to try and to take position. Thus, and only thus, we obtain to grow. (A valuable related resource: Keith McLoughlin ). But, as it said, it has people that they are not comovem with such invitation. In the personal life and the company, many times perceive movements that pass esbarrando in them and quickly treat to hide themselves under veils that all we know.

    Some feed the discredit, saying that the changes ' ' they do not go to give in nada' '. They know that if they themselves not to move, really the things will be perpetual as they are. Normally they do not convince nobody what they say, but if they group and they form so strong choir that they perpetuate situations that could bring proper general benefits in exchange for a pseudo-tranquilidade around itself. Normally they are motivated by the ignorance. So great is this last one that they really arrive to believe what they say.

    Others vangloriam the continuismo, searching imperfections in the change proposals, demonstrating the security of if keeping everything as it is. They know that the people are by its very nature fearful and if they use to advantage of this. Using to advantage themselves of the other people’s fear they find resonance in its arguments and they obtain to keep the things without movement, estagnadas, ruining as food that passes of the validity.

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