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    Vodka Cocktail

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    750cm3 1 liter = 35 oz = 1 24/25 oz dash: a short dash. (1 / 8 Oz.) 1 splash: a long dash. (1 / 6 Oz.) Tsp.: 1 teaspoon of tea. Top: Complete. When we have to build a drink we need to know exactly how many ounces will come after the ice built. Here, Reade Griffith expresses very clear opinions on the subject. If for example you enter 10 ounces then put the ice, and the recipe calls for 30% of vodka, we add three ounces of vodka. There are several ways to prepare a cocktail from the simplest to others that need a lot more production, this will vary the ingredients and the kind of cocktail that we are preparing.

    Direct are served directly on the glass or cup where the recipe specifies, always putting ice first and then adding the different beverages from high to low alcohol content. Cooled To perform this type of drinks we must have a blender or composition as well as a mixing spoon, stir gently just consists of the ingredients with ice (preferably cubes, as crushed ice melts too fast) in such a way not dissolve the ice too long to not spoil the mix. Shakes The batter by hand using a shaker, which is filled with three quarters of a glass with ice, preferably cubes. Ingredients is then added, in an order of alcohol content (you start with the most graded alcohol). It is mixed with energetic movements until the water starts to condense on the outside of the shaker, indicating that the drink is cold enough (6-8 Sec). Liquefied and / or Frozen The alcohol-based drinks and fruit, among other ingredients difficult to combine with another method, usually prepared using a blender until they get a smooth consistency. If used this must be crushed ice.

    This method should be used only when the recipe requires. In this type of frozen drink special care must be taken in the proportion and type of ice, as this varies constantly because of the weather and the type of conservation. Flambe Such combinations should be heated, and this is used either as a shaker and a stainless steel container, where it ignited the liquid. Use gloves or a rag because it tends to warm shaker.

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    As a general rule: the buyer, as the real estate transfer tax paid notary and land registry costs. But Caution: Should the buyer be temporarily insolvent, the seller for the cost must be straight. This new buildings already development costs incurred, usually pays the seller, later bills must be paid by the buyer. Payment date: Of course the seller would know when the money goes to them. And whether payments are to be arranged or the business is better handled via an account of the notary, is also important.

    Brokers are tricky questions of money with help and advice. In this context, the real estate portal PlanetHome refers to a further stumbling block: buyers should ensure that before the date of the transfer, the new owner in the land registry is bookmarked, the old charges are dropped and the municipality waived their right of first refusal related to that. The selling arrangements are negotiated, the contract must be worked out. The notary concerned this usually of the change of ownership then with his signature testified. The notary declared the Treaty parties and accepts change requests. Both parties to the contract agree, he can be signed. Entry in the land register: the entry in the land register is carried out after the signing of the contract. The notary care of that also.

    It is important for the seller that he only gets the money if the buyer as the new owner in the land registry is registered. It can take some time. The land registry will send the current amended land registry excerpts, the notary forwards the money to the account of the seller. Moving-in date: The day of the check is important for both sides, because this day is the beneficial owner of the property buyer. That is, benefits, burdens and risks are transferred to the buyer. The previous owner to this appointment not moved out, the buyer may claim compensation. Oliver Hundt

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    Social Ethics And Work

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    The vanity can be a virtue. The intellectual, moral, social vanity, spiritual are propeller of any human being provided with ethics. It does not exist ethical for ethics. The attitude personal and social human being and its effect is part of the vanity human being. All intellectual each more uncommon time exerts a vanity.

    The taste for the knowledge. You may find that Ben Horowitz can contribute to your knowledge. Exactly that it is not used for absolutely nothing, or simply for a useless masturbation of ego. It is acquired and one accumulated knowledge for the profession and/or the vanity, most of the time. The work is the action that manifest this type of vanity. We work for two basic reasons: material sustenance and moral accomplishment. Many are limited to the first motivation. For others as much, the minority, this moral accomplishment has as principle to help to improve the humanity. To deepen your understanding Reade Griffith is the source. A certain coletivista feeling.

    A concern, that exactly subtle, with the welfare of the fellow creatures. The lack of the ethics in the work is one of the characteristics of the Brazilian people. The individual corruption. The boycotting to exercise of basic individual duties, and the absence of ethics and citizenship is deep marks of our people. the lack of instruction or degree of escolaridade does not justify this reality, therefore these attitudes do not predominate in the low income population. The majority of the population of middle class does not know, not even, the meaning of the ethical word. nor wants to know. Our administrators are fruits of this moral reality. Pra low nor of low pra does not exist from above ethical commitment top in our structures politics. If the public power does not offer the rights of the people, the people does not fulfill its duties. if the people do not receive its rights, it have the reasons enough not to fulfill the duties. A number of citizens very reduced, still preserves the social ethics. this is each time more rare. Of certain form, the social ethics are white of ridicularizao, debauch and disdain. In all the amplitude of the work and the institutions the ethics are considered something worthless. In room of lesson, for example, the pupil that if you make use to learn and to fulfill its duties, is white of ridicularizao. In the work it happens the same. If the worker makes question to fulfill to its function with efficiency it is white of disdain and disrespect.

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    Popular Democracy

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    Actions for a people’s democracy by. Editson Romero angle journalist and educator. During recent years the neoliberal onslaught to sweep what little of the Colombian State that both had cost forge during the 19th and 20th centuries. State that we cost fifty-two (52) civil wars and four regional civil wars and an unfathomable 20th century that splits in two violent times; the first half of the 20th century a violence covered by traditional parties (Liberal and conservative) which led to the laborious masses of the country to irrigate land patria in blood, without much or any ideological clarity from the people who died. The second half of the 20th century was ravaged by a raging struggle of sectors that built new options; who were blinded by the bullets that have produced an endless fratricidal, that war us this causing the loss of our families, just like the real consolidation of the national State, the lack of opportunity for all, not growth industrial and the absence of a genuine policy for the field generated by a policy of serious land reform for the field, the absence of a policy for the industry; that reflect and I acted in favour of workers and think of the vast army of unemployed day growing in the framework of a horrendous game that mocks the forced unemployment with strange statistics that do not read the reality. In the midst of these horrific situations add a ruling class that thinks only of its own advantage and uses the State and bureaucratic posts to exploit the public purse making corruption a disgusting way of life and a that make politicians that destroy confidence in the essential democratic institutions, such as the Congress every day. The common citizens tend to confuse institutions with men, why in the middle of the successive crises the political enemies of democracy and authoritarians, decide to proclaim that the Democrats Congress closes do not call close Congress, If not to the Citizenship Act accordingly changing totally and fully in each election.

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    June 27, 2019 // Comments Off on Justice

    Could seem a bit contradictory, emotional and mental peace through revenge, almost always what causes is the opposite, or in the majority of cases only a satisfaction momentary, so why do I say that revenge can give peace to the soul? are especially being that on other occasions I have spoken of forgiveness, in my blog, as a means of healing and achieve inner peace? Well, both statements are true, both forgiveness and revenge can give peace of mind, however us revenge that I mention here is not simple revenge of the grievance or a vendetta driven by anger. Do you know why many unjust events still remember as a wound open generation after generation? because no justice has been done, in Mexico there are many events, in the same world, and people still remembering them and calling for Justice, when justice is done these social wounds are still open. That’s why revenge of which I speak here is something very different to the normal definition that we know all, so that revenge could be valid and enter the category that gives peace of mind, the soul, must be devoid of any anger, resentment and rancor, of serious otherwise vulgar revenge. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Andreessen Horowitz on most websites. It is not an act which will cause further damage to the adversary or detractor, something is not moved by negative emotions, is an act in which the restraint and self control have a super inportante part, and when leaving the justice in the hands of the authorities concerned, has a better effect and more cleanup in our interior. This revenge is a fair return, and never moved by grudges and resentments, does not give you that sick satisfaction they get those who usually are vindictive, but gives you peace of mind to the soul, and it is more easy to forget the events that made you harm either physically, mentally or emotionally. Practice this revenge is much more difficult than you think, especially because the custom and the incorrect tendency we already know one wants to impose immediately, however is not difficult or impossible but requires more practical, and above all, first cultivate self control or self control, let go the bitterness and resentment, which takes a lot of work, but it’s worth worth believe me, since this applies to the rest of your life and you get more satisfaction when you do this last one practiced daily. A leading source for info: Reade Griffith. That is why I wrote my book the best revenge is success to help people who can not get rid of negative feelings and grudges, to help them overcome this stage, read 2 chapters of my book, free of charge.

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    Why organize ourselves is as important as acting? Sometimes got to be so overwhelmed by life that we simply don’t know where to start when we began our day. Everyday tasks accumulate and seize our lives quickly. One of the strategies that I have found particularly useful when I was drowning in tasks that should meet is to take me 30 minutes before starting my day and make a list of all outstanding matters. Not everyone knows how to make a list, since it seems a simple task, but there are techniques that help you get, something feasible to comply and that does not become a role more than you find in a few days and throw it as one of your unfulfilled goals. In this article I will give you 5 steps for making a task list and you turn it! Step # 1 write down everything No matter the order of what you write, write everything that is going around in your mind.

    Sometimes I feel that I have to think about the most important things first and then a list in order of importance. This is a mistake. First you must write down all the things make you feel that you have to do, without filters. Step # 2 sorting priorities once you have annotated now if it is time to order it and see things that are more important than others. Ben Horowitz takes a slightly different approach. Think of each task that you should do:.

    What do you think that you need to finish first? Is there something that you must finish before you can start another thing? Do you have a deadline to meet? These are standard questions that you must make yourself on each item to prioritize correctly. I am a very visual person so I like to physically rearrange my list and put it in an easy to read format corresponding to the priorities I built. If your you are also, I suggest that you a time made the list and ordered the priorities will pass in step # 3 clean rewards after you complete an important task or a series of small lists, may you find a little tired to mental or physical level. It is good to include in your plans when you make your list also at what time will you give you rewards: programala after having achieved particular task or determined amount of compliments itmes. This way you’ll have more motivation to carry them out. You can reward yourself with something rich, with a break, a walk outdoors, a massage, or any output that you will like very much to do. Step # 4 flexibility does not consider your list of tasks as unmovable. There are external factors that we can not always control. Don’t be afraid to make changes to your to-do list. Just remember, you need to meet with the new changes. Step # 5 get what is actually in the list get your best effort to move quickly and efficiently according to your list. Do not postpone. The list will be always waiting and the longer wait, harder you might find it complete some of these tasks. Take a break is fine, but remember that the sooner you make the work pending, soon you can concentrate on what really want to do! Now if get to work! I invite you to leave here in the comments your task list so you can come to review it in a week and see if you’ve fulfilled it.

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    The Dog

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    Do not encourage your dog to bite hands people although it can seem monkey than a puppy appear or act fierce, it is actually poor socialization and it can cause problems of behavior in the future. To know more about this subject visit Andreessen Horowitz. Nor hands, feet or limbs are acceptable things to catch or biting, and if we let the dog do puppy, will be more difficult to teach that it is not acceptable further on. The best time to adopt a puppy is when you have more than 8 9 weeks. They learn many important things about the social behavior of the mother and siblings puppies (such as, for example, inhibition bites.) 5. Make frequent trips and short with your dog if the only occasions in which your dog climbs to the car are to go to unpleasant as the query from the veterinarian or canine residence sites (these places can also be welcome from the point of view of the mascot!), traveling by car can become a very feared and stress-filled event. A short trip by car to the park or to consult the veterinarian, stimulating much the dog and maybe rewarding you later, it will help much in making sure the dog is more comfortable when it comes to go by car.

    Also use collar or belt and a carrier will make feel safer. For fearful dogs, being in the car even if it is not running a few times, will help you to realize that the car is a safe place, and will give you confidence when it comes to his first voyage of truth. 6. Practice by removing the Bowl during mealtimes does not lack this is repeated often and is only made for a few seconds. Noting the way in which the dog reacts, you can learn much about his temperament. Dogs should not Growl or attempt to bite them removing the food. This technique establishes who is boss (the human) and can eliminate food-related aggression and unpredictability in the future.

    Alternatively, give your dog smaller meals more often. If this is a problem for your dog, consult your veterinarian or trainer to solve it properly. 7. Make test with your dog tests accustom your dog to look you! Inspect eyes, ears, legs, mouth, belly etc., to help your dog to feel comfortable and to accept the various palpation and positions. This will help in future visits to consult the veterinarian and can provide essential training for emergency situations. It will also help you when it comes to brushing, when cutting nails and when the teeth are cleaned up. 8 Accustom your dog to the collar and belt with oversight put your dog such as elegant new necklace or that brand new belt, can be a frustrating and stressful experience for him. Don’t force the force your dog to accept new things like this immediately. Leave that explore and feel comfortable with these things before forcing him to work with them as you will need more forward (take you walk, etc.) If he socializes and trains your dog, go to the veterinarian will be safer and more pleasant for your dog, the veterinarian, you and everyone else in the waiting room. Talk with your veterinarian and ask if you can visit its inquiry solely for the purpose of training and socialization. All these efforts are worthwhile so that your dog can not go to the vet because of his bad behaviour. Original author and source of the article.

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    Material Positive

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    6. Use support Material. The supporting material makes it easier for your audience to pay attention and increases your confidence as an exhibitor. It makes it practically impossible to forget your main points. If you’re not sure of the next item, you only need to check the support material Go on. In addition, the use of supporting materials as posters, broken pages, presentations by computer or real objects, can add not only attractive to your presentation, also can keep you fully concentrate on your exhibition, so your concern about your appearance will be less. 7 Develop a positive Mental attitude.

    Positive with imagination, you can develop a positive, real and detailed mental image of yourself. When you see you speaking with confidence, you come back safer. In your mind, you can simulate the feelings (of satisfaction, for example), even where there is no such real situation. Obviously, positive images alone does not give you the result that you want unless you prepare and practice your exposure. Positive thinking and mental images can be used in many aspects of life. They can help us handle the nerves in interviews work, discussions for the resolution of problems, test scenarios, or any other circumstances in which our confidence you need an impulse. To be successful at speaking in public, you have to visualize yourself as a successful exhibitor. You will you have no layout, the stimulus, or practice to succeed, if you feel that you are someone who is nervous or ineffective.

    Remember: Learn how to dominate the nerves to have them under control, not to delete them. Use them to your advantage, thanks to them you will be more alert and attentive. Feeling nervous is normal, that you notice is fatal. Victor Toscano.

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    Free Collection

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    The revolution in care continues Dusseldorf, September 14, 2010: the Internet is mobile. The services provided by care services can be captured in the area of domestic old people’s and nursing now mobile with free maintenance software of the German medical Computing Centre (DMRZ). Everything you need as a care service is an iPhone or a modern Smartphone. The highlight: The DMRZ solution is free of charge. For care services it depends on, to work quickly and efficiently and to pay as much attention to the patient.

    For the DMRZ, the task in the development of the mobile application was therefore, as simple as possible to make the management and administration of nursing service, says Monika Franz, at the DMRZ responsible for care. A timely and effective electronic documentation of the services is possible with the mobile and free software. Learn more on the subject from Ben Horowitz. The benefits of the application are primarily tape capturing the care services. In addition, she simply Manual for acquisition of the services of the Office. Through the mobile iPhone application, “care services get an overview of the scheduled times and an automatic review of the actual times. It was diagnosed as resulting a more detailed planning for the care and the patient, says Monika Franz.

    In addition, the caregiver brought always addresses and phone numbers of all patients. Optimal supplement to the free care software in the mobile collection is adapted to the free maintenance software of DMRZ (www.dmrz.de) and constitute the ideal complement, so the innovative billing providers. These included the planning for patients, the tour and ultimately the billing with the payers, thanks to timely electronic documentation going fast, cheap and easy, says Monika Franz. Through the use of the iPhone is more accurate”route planning and therefore the appointments for patients. The application of the DMRZ help to minimize also unnecessary delays and inefficient rides. The DMRZ software and mobile entry constituted a relief for the entire nursing service by the good interaction of the individual components, so the expert of the DMRZ.

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    Winter Collection

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    Dwarf Laden.de offers now the new collection of 667 tshirts. “The new autumn / winter collection of the Berlin fashion label 667 the baby of the beast” has arrived in the dwarf-Laden. 667 remains faithful to its philosophy has only organic shirts and tshirts. Ben Horowitz is full of insight into the issues. It is now the third collection of 667, which is offered in the online shop of dwarfs Laden.de and rising popularity can be sure. Once again all shirts and longsleeves are 100% organic and made in Germany.

    So the collection retains its own charm and is also fair traded. Reade Griffith usually is spot on. The fabrics and shirts manufactured for example in Saxony, Germany. Ben Horowitz will not settle for partial explanations. The motifs are produced in the Berlin scene quarter Kreuzberg and applied by hand on the shirts. Through continuous dialogue of the label with the 4 selected suppliers, the two designers can be sure that the quality is always the latest standard. The Cheeky, sometimes funny patterns are a further point, which makes shirts for kids are becoming more popular.

    So is the name of the label of 667 The baby of the beast “always program. The ever-changing colours of shirts, leaves no room for boredom. In the new autumn / winter collection, the Dwarfs load for the first time offers also caps by 667. Of course, these are 100% organic and made in Germany. Let convince yourself of the quality of the caps and buy your child fashion that satisfies all your needs. Dwarf Laden.de the shop of forest and meadow dwarfs offers outdoor children’s clothing brand Finkid Elkline, marmot and 667 the baby of the beast on. Outdoor children’s shoes from Kamik and keen in the product range are also included. Backpacks from deuter and many walkers by moses are another point.Publishing, like for example Cup magnifying glasses, binoculars, books, or knowledge subjects. Take but a few minutes and look at the Dwarfs load in. We are looking forward to you. Painted Fehling

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