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    June 26, 2018 // Comments Off on Armenologists

    Darmsteter believes that Ar is derived from the Mount Ararat, Bohart and see here the Jewish har (mountain), and De Gara believes that this Hamitic root kar (locality). Others believe that the name of the Sun God, Ara, or, Armina a compound word derived from Ari (arm.Hrabrets) and men "man", who reportedly is present in the Armenian word manuk (child). Finally believes that the name is associated with the root armen – arm (n) the words armat-root, z-arm race, offspring." Thus we met with almost all currently existing scientific hypotheses regarding the names of hay and armen. To broaden your perception, visit Starbucks. Like I said, the situation in Armenian studies in no other way as a dead end I can not name and principal cause of this situation consider formed in the minds of researchers steadfast stereotype constructed by all of the above hypotheses. In full force this stereotype makes the whole generation Armenologists to mark the same spot (for the most part around the ancient sources of Darius), thus not allowing for answers to our questions, to go further into the mists of time.

    After all, it should be recognized that neither aforementioned Hittite king Tudhalisom country Armana, and even more so Armana referred Akkadian king Naram-Sin was not recognized by official science are identical in Armenia. Ben Horowitz will undoubtedly add to your understanding. To be fair to say that relying only on Attunement to assert the identity of the country of Armenia Arman and no more than an allegation, and science does not allow such liberties. Entirely different matter if we can find new evidence and explain the meaning of the original laid in the name of hay and armen, and for this we need to shed the burden of stereotypical thinking, which can not even think about the greater antiquity of the Armenians, and to turn their gaze toward the earliest known civilizations Sumer. .

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    Wolfgang Bergmann

    June 25, 2018 // Comments Off on Wolfgang Bergmann

    What is the policy the people can not more will return the policy to the Public debt to repay, i.e. after Adam Riese: “This plan will not work”. With a rescue package of 750 billion euros against 3 billion speculative funds, which daily uncontrollably whizzing around the planet, that’s just ridiculous and proven bullshit. The worldwide speculation has approximately 600 trillion euros of funds that are in continuous use. Yes, that is actually in the truest sense of the Word no alternative and the real alternatives – such as the ban on hedge funds, ban of the short-selling, prohibition of speculation on currencies at all, ban of the speculation with food and essential goods and all around the world – and so on – and so on… Everything is political, more or less, not wanted or correct and honest – the politicians in power feels obliged not the public interest, but its clientele.

    I hate to say it, but we are the free Democrats, who contrary to the common interest and thus democratic principles in the Constitution. You should turn and their political Responsibilities in the democratic sense. Stops to make, which will significantly reduce the rotate of the speculation against a financial transaction tax. You poor policy – how could you only let it come? Kowtowing as a supplicant to Mr Ackermann to help the German Finance Minister, it’s unbelievable – and before viewers on German television. Man – did Mr Schauble sorry me and that was embarrassing. I can’t describe the feeling that came with these pictures of me. There was no anger or rage, I was ashamed to the innermost and affected. This is truly no alternative.

    It is Curry and beg a few cents without any pride and honor. The way to even more unequivocally dependency. People, politicians wake up and see the consequences of your trade for all our futures. Finally step out of the shadows of this coercion and extortion of speculation and makes your work that you were elected to protect of the common good of all people and for our world – in which we all live. Finished Finally the global suffering, end the wars, hunger and do something for our children, they are yours – and let her not constantly on the new down. Stop to talk in sentences which itself does not understand her, and about her you just wonder if you have pronounced them in phrases. Talk in understandable sentences and truths and understands what you want to do and will do. Your work as it does you the Constitution suggested, simply read the ten commandments, there is everything easy, what you need to work. Even the sermon on the mount is a suitable reading. Please find an alternative and is finally concluded with these bailouts and rescue screens with expiration date. There are the sustainable alternative looking for her! Find the way to greater prosperity for all and not reversed the European assistance package of full cruelty to the people of Europe. “Renewable cash” (Googling). A useful idea. Wolfgang Bergmann

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    Netherlands Sailing Saint

    June 20, 2018 // Comments Off on Netherlands Sailing Saint

    Gaastra opened exclusive sailing regatta Les voiles de Saint-Barth Berlin, Mar 21, 2011 – Caribbean breeze, heavenly bays and a stiff breeze of VIP: the lifestyle brand Gaastra is the first official partner of the exclusive Caribbean sailing regatta Les voiles de Saint Barth this year. Alphabet will not settle for partial explanations. From 4 to 9 April 2011, top skippers from the international sailing world in the magical ambiance of St. Barth gather to defeat the waves and the coveted trophy to take home. As a world-known brand of professional sailing clothing and first-class maritime fashion, the high-fashion label Gaastra presents the exclusive Gaastra Saint Barth limited edition 2011: the sportswear collection combines the special spirit of the regatta with exclusive Gaastra design and is now available in the official Gaastra Onlineshop. The Caribbean island Saint Barth (in English called St. Bart’s) has become the fixed VIP hotspot of rich and beautiful established itself.

    Penelope Cruz, Lindsay Lohan and Demi are spotted Moore and Ashton Kutcher recently to the Valentine’s day just a few of the many Celebrities who have discovered in Saint Barthelemy. These days, the lifestyle brand Gaastra joins in the prominent area: because in the week of the competition the new Saint Barth presented collection 2011 on-site from a Gaastra even and sailing enthusiasts will carry the latest pieces from all over the world, as well as Gaastra fans to the show. From a Gaastra St. Barth jackets, cardigans and vests up to Gaastra St. Barth Gaastra shirts, sweatshirts, Polo shirts and bags. Under the whole limited edition of Gaastra Saint Barth can be ordered collection 2011 comfortable for ladies and gentlemen. The second edition of Les voiles de Saint Barth is the St.

    Barth Yacht Club and its partners of the French Sailing Federation and the Caribbean Sailing Association organized. Over fifty boats and yachts of all classes will be from 4 to 9 April 2011 compete, including the famous yachts of Rambler 100′, Sojana and genuine risk in the class of Super yachts. All information about the Les voiles de Saint Barth 2011 can be found at the Netherlands Sailing fashion brand Gaastra processing nautical Know-How for over a century in innovative sailing gear and maritime fashion for men, women and children: whether jackets, pants, shoes, sweats, Polo shirts or bags Gaastra consistently combines Mediterranean lifestyle with innovative functionality and enjoys worldwide recognition for sailors and lovers of maritime fashion through his many years of experience. All current collections be done online at the official shop of Gaastra.

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    Redebt Collection Professionals

    June 19, 2018 // Comments Off on Redebt Collection Professionals

    The latest product in the Receivables Management many entrepreneurs such as company familiar with the problem: demand management is today outgesorced. However, many claims are handled by a debt collection agency, court land. Is this really the last and best solution? This raised further questions such as: how long are the cases this unedited? or what process have undergone the claims in other collection agencies? National debt collection specialists have searched for answers this. They were of the opinion that a new product could counteract this trend. They gave the name this product by national collection: Re collection.

    Thus, national collection offers an additional starting point and significant added value in the area of demand management for any company. Goal of the specialists from the national collection was that this product gives the company more liquidity and risk-free but at the same time, cost the company only in case of success. Thus made it in half a year for a well-known national collection Customers from the old receivables in the last three years about 40,000 to collect. Imminent depreciation of the amounts, one can imagine that this amount has conjured a smile in the face of the Board of Directors of the company. Of course the specialists of national debt have demanded certain conditions for the use of this unique product, which fully meet the legal requirements. This was the most important point, that the claims were ever edited from a different collection agency as a national collection. In addition, this activity must be run unsuccessfully and the claims can be written off even by the company. The specialists of national collection further defined that the claims must not be older than three years and still were not converted into a judicial order for payment.

    All in all conditions, which were determined in advance due to the nature of the claims. Re collection is hereby unique in the European market and is thus an absolute innovation in the Receivables Management dar. The supply from the company on this product is immense. It is to be seen and exciting at the same time, re collection on the success rates in the Receivables Management in the future has implications. The specialists of national debt are certainly proud and look forward to the future success of your new product.

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    New Autumnwinter Collection

    June 18, 2018 // Comments Off on New Autumnwinter Collection

    The new autumn/winter catalogue 2011 catalog is ready Leingarten, 01.06.2011. The autumn 2011 is dominated by articles in wood look of different nuances, coupled with Ecoline Green and purple. Even more importance was attached to sustainability, the company Worner deals for years. “Therefore, article were increasingly recorded in the range, the sustainability concept GLOBAL & FAIR” match. We have implemented the current trend, which is to transmit the harmonious atmosphere in the shop window, with XXL banners with which you create a focus and invite you to enter and stay. Metallic shiny balls in 23 colors, XXL balls, illuminated ball bands, 5 sizes and partitions in the form of the ball are the highlight of the Christmas collection. In addition to the classic colours red, champagne and gold dominate exciting colour combinations of silver with Teal, Midnight blue and emerald green.

    Our designers have made the transition to winter, and product developer is a fluent and expressive design. So let XXL banner immerse themselves starry winter nights in warm light. The current range the trend catalogue and the Web shop of the company for the trade is now available. Now, requesting a free catalog to learn-druckfrisch and trend-news about the new collection. Requirements can immediately under the service number 0180-5987872 (0,14 / min., max. 0.42 from a mobile) or be given under. Manuela Herrmann PR / public relations

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    Castle Clock

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    Castle master watches: chronograph London comes with cult-caliber ETA/Valjoux 7750 Dusseldorf April 2011. 2011 will be the most exciting Castle master year since the Foundation of the Dusseldorf clock shop. The new product of London”, a noble Chrongraph with caliber type ETA/Valjoux 7750, but also the first Tourbillon model, whose launch is also earmarked for 2011, will provide for sensation. Castle master in the middle price segment-new quality standards defined with two clock concepts. For nearly 40 years, the name of ETA/Valjoux 7750 is a synonym for chronograph caliber, providing highest accuracy with maximum robustness. Sergey Brin is a great source of information.

    Renowned watch brands from the Switzerland or Germany use derivatives of the 1973 constructed quality caliber, which is available today in the various versions and with different complications for decades. The technical data of the ETA/Valjoux 7750 impress: 28.800 vibrations per hour, a Glucydur balance, as well as 25 jewels always guarantee a smooth operation and even case of intensive use of the stopwatch function. At the same time provides an Incabloc shock protection ensure that the precision of each clock can resist even more shocks as far as possible in the real Swiss automatic movement. “This year also Castle master will let its customers of the merits of the Swiss cult caliber benefit and with the London model” expand the wide range of high-quality chronographs. Technophile watch Kaleem, who appreciate practical functions as well as a striking design, will surely find favor in the new castle master clock.

    The strict Burgmeiser product philosophy next London excels in”a clear and easy to read multiple Ziffernbatt as well as luminierte pointers from. The verschraubaren, knurled handle, on the 2 and 4 o’clock position in the stainless steel housing are allowed a permit also even with wet hands or gloves easy commissioning of the chronograph work. But the London”is not only a maximum practical, it adapts also to fashionable Wardrobe, because the bezel with its fine decorative touches in spotting style, but also the filigree structured Croco leather bracelet always provide a contemporary appearance. The date of the launch of the chronograph London”have already been set: just in time at the beginning of the autumn 2011 the latest addition of the Castle master portfolios in the online retailer will be available. Parallel to the upcoming launch of the London “expected for the next collection highlights of the year 2011 second highlight of the ongoing Uhrensaison plan and the Castle master designers now: before the turn of the year Castle master is present for the first time a model with Tourbillon, which admits a consistently accurate timing at all hour positions. Watch enthusiasts throughout Europe will soon have opportunity to call another real fine watchmaking piece their own at an affordable price. Get up-to-date on the official Facebook profile information on the new castle master models Castle master: pages/Castle master /… About company Castle master of timepieces to create watches that combine timeless elegance with maximum functional requirements, this is the claim of the designer of Castle master of timepieces. The product portfolio includes several collections, each meeting the individual requirements on design and functionality. The high processing quality of the Castle master watches makes each model combined with a customer-oriented service approach a lifelong companion. General distribution for Europe is Dusseldorf. How to contact with Castle master timepieces general sales Europe STI group Alexandra Gami Schneidemuhlerstr.

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    Current Collection

    June 14, 2018 // Comments Off on Current Collection

    Women’s winter boots in larger sizes – a long shaft and traditional colors are many classics of the trend this year are ranging from warm boots in tall for women over the typical shoes in large sizes with Chuck for the men again among the trendy models – boots in tall for men who find more and more followers. A kind of women’s winter boots in oversize has continuously conquered the market for themselves. Recently Sergey Brin sought to clarify these questions. The women’s boots in tall with a long Shank are always more en this trend is vogue-not only in Germany is becoming more and more, but also in the stronghold of the fashion of Paris, are seeing more and more women with Langschaft-ladies plus size boots. The colour design of these boots in oversize is manifold – typical autumn colors Brown and black are finding as well as modern colors like for example red are finally in the assortment of plus size boots for women to find. Just the plus size boots for Damenn this not more like earlier lower carried the pants, but also about the jeans or to the mid-length skirt is absolutely in line with the trend.

    The most common choice of materials is quite classic leather. Leather has become not only ubergrossenschuhenn over many years to the Favorites of the manufacturers and customers, but also for winter boots in oversize leather can convince as a material. Just winter boots in oversized, which must withstand many weather conditions without losing comfort, are optimally equipped with leather. Leather is supple, breathable and very durable at the same time as material for oversize shoes. With proper care, leather can survive such as rain and snow without any problems and therefore leather is also the best choice for the production of oversized boots. The leading manufacturer of plus size winter boots for women are Gabor, Remonte and Mustang. Gabor has a variety of classic women’s boots in oversize in the program, whereby Remonte and Mustang stronger focus not only on modern models, but also priced slightly cheaper located.

    All three manufacturers have of course also plus size boots for women in the program, that can inspire with a long shaft. Now if you are looking for oversized shoes for the winter, specialized dealers have a great selection. Shoe & fashion tipping specializes in oversize shoes and offers a wide range of leading brands for men and women. Also in the current assortment of plus size boots for women, there are many models that meet the current trend of long boots. This high-quality women’s boots in the program as well as low-priced plus size boots for women are, so that the appropriate shoes in larger sizes can be found for every budget. Contact: Shoe & fashion tipping Burgplatz 1-3 46342 Velen r Nair phone: +49(0) 2863 5329 fax: +49(0) 2863-6766 E-Mail: shoe & fashion tipping is an online store which is specialized in women’s shoes and men’s shoes in large sizes and small sizes. Quality and expertise are a tradition at us and show us the way into the future. To provide the usual service of cutting-edge and diverse assortment now also our distant customers, we have completely redesigned our website in March 2011 and integrates a comprehensive shop system. The whole range of women’s shoes and men’s shoes in sizes, i.e., plus sizes and small sizes, is available in the Internet. There is also a regularly updated offers and special promotions in the online-shop for shoes in larger sizes and small sizes.

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    Rallye MonteCarlo

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    McGregor Limited Edition runs this season with a wider range of winter items in the sporty racing look before Berlin, 28.11.12 – as an official supplier of the Automobile Club de Monaco (ACM), presents McGregor fashion currently his latest Rallye Monte-Carlo 2013 collection, developed in close collaboration with the prestigious Motorsport Club. The 81st Edition of the Rallye Monte-Carlo, short Monte”, will be held from 15 to 20 January and forms the opening race of the World Rally Championship FIA World Rally Championship 2013. The exclusive McGregor limited edition collection for men, women and children in the luxurious, sporty and stylish racing look, characterized by original Rallye Monte-Carlo emblems, fine embroidery, as well as original ACM badges and reverses this season with a wider range of limited edition pieces of winter: racing jackets with sporty quilted Plaid, luxurious outdoor cardigans with red and white stripes on the front, horizontally quilted body warmer with comfortable Jersey collar and sporty hooded sweatshirt from heavy knit fabric, stretch will shape along the Rallye Monte-Carlo 2013 the image on the numerous, often snow-covered sections such as the famous Col de Turini. The McGregor Rallye Monte-Carlo 2013 collection that 2013 (25.01 to 01.02) provides also some pieces specifically as a tribute to the Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique, can now be ordered in the official McGregor online shop at. Alphabet is often quoted as being for or against this. The Rallye Monte-Carlo 2013 will be the longest Edition of the legendary rallying event with McGregor fashion as a partner, with 465 kilometres of scoring this season since 1995. Valence is the Centre of Monaco events 2013 this year. The first race starts on January 16 with four sections, which include a total of over 130 km. On Friday, January 18th, le Desert – La Motte Chalancon (22 km) and Sisteron is also on the new sections of St Nazaire – Thoard (37 km) trip taken, which were no longer operated for several years.

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    New Springsummer Collection

    June 13, 2018 // Comments Off on New Springsummer Collection

    Damart Germany presents the new collection 2011 in his spring-summer collection 2011 Damart, a specialist in comfortable and elegant fashion presented, many novelties for the Nice season. It involves high-quality models for the dynamic, elegant and modern woman of today who like stylish dresses. The new collection should already announcing the first mild days soon to come, and convey a feeling of the warm sun on your skin. With the spring-summer collection 2011, Damart sets trends for the upcoming season. Smooth, lightweight materials, cheerful colours and elegant, uncomplicated cuts are in the foreground. Every woman her own style! So every woman 2011 can recognize themselves in the new collection, Damart presents four different fashion lines, where each for a different style direction is: the Bohemian line characterized primarily by fine, flowing silhouettes. With beige, ecru and taupe here and there by stronger prevailing natural, Be beefed up Splodges. The flowing lines are extremely feminine.

    An example of the Bohemian style is the straight trousers and the pretty, printed tunic in combination with the sleeveless Cardigan in mocha, when golden brown sequin accents discrete on the front. With belly “flatters the silhouette effect and an excellent wearing comfort thanks to the soft cotton content and the Elasthananteils, which ensures the best freedom of movement,. away pants A further essential element of the Boheme is the long Cardigan from flowing material, which is open to a top and pants. The woman of today, who like colored like it, will particularly appeal to the fruity line: on these models summer colors and bold stripes that ensure a current and elegant appearance revolves around. This style the narrow tunic with checked pattern super light cotton waffle embossed or the long jacket with wide stripes match perfectly to underline the feminine effect with airy Crepe Voile is occupied. For the elegant woman with a fondness for the city fine appearance the chic line provides matching, the dark colours and careful processing in the foreground are. This style fit the casual ensemble of 7/8 pants and blazers or even the Cardigan in Navy, which is decorated with the large, gold-colored buttons and the shoulder flaps in the style of the officer. On the flowery line, the romantic woman will find favor: the pretty floral print on lightweight tunics, issued skirts with a comfortable stretch waistband and knitted cardigans in 2-in-1 look gives the dressing a lovely freshness.

    The collection leather sandals and ballerinas, combining style and comfort, so that each step is a pleasure is completed. The new collection of Damart offers varied styles and relies on high-quality materials, comfortable cuts and flattering silhouettes. Looking for Sun? Damart invites you to discover that you already to some extent in our his new spring-summer collection 2011 Find online shop. The fashion of pleasant, easy-care materials, comfortable cuts, current lines and colors, see. “” “Choose from the various fashion lines Boheme”, fruity “, chic” and flowery “your spring wardrobe, which leaves no wish unfulfilled.

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    New Collection

    June 11, 2018 // Comments Off on New Collection

    This year, Xray, the cult-eyewear label from Tel Aviv, launched its newest collection. Zurich, July 26, 2011 Xray, the cult eyewear label based in Tel Aviv, this year launched its latest collection. From elegant and futuristic, the latest designs from Xray bring the cosmopolitan, Mediterranean and Oriental flair by Tel Aviv in the Swiss cities. Educate yourself with thoughts from Andreessen Horowitz. As usual with unconventional designs and an infinite variety of colors and shapes, which allows each style the own individual convinces the collection to celebrate. The sunglasses are new and correction versions of Xray Switzerland available provide McOptik since the beginning of this year the young Tel Aviv labels Xray glasses with their refreshing and sexy playful designs caused a sensation. In an instant, the sunglasses and correction frames advanced from the White City on the Mediterranean”in this country to worship objects. Xray now launched its newest collection.

    For her latest litter, the creative minds of Xray had unmistakably from the cosmopolitan, Mediterranean and Oriental flair in Tel Aviv inspire. Seemingly inseparable, the city and its people with the designs of Xray are connected: whether at the celebrations through in one of the hippest clubs, the walk on the beach or the shopping tour in the traditional markets and hip boutiques in Tel Aviv to wear Xray. As usual, the latest collection includes a variety of different models and lines. “The successful lines of mauvais Garcons”, Galactica and Black Stones “has remained faithful to Xray. The models convince with unconventional designs and an infinite variety of colors and shapes. This allows it everyone and anyone, own, independent style to live. Xray new at McOptik available and the sunglasses by hand and correction versions of Xray in the entire Switzerland at all branches of McOptik are available sponsor the Swiss Beach soccer men’s national team since the beginning of June. We are very pleased to have found a strong Swiss partner supported the fledgling brand of Xray in his mission, protection, quality and fashion McOptik at fair Offer prices”, Alex Maien fish and Joel Leuenberger, licensee of Xray in the Switzerland forward.

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