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    Group Vaneduc

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    The idea then is a practical guide to strategic indices that can be seen, quantify and perform on a daily basis so that it is not something metaphorical. Response to investigate is adjusted to availability that owns the company, suppose that a company wants to enter the market of the drinks, but do not have a proper infrastructure or does not have a strong image in the market, would be nonsense that wants to position as a leader or as challenging in the market when you do not have the resources to face that challenge. A company would choose an income of penetration with low prices strategy for joining a niche market and position itself as such, is what made the Group Vaneduc a family company that was in the education market since 1960, its diversification made them extend towards the creation of a University. But how to compete in a market where it is very competitive and is complex to be positioned? The strategy consisted of low prices and good quality education, but his central strategy was a viral word of mouth marketing mix and a penetration of low prices. The recommendations of professors to students and these same others made a strong growth in the University that opened offices in different parts of the country, the growth was profitable so it is I position heavily in its niche thus creating a strong corporate image. The strategies can be kept over a period of time is what is called as linear strategy that will depend on the market where operate, if it is unstable or not, if you have enough appeal to attract investment, the instability that has, the kind of turbulence and the existing competitive force. There are unstable to make that a company can change its strategy, is what is known as an incremental strategy, when a company sees its strategy at risk, or market where it operates becomes unstable, chooses to alter it, and thus becomes a new, transformed and adapted to change strategy.

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    The fan should observe it. You can define a choice, bring to power a hero or a tyrant, ending a way of life so that a new one is born. Leadership theories abound, but that needs to be studied is the fanatic. Convinced follower chooses a leader while the fan desperate for one. Plato in his Republic, suggested that the most illustrious and noble of the society should be those who had power, but history has shown us that the system that governs the ruling that the same figure of the ruler is more important. In other words, they have to institutionalize procedures for change, regulate, and where appropriate remove those who are in power if they do not do their job well.

    But the fan doesn’t think. You want to secretly dying for their cause, coalesce into a movement and be diluted to allow loading with himself. And is the fan market goal of social, religious and political movements. The Catholic fanatic, in the background, is equal to the Muslim fanatic, to the Jew, to the Buddhist, the Communist, fascist, to the chauvinist. It is that the Fund is dominated by personal frustration and a sense of vacuum, by what the fan clings to something external that promises to change the world, because the current world is wrong, and because of him, he is a loser. Joining fully a movement takes you to experience feelings of pride, confidence and, more importantly, of purpose.

    The present is less for the fan because the promise focuses on a better future, where all created, feel, Act, as it should be. And as the cause is so great then the present with worthy devotion can be sacrificed. What it binds to the fans? What makes them strong? What converts them to movements? (Eric Hoffer material-based scheme). 1.-El Odio-nothing unites like hating the same.

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    Simon Rodriguez

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    The significance passes through the relationship: what creates space to communicate, Sorry, the protagonists, express what I feel, what I challenged. People become significant for us / ACE when they recognize us as another one: we do not manipulate nor used. Give us time. Makes sense I do, to the extent that it allows me to be myself / or express myself with and before others. We seek not only individual, but institutional sense since build senses is dialogue, conclude with each other what we consider significant.

    This implies knowing, approaching institutional identity and from there be open to conjugate the various interpretations. It is important to make the exercise of translation. We have moved in the context of a homogeneous culture, that not demanded recognition of cultural diversities. The task is now higher and demands recognize, translate and across meanings. 4 Educate for coexistence educate to live is to educate to live with because we are in the world to help us, not to destroy us, as said don Simon Rodriguez. For this reason, all learning is an inter-learning. The phrase was also coined by don Simon.

    The pass key for the shared, by what can be learned from others. In short, you can not educate to live if not it educates in cooperation and collective participation in the inter-learning. The school has traditionally been organized to isolate students, so that they do not work between them but with the supervision of the teacher. This isolation is usually presented as one of the basic elements of the situation of who continues a process of education at distance. Refers to people scattered, following instructional materials without any connection between them. An alternative proposal vindicates basic human needs such as coexistence, interpersonal relations, participation, affection and all this is possible in the Salesian school since the accompaniment of young people and associations we are approaching their experiences and feelings to create sense of life and achieve consensus.

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    The Instructions

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    August 3, 2013 // Comments Off on Evaluation

    The evaluation system ends up become organizations where enhance described negative aspects, in a dysfunctional practice that collides with the objective primary improve the overall performance of the organizations, to crystallize in one of the main mechanisms that evaluators in accordance with their own game variables. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO MINIMIZE THE NEGATIVE EVALUATIONS OF IMPACT? Then, exploration and reflection so far made, about the benefits and problems associated with the prevailing modern pos organizations performance evaluation system, seeks to the overall development of a listing – certainly not exhaustive – with proposals that can cushion the undesirable effects of its implementation. For practical purposes, the suggestions on effective evaluation programmes for the most renowned literature are not listed. With intention to provide less discussed ideas, other edges and perspectives, are tested without being this decision a sample of non-recognition towards the usefulness and quality of the proposals already established in the literature more illustrious. Recognize the three dimensions of any assessment: diagnosis, training and synthesis one of the cornerstones of any assessment is its diagnostic character. I.e.

    that it pursues expose the existence or not of a performance desired for each position and the presence or not of a potential development of the individual, for sizing the platform on which are to be build skills, career and plans, ultimately, that the organization can thus have the resources necessary to achieve the objectives sought. The second central aspect of any assessment is formative character. This aspect associated with the detection of the evolution of performance but also to ensure correct offsets, building a gradual and constant interaction between the supervisor and his subordinate, in a sort of coaching, guiding and accompanied the construction of a better exercise of the functions inherent in the post. The last expected feature of an assessment is that he synthesized, it pursues the inverse and integration of the entire journey journey through official, from its initial state diagnosis, their learning and improvement to the valuation and total estimate of their current performance.

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