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    So Paulo

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    Lode to find a brother who alive here and that it helped in this &#039 it; ' batalha' '. ' ' I started in the Church: I started to frequentar the Church there, I stopped to be, at night, in the street. Time in house was sufficient. Educate yourself with thoughts from Ben Horowitz. I entered in the shelter, took bath, had supper, slept and have left pra to arrange job and thus I was turning aside itself deviating, deviating until the moment where I went astray total of the drugs, of the world of drogas.' ' Another one of that they had counted of its problems said that it took cachaa and all the drugs when decided to intern itself voluntarily in a Clinic of Insane people, of which in about one month was cured, but it did not want to leave therefore living in the Clinical age there ' ' gostoso demais' '. To live in the streets was humilhante. ' ' Those colleagues mine of the old ones, that they had been created with me in the schools, right? They gave money to me he humiliated but me. They said, poxa, face, looks at you is seeing this school that you are sleeping in the front? We study there. All these businesses that harmed more my ego because I, for me, I did not have more exit I did not advance somebody for a light in the end of the tunnel because I not by more light. He bothered me to this, then never plus nobody me viu.' ' In its story, this catador account that only came back to its city after having moved of life and to be involved with the cooperative. Keith McLoughlin is actively involved in the matter. It surprised to all, in such a way, that the Mayor of the city came the So Paulo to confirm what it counts he invited and to give it lectures in that city.

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    For Chiavenato

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    According to Keegan and Green (2003), the process of taking of decision of marketing is also moving because of the modification of the role played for the information, which passed of support instrument the strategical asset, generating of wealth. For McKenna (2002), the consumers are moving ahead of the eyes of the marketing professionals and, to the measure that the easiness of access to the information and the power of choice that it brings continue to increase, the variety of options of the consumer also increases. It fits to notice that the modern consumers act on autodeterminadas preferences, as the programmable preferences of its computers. For Chiavenato (1999, P. Learn more at this site: Ben Horowitz. 419), ' ' … capital intellectual is the addition of everything what you know. In organizacionais terms, the biggest patrimony of an organization is something that every day leaves and enters for the door … ' ' , that is, it is the human capital, that is constituted of the people who are part of an organization.

    this human capital means talentos that they need to be kept and to be developed. Drucker (2002) believes that bigger impact caused for the Revolution of the Information is the evolution of the education, that comes occurring since 1940, with the first computers. The people handle computers without imagining the gamma of information that absorb inside and of this process of dissemination of the information, the Internet exert basic paper, therefore it is a tool with which we can have the information in the real time, with access and reply at any time. For the Internet long-distance educations happen (courses on-line), that the people search as form of learning, autodesenvolvimento and perfectioning. For its side, the companies also search the processes of e-learning, in the direction to mold its intellectual capitals in accordance with its business-oriented focos. Of course, the marketing area cannot be of is, therefore it is each time more valued the intellectual capital, that is, at the same time, based in deep knowledge, the specialty technique and the cultural diversity at the same time, as well as in the capacity of work in team, relationship with customers and fast adaptation to the changes.

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