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    Team Leader

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    Some times, an excellent salesman is promoted the leader of its team and fails in the new function. One gives credit that the promotion is a prize to the salesman, but later it uncovers that it does not have the necessary abilities and characteristics for the new position. Worse he is that hardly the person obtains to come back to the previous condition and finishes leaving the company. Moral of history: the good salesman loses itself. Why this happens? Because of the existing natural differences between the two functions. They are characteristic common to a leader of team and a good salesman: motivation, empatia, autoconfiana, creativity, to know to hear and to talk, good mood, determination, persistence and professional ambition. Moreover, it is necessary intuition to discover the behavior of the consumer.

    However, a leader of necessary team to have characteristics that a good salesman nor always needs: vision of future, firmness, imparcialidade, humildade, intelligence above average flexibility. Already the good necessary salesman of audacity, disposal, patience and communicative being, therefore when the result is about sales is direct consequence of the established contacts. The biggest motivation of the leader is the people, it will only obtain the waited results to influence if them. In the case of the salesman the goal is, obviously, to vender. Generally it is individualistic what empecilho will be one for, future, to lead a team. He is not easy to be a good salesman, as well as is not easy to lead a team. The ideal is to search the maximum possible of qualities and to know the deficiencies that they need to be worked, searching to be optimum possible professional inside of its specialty. Before promoting a salesman the team leader is vital to evaluate its characteristics and the functions of a leader, to verify if the person have the ideal profile for the position, but without if forgetting asking if this to it is its desire. With this the risk is prevented to become, short-term, a success in failure without return. It knows some of the functions of a leader: To define the tasks to be carried through for the team; to delegate authority and to offer orientation, without removing the responsibility for the action; to evaluate, to guide and to supervise the team, controlling the methods of work and the use of available resources; to give feedback, allowing the growth of the members of the team; to organize and to define positions and responsibilities; to inside select, to develop and to integrate the human resources of its area of performance; to analyze and to improve the methods of distribution, adequacy of special levels of supply and services to the customer; to guide the team to work in its absence and to help if to become it most self-sufficient possible; to study and to analyze the economic conditions and of market, the governmental controls and its effect in the goals of the company; to follow the growth and the work of each member of the team, through reports and contacts with the customers.

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    Emmanuelle Seigner

    September 10, 2012 // Comments Off on Emmanuelle Seigner

    Its return to the woman design, six years after its last collection for Gucci. Tom has an unnegotiable vision of the woman, who he enjoys creating and recreating. The scene of its presentation: its store in the Madison avenue. A space and a hearing so reduced as so that Domenico de Sole, president of the company, would remain standing up. ” Today we have wonderful clothes and some of the women who more inspire me for lucirla” , Ford announced. One retired to a side of the narrow corridor and thence it presented/displayed and it described each one of the models that marched past.

    Farida Khelfa, model, eternal actress and musa of the Parisian fashion, was the first to march past, the actress Julianne Moore, Beyonc, the actress Emmanuelle Seigner, and a long etc from Rita Wilson, Rachel Feinstein, Marisa Berenson, Daphne Guinness, Lou Doillon or Lisa Eisner to top models of all the times like Lauren Hutton, Karen Elson, Natalia Vodianova, Stella Tennant, Liya Kebede, AMVER Valletta or Daria Werbowy.Transmitan a sense of the eternal, grandiloquent beauty and memorable that today it is scarce in an industry given to the hysteria of the immediate thing. A dynamics against which Ford is rebelled aesthetic and conceptually. Tom Ford prohibits the use of methods of recording in its presentation and it refuses to distribute images, so we will wait for – when and where it wants to see the photos that Terry took Richardson.

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    The Sales

    September 3, 2012 // Comments Off on The Sales

    Last componetente to be added is the intended profit. This phase is basic, therefore the joined value corresponds to the minimum price to be charged for the sales of the product or service, so that it is possible to repay the values used in production and to keep the economic and financial health of the company. This value also will have to base the promocionais actions that the company develops or intends to develop, therefore any value below will bring a negative return, that is, the costs will be bigger of what the profit. It is important to observe that the accompaniment of this value must periodically be carried through and in all the occasions where to occur increase of the cost of insumos, hand of workmanship or other item. Desctaca that how much bigger the efficiency and produtivide of the lesser company will be the unitary cost of each product, therefore in the practical one it will be if working with little wastefulness and producing more with little resources. In this direction, I observe that the profits of productivity, that can be gotten by the acquisition of a new equipment, training of the employees and diverse other factors, as well as the increase of the efficiency in the use of the resources, try the necessity to reevaluate the price considering the involved costs, with sights to guide possible promocionais campaigns for the conquest of new customers, increase of the sales and other actions. 2? To evaluate the price in relation to the competitors: Established the price in relation to the costs, the next stage and to evaluate which the price practised for the competitors. I remember that the best way to get the necessary information (price of the competitors) is by means of a field research, that is, to visit its competitors. On the basis of these information, can be found two situations.

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    September 1, 2012 // Comments Off on Salesmen

    It enters in the store and it only says that this looking at (if to prefer, between speaking the cellular one). 2? The salesman with a doll in the show window or these dummies confuses that are spread for the store. 3? He tries everything and he says that anger to think a little! Arguments as: – ‘ ‘ I do not know if gostei’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ There I go to call my mother for opinar’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ later I come back more with calma’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ I go to wait my card virar’ ‘ they function sufficiently. 4? After leaving the store without taking nothing It the same comes back and it buys product with another salesman. 5? It disagrees and distrusts of everything what to say. 6? He enters in a store of jeans (Levi? s for example) looking for: penknife, plate, shirt of soccer teams, touch or eyeglasses dark (believe! This happens daily). 7? If alternative 6 not to function. It sins to buy allstar that this in the show window to only compose look.

    8? It never calls the salesman for the name! Options as ‘ ‘ Ei’ ‘ ‘ ‘ Psiu’ ‘ ‘ ‘ Garoto’ ‘ ‘ ‘ Menino’ ‘ ‘ ‘ Aeee’ ‘ they are excellent choices. 9? It hides its size of pants! For example: if you to use pants in size 42, enter in the store with certainty and sin one in size 36 or 38, making the coitado poor person to go up in the supply you vary times. 10? It criticizes music, air-conditional and the mirrors. 11? Discounting, parcelamentos or toasts sin very! 12? Either the person more indecisa in the hour of the exchange! She proves everything that will be possible and light always a merchandise in the same value! To pay difference already this old-fashioned. 13? She has not accepted to make cadastros or she sins you add (as chaveiros, underwears, stockings). 14? She says that she is customer has years and either well likeable, counting to its trips to the exterior or its free holiday ends of week/with family and friends! 15? She enters in the store the 21:50 and argues: ‘ ‘ Ours, as she closes ne early? ‘ ‘ (She tries in commemorative dates: Christmas, Day of the Parents, Mothers) 16? It has never accepted one sins of ploughs of clothes! It always requests one packed of the supply. 17? Expensive knife of mourning to if coming across with each newness presented for the coitado one. 18 – It separates the merchandise with the excuse of that it goes to search its wallet, to take off money in the box electronic and does not come back never more.

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